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Infocasts? Part 1

Tags: rebranding, infocasts, webinar, marketing, Podcast

I am going to speak at South America’s largest affiliate marketing conference.

And I am excited to introduce to you this newest thing.

The Infocasts.

I got great people taking action and great things moving forward in the world of infocasts.

Find out here.

You'll Discover:

  • Do interviews as your webinars. [3:07]

  • Infocasts is going to be a game-changer because of its benefits. [5:55]

  • Infocasts take the power of a webinar and allow you to increase your positioning because you are being interviewed by somebody else. [7:16]

  • You can get the sales pieces created in one sitting. [7:13]

  • It will blow up the marketplace. [8:06]

… and much more!

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