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Infocasts? Part 2

Tags: revolutionary, infocasts, webinar, interview, experts

We have found something that had more benefits than a traditional webinar. 

The last episode of my podcasts had the seed planted for this new project – Infocasts.

Let me give you part two of what Infocasts is and where to consider applying it.

Infocast position the expert differently because it positions them as actual experts.

I believe it will be revolutionary for all of us. 

Find out here.

You'll Discover:

  • Infocasts benefits. [3:26]

  • Unlocked a new standard on how people want to consume their content. [4:04]

  • A great host will represent what the audience is supposed to consume. [5:56]

  • Summarize and highlight key points of what we want the audience to listen to, which you do not get with a webinar. [8:02]

  • Infocasts is the evolution of webinars. [10:16]

… and much more!

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