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Is Peak Performance Worth It?

Tags: mamba mentality, michael phelps, peak performance

Let me be upfront with you: today, I’m not going to talk about marketing.

Instead, we’re gonna dive in to something everyone thinks they want: peak performance.

It sounds great when you think about it, but you need to be absolutely obsessed with maximizing the potential of your goal, and willing to sacrifice things in your life to achieve it. Is this amount of consistent dedication worth it?

You'll Discover

  • It’s 100% OK to be unwilling to put in this effort if it doesn’t equate to what you’re getting out of it [5:55]

  • The unbelievable training regimen that Michael Phelps had for the 2008 Olympics, and the margin he won by [7:18]

  • You may have to give up other things in your life in order to dedicate yourself to your goal [10:05]

  • The possibility of crashing back down to earth after being on the high of peak performance [12:00]

  • My reality check with my business, and where my priorities lie now [14:30]

…and much more!

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