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Selling With Humor Style: EU 102 with Jimmy Parent

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I’ve got a special guest, and you will love this episode.

I met our guest in a copyright mentorship group. We’ve been friends, connected for four years, and collaborated on some projects as well. 

He went on to a different job and attempted careers far off the ground before discovering his talent in sales.

His name is Jimmy Parent.

Find out here how to sell more of your stuff through humor.

You'll Discover:

  • Engagement gets people to pay attention. [15:48]

  • A unique way to close a client, add some humor to it. [25:26]

  • Be surprising if you want to get their attention. [27:35]

  • To know what is unexpected, you have to know what is expected. [27:57]

  • Be persuasive and attractive, and get more customers and clients. [37:03]

… and much more!

Find out more about Jimmy Parent Here: www.funnyadsguy.com

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Episode Transcript

EU 102 audio

[00:00:00] Jimmy Parent:

What I was doing is looking at normal sales pitches, normal bits of copy and things like that. And saying, how do they normally sell it? Well, people normally sell it by hiding the objections or trying to justify them. And I was like, well, I’m just going to go out there. And. Do the exact opposite and acknowledge it.
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[00:01:04] Joel Erway:

Hey, what’s going on, everybody. Joel Erway here and welcome to a very special episode of experts unleashed. You are in for an amazing treat here today. I’ve got a very special guest Jimmy Parent, who is joining me here today. And you are going to love this episode because if you want to learn how to sell more of your stuff through humor, through conversational copy, through just acting like a normal human being.

We’re going to jam on all sorts of different ways to be persuasive, to be funny, and to inspire your audience and inspire your customers to take more action with you. Now, I met Jimmy. God. Years ago, now in a copywriting mastermind, a copyright mentorship group, Kevin Rogers.

I remember seeing him in there. I don’t remember officially where we met Jimmy, but you know, we’ve been friends we’ve been connected for, I’d say at least four years now and going back and forth and like I’ve seen your name pop up all over the place. We’ve connected and collaborated on some projects together.

And I’m really, really excited to see where you’re going and, and to. You know what you’re doing now with your clients and, and with the businesses that you work with and helping them evolve and helping them implement this type of messaging in their business to just be more relatable to their customers.

So without further due, Jimmy, welcome to the show, my man.

[00:02:25] Jimmy Parent:

Thanks brother. Glad to be here. It’s wonderful to see your handsome face again.

[00:02:30] Joel Erway:

Well, I remember I don’t know, a couple months ago we were working on a, on a project together and like, your background is beautiful by the way. It’s like, oh, thank you.

Like, like blue, black, black light, you know, it’s you look great. You look great. Thanks. Well, so we’re talking about we’re talking about being funny here today, right? And we’re talking about, you know, just conversations that convert and just being more relatable to our target audience. Give my listeners a quick background about like, you know, what brought us here today and you know, what led you to now kind of staking your claim as being, you know, this is my flag, this is, this is what I’m going to be going to be known for.

Like, how do we get to this?

[00:03:11] Jimmy Parent:

Yeah. So first I was born as a baby, right. Stuff. Some stuff happened in between there. And then I, I discovered sales, right? So I’m the classic A D D entrepreneur. I’ve literally had 21 different jobs and attempted careers that were like, some of them got pretty far off the ground.

Some of them were, you know, false starts and it was. Nah, this isn’t right. This isn’t right. Then I stumbled into sales. I said, oh, this is awesome. This is so awesome. I could actually make money

[00:03:37] Joel Erway:. This is really cool.

[00:03:40] Jimmy Parent:

Yeah. all I gotta do is talk to people and yeah. Yeah. And make money. And so stumbled into that.

That was super awesome. And then I was working at the sales gig where I, I was like, you know what? People are calling in ready to hand me their money. I’m like, why am I getting on the phone with them and selling them, you know? And. I was like, I don’t know. So I I’d see someone come in they’re they had a, you know, call booking on our calendar system.

And so I’d see their phone number. I would just text them, Hey, this is Jimmy from such and such company saw you were interested in this thing, is that right? They’re like, yeah. I’m like, okay, did you have any questions for me? Or, you know, were you just, you know, wanting to place an order? Oh, no, I’m ready to place an order.

Cool. And I’d get on the call with them. Take their credit card information and then be done. And then I started doing that over email. And what ended up happening was this person who, I didn’t know at the time he was the director of marketing for this company. You know, he’s like pulled me into a meeting, you know, and like my sales supervisors were all upset with me and then he was stoked and I’m like super confused at what’s going on.

He says, I didn’t know, you were a copy. What’s a copywriter, you know, and I, I thought a copywriter was like, you know, some curly mustache dude in Portland, you know, working out of a coffee, shop, writing a blog post and stuff. He’s like that, that, that also is he’s like, no, but there’s like sales copy. And so I was like, oh, I guess I’m a copywriter, you know?

And he’s like, I love how you do copy. And, you know, can you do more? Yeah, let’s do more. And it was like, my copy was two lines and then a gift. Right. And it’s like of just some meme of someone doing something dumb and people loved it. And they sent me money. I was like, this is cool. And then from there I got shipped off to the world of a Agora financial, which changed everything.

Right. And like, oh, this is how I’m supposed to do. And it, I didn’t know, it kind of regressed me a little bit. I learned a ton, right. But I regressed and kind of let go of my style. Eventually I came back around when we’re getting ready to move. We’re like a year out from moving. We knew we were going to move.

And my wife says, Jimmy, I have this thing. I have these old couches. I have this piece of furniture of this old bread maker. We have this camera, like, I need you to. Oh fine. You know, and when you’re writing ads all day, it’s, it’s, it’s the worst to sit down and do it for yourself. It’s it’s like the classic example of the car mechanic.

Who’s got the biggest piece of crap on the block. Cause he is working on everyone. Else’s stuff he doesn’t want to, I just don’t want to fix my own thing. Yep. And I was like, well, you know what, just screw it. And so I literally just didn’t care gave zero cares, just typed something up, did it from my phone, hit submit.

I’m like, oh, someone will buy this. and the ad took off and people were sharing it. And this first one got something like 380 something shares and thousands and thousands of comments across these different groups. And I was like, oh, that’s neat. Anyways. And then I went back to work doing copy the way it’d always been doing copy and then sell another thing.

Do the same thing. It goes viral again. That’s super cool. Anyways, kinda shut that off and go back to doing things the old way. It wasn’t until a friend of mine said, dude, this is awesome. You really gotta like put together like a course or something on this. Yeah. I was like, here I am supposedly some internet marketing, entrepreneur wizard.

And I didn’t even think of that. Yeah. You know? And so he said, all right, well, go write up this article, showing people that you do it and showing people how it works, how you do it and see what happens. And I literally. Wrote that up. And here we are a couple days later and that article already has something like 80 shares.

And in all these different little groups it’s taken off, people are already using it to write up these really cool ads. And yeah. And then now Joel and I are getting ready to get on a podcast together.

[00:07:46] Joel Erway:

well, I mean, let me just back up a little bit, because I don’t know if you are you know, for my listeners who.

Aren’t familiar with some of the things that you said, right. Let me put you up on a little bit of a higher pedestal. As you know, when we talk about ourselves, a lot of us, you know, we, we usually don’t, don’t sell ourselves hard enough, right. But like getting a job, getting a copywriting job at a gore financial.

It’s not easy. I mean, like that’s like going through the gauntlet and that’s where the cream, the crop goes. A Agora financial is like the single largest financial publishing house on the planet. I mean, billion dollar company. Like all they do is hire a copywriter. Like that’s their thing, cuz they’re an info publishing business, like getting that is a really big deal.

So like, you know, you’re extremely talented. You’re extremely gifted. And there’s another thing that I really want to highlight because it’s, it is. It is so prevalent and it’s so relevant to so many people.
It’s like, you talk about how like you get success. And then it’s like, okay, awesome. Then I go learn from the best.

And I actually regressed a little bit. Right. It’s almost like, I, I don’t know if I’m going to relate to this the right way, but like, I think it happens to so many, but it happens to me. Like when I was back in my sales gig for corporate America, I signed up for a free MailChimp account. Like we’re in the dinosaur age.

Right? Like they don’t want to do every, like I have to be pounding on doors. I have. Face to face with all of my customers, mind, you’re only like 12 customers with small local niche. Right. And I’m like every single week you want me to go knock on their door and ask for more business? Like they hate me.

They hate me. I’m like, why don’t I just send some emails and stay top of mind? Like, no, no, don’t do that. That’s in anyway. But it crushed it. Like we generated half a million dollars. Published a free newsletter on MailChimp with a free MailChimp account. Like I had no idea what email marketing was. Right.

Then I learned about email marketing and I regressed cause I’m like, oh, well there’s, you know, there’s a formula. Right. and so I thought that was, you know, it’s very relevant to a lot of people I think. But so now here you are, right. You you’ve, you worked at a Agora and then you wrote these really, really Compelling ads to sell some of your stuff on Facebook marketplace.

And, and now you found your, like you found kind of like your niche, you know, you found, you know, obviously it’s something that you’re very, very good at, and you’re extremely funny. Like that’s the only, like, that’s like the first thing that I remember about you is like, Jimmy, his is hysterical. Like my first engagement with Jimmy was like, this kid’s funny.

Like this dude is just freaking funny. Like, and that’s like, you know, when you meet so many people over the internet world, it. There’s just, you know, you get flashes of like, okay, how do I remember this guy? I’m like, dude’s hilarious. Like, he’s got a really, really bright sense of humor. So now you’ve taken it and you’ve applied humor to selling.

And and so talk about that ad. Talk about what it was that you sold that was kinda like sparked this whole wave, this, this idea.

[00:10:34] Jimmy Parent:

Yeah. So the very first thing that I sold it was. I still don’t even don’t even know what to call it. It’s like this it’s a bench seat kind of thing, where it holds like these totes, these four fabric ish tote things underneath it.

And you know, my wife Tasha, she says, she says, I don’t know, let’s get rid of this first. Okay. Fine. I’m all. What is it? She’s like, and she told me, and of course it was just like in one ear out the other I’m like that doesn’t make any sense. That sounds, that sounds dumb as hell. So. I was like, okay, well now I’m sitting there trying to figure out what to come up with.

And I’m like, okay, it’s a, it’s a storage bench tote. There’s four totes, you know, and I’m looking at it. I’m like, okay, I know as a copywriter, I gotta handle objections. You know, as a salesperson handle the objections. Well, one of my favorite ways is to call out the objection, immediately, call out everything wrong with the product.

And then that way they trust you, they’re like, oh, he told me everything that’s wrong with it. I don’t have to go fishing for it. And so that was a headline, it was storage bench with four totes and a stain and, and apparently people thought that was genius. I’m like, I don’t know. I was just saying what was wrong with it?

You know? And then I opened up the ad as you, you know, cuz whenever you start any type of ad, you want to orient the reader, orient the viewer, you know, to say like, Hey, here’s the situ. And so I said, you know what? I think I got my wife figured out cuz every time she wants me to sell something, it’s because she’s about to buy something way more expensive to replace it.

You know? And then me, I was like, look, you know, thinking, which is great, cuz I hate having $400. Right. And so I just wrote all that and I’m, I’m just writing this out, you know, here’s what we used it for. And then, you know, there, I was like, but honestly use it for whatever you. you know, and then I dialed that up.

I was like, you know, I know you’re thinking, I’m not going to let some dude mansplain to me what I’m going to do with this thing. You know, I was like, so you can hold books, toys, grain, you know, whatever you want in this thing. And I was like, okay, well now I gotta describe it. Right. I was like the actual things.

I was like, how do I transition into that? Now I know what you’re thinking. Hey, Jimmy, is it about this big and this wide and this tall, you know? And is. Does it also have four totes and all that stuff. And they put that in quotes, like, oh, obviously it has all that stuff. Right. And then I don’t even remember.

I know I went off the rails as if I wasn’t already off the rails. I went off the rails, Jimmy style after that, and then brought it back in like anyway. So if you want to buy it, message me here. I’m sure we’ll have a link in the show notes to the ad somewhere.

[00:13:14] Joel Erway:

So one of the things that, like I remember, because I, I read it a couple of days ago, you sent it to me and it was hysterical.

So obviously the headline was. Golden. Like what was it? Four totes at a estate? Like the only thing I remember is an, a stain it’s like what? Four totes at a stain it’s sounds like the name of a, like of a movie, right? Or like a bad TV show.

[00:13:34] Jimmy Parent:

Yeah. Like a high school punk band or something.

[00:13:39] Joel Erway:

So I remember four totes of the stain.

And then I remember reading through the entire, the entire description. It was like, there was so like you dimensionalize it so well, like you’re like, oh I can’t remember how you explained it, but like, oh, is this perfect for your little kids to jump off of? Or like body slam or like, oh

[00:13:54] Jimmy Parent:

yeah, like. It was, can my, can my five year old, ye himself off the top of it without buckling it like a folding chair.

Yeah. and could I, and then, yeah. Oh, that was the other line. It was like, cuz I was thinking like, how big is it? And it was like, can I fit it into my van? I’m like, well I can’t just say, you know, and I was like, oh, can I throw it into my van? I’m like, what’s a better word than throw. I was like, oh, can I belly who this.

You know, and I was like, okay, it looks like cubicles for small people. Oh, can I B who this midget cubicle farm into the back of my Honda Odyssey and still go pick up my Walmart order after that. I was like, yeah, of course I can.

[00:14:30] Joel Erway:

So the reason why I’m laughing so hard is because use the word ye and I have no idea what ye means.

And so my mind is running wild and like, I think there’s power to that. I mean, there’s like when you, like, mm-hmm, get into the world of humor. Like. You have to tap into like, just letting their mind run wild. And like, so to me, heat is like either yacking or like body slamming or just like completely fricking like destroying the thing, cuz I’ve got a five year old and the only thing he wants to do is.

Pick it up and see how far he can throw it. It doesn’t matter what it is. It can be a rubber ball. It could be his sister, it could be three shoes and a stain. My, it could be anything . And so here I am trying to figure out what the hell ye means. And like, I just see my son just climbing on top of it and launching himself back, like out in the air.

And, and so I. All of this produces engagement, right. And like engagement gets people to pay attention. Like we’re in the attention business, that’s all we are like to sell stuff. Like you have to get their attention, you have to capture their attention. You have to hold their attention. And hopefully they’ll share it with their friends and family.

And it’s like outta curiosity, how fast did that thing sell? I mean, thousands of comments, right? Th tons of shares. Thousands of comments, like how fast did it sell?

[00:15:57] Jimmy Parent:

Well, I was getting hit with messages. Right away. Right. And of course the first 600 messages were from some scammer wanting my cell phone number so I can lose all my money, you know, but then the actual locals started popping up.

It was, it was less than four hours. Yeah. Yeah. Less than four hours. But I just left that. I was like, this is fun. So I just left it up and, and let it run. And people were messaging me. I’m like, I can’t like I was getting dozens and dozens of messages. And I was like, I. So I just ignored him and just let it run until Facebook was like, Hey, something’s wrong here.

We’re going to have to suspend your account. So I was like, all right, click sold. And then just download,

[00:16:37] Joel Erway:

going to suspend your account for writing a funny ad.

[00:16:39] Jimmy Parent:

It was, they’re like suspicious activity. I’d never seen anything like it before, so yeah, over engaged, which is weird. I’m like, I thought that’s what Facebook wants, you know, Facebook wants anyways.

That’s neither here nor there. Right. So yeah.

[00:16:54] Joel Erway:

Well, so did you get fulling price for it?

[00:16:56] Jimmy Parent:

Oh, of course I did. yeah. So that that’s the best part man is like, so in the, in the world of marketing and sales, you know, it’s like you have a product it’s, you know, selling it for 50 bucks or something. Right. And if you only have one person looking at it, and they’re the only person who responds, they have all the leverage.

Mm-hmm , as soon as you have two people, right? Well, now you can get them to battle each other instead of you. Well, if. Can get a thousand people looking at it and wanting it. All of a sudden you have all the leverage, you don’t have to do anything that they want yep. That they ask for you just, you get exactly what you want.
Yep. Out of it. Yeah. So it just got eyeballs on it. And that was really my whole approach. I just want more people looking at it. And that was the offhanded thought that, that I had as I wrote this up. Yeah.

[00:17:43] Joel Erway:

And so like, it, what’s interesting is like you help local business owners too. Like, you know, mm-hmm, not everyone can.

Four totes in a stain. Right. So, you know, people are now leveraging like your style of humor to sell tons of different stuff. So like, what other examples do you have of like people who are now like following your footsteps to make their stuff more compelling?

[00:18:07] Jimmy Parent:

Yeah. So there’s one person who I held pretty recently.

So she has a cupcake shop, you know, and just, you know, these cute little cupcakes and one of them I saw it was like this. It’s like chocolate cupcake with like pink frosting on top and a cherry on top. And I looked at it I’m, well, that looks like a nipple. And so that was the ad cupcake that looks like a nipple.

And it was like this one. And then we also have these other ones and it was like, you know, and it was all like cute and stuff like that. Right. It was in a very conversational style, like not like using ye and all that stuff, but it was just sand. Came up with this turns out customers love it. Not for the reason I thought they did, you know, , you know, it’s like, oh, do you have any more nipples?

Yeah. And so that was fun. And then there was another person who’s selling, like, hang on a second.

[00:18:57] Joel Erway:

So like, stay on, let’s stay on the nipple cupcake for a minute here. Right? Yep. So, yeah, it’s my favorite. So she’s got, she’s got a, is it a local cupcake shop, right? Yeah. All right. So like what was she doing beforehand to try.

To try and promote her, her business. Like where was she, you know, where was she stuck or what was, you know, what was her situation before? Like, let’s, let’s do true before and after here, you know, you’re in a copyright, you know what we’re doing here? Give, gimme before and after.

[00:19:23] Jimmy Parent: Yeah. I know. I know what’s happening.

I know what’s happening. Yeah. It’s yeah, first she was 300 pounds. Now she’s ripped. In a billionaire PP N yep. Yeah. no. So she was doing, like, you’ve seen this a thousand times, you know, you and everyone else who’s listening. It’s someone who’s super good at what they do. You know, they are the, they are the expert.

They, they know how to build, they know how to create, but then as soon as it comes to. You know, relations and getting it out there and marketing it’s like, they are, I have words that I normally use. I’ll I’ll just not use them. They’re not good at it. right. And so her ad was in these local Facebook groups, you know, the same ones where everyone, where everyone’s like, Hey looking for a life insurance agent, Hey, looking for a car insurance agent.

And these people are just spamming the groups and her idea of an ad. This like a picture of her business card as a post. Oh boy. And that was it. Yeah. And of course it was like, everything was wrong with that too. It was, it was like so busy. It kind of looked like, like you’ve seen those like when a death metal band names, her band, it just looks like a bunch of hair and stuff on this.

It was just like stuff everywhere. Yeah. And I was like, oh, this is Tara. And so she responded to one of the ads. This is great. Do you do ads for other people? And I was like, I don’t know, what do you got? She’s like, I got these, you know, this cupcake shop. And she had her website was well done, you know, a little square space kind of website.

And it looked on there and I. Like that one looks like a boob. You want to do one on that? And she’s like, okay. I was like, awesome. I didn’t expect you to say, yeah. I was like, all right, we’re going to go off the rails and I’ll pray for you think so.

[00:21:10] Joel Erway:

then I’ll pray for you, right?

[00:21:11] Jimmy Parent:

Yeah. So now she’s now she’s, you know, over in Idaho. The cupcake lady with the boot cupcakes. But so when she

[00:21:20] Joel Erway:

did her first promotion, like what happened, like when you wrote the ad, did she, did she put it in the same Facebook groups or did she promote it any other, any other way?

[00:21:28] Jimmy Parent:

Like, yeah, so I told her how I promoted stuff in the groups and it was, I said, stay outta business groups. Just go post this in local community groups, you know, there’s a thousand of them even in, you know, our little small town we were in. And so she posted in there and the headline was literally who wants nipple cakes.

And just telling the story of how she made these. And then people said, it looks like nipples. And I was like, cuz, which is technically true. I did. And she was like, oh wow. It kind of does. She was like, oh, that’s not good. I was like, no, it is very good. I mean, for the ad reason, not the, yeah, anyways. So told her how to do that.

And of course it just took off and people were like stoked. And then at first people were buying them as. Almost has gag gifts. Mm-hmm right. And then they had it and they’re like, oh, this is, this is the best cupcake I’ve ever had. And all of a sudden they’re buying other kinds. Right. And so I actually, haven’t spoken to her in a while.

I should probably check in and see how things are going. I’m assuming went

[00:22:28] Joel Erway:

well. Right. I mean, I’m assuming that people, she made sales from it. Right. She’s now duplicate queen. Yeah, I

[00:22:36] Jimmy Parent:

know. I was like, I was like, is Oprah still alive? I feel like we should get you on Oprah. Or worst case scenario, Dr. Phil.

Yeah. But yeah.

[00:22:46] Joel Erway:

All right. So what else? Right. So obviously, you know, we, we all know most local business owners doesn’t matter what it is, whoever the expert is like, we’re, we’re, it’s the experts, Chris, you know, we’re, we’re horrible at, you know, selling our own stuff cuz we can’t read the label from inside the bottle.

Right. What other examples. Do you have any other examples of, you know, people who’ve written, you know, this style humor to, to spice up their nipple cakes? I mean their, their their you know, their

[00:23:10] Jimmy Parent: products and services. Yeah. Spice and nipples don’t go well together. But yeah, there is, there is someone pretty like jalapenos.

Yeah, there is someone pretty recently who was, they, they had a guitar that they’re going to sell. It was like guitar is sitting in that, sitting in the basement, you know, and it was like a little guitar and amp and. So, what he ended up doing was, you know, he saw how I did stuff and then he went, he’s like, oh, I want to try this.

And he just ended up telling a story of how he played guitar and then his daughter wanted to play guitar and he’s like, awesome. I’m going to hook her up, you know, and go into guitar center and, you know, using a lot of. A lot of like lyrics and metaphors from like jukebox hero, you know, if you know that song and like, and, you know, just throwing in all that.

So anyone who’s like who plays guitar, it’s like all these cliches and metaphors that they usually know and then talked about how his daughter retired as the best guitar player in the house, and then went into dance and then never the guitar again. And so now it’s for sale, right? When, before it was guitar 90 bucks, come get it.

Mm. And he told this story and now yeah. I mean, I’m pretty sure he sold it anyways. I would hope so. Yeah.

[00:24:23] Joel Erway:

It’s this is, this is the stuff that I love, right. Because, and I’m sure this is the stuff that gets you outta bed. Like every morning now it’s like, you know, when you are able to help tell the stories and you’re able to, you know, insert a little bit of flare, a little bit of humor, cuz that’s all.

Sales, not that’s all sales and persuasion, but like, you know, we talk about, you know, people know the idea of you gotta stand out. Like you gotta separate yourself. And, and there’s, there’s so much value in being able to just be off the wall and weird and different in your own style, in your own way.

And Memes are one of the like, best ways, like one, one of the most unique ways to like close clients, right. Is like, send them funny shit. Send them funny memes. Yeah. Like, and and like, if you can just inject some humor. It helps cut the tension and it helps grab attention, grab attention, and cut the, and cut the tension of any potential, you know sales tension that might be there.

Right. So I’m wondering your opinion on that. Like, you know, where, where do you see like, Humor playing a role like in the average mom and pop shop or in the average, like, you know, because I’m assuming there, there could be people watching right now. Like, oh, well, you know, humor’s not my style. Or like, that’s not my brand.

Right? Like, how do you apply this to someone who might not want to a like, I, there’s no way I could advertise a nipple cake. Right. Even if I got it cupcakes, like that’s not my style. Like, is it, do you ever get people saying that like, oh, that’s just, you know, they’re, they’re nervous. To do that to kind of take a step out like.

[00:25:58] Jimmy Parent:

Yeah. So there’s a few ways that I handle that, you know, so to take a step back, just a, just a short step back, if you look at the science of persuasion, right? And like you step outside of sales and all that. One of my favorite worlds to study persuasion is with children and child psychology and. One of the hardest sections or areas of life where it’s so hard to persuade children is usually with school, right?

How do you get them to want to learn something? Right. And so I, I dove into that world. It’s a whole world called epistemology, you know, which is like the study of, or the knowledge and study of learning. Right. And so they broke this down into it’s, it’s an epistemic emotional sequence. It’s. Not necessarily words or things, but it’s feelings.

Right? And so if you can bring people through this arc of, you know, this arc and wave of emotions, right? And so the first thing you gotta do, which is relevant to what we’re doing, and I’ll keep it on, on this thing is you gotta, you gotta get their attention. Which we talked about. And so I thought everyone says that, you know, I was thinking of it in the marketing sense of the big idea.

Right. You want to get their attention? It has to be surprising. Like, okay, well we’re going one step further surprise. And then most people leave it at that. Oh yeah. Just be surprising. But I’m like, well, what does surprise even mean? Someone had to have studied this. Like, what is the definition of surprise?

Mm-hmm right. And then as I kept digging down the rabbit hole, it comes down to. Being unexpected. Well, in order to know, what’s unexpected, you have to know what’s expected. Right? And so if you have someone who’s like you imagine a scene where it’s a grassy hill, there’s a grandma at the top of the hill with a giant foam airplane.

You know, you’ve seen, them throw them. They blow around in the wind and her son or her grandson’s at the. Okay. And so the camera’s on the grandma, she throws this giant airplane and it pans over, you know, it follows the, the airplane and then the sun catches it and it’s, oh, it’s fun. And it pans back to grandma and she’s tumbling down the hill turns out she like completely fell over when she threw it.

And you didn’t know it until the camera paned back. And she’s like catapulting down the hill, just like, you know, B hooing herself all over the place. And it catches your attention because you didn’t expect that. And so if you look at any good idea, it’s something unexpected. Like if you see a TV where someone turns it off and it turns transparent, it’s like, oh, that’s cool.

I didn’t expect that today. If you, if you had a TV that was flat instead of giant and deep, that’s, that’s nothing new once upon a time that was unexpected. Mm-hmm , you know, back when plasmas first came out, but now it’s expected. Right. And so what I was doing. Is looking at normal sales pitches, normal bits of copy and things like that and saying, how do they normally sell it?

Well, people normally sell it by hiding the objections or trying to justify them. And I was like, well, I’m just going to go out there and do the exact opposite and acknowledge it. And then most people will use words like, like throw I’m going to use ye you know, most people will say something like, like, I know you can slide it around.

Okay. And I’m going to say, you’ll just ice shrink it. Cause ice shrinks, you can slide on, you know, or like another way that I like to say throw, you know, is, and I promise we’re going to get back to the people who have objections about, about doing this at all. So, if you look at the word throw, right, there’s a lot of stuff that happens, you know, there’s the action of it.

There’s what happens when you throw it. There’s what happens to the object you’re throwing. There’s a sound that it makes, you know, so like throwing a football, you can say, you can spiral the ball, you know, or a basketball. You, you know, shoot it through the hoop. You can say, you’re going to switch to the ball, you know, or if you’re going to talk about throwing the ball really far, you can say, I’m going to Joe Montana, this.

So if you’re, so instead of saying, you know, I know I’m going to throw this nipple cake down the road, I’m going to Joe Montana a miniature boob, you know, across the sky, when all you’re saying is throwing a cupcake, you know, so saying all that stuff is completely unexpected and it’s also like, oh, this is like a little dopamine snack.

I want more. this was fun. And then all next thing, you know, it’s like doom scrolling through Facebook or YouTube. I just want more and more and more. And then before you know, it they’re at the end. And then that’s where, when someone says, Hey, Jimmy, I don’t know if this will work for me. I don’t know if someone will read all that.

I was like, well, you read through this whole article. So I started putting that in some of the ads, if you’re a business owner, if you’re wondering if this will work for you, we’ll consider this, that you read through this whole thing and got to this part that you’re reading it. And you’re considering doing this for your business.

Imagine if you had that kind of ad mm-hmm and, and so it kind of, you know, what do they say the most powerful form of proof is demonstration? And so I would just point out, by the way, I just demonstrated this to you and you didn’t even know it. Yep. Yeah. Did I answer the question? Yeah. Before did I go off the rail?

[00:31:25] Joel Erway:

Yeah. You did answer it, right? Because like the, the question that I proposed, like, well, what if somebody doesn’t want to sell nipple cakes? Meaning like, what if somebody doesn’t want to be like that abrasive with their humor? Right? Mm-hmm I think what you were explaining is that there are different styles and different ways to kind of grab that attention.

And it doesn’t have to be so vulgar, vulgar or so, you know, off the beaten path, but you know it, but what, what I love what you said, which is, you know, what was their expected? I can’t remember exactly how, how you framed it, but it’s like, you know, doing exactly the opposite of what they’re used to. It’s like, if, if I’m going to grab their attention, then I have to understand like, what is their what’s their expectation coming into it so I can do basically do.

Do the opposite. So I can be that polarizing that polarizing mechanism to grab their attention. Does that make sense?

[00:32:14] Jimmy Parent:

Yeah, it does make sense. I mean, if you go into a comedy club and someone gets on stage and says something funny, that’s not unexpected. Yeah. It still might be funny. And you’re, you know, the, the thing he’s talking about, you know, might be funny, but like overall, the situation is not unexpected you, if anything, if he goes up there and says stuff and it’s not funny, or it just sounds like a mean speech, you know, when he is trying to be funny, You know, that’s, that’s that’s like a negative response.

Yeah. Right. And so it’s okay. But if you’re in a world of, you know, like we were talking about Facebook marketplace, you know, where everyone’s so lame, you know, just like all their ads are beige, you know, or it sounds like a caveman it’s like his first day with a keyboard, you know, and just like mashing out something, you know, truck dirty, you know, 30 bucks.

and, and that’s it, you know, and then it’s like a, a photo of like a taillight and it’s like, okay, that’s, that’s what people expect. And then regular advertising, everyone’s so serious, you know? So if you go up there and just completely are irreverent, you know, it’s unexpected and it’s so refreshing, you know, and my whole philosophy behind this is it doesn’t have to be.

Funny, you know, there’s a lot of instances where you probably don’t want to be funny, you know? But the point is the economy’s changed. You know, we, it was, you know, once upon a time it was, you know, a farm economy. And then after that it was the industrial economy. And then the information economy, well, thanks to iPhone and where we are today, you know, we’re totally in the entertainment economy.

So if you’re not entertaining, You’re done. Mm-hmm you’re, you’re a ghost, poof.

[00:33:53] Joel Erway:

Yep. Some of the best ads that we ever wrote that I ever wrote. We’re humor based and not, not, I would say personality based more so than anything.

[00:34:05] Jimmy Parent:

Thank you. That’s a great way to put that personality based.

[00:34:07] Joel Erway:

Yeah. So like identity and personality based.

I remember I wrote an ad for our agency and all I talked about was how every Thursday. I ride around with my son on my Cub cadet. Right. And we cut my lawn every Thursday and, you know we live in this tiny ass village in north of Niagara falls and people think I’m weird, cuz I got these big ass, bulky wireless headphones on and, and a backpack.

And so they, you know, I get stopped by I’ve gotten stopped by the police because I, they think that I’m, you know, Suspicious white male in our village because I’ve got a R sack on some headphones and like, Hey boy, what are you doing? You know? And so like, I talk about that stuff and it just grabs attention and it builds a quick bond with the readers and it’s like, wow, this is different.

Right. It was. That was our best, our best converting ad ever was when I talked about that stuff, like every Thursday I ride around my Cub cadet, you know, I work this many hours a day. Like, you know, I, we live in this tiny ass town in, in upstate New York. And you know, it’s, it works. It’s, it’s just finding your unique spin on it and finding like, all right, how do I take this thing that everyone knows what it is?

How do I build a story around it? How do I make it relatable? And how do I inject my personality? That gets people to be like, Hey, I want to support this local business. Hey. I want to go buy, you know, and, and find unique angles that you didn’t even know. I’m going to go buy this nipple cake as a gag gift, right?

Oh, cool. Maybe I found a new market. new subset of, of customers that I can sell to.

[00:35:44] Jimmy Parent:

Yeah. It’s like, it’s like a fetish. Nobody wanted.

What’s the upsell for that one? Like handcuffs or something. I don’t know.

[00:35:58] Joel Erway:

Maybe you know, I don’t know, maybe lingerie who knows? I,

[00:36:01] Jimmy Parent:

so yeah. Ed edible and chocolate sauce and cupcakes. Yeah. And

[00:36:04] Joel Erway:

I love it, dude. Like I there’s, the world needs more of this stuff because like, you don’t need. A degree, and I’m not trying to like minimize your ability, but like, you don’t need a degree to sell your, you know, to, you know, for a cupcake person to get more customers coming into their shop.

Right. People think that it’s, it’s so hard to. Be persuasive and be attractive and, and get more customers and get more clients. And I mean, not going to say it’s easy because if it was easy, everybody would do it. But, you know, personality sell and, and being relatable sales and people love to support small business.

Man, we ran like we ran a a local event here in our you know, in our village to support veterans. It’s the easiest thing. Like it’s, it’s crazy. Like it was, it was, you know, we, I run an advertising agency for a living and sometimes it’s really, really difficult to promote our stuff. You go in and, you know, you help the local community and everybody just wants to share it.

Like everybody just wants to shout from the roof rooftops. Hey, you know we’re supporting veterans over here. Like it was the easiest thing to get 3, 4, 500 customers to go in and, and. That event. And it’s like all because it was for good, cause it was relatable and it had a great, it had a great story.

And I think like the overarching theme of, of this is, is kind of along those lines, if you could inject humor and sell some nipple cakes, like freaking bonus

[00:37:38] Jimmy Parent:

yeah, yeah. I mean, I don’t know maybe selling catheters too. Right. But it’s like, you know, going out there with your personality and instead of, instead of telling people what you think they want to.

Just tell them what you have to say in the way that you say it. And you know, like you said, there there’s, there’s certain checkpoints you gotta hit, you know, with a sales pitch. Right. You gotta, you just gotta cross, you know, some of these, some of these certain checkpoints but do it in your way, in your style, how you want to say it.

Yeah. You know, and just leave it all on the table. And sometimes it just won’t work. Right. But you don’t know it’s probably going to work better than if you. Tried to write this like sterile kind of templated, you know, here’s what the guru says to do. Yeah. You know, and put it out there, you know, at least, Hey, you know what, a lot of people liked it.

maybe nobody bought it, but they know who I am now.

[00:38:33] Joel Erway:

So I know like, you know, you’ve put a group together where like you are helping small business owners, local business owners, like. Develop their, their messaging and developing, you know, ads and developing, you know promotions that inject their personality, inject some humor, or just stand out from All the mundane noise that people are used to hearing.

Right. And so you know, but that’s the biggest thing that people really need to help extract their creative juices, that they need feedback. Right? One of the things that we’ve done and, and some of our copy workshops is like, we’ve put people in groups of five, and everybody analyzes, it’s the copy logic process, which I’m sure you’re, you’re familiar with.

Yeah, yeah. Right. Everybody analyzes it and like helps get the creative juices flowing. And so I know you’ve got a group together that you’ve, you’ve put together to help small business owners and review their messages and, and show examples and give swipes and like, Hey, here’s another nipple cake ad.

Or, Hey, here’s someone over here. That’s trying to get more life insurance leads or whatever. Like here’s how we spiced it up. Like. For me as somebody who, who writes sales, presentations, and who writes sales copy, like you need inspiration, cuz it’s really difficult to stare at a blank page and be like, how do I be creative?

How do I be creative? it’s like, you need inspiration. Right? And so tell us a little bit about

[00:39:51] Jimmy Parent:

that group. Yeah. So I put together a website it’s called funny ad sky.com. Okay. And so what this group is, we get together once, sometimes twice a week, you know, on a pretty regimented schedule and it’s, Hey, let’s look at what I’m doing.

Let’s look at what you’re doing. Right. And then let’s see what other wins other people have had. And, you know, there’s all, of course there’s all the usual stuff inside of a group. Like the here’s all the buzz words I like to use. Here’s. Special kind of, you know, irreverent, FAU. I have, here’s how to open, you know, here’s headline ideas, you know, here’s how to close it, you know, all while, you know, being irreverent, being, being funny, just being conversational, having personality, you know, without being pushy, you know, and applying that sales pressure, like people fall through the sales pitch and they have no idea that they were sold all of a sudden they’re just wanting to buy.

Yep. So yeah, we have all that cool stuff in. Yeah. Funny ads, sky.com.com.com.

[00:40:53] Joel Erway:

Yeah. So we’ll drop a link in the in the show notes. And dude, it’s been a pleasure. I freaking love talking to you. Like it’s a breath of fresh air. You know, we come from similar backgrounds, but it’s like, mm-hmm, , it’s fun to talk about sales and humor, and it’s fun to talk about copy and all the crazy stuff that we go through.

And you know, when you talked about how you. I didn’t know you were a copywriter, like you had such great success cuz you were, you were doing something blind, you were doing something without like, without a framework. And it’s like, wow, Hey, this works really well. I should go study a framework. And then you regressed like, oh yep.

I’ve been there. Like I’ve been there. so yeah. So are there any other links that you want to share? Like, Hey, where else can people follow you? Like the Jimmy parent? Where can we, where can we reach out to you?

[00:41:38] Jimmy Parent:

Yeah, so I’m kicking off YouTube. You can find me on, find me on Facebook. Just add me, follow me.

I’m always, I, I am probably the most irresponsible person with social media because it’s just nonstop memes and, and questionable things, you know, but it’s all just, this is how I think this is how I roll. I just put it all out there. Yep. You know the stuff on YouTube. You’ll probably find more of me talking about the science of persuasion.

That’s just one of my obsess. Is why do people do what they do? You know? So, yep. YouTube, Facebook and Jimmy parent.com. But then you’ll find more about that group on funny ad sky.com. Wait, so jimmyparent.cpm.

[00:42:17] Joel Erway:

I’m sure all your social media links are, are on that site. Yep. And then funnyadsguy.com

So we’ll make sure to link to that in the show notes. Jimmy, it’s been a pleasure, man. I appreciate chatting with you and make sure you go check out his site. Make sure you go check out his links. We’ll talk soon.

[00:42:31] Jimmy Parent:


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