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How To Get Uncle Sam As a Client W/ Karwanna Dyson | #121

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I have an offer “Spidey Sense.” I’ve seen so many over the years that I can immediately tell when a student or client is going to see massive results with their power offer and mini webinar.

When I saw Karwanna Dyson’s offer, I just knew she’d crush her goals. And she did not disappoint.

So, not only did I bring her on Sold With Webinars to talk about her success. But also to share with you a lucrative opportunity if you are a small business owner in the USA.

You’ll Discover

  • How women- and minority-owned businesses can get the U.S. Government as a client [02:30]

  • How much does Uncle Sam pay? Let’s just say you may never need another client [04:15]

  • How to get your first government contract in 6 weeks or less – if you’re one of the eligible socio-economic groups, Karwanna’s program a MUST HAVE [14:10]

  • Karwanna’s goal was to sell $100k by the end of the year… here’s why she’s gonna have to set a new goal l [17:20]

  • The 2 times in the year when government agencies will BEG you to take their money [22:35]

…And much more!

For More Karwanna Dyson

  • qualifyforgovernmentcontracts.com

  • youtube.com/karwannad

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Episode Transcript

Karwanna D: [00:00:00]

And so I kind of like looked at it and was like, okay, is this going to be another one of those things that I kind of put on the back burner? Or is this something that’s going to basically get my attention?

Joel Erway: [00:00:16]

Hey, it’s Joel Erway here. Welcome to another very special episode of Sold With Webinars. And today I am super excited because we’ve got a guest on our show today. A guest who has, an incredible story who has been crushing it inside of our high ticket courses community, and she’s been sharing her results.

And I wanted to have her on the podcast talk about her journey. Talk about her results. Her name is Karwanna D and I’ve been watching her journey over the past couple of months that she’s been inside the program. And has she, as she’s been executing and implementing, and this story is going to be amazing.

So I know if you’re listening right now, hopefully it will provide some sort of inspiration for of what you think is possible for your own business once you get this dialed in, once you get your power offer dialed in, and once you get your mini webinar dialed in, I am excited. So without further ado, let’s jump right into our conversation.

Karwanna welcome to the show.

Karwanna D: [00:01:13]

Thank you so much for having me. I’m so excited to be here and to share the results of this amazing program that you put together. I’m really excited today.

Joel Erway: [00:01:23]

So why don’t we start, let’s give our audience, give our listeners a little bit of background about who you are, what you do, who you serve, what your program is.

Karwanna D: [00:01:31]

Awesome. Yeah. So I’m Karwanna D, I’m a business growth strategist and certified business coach. I work with small business owners. Particularly those who are women owned and minority owned small businesses, teaching them how to grow their business with government contracts so that they can have consistent sustainable income for their business.

And so these are contracts that are already set aside for small business owners. And so, and it’s by the government and most people don’t even know that they can sell their services to the government, which is like one of the top paying clients that any small business could acquire. And so that’s what I teach in my program.

And it really wasn’t an easy concept to just, you know, kind of figure out how to sell that and how to market that. But like, yeah, thanks to your program. I’m really excited that, you know, the word is out and, you know, the sales are rocking, and people are being empowered and getting those transformations.

Joel Erway: [00:02:21]

Well so tell me a little bit more okay about your actual offer, like your actual transformation that you help your clients get. So when you say selling your services to the government, what does that mean?

Karwanna D: [00:02:32]

Yeah. And so just like Alicia say, let’s take catering for an example. So caterers, you know, they do events, right?

They do, they, you know, sell the services at events. They may have like a food truck on the corner. They attract people from the public to buy their food and things of that nature. So when selling your will and position your business as a government contractor, now this caterer can land a government agency.

So you can be selling your catering services. And this is just an example, you know, to the city. Right? To the city and county of where you are. So the state, like to the department of transportation, to the airport, like there’s many government agencies across the US but you have to officially become a government contractor in order to sell your services to the government.

And that’s a process to that, which we’ll talk about in a little bit, but basically, yeah. So in order to become, you know, a government contractor, you have to take a few different steps, but you, when most people think about government contracting, right? They’re like the government, they think of it as this, this whole entity that you could never even think about or phantom as a customer, but you want to think of them as like a potential client, you know?

And so it’s really simple. It’s just like changing your mind about what you think about the government, you know? And if you can do a business like with the city, you know, a lot of contracts are either funded by the federal, the state or the local government, because those are the three levels of government.

And so yeah, so you get an opportunity to do business with major, with a major player in the game.

Joel Erway: [00:04:03]

So for your customers, right? It’s big mindset shift for them. And also like, does the government pay better? Like, is it different like size contract?

Karwanna D: [00:04:13]

Absolutely. I’m going to give you some examples. Like, first of all, I’m going to start with like, where I started.

Like when I, before I, cause my contracting business that I do with the government is like multimedia stuff. So I do photography and video production and graphic design and web design for the government. And, but before I got into that you know, I had private clients and small businesses, and so it was a chase trying to keep up with the number of volumes that I needed to have in my business with customers.

Like I felt like I was chasing customers, but it was difficult to have consistent sustainable income by chasing individual customers. And so I learned from a colleague of mine who had, who was able to grow his business from zero to a multibillion dollar business in construction. He was getting government contracts and I was doing like media services for him.

And he’s like, Hey, you can sell those same services to the government. And so my first contract was $70,000 that I landed with the city and County of San Francisco and it was for 28 days of work. And so we’re thinking about like, How powerful that is because you know, 28 days of work and photography services and, you know, that’s like two hours, right?

So that’s less than 60 hours and getting paid that type of income. And so recently, one of my recent clients that I work with who does security services, security guard services, he landed a contract with the city and it’s like a multimillion dollar contract actually generating $70,000 a month. Right.

So he has like the staff and the capacity to handle that type of a contract size. But in essence, like basically, yeah, you get paid a lot more, you know, from the government, than you would get paid from an individual person or a small business because they do pay you and they pay you the value that you pretty much deserved. Right?

And then whatever you quote them, based on the scope of work that you have to provide. So the government has money, you know, they do have money and they have obligations as well to get that money out of their desk, like offer their desks out of their books, like by the end of their fiscal year.

And they’re looking for small businesses to give it to. So, unfortunately there’s not a lot of small business who are aware of like these opportunities and you can do anything from real estate to building websites, to, you know, like catering, janitorial, construction trades, like any, you could sell paper to the government, right?

So they buy office supplies, you can sell water to the government and, you know, they have these huge half a million dollar contracts just to provide bottled water services. And so like, yeah. And I also saw a contract for there was a, this is a really amazing example for a hairstylist, right. So we’re really thinking outside the box.

Right? So a hairstyle is they had a $200,000 contract for a hairstylist to go into the prison, to do hair for, I think it was two weeks, two weeks to do hair for $200,000, right? For the women in, for the women prisoners. And so that’s a federal contract. And so I don’t know any hairstylists, that’s getting that type of income, but yeah, to answer your question, yeah you get paid a lot more and it’s a quick way to really grow and scale your business in a very short time.

Joel Erway: [00:07:21]

Where did you come up with the idea to teach this as its own separate offer?

Karwanna D: [00:07:27]

Because like I decided to create a program because like, although this information, like you can Google government contracts, you can Google for procurements. You can Google like small business contracts, all this stuff, but the information was everywhere.

It’s all over the place. And it’s not, not one place where you can learn it all. And so, because of the, you know, the impact that it had on my life completely changed my life. Like completely changed my life, in every aspect. What had on the effect that it had on my life, I decided that I want to teach other people this.

And so that’s why I do it to empower other people with this amazing information. Although it was public information they don’t know, and even getting started, it took me a long time to really understand it’s like learning a new language because there’s a lot of acronyms involved in government contracting.

There’s a lot of different lingo. And so it, the years that it took me to really learn and understand fully. You know how to navigate the government contracting space. I decided I can teach someone that, right? And I could teach them the very, very basic key things that they need to know to be successful and to get a contract like within the next three to six months.

Like if they apply, you know, the strategies appropriately and they execute and take action, they can really grow their business in like a 6 to 12 month period.

Joel Erway: [00:08:43]

I’m about to message my team and tell them that we’re starting a government contracting arm for mini webinars. I think there’s mini webinar contracts.

Karwanna D: [00:08:52]

Well, I mean like for marketing, like you could definitely sell marketing services. You can actually definitely sell some services, teaching them about how to put together like webinars. Cause of course, you know, they’re trying to figure out how to do webinars now, especially with like kobe and everything like that.

So yeah, there’s a lot of things that you can sell to the government. It’s amazing.

Joel Erway: [00:09:13]

So how long have you been running this program? How long has this program been live for you?

Karwanna D: [00:09:17]

I actually started in 2017, like March of 2017. I started this program, but when I initially started, you know, I didn’t really understand how to market.

And so it was like a learning curve, a huge learning curve. I didn’t know anything about landing pages, anything about webinars, anything about courses, coaching. I didn’t know anything about anything, but I was determined to learn. And so you know, I just kind of like took some baby steps to, you know, to learn how to pull it all together.

And even like two years after I initially started, you know, I was still like trying to figure out how to make it work, like clockwork, easier, like how to put a system in place to make it, you know, to have people coming to me. So, and that’s kind of like when I saw like the mini webinar ads on Facebook and I’m like, this is exactly what I need, like how to do it.

Cause I had done webinars, like, but of course it was like, the long 45 minutes to an hour webinar and you feel like you’re talking too much and then you, like, you like lose people once you make your offer eventually. Right? And so it got to be a better way. So when I saw like your ad about mini webinars, it was like the perfect opportunity for me.

And I’m like, Hey out. And I think I would have, I was going through some things at the time, but I was like, I missed the opportunity, but then I was like, Hey, I still want to get in. And so you be like, Hey, yo, I’ll reset my website. And. Let you in at this offer, this amazing offer that you’ve provided it at.

And so, yes, since then, I would say things just went, it just exploded, like my business kind of exploded. And I don’t know if you, you know, there’s a certain area you want to talk about that in, but like, it kind of exploded. It really did. I had to actually create like from my coaching program, I actually had to create open up additional groups, you know, cause it’s like a six week coaching program and like every six weeks it’ll turn over, but there were so many people that came out of the mini webinar.

I had to open up a Friday group in addition to the money group. And so I have them all in rotation. And so now I’m ready to scale to even like the next level with like a course based version, because it’s like, keeping up with the capacity is, is crazy. Like, I just did something that I knew was possible, but I didn’t expect it to happen that fast.

Joel Erway: [00:11:31]

Let’s talk real quick about, you said you have done, you’ve done webinars in the past to like, what did it take me through the journey of what you were doing before, before the mini webinar?

Karwanna D: [00:11:43]

Yeah. So I had learned about like how to put together a webinar from another coach that was like really the first investment that I made into my business was from another coach who showed me how to build a webinar from scratch.

And so basically it was just a, you know, a lot of information about you know, what the offer is like basically the transformation, the benefits of learning, how to do government contracting. But it was like a lot of talking, you know, a lot of talking and I really couldn’t figure out, like, what’s going to make people say yes at the end.

Like, what’s going to make people want to take that next action step. And so the results wasn’t really what I wanted it to be. And so, you know, I would get maybe like 30, 20, 30 people on a webinar and maybe just one, one would opt in and then I wasn’t confident at the end as well. I really wasn’t that confident, you know what, with my offer, I really wasn’t confident.

And so I would be like, Hey, yeah, let me know. You know, at the end I’m like, let me know if you’re interested instead of being bold and saying, Hey, this is the next step. And so yeah, so I really believe that even though like, what I have to offer is an amazing offer, it’s crazy return on investment.

It’s something that people can do for life. The messaging had to be fine-tuned as well as I calling out the person that I wanted, my ideal client that I wanted to work with. And so with the mini webinar training and the program that you set up, it really helped me to refine my message and call out exactly who it was that I wanted to work with.

And instead of this long messages, you know, that I was trained to create like all of these posts on Facebook that are like a million words and over a period of five days, and then we have the webinar and then have the email sequence follow up. It was like, you don’t have to do all of that stuff, you know.

And so, and so yeah, the short power offer has been the most effective thing in my business. So now I use that and I’m like, Oh, okay. So I have all of this momentum. It’s like, what, what are you, what else do you have? What’s next? Y’all are waiting for what’s next.

Joel Erway: [00:14:01]

Credit cards out, ready to buy whatever I’m selling. Right.

Karwanna D: [00:14:04]


Joel Erway: [00:14:06]

So tell me about your offer. Right? So what’s the price point and you said it’s a six week program, but like, so what are you, what are you selling it at?

Karwanna D: [00:14:12]

Yes. So, yeah. So it’s a six week coaching program where I teach you how to grow your business with government contracting. Over that six weeks, we actually work on officially becoming a government contractor.

So we start with the basics. What do you need to prequalify? And then we go through the social economic statuses that you have, which could be minority, a woman, a small business, a disadvantaged business, a disabled veteran owned business. And so we go through all of that, the certification process. And even LGBT.

So these are all social economic statuses that the government has contracts set aside for you, just for you. Right? So we want to claim it. We want to go after that. So we work together in officiating you becoming a government contractor, and then I show you the strategies, like where to go to look for contracting opportunities, which certifications open up federal contracts, which certifications open up state level in which certification has opened up local levels.

So we go after all levels of government and then you also have a complete strategy of like when it comes to RFPs, which is like a request for proposal. RFQ request for quotes. Like the different types of contracting opportunities, what they are and then how to respond to each one appropriately.

So you have a full complete strategy blueprint and a roadmap to being successful in government contracting. And so all of that over a six week period, including a Facebook community where you get unlimited support by me is a onetime investment of 49, 97. And so it’s a real amazing offer. Right?

Amazing offer. I have people who in the fifth week, a young lady who just worked with me over the, you know, about a month ago. In her fifth week, she landed her first contract selling a software that she created, like an app that she created to government agencies to educational institutions for colleges.

Right. And so, um, and again, like the security guard who, who landed his first multimillion dollar contract. And so, and they’re doing better than me, cause my focus is to empower other people. Like to show other people. And so, yeah, so that is the investment into the program is definitely worth every small business owner.

And by the way, according to the SBA standards, a small business owner is anyone that has under 500 employees and is generating under like, I want to say average, about 14 million in your business a year. Right? So that means a lot of small businesses are out there not knowing that they’re considered a small business with these opportunities that are out there earmarked and streamlined for you.

But also if you not even making six figures in your business, you’re considered a micro business. And so there are contracts set aside for you as a micro-business as well.

Joel Erway: [00:16:56]

Hmm. Interesting. So five grand for your program, right? When you first launched, talk about like, the response. Cause I remember when you first started posting results in the group, you were like oh man, like you were flooded with applications. Right? What happened when you hit light, when you pushed, publish on your, on your app the first time?

Karwanna D: [00:17:21]

So like, I mean, I have like when I, when I first push, uh, push, you know, live, went live on with my ads.

I mean I think I almost like in this four month period, like my goal was to get to a hundred thousand and by the end of the year, Like I was able to get to 80,000 of that, like 89,000 of that in a four month period. So I’m like really, really close. I only need like maybe like four or five more clients, which I have, my calendar is full, is completely booked.

And so I’m really confident that by the end of the, you know, mid this month that I’m going to reach that goal. And so this is going to be the first time with my consulting firms that I’ve had such amazing results. Like even like I, and I’ve invested in myself with other coaches, like throwing money out.

I’m like, you help me, help me help me up. But this is the first investment that gave me extreme return, extreme return, amazing results. And so, and so, yeah. And the ad spend, like how much did I spend on ads? It’s like less than 2200. Less than 2200 with like $89,000 in return of revenue. Right? So huge. It’s just amazing.

I’m I’m still in kind of like in shock and I’m like, what’s next? Like, how do I scale from here?

Joel Erway: [00:18:38]

So the, I mean, so you’re spending. Oh, what do you spend? Like 50 bucks a day or a hundred bucks a day? Like what’s your, you’re probably not even spending that cause that’s over four months, you’re less than $2,500 in ad spend. So it’s got to be what, like 30, 30 bucks a day or something like that on ads?

Karwanna D: [00:18:54]

Cause at first I started off with I want to say $15 a day. And so about a few, a couple of weeks ago, I scaled it up to $30 a day. Yeah, because, and then I hired a, I was able to hire a sales team to take on the calls because, you know, all of a sudden, I’m like, Oh, always all calls.

And so this free time that I had, it was like, I don’t have that time, but now I have an amazing sales team. That’s you know, taking the calls for me, which allows me to be able to focus on my next level, like where I want to get. I want to do a lot more like media interviews and like public relations things like, you know, getting into the press to kind of build my brand.

But also I want to focus on the course based version as well. So for those who aren’t able to invest in the, you know, the 5,000 work with me live, you know, level that they’ll have a course option. Right.

Joel Erway: [00:19:44]

Yeah. You know, it’s amazing. So you have a very unique offer and like, I remember reading your power offer.

I’m like, damn. Like, I’d like, like I know a good offer when I, when I see one I’m like that shit’s going to, that shit’s going to light the world and you’re posting your results. And, you know, obviously the results speak for themselves. And so, you know, you’ve enrolled not almost $90,000 with the business into your program.

Your cost per application has to be like, like 10 bucks, 20 bucks, something like that.

Karwanna D: [00:20:19]

Yeah. It’s probably around like 10. I mean it’s so cheap and the crazy part about it is because I didn’t expect, I mean, I really thought it was going to break me with the fight with the ads. Like I bought it.

It’s not because it’s a very unique offer. You know, it was a very niche base. You know, opportunity. And then also like the other people that I saw in my space who kind of teach this, I’ve never seen one ad, so not one. And so I’m the only one, like I really, really created, you know, a space for myself and became like the authoritative in this space because there’s no one else who has ads in it who’s doing it on the level that I’m doing it.

Joel Erway: [00:20:54]

Yup. So what is next for you right now? Like where do you plan on taking this? I know you said you’re going to launch the course version, right? So what’s, what’s next on your plate?

Karwanna D: [00:21:08]

Yeah. So the course version, you know, media, like that’s, that’s really my big thing.

Cause I feel like if I can get into like those business newsletters and the, you know, business papers and maybe like get some interviews on good, you know, good morning America or today or whatever, I feel like it’s going to open up the door for me to help a lot more businesses. Right? And so what’s next for me is growing a team and multiplying myself so I can have other coaches and consultants.

Teaching this stuff because you know, a lot of small businesses suffered, you know, during kobe. Right. But I didn’t, and a lot of the businesses that didn’t are the ones that had those government contracts. Cause you know, the government doesn’t shut down. Right. And so having those types of opportunities is very key.

And so, because I’m the type of person that loves to empower other people. That’s where I want to go. I want to take this thing that I have and that I created and, you know, take it to a higher level and help more people. And this is something that I can help globally because, you know, thanks to, you know, web based software is like zoom and, you know, I could do this stuff online and I don’t have to just be limited to, you know, doing it in person, but also the next phase is like more speaking engagements.

You know, like I could see myself being a keynote speaker at large events and just showing people, this is the money you can do what you’re already doing, but let me show you how to get this out of the money that nobody’s touching. And so the crazy part about all that is. At the end of the fiscal year, which for the federal government, it kind of ends in like, I want to say it ends in July, right?

Some agencies in a July, some agencies in is like at the end of September at the end of their fiscal year, when they have, they still have millions on their table and they’re in the red line because they have to give that away. If you’re a government contractor, that’s when they start calling, Hey, can you do this?

Can you take this bunny? So they’re begging for people to take this money and it’s not, they’re not grants. So of course, you have to do the work, you know, you have to deliver. But these are opportunities for you to get paid by a client that’s saying, Hey, I’m looking to spend money with you. Right. So if you’re in business to do business and to make money, then this is a client that you do not want to ignore.

Joel Erway: [00:23:25]

Yeah. That’s awesome. When you were considering joining high ticket courses, like when you watched the webinar and going through the buying pays, like, what were your doubts? Did you have any doubts? Like, did you have any hesitancies, like what was going through your mind?

Karwanna D: [00:23:41]

I had a little bit of doubt. Not in the program, but in, because I had like over the past few years, like invested in a whole lot of stuff. Like if I see something on I’m like one of those Facebook clickers, so they market everything to me cause I buy stuff and I buy it like if you see my list of like courses that I bought over the past year, it’s like this long it’s seriously a long list of stuff.

Some stuff I kind of looked at and I’m like, eh, and it still sits there, but I’m like, Hey, maybe I’ll use it later. But you know, I didn’t want this to be another one of those things. And so I kind of like. Looked at it and was like, okay, is this going to be another one of those things that I kind of put on the back burner?

Or is this something that’s going to basically get my attention? Right? And so once I started going through the content and I saw how easy it was to follow into implement and execute, I was like, this is it. And so once I put. My actual webinar together. I’m like, okay, I can go through this whole little mini webinar and it, and it doesn’t take long and it’s powerful, all the stuff.

And then I already had like, was using like lead pages and stuff like that. So I already knew how to build that part out and just kind of duplicate what I love most about the mini webinar and a power offer is like, everything is duplicatable. Like it’s an easy system to implement and duplicate.

So it’s like dummy proof, right? There’s no way you can fail unless you don’t know who you are and what you’re providing and the transformation that you’re providing and who you can help. That’s the only way that it won’t work is if you don’t know, which means you have to go back to the drawing table, right?

Ask questions. There’s the community where people can help you. I, you know, clearly and clarify, you know, what your offer is and stuff like that, but otherwise it works. Right. It definitely works. And so once I implemented it and saw the results immediately, like my calendar went from being completely hit and miss to being completely filled all the time.

And then initially before I knew that you did the upgrade about, you know, sales message, like the texting part. Like I had a lot of people, not shelf. And so it was frustrating getting booked all the time, but then people not showing up because I felt like I wasted my time. And then when I just decided I’m not going to show up.

Thinking they’re not going to show up, then they’ll be texting me like, Hey, are you coming? I’m like, yeah. And so once I implemented that the sales messages part, then the show up rate is like 90, 95%, because now you’re talking to people and getting them excited before the call. And then you’re talking to them before the call.

Right. And getting them excited to get on the call with you. And so everything that, all the tools that you share. Absolutely work. Like all the strategies, the system, the messaging, everything. It absolutely works. And so, yeah, so, so that’s why I’m like, what’s next awaiting. Like I would rather spend my money with you than anyone else, because this is like the program that I got.

All the results. Like as in this business, I never even thought, like I knew it was possible, but I never even thought it would actually happen. Like this is a six figure business. Now it could be a multi six figure business, like if I really dial up.

Joel Erway: [00:26:45]

You have so much potential, it’s ridiculous. Like I’m really excited for you. I’m really excited for you. So your story is incredible, right? And I want people to understand like, listen, overnight successes while like, we’d like to say that they happen. I mean, your overnight success took three years. You said you started in 2017, right? You know, I’ll be the first to tell people like this really isn’t for complete beginners.

I mean, it can be, but like, listen, it’s not going to, like, I’m not trying to over promise anything here. It’s like you went through the background, like you learned other marketing tactics, you saw what worked, you saw what didn’t like, we all have those battle scars, but when you finally like, understand what is really important.

And this is, this is what I’m trying to preach to everybody. The most important thing that you need in your business is your offer. And if you can get clear on that and just start marketing that like, that is how you cut through the noise. That is how you, 80, 20 all of these results. And I love all the other marketers out there that they teach their own strategies.

They teach launches and all that stuff, and they have a time in place, but, you know, I got my battle scars too, and that’s where this all came from. And so I just love hearing these journeys. I love hearing these stories and I love hearing people who actually like implement it because it’s, you can buy a course.

You can put it on the digital bookshelf, just like a lot of people do. I’m a buyer as well. But I love hearing this, this journey. I love hearing this story. So what would be your one piece of advice to anyone listening right now who may be feeling stuck or maybe feeling like, you know, wondering how they can get their course to really perform like you, like what would be that one piece of advice you could give them?

Karwanna D: [00:28:34]

I would say you have to believe in yourself, right? Like really, I know this sounds very cliché, but you have to believe it will work more than anyone else. Right? You have to believe in, and no matter what hurdles you come up against, you have to be willing to go through those hurdles. Because sometimes it’s going to take those hurdles to help you climb over the mountain.

Or maybe you need to go around the mountain, but you can’t give up, like, regardless of whatever, the situation you’re faced with, you know, The best thing you can do for yourself is not give up. The most amazing thing I’ve done for my business is to invest in my business and to invest in information and knowledge from other people.

This is information that I wouldn’t have otherwise had, you know. And so two brains together is always better than you trying to do it on your own. And so investing in yourself and getting mentors and coaching and all that stuff is very key. But yeah, definitely you have to believe in yourself and you have to believe in the transformation that you do for others.

I believe it was Zig Ziglar. He’s one of my favorite success leaders. He said, if you, if you spend enough time helping other people getting, you know, get what they want. Then you’ll always have what you want, exactly what you want. And so if you spend enough time helping other people get the transformation that they desire to have, then you’ll always have what you want.

Right? And so, yeah, so that, so that is my advice to anyone that’s getting starting in business, whether you’re in the beginning, the middle, maybe whether you’re frustrated and you’re trying to figure out the marketing piece. Yeah, definitely don’t give up.

Joel Erway: [00:30:04]

I love it. Karwanna, it’s been such an honor hearing about your stories. It’s such a pleasure. I mean, I love this journey. You have an amazing, an amazing, an amazing story. I’m glad that you’re able to share it. Where can people find more information about your programs, your offers? Like where can they check you out?

Karwanna D: [00:30:21]

Absolutely. So qualifyforgovernmentcontracts.com. That is where you can find more information about the program.

Check out the mini webinar and also get in contact with me. Again that’s qualifiedforgovernmentcontracts.com. I also have a bunch of free trainings on YouTube. So it’s youtube.com/KawannaD which is K A R W A N N A D. And so from there, you can pretty much connect with me on any of the platforms.

I have a, um, you know, a, uh, what’d you call those podcasts. I have a new podcast as well as, an audio podcast. So you can also, you know, listen, listen to the game that I give cause, you know, I share a lot of information, tips, tools. A lot of resources on getting started with government contracting that any business owner that’s a small business could benefit from.

And so, yeah, so those are the places where you can check me out.

Joel Erway: [00:31:14]

We’ll link those in the show notes down below as well. And so you can, you can go check it out. Karwanna, it’s been a pleasure. Thank you so much for jumping on the show. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. And if you’re listening right now, please go reach out to Karwanna and let her know you heard her on Sold With Webinars and give her some love letter that you love the episode. And we’ll see you all in the next episode. Take care.


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