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Virtual Estate Planning 101 with Laura Cowan

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a guest interview on this podcast, and I am very excited to share her experience with you. 

She is Laura Cowan from the 2-Hour Lifestyle Lawyer.

She has been doing estate planning law and has been successful at it. 

Laura decided to launch a coaching business to meet the demands of the new normal in the world of law. 

Now, she is teaching other lawyers to replicate her success.

You'll Discover:

  • Your clients just care about the results. [13:48]

  • Clients are also a contributor. They appreciate helping and being part of something being built. [15:58]

  • You will not know things until you get started. [18:10]

  • Work together and recognize that they may have skills you don’t have. [27:19]

  • We don’t grow unless we go outside our comfort zone, and the rewards are endless. [30:50]

… and much more!

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