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Making Authentic Sales with Peter Frumenti

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“Sales is an authentic conversation. You’re learning exactly where a person is, where they want to go, and identifying the gap between the two. If you can fill that gap, it’s a simple, easy conversation.”

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This week on Experts Unleashed, we are talking with Peter Frumenti, the expert when it comes to authentic marketing. Peter is a sales mentor who has mastered an authentic enrollment process and helps transformational experts develop their own sales system. He has helped countless entrepreneurs build a sales team, reduce refund rates, and improve client results.

“We want to take people out of pain… However, when you give someone the space to vocalize and get clarity on their pain, you are serving them at the highest level.” – Peter

For many entrepreneurs, sales can be the most daunting part of their business. However, increasing your conversion rate is dependent on your ability to shift your mindset around sales. Effective sales calls are simply authentic conversations with a potential client. When you lean in to find more about where they want to go and learn where they are currently, you will be able to listen more clearly for their pain, which is the gap between the two. Many times ego can get in the way of communicating need. However, most people want a chance to talk about their pain. It is your job to create the space needed for a moment of vulnerability. They have a pain, and you may hold the solution.

“The number one component of building a successful sales team is cultivating an authentic belief in the offer that they are selling.”

When we give into to our natural desire to take someone out of their pain, we become inhibited in our ability to fully understand their need. A quick solution, a promise of help, or telling the individual their issue is a quick or easy fix can momentarily alleviate the pain, and thus remove the urgency. A client may be quick to settle for a small “fix” or feel encouraged to figure things out themselves. Furthermore, until we fully investigate the pain, it is impossible to truly know if the services we offer will actually be an effective solution. When you remain in the position of the expert, diagnosing a problem, and strategizing a solution, you will build rapport and trust.

Listen in to the episode to learn more about effective enrollment strategies, common mistakes that you may be making in your enrollment process, and how to build a dynamic sales team.

Some Topics we talk about in this episode

  1. Introduction – 1:09
  2. Primary Client Struggles – 3:22
  3. The Resistance to Digging into Deeper Questions – 8:25
  4. Framing a Successful Sales Call – 11:52
  5. Primary Causes of High Refund Rates – 23:13
  6. Peter’s Journey to Sales Team Mentor – 27:08
  7. Primary Challenges in Building a Team – 32:57
  8. Wrap-up and Takeaways – 42:51

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About our Guest

Peter Frumenti has sold multiple millions of dollars in high ticket products and services. He and his team at Sales Team 6 have built sales floors for some of the top online coaching companies and using their optimal enrollment process they help experts streamline, scale and develop an elite team of sales professionals who can authentically enroll new clients into their expert businesses.

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