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Math, Babies And Relationships with Marla Mattenson | #08

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In order to have a successful business, you have to grow. You’re not going to have one thing forever. You’re going to have that one thing, modify it, include new research, and take a look at the new ways to level up everything in your live. For relationship and intimacy expert, Marla Mattenson, her journey to entrepreneurship has been, in a nutshell, through math, babies, and relationships. Marla is a successful coach who works with entrepreneur couples in lots of different capacities to strengthen their relationship and business. She recounts her journey from being a babysitter, to being a doula, surviving a car accident, to getting her masters and teaching high school Math, and to finally becoming a relationship coach for entrepreneurs.

Math, Babies And Relationships with Marla Mattenson

We have a very special episode for you with the fascinating Marla Mattenson. If I were to say a handful of words of what type of images is going to be framed in your mind, doula car crash, mathematics major relationship expert. How do we tie all four of those descriptions together? That’s exactly what we’re going to be talking about in this episode. I was just fascinated by how we were able to tie together this story with how she’s able to monetize her expertise and connect the dots between her origin story and where she is now as somebody who helps entrepreneurial relationship couples just better their relationships as business owners. Enjoy this episode.

Marla, welcome to the show.

Thank you so much, Joel. I’m really excited to be here.

Marla, why don’t you bring us up to speed with who Marla is now?

I am a seven-figure business owner. I work with entrepreneur couples on their relationship and their business. I also work with my business and love partner, Julian, and we do everything together. It’s pretty incredible because we give private retreats all around the world. We spend at least one month a year in France and sometimes two. We travel all around and help entrepreneur couples.

We work privately with couples in lots of different capacities but primarily in their relationship to take a look at these deep-rooted patterns that are tiny little things that are insignificant at some point and then at some point, turn into something big. We catch them early. We work with couples who are totally in love, totally doing fantastic in their business, and are dedicated to personal development growth work. These are the empire builders of our time and it’s pretty amazing.

Why did you decide to work specifically with entrepreneurial couples in the relationship space?

I like complexity, so that’s number one. I have this mathematical brain that sees all these patterns coming in from one direction and another and where they mismatch and where they could meet up. It’s so fascinating to me to see when couples are having a communication issue that they don’t understand why one person is acting one way and the other person’s acting a different way. They’re not on the same page. Couples, in general, are fascinating. Then you add another layer where they’re entrepreneur couples.

When you have your own business, it is a whole other animal because the bottom line rests with you and that understanding where you have to be a risk taker on some level if you’re an entrepreneur. I love working with entrepreneurs because they are risk takers. They have a growth mindset because in order to have a successful business, you have to understand, you have to grow. You’re not going to have one thing and that’s the thing forever. You’re going to have that one thing. You’re going to modify it, you’re going to improve it, you’re going to include new research. I’m all about research and taking a look at what is the next new way that we can up level everything in our lives.

I’m also a diehard math junkie secretly. I have an engineering background, so we’re going to jive very well. I like how your brain thinks in trying to problem solve complex relationships. That’s very fascinating. This show is all about uncovering the different opportunities that you spotted throughout your career. I want to rewind and start at the very beginning of when you decided to become an entrepreneur, when you decided to monetize your expertise or monetize your own service. What was your first gig as an entrepreneur?

I have been an entrepreneur my whole life. Anything that I enjoyed doing, I would monetize. I would make money doing it, whether it was babysitting. I loved working with newborn babies. Later, I became a doula, so I worked with babies, then I still got paid. I made money from pretty much everything. I had a little kids’ jewelry line when I was young. I made things and then I sold them, so I was always an entrepreneur at heart.

Part of it is because I grew up with my father. He’s an attorney and he’s self-employed for pretty much his entire career except for a little bit in the beginning. I grew up with, “We’re going to go to dad’s office.” I’m going to go roller skating and he’s going to work. I grew up with this idea of you can create your own life. You can have your own way of moving through the world. I monetized early on, so I love that question.

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How early? Are we talking five years old, ten years old?


That’s when you started babysitting?


Let’s fast forward from babysitting to becoming a doula. Why a doula? Tell me the genesis story of how you became a doula and why.

I became a massage therapist in 1993 and one of the course in the advance courses was a pregnancy massage class and I thought, “How awesome.” I became an expert in pregnancy massage. Then at some point, one of the teachers said to me, “You will be amazing as a doula.” I was young, and I looked young too. I said, “Okay, sure.” I went through a doula training and then it turned out I was amazing at being a doula because I’m very level headed. I have tons of energy. I have a lot of patients and intensity does not scare me at all. It was like a hand in glove.

I became a doula and then after, I became birth doula, I became a postpartum doula. I worked with couples after they had a baby. I also ended up working with single mothers who adopted babies, gay couples, and straight couples. It didn’t really matter to me. I just wanted to work with babies. I worked with twins. I became a twin specialist. I like his intensity and complexity. The more I could layer in on those things, it was pretty exciting.

Your first gig was as a babysitter, then you became a doula. You also said, “Intensity doesn’t scare me.” What do you mean by that?

Have you been in any births?

Yes, I have.

You know there’s intensity there when a woman is having a baby or babies. There’s a lot of emotion and there’s a high and low of, “This is too painful. Can I do this? How long is this going to last?” All of the fear and the intensity of the unknown. The intensity of the unknown I think is the thing that most we think about in terms of entrepreneurship, but it’s a huge part of entrepreneurship.

The intensity of, “How comfortable can I be living in the unknown, flying blind, living by my vision without anybody else paving the path ahead of me? I’m paving my own path.” That’s what birth is. Nobody else birthed that baby into the world. Only you are birthing that baby into the world. Early on, I had this affinity of just being very calm in very intense situations. That led into being able to listen as a postpartum doula in particular.

After the baby was born, I would go to a couple of swoons and I would hear from one partner, “This is what’s going on. I’m not enjoying this part. This is very difficult.” Then from the other partner, I would hear something similar but through their own filter. I’d bring them together to work on communication better to understand from both perspectives what’s going on and the intensity of sleepless nights and, “What do we do with this baby? How do you diaper change? How do you breastfeed or bottle feed? What do you do? Circumcision or not?” All the decisions you have make from moment-to-moment with babies and children and their pets and family. All of that, I get really calm. I get grounded. I see all these parts and then I help everybody get intimate and connected together in those intense situations.

When did you discover that you were good at this? When you went through the class and you had your first couple of birthing clients, doula clients, when did it stand out that like, “I’m pretty good at this.” Did somebody had to tell you, or did you have the self-awareness to realize like, “I think I’ve got this?”

The first birth I didn’t know what I was doing. They knew I was brand new. I was their first birth. It was a beautiful, amazing experience. I cried. We went to the hospital together. We went too soon. They said, “Go home and have a glass of wine.” I was like, “Have a glass of wine, what?” We went back to their house and labored more together at home and went back to the hospital.

When she pushed that out, I just burst into tears. This is a real miracle. She and I, the birthing mom, were able to stay connected he entire time and at the same time, totally included her partner in the process in a way that he felt amazing and totally comfortable. Meaning he didn’t want to be there for the entire thing. He also had a full-time job, so I was there to make sure that if he was tired that I could step in. It was a real beautiful dance with all three of us supporting the birth of this baby coming into the world. I knew right from the first one.

How long were you a doula for?

Fifteen years. I was a doula even when I went back to school. I loved it. I miss it every once in a while, but I don’t want to be on call anymore.

Your first adult entrepreneurial experience was a doula. You were a doula for fifteen years, then something happened. Talk about your accident.

I was driving down Topanga Canyon in Los Angeles, which is a very windy, steep cliff road. A car got in my lane around a curve and I swerved to get out of the way and I ended up hitting the side of the road. I thought the car will stop. It was 11:00 PM and the car didn’t stop, so the car rolled over the side of the Canyon and I immediately had the thought, “Alright, God. If you want me on this Earth, you better come down here and help,” in my traditional aggressive way. I had an outer body experience flying out the back of the window and watching myself through the rear window, watching myself roll down the canyon and I thought, “This is how people die.” I never once thought this is how I’m going to die. I was a gymnast from four years old and so I knew how to be upside down.

I was very comfortable being upside down. I was very comfortable in my body, still am. I rolled down the Canyon until a rock stopped me from rolling completely down the hill. I was upside down hanging by the seat belts. There was gravel and dirt and everything sliding into the car. The windows were smashed, and I could hear the creek down below. I had this one moment of total bliss like I was in the womb of the Earth or something, like the stream and the gravel. Then I thought, “I’ got to get out of here.” I turned my car off but left the keys in the ignition. I was watching too many of those chips episodes where cars exploded so I was like, “I’d better turn the car off.”

I ended up hiking up the hill in my socks because my feet were wedged in and had to take my shoes off. I had leaves and sticks in my hair, hiked up the hill. A couple saw me go over the hill, so they had stopped down the road a little bit and they came over to help. I was by myself. That was the moment where, “Let’s just pause.” Right after that, I took about a month off and listened deeply. If I had another life to live, what would I do? I sat with that question over and over. I did a lot of healing.

Even though physically I was fine, energetically, I was really shaken. Out of all that meditation and all of that inner work, the message is very clear. Go back to school and go to medical school and I thought, “Really? Okay.” I thought I was going to be an OB-GYN until I started school. I started as a chemistry major and then I realized the parts I love were all the math parts and so I changed my major to mathematics. I went to community college first because as an adult, that’s what you need to do.

Then I transferred to UCLA and I took on the major of mathematics with medical and life sciences, which is the largest math major that they have there of how many courses you have to take, chemistry, physics, biology, neuroscience, and math. I ended up getting my degree in mathematics and medical and life sciences, which I studied a full year of neuroscience with all the top researchers at UCLA. It was really incredible. That opportunity where I rolled my car down that canyon gave me a window into a new possibility. I loved my life. I loved being a doula. I loved being a massage therapist. I could travel anywhere. It was incredible, and yet, I was being called into a greater vision.

It seemed like you love everything that you were doing up until this point. A lot of times when people pivot, we are pivoting because something went wrong. I’m not talking about you rolling down the hill, but normally in our professional careers, something in our lives goes wrong so we try to change. How long were you a doula when this accident happened?

I was a doula for about seven or eight years by then.

It’s about halfway through because you said you were a doula for fifteen years. Seven or eight years you’ve been a doula and you’re loving everything about it. Then you had this enlightenment moment. When you switched your major to math, what was your intent? What was the field that you wanted to go in before you switched to math?

To be an OB-GYN.

What was your intent when you switched to math? What did you want to be?

I still wanted to be a medical doctor. I didn’t want to do OB but I still was thinking maybe I would get into functional medicine or I would get into something more on the fringe of medical practice. I knew that a mathematics was a great major to go into medicine because it’s not a traditional biology major and it’s hard. It’s challenging. You said most people pivot from a trauma or something that they’re being called to shift. The real deeper truth is, for me, even though everything was amazing in my life, I was avoiding going to school because I dropped out of college the first time.

I went to Cal State Northridge as a journalism major right out of high school and I dropped out after a year and a half to run my own business and to go back to go to massage therapy school and start a massage therapy practice that led into the doula thing. I had a lot of shame around quitting school and part of me wanted to go back to prove I was smart, to prove that I was intelligent. I knew I was emotionally intelligent, but I always had some shame whenever people would say, “Where’d you go to school?” I had not so glowing things to say about myself and so I decided in that moment, “That’s one of the reasons” to work through some of that shame and to feel like, “I am smart, I can do this.” It was a real internal process for me of working through some shame.

You graduate with a math degree. You go on to get your master’s in mathematics. You don’t pursue the medical profession, where do you go?

I realized that I wanted to get a masters in math and I wanted to teach high school math. I felt like I wanted to work with inner city kids and help them before they become citizens of the world. They’re pretty much fully formed and yet there’s still a way to impact them. I was awarded a fellowship that paid for my grad school and gave a teaching stipend for the first five years of teaching and lots of other supports called Math for America.

They don’t have the same type of fellowships anymore. They have master teacher fellowships and other things. It started in New York with Jim Simons, the billionaire hedge funds guy, and he’s an incredible man. He started Math for America in New York. It’s still going and there are other sites. I joined the first cohort of Math for America and they paid for graduate school. It was an incredible thing.

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I took my drive for math and my excitement about math into the classroom. I became a high school math teacher in Los Angeles Unified and I was a math teacher for seven years. I’ve got a National Board Certification with the help through Math for America. They helped us and support us of getting that certification, which is pretty rigorous. You have to take five or six math exams plus record yourself in the classroom and comments and twelve-page papers and all that kind of stuff. It was totally worth it. I ended up teaching math and pedagogy to teachers all across LA USD and in Mississippi and I worked with the US Secretary of Education’s Office for a short period of time consulting with Arne Duncan. It was amazing to pivot in that way and look for all the opportunities that were right there.

What other opportunities were you talking about. You said, “All the opportunities right there.” What do you mean by that?

Some people become teachers and they are super happy in the classroom and that’s all they want to do and that is their love. I love people like that. I’ve worked with a lot of people like that. Then there are those of us who have the entrepreneurial spirit, which is we want to develop programs for the school. We want to go above and beyond what’s going on in the classroom. We see what’s happening on a department level, on a school wide level, with parents, with community, with the city, with this state, and so I’m more of a big vision thinker. Anybody who spends any amount of time with me knows that if you’re thinking big, I’m going to push you to think ten times bigger than that. I was hired initially at a school with the principal who was very open to me developing programs.

I did a lot of project-based learning where I took the kids outside of the classroom to teach probability theory by shooting baskets from different locations in the court and then gathering the student data and multiple classes and teaching the standing long jump to learn about height versus how far you can jump and how high can you throw a ball in the air based on how long it’s in the air, all of the formulas that go along with that.

I did a lot of project-based learning and that got some attention. That opportunity that I sparked with the principal to do those projects then led to me being introduced to a man who helped with project-based learning all around the country and he trained me personally and took me to conferences. Those opportunities lead to the next ones, so I always had more opportunities than I could even say yes to just purely based on my entrepreneurial spirit.

We’re always looking for new ways to continue to expand. As entrepreneurs, we are, by nature, opportunities and that’s why I love talking to other experts is because we see the opportunities and that’s what I want people to understand is that they are literally everywhere if you know how to spot them.

Your fifteen years of experience being a doula and seven years of experience teaching high school math. It seems like they’re two completely separate fields. What are the similarities that somebody on the outside, like myself, who’s never been in either of those two professions, in terms of skills of being able to perform those duties, what types of similarities did you see this?

You will never get hired as a doula or anybody who’s going to help anyone through something intimate unless people trust you, unless people can feel your genuine desire to be of service, your genuine desire to support them, that you believe in them, that you’re a safe place to land. The way that I have the ability to articulate my expertise in any field, whatever I’ve done, whether I was a doula or whether I was teaching, people tend to feel very safe with me.

If someone has the problem that I solve like for example, when I was a math teacher, if students came to me and they were like, “I don’t understand this. I hate math.” I worked with both the very high-level students who were in AP Calculus and AP Stats and also the very low-level students. Meaning they were struggling with basic things like basic level Algebra. All levels of those kids were able to find a safe place in me in the way that I teach and the way that I was able to share, “I’m holding you to a really high standard here. I have massive belief in you and what’s possible for you and let’s get you there.”

That’s the ideal and the way that I could communicate that was not only with my words but how I would follow up with it. The through line here is communication, total belief in the person and people that I’m dealing with. I worked with a lot of gang kids and kids coming from disadvantaged backgrounds where literally like a parent would be deported the night before a final exam and so what do we do with that and that’s a real issue. Instead of the kids just running away, they would come to me just like as a doula.

Instead of running away from a problem, my clients would come to me and say, “I’m struggling with this with my partner.” They would open up and share more of what’s going on truly inside of them, which allowed them to reach more of the greatness that they wanted to experience, whether it was the math or whether it was in something else. Personal connection and believing in people is the foundation of all of the work that I do. I don’t take on any one that I can’t believe in.

What’s incredible that you have to establish a serious relationship with them. You earn their trust, but in order for them to trust you, you have to provide that sense of security and that sense of safety for them to know like, “If I say something, I know it’s going to be well received. I know that I’m going to be able to get help to solve this problem and solve this situation or this crisis that I’m currently in.”

I know you’ve done a lot of work in studying the communications field and that’s primarily a testament to your expertise in being able to communicate clearly. If you can’t communicate clearly, you can’t build that trust and people can’t trust you. I see it clearly with you and being able to solve these complex problems. It all comes from people being able to trust you and that’s fantastic.

I earned their trust and I was able to gently and yet effectively push them right into their greatness, push them beyond what they thought was possible for them, whether it was that they could get through the next contraction or that they could take care of the baby or whether it was getting through the next math exam. I created a math anxiety program, the math anxiety cure, and I taught it to all my students. I taught it at UCLA to the math department because even math majors get math anxiety.

When people really trust you, that’s when you can push them into their greatness and you can say, “Let’s go beyond what you think is possible here because I know what’s possible for you. It’s bigger than you think.” We can always see that in other people so much more than we can see it in ourselves. We need people like me, like you that see the bigger vision and help people amplify what they’re doing. Other people go out in the world and serve too.

We’ve talked about your experience as a doula. You went and got your master’s in mathematics. You taught seven years in high school math to inner city kids. When was the pivot to what you’re doing now as a relationship coach, relationship expert for entrepreneurs? When did that happen?

I live my life 100% by my intuition and I don’t say that lightly. What happened was about two years before I let go of the teaching profession, I felt the pull. I felt like, “The next thing is brewing. I don’t know what it is, but I know that it’s brewing.” What happened was I started to listen to that and I chose to go through a coaching program that helped you create your packages and VIP days and retreats and things like that. I had already done coaching for many years and been trained, but I wanted the next level.

I audited that program and then through that program, I ended up meeting some people where we started a mastermind. The woman who ran that program, I decided to go and study with her coach. I hired a very high-level entrepreneur business mindset, money mindset coach that helps people go take their annual income and make it their monthly income. That’s what he helped me do. I went from knowing, “I’m totally into teaching. I want to be a teacher to it’s time to shift.” It’s like Seinfeld. Seinfeld left at the pinnacle. They didn’t wait for it to go downhill.

I was at the pinnacle of my teaching career. I was at this amazing place where I had a lot of impact and kids were getting incredible results and teachers were feeling more connected and bonded and I chose to listen to my calling, which was it’s time to go back into coaching couples. I worked with this coach and he helped me to see what’s possible for me, so he did for me what I’d been doing for others all these years, which is he was able to help me see, “I can believe in myself as much as I can believe in others.”

That’s all I needed to shift into my expertise and shifting into coaching couples, but more than just coaching them on relationship, coaching couples on their relationship and their business where they mirror each other, where whatever you’re doing in your relationship, you’re also doing somewhere in your business and vice versa. The fun thing is we can literally start anywhere. You can tell me about your business and I can tell you how you’re showing up in your relationship in some similar ways. You start healing in one area, it’s going to impact all the other areas when you bring awareness.

You’re not doing doula work anymore, but the way that you worded it saying, “I went back to coaching couples,” and I want to make this very clear point. When I work with entrepreneurs and experts who were trying to find their offer, find their niche, do whatever is going to provide them the lifestyle that they want, they get so hung up on, “Here’s my background. Here’s my experience. Here’s what I’ve done in the past, but I don’t know how to make that a viable business model.”

It’s like you didn’t go back to working with doulas but you still took the same skills and you still wanted to work with couples but in a different format. I can only imagine that working with couples as entrepreneurs is much more lucrative than if you were to be a high-level doula.

When I coached couples back in the day as a doula, I also more often than not, ended up coaching them on their relationship also. I ended up working with my couples when they were pregnant on how to clear Karma for their incoming children. The simple idea there is if your parents did a little extra work on themselves before you came into this world, your karmic load would be a little lighter.

When my couples would do some work and we’d take a look at the family patterns and how they want to show up and imagining the baby already here and how you handle when the baby starts screaming, they would start clearing Karma for their incoming children and have an easier transition into being parents. I had been coaching couples for many years.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you already saw that opportunity when you were a doula, “I’m doing a little bit extra when I’m working with these doula clients,” so you knew that there was probably some form of opportunity that you could see when you went into doing what you’re currently doing now. I’m fascinated with offers and how people create offers.

When you went back, and you said you felt your intuition, which I love by the way, intuition is huge and the entrepreneurial space. Opportunity is all about intuition. When you said you felt the pole, you’re to go back into coaching couples full-time, was this your first idea? Was your first idea to work with couples in the entrepreneurial space or did you go through a few different iterations before you landed on this one?

I hired my coach, his name is David Nagel, fantastic coach and I highly recommend. I went through a VIP day first and in the VIP day, we went through a lot of my own personal material and it was very clear for me to nail that I am a relationship and sex coach for couples. That was my first entry, that’s what I decided, “I want to work with couples on their relationship and sex and intimacy.”

Over the course of about six months or so, I realized, “It’s more than just relationship and intimacy. It’s relationship, intimacy, and business.” I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my life with the exception of the seven years as a teacher and it’s my first love is entrepreneurship. That’s where I came from. It developed very quickly into, “This is specifically for entrepreneurs.” Other couples come to me. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to book me, but if you don’t have a significant stream of income coming in, it’s not appropriate to work with me.

Entrepreneurs make money, I can help elevate their business, so if they feel nervous about hiring me because of what I charge, that’s okay because I can help them up level so that they can bring in the money to pay. It’s not a big deal. It’s harder to do that with people who have a full-time job where they have an income, which I don’t believe in fixed income either because even when I was a teacher I got hired to go teach in Mississippi. There’s always more that you can do to up level if you’re not happy with how much money you’re bringing in.

Even if you have a fixed income, opportunities are everywhere. I was flying home of Chris Winfield’s event. I was sitting in first class and the guy next to me started a conversation. Turned out, he was the president of CBS television in Los Angeles and offered for me to be on his show, to be on KCAL 9 in LA. That’s just from talking to someone. Opportunities are everywhere. You have to not be looking for opportunities to miss them because they are everywhere. If you’re open and using your intuition.

I always like piecing together connections. Let’s go back to you being a doula and let’s go back to your first paying client as the relationship expert for entrepreneurs. How was that experience with that first paying client versus the first doula client? Was it a similar experience being like, “I know this, I know I’m meant for this?” You said you had your first dual client. You’re like, “I nailed it. I crushed it.” You knew that this was what you want to do. How was that experience as your first high paying relationship client?

The first couple that I worked with as entrepreneur couples, helping them, it was pretty phenomenal. They got results immediately. They bring patterns that they didn’t even know were there, and then the ease in which their business started moving forward was off the charts. They were working together and what was happening is that there was so much tension between the two of them that they both felt isolated and alone in the business. They both felt like, “I’m just handling everything. I’m taking care of everything.”

They both felt like that and they both felt disconnected. Intimacy and sex was not happening, and so after working together even for about a month, all of that started to calm down and they started to have compassion for each other. They started to turn towards each other in times of conflict rather than to go in opposite directions. It took a good significant amount of time. When couples work with me, it’s a nine-month program. We go in deep and it’s not a year for a reason. It’s just nine months.

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Is it nine months because of your doula experience?

It might be. it’s like, “You can make a baby in nine months. You can transform your relationship in nine months too.” Technically, it’s ten months to make a baby, but we like to say nine months. I have a nine-month program. It was pretty phenomenal right off the bat. That might sound arrogant to some people but when you know your material and you know communication and you know what you’re doing, when you see the patterns in other people, it logically comes together of how to channel that information so that they know what they’re doing.

They know how to move towards their next steps and to get the results. It’s not just me with all my training. I’m channeling. I’m connected to God’s source, the universal energy, whatever you want to say. It’s coming through me. I’m just a vessel here. I get myself out of the way more and more so that can easily and effortlessly channel through me so people get results.

Marla, I’ve had a blast. You’re a natural born entrepreneur. You’ve always been an entrepreneur from babysitting to becoming a doula, then having your, your pivot moment when you rolled off the cliff, you went back to school, got your master’s in mathematics, taught an inner city high school math and you loved that. That was for seven years.

Then you made the transition back to coaching relationship advice with couples specifically for entrepreneurs and that whole lesson of making sure that you focus on clients who have money because you can help make a bigger impact for them. There’s a whole lesson to be learned with that, but this has been a fantastic interview.

You nailed it.

Where can people connect with you?

MarlaMattenson.com, a couple things on there. One is that I’m now the relationship expert for Entrepreneur.com, which is amazing. I have a weekly column on there. It’s the Dear Marla column. If anybody wants to ask a question to me about relationship, business, intimacy, anything like that, there’s a spot on my website where you can ask me a question or you can read the articles and share those. I would appreciate that and Facebook or Instagram are @MarlaMattenson.

Marla, I had a blast. Hopefully, you enjoyed this conversation. I know that the experts in the audience can take away so much knowledge on being able to pivot and knowing that your core focus, your core expertise that’s led you through all of these different journeys has been communication and that one primary skillset has been able to be applied to every area of your life. I’m a huge proponent of focusing on that one skill set because that can be applied to so many different areas of your life. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for spending time with us.

Thanks so much for being here. We hope you enjoyed our episode and we look forward to giving you the next one. If you want additional trainings and content outside of the podcast, I release exclusive video trainings on my Experts Unleashed YouTube Channel. If you’d like to come hang out with thousands of other fellow experts, join our Facebook Community where we do Hangouts and webinars to help support you in your journey. If you’d like my personal help to develop, launch or scale your business, contact me directly for private consulting opportunities to see if any spots are available. You can find all of the information at ExpertsUnleashed.com.

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Intimacy Expert who specializes in working with entrepreneur couples, who have an urgent desire to transform both their relationship and their business.

Her unique approach to coaching comes from her background in mathematics and neuroscience. Marla uses pattern recognition to reveal the negative habitual responses couples experience and how to change those patterns to achieve their desired outcome.

This approach allows couples to experience the passion, freedom, and connection they always knew was possible in relationship. Using pristine clarity in communication, allows couples to develop their business to keep pace with their growing intimacy.

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