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How To Structure Your Offer In A “Book A Call” Funnel | #131

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When people hear me talk about webinars they assume we’re going “direct to sale.”

And while I do have webinars running that do this, what I always recommend to people just starting out is a “book a call” funnel.

The problem with going “direct to sale” is you need to have your messaging 100% dialed in or your conversion rate will suck.

In contrast, selling on the phone is a lot easier. If you follow my system.

And in this episode of Sold With Webinars, I’m going to break down how to present your offer and close on the phone.

You’ll Discover

  • The number one thing I make our students and clients focus on when launching a “book a call” funnel [02:05]

  • How this “one thing” does most of your selling before they get on the phone with you [02:34]

  • Should you present all the details of your program on the phone? [03:22]

  • Where to go to “copy” my own book-a-call funnel [03:51]

  • Why “less is more” in a book-a-call funnel [04:30]

…And much more

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Episode Transcript

Styling your power offer repeat it over and over and over again because that’s what’s going to get them to book a call to learn more about your program, about your offer.

Hey, it’s Joel Erway. Welcome to another very special episode of sold with webinars. I am excited today to talk to you about a very special topic when it comes to booking applications or I’m sorry, booking appointments from your sales funnels. Now, when people hear me talk about webinars and automated webinars, they get confused because a lot of people think that when we’re running a webinar, then we’re doing a direct to sale offer.

And while that is true, we’ve got our own automated webinars running right now that are direct to sale. The vast majority of people who are just starting out are launching it or launching a new program, I’m going to advise them to launch a book to call funnel. And the reason why we do that is very simple because when you’re doing a direct to sale offer, you need to be laser dialed in on your messaging.

Know exactly what it is that your audience wants, what they don’t want, and being able to present an effective offer. It is an advanced marketing tactic, a technique, and an advanced marketing strategy that I don’t recommend for people just starting out. So when we talk about booking call funnels, book to call, I’m sorry, call booking funnels, man, tripping over my tongue today. Funnels where you book appointments. The number one thing that people ask me is, okay, well, how do I present the offer? And I never really understood why people got this so confused because it just comes natural to me but that is a poor assumption on my part as a teacher, as a leader.

And so I wanted to record a quick podcast to explain this to you. So, you understand where I’m coming from. The typical structure of what we’re doing with mini webinars when we are asking people to book a call, is this, we essentially are giving them the big promise.

We are presenting the core promise of the core outcome, the core deliverable of what we want them to accomplish by the end of our engagement working together. And that is the one thing that we need to keep hammering over and over and over again. When we work with clients, we work with them on developing their power offer and developing their message.
That’s like the number one thing that we are focused on is getting crystal clear on that promise, on that core deliverable. And we just repeat it over and over and over again, it’s repeated in the power offer. It’s repeated at the front of our mini webinars. It’s repeated at the end of the mini webinar, because this is essentially what leads them to the call to action, right?

If we are structuring an offer and we are structuring a promise inside of our mini webinar, inside of our sales mechanism, we have to know what this promise is because this is what’s going to get them to say, okay, great I’m going to book a call to learn more. Cause that’s ultimately what we are asking them to do.

It’s Hey, listen, if you want this core promise, then go ahead and schedule a call with us and learn to see if this is a good fit for you. So when we structured the close at the end of our mini webinar, a lot of people are asking, do you present the program details? Right? What do you give them inside of this presentation?

Like, are you going through all your bonuses? Are you going through all of your deliverables? And the answer is no. The answer is no, really the only thing that we are giving them is the core promise. And so, if I give you kind of a template, a script that we go over inside of our own mini webinar, and you can check it out at newwaytolaunch.com, you can see my own mini webinar.

That’s the application funnel that we use for enrolling our clients. All we are basically saying is, listen, we’re looking for course creators and product owners to personally launch and scale the program, working with them one on one so they can quickly dominate their competitors, build a recognizable name in their industry and grow their business like we’ve done for previous clients that have reached six, seven and eight figures, and that has the potential to impact thousands of lives.
Maybe that’s you, if that’s you then fill out an application on the page right now and let’s figure out the best option for you to move forward. That’s it. Okay. It’s, here’s my promise. Let’s schedule a call to see if this makes sense for you. Okay. I don’t go into bonuses.

I don’t go into on week one we’re going to do this. Week two we’re going to do this. Week three we’re going to do this. No. The reason why I don’t do that is because I don’t want to inadvertently say something that’s going to kill my sale. That’s going to kill my ability to make a conversion. That’s one of the reasons why mini webinars are so short as we want them to be focused on that core promise.

We want them to be focused on that big outcome. And then when they get on the call, they can ask questions about, how this is going to apply to me? But we give them the minimum viable information so we aren’t inadvertently shooting ourselves in the foot. This is why direct to sale funnels are so hard, so difficult to get to work because when we’re presenting information on a long form webinar, we have to know what not to say equally as much as we need to know what to say.

And so if we can eliminate the stuff that is going to possibly hurt our conversions. That’s what we do with the mini webinar. That’s what we do with book to call funnels. Does that make sense? So dial in your power offer, repeat it over and over and over again, because that’s what’s going to get them to book a call, to learn more about your program, about your offer. Keep it simple. Don’t overcomplicate it, right? It is not any more complicated than what I just explained to you.

All right. So that’s what I’ve got for you on today’s podcast. Hopefully this was helpful for you, as it helps explain what to say, what not to say on book to call funnels to get people to schedule a call to talk to you. And I hope you understand now how to present your offers. So without further ado, I will see you on the next episode.

Take care.

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