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The Modern Day Sales Process

Tags: buyer response, multiple mediums, modern day sales process

It’s no secret that the way that people are interacting is constantly changing, especially during the pandemic.

Have you wondered why people aren’t filling out your application? It may be because you’re not leaving enough alternatives for them to respond.

When you’re building your funnel, keep in mind that by directing them to your application right from the get-go, you leave little room to understand what your prospects need, and where you may need to deliver more.

Having multiple response options open will allow your conversions to increase.

You'll Discover

  • How I took an offer I’ve been promoting for years, and brought it to the next level using a new medium [4:40]

  • My recent experiences with virtual spending and how it’s affected my buying process [5:27]

  • You are leaving money on the table if you only rely on 1 medium to respond to your offer [6:40]

  • The danger of sending your prospect right to your application without keeping their experience in mind [7:30]

  • An exciting offer coming up for our program members! [8:20]

…and much more!

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