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My “Bond Villain” Masterplan For Scaling My Own Offers | #113


Recently, I was on a consultation call with a world-famous marketer.

If I mentioned their name, everyone would know who it is.

They’re launching a new offer and they wanted my advice on some things.

At the end of the call, this marketer asked me,

“Hey Joel, so you know, out of curiosity, like what is the one thing that you’re working on right now? Like, how can I help?”

Of course, I was very grateful he offered.

“Well, my main focus right now is scaling high ticket courses 2.0. We just relaunched our webinar. We got new customers that are enrolling. It’s going great. And so that’s my primary focus.”

“Well, that’s strange. Why aren’t you scaling your own high ticket program?”

His response tripped me up for a minute.

And the reason why he stumped me is that I thought what I was doing was a no-brainer.

I believe they call that the Curse of Knowledge.

So, in this episode of Sold With Webinars, I’m going to reveal what my funnel looks like today.

You’ll Discover

  • Why I don’t use my own mini webinar the way I teach my students

  • The right way to build out your value ladder

  • How I get “free” clients for my highest priced offer

  • Why you shouldn’t do what I’m doing (if you’re launching a brand new offer)

  • And much more

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Episode Transcript

Hey, what’s going on? It’s Joel Erway here. Welcome to another special episode of Sold With Webinars. And I am so excited about today’s episode. A couple of days ago, I was on a call with a well-known marketing influencer in our space. If I were to reference their name, everybody would know who it was.

Anyway, we were hopping on a call and we were talking about their high ticket offer. They’re launching a new offer, and it’s got some really, really cool things about it. I was really excited to help them out. They joined my program and they had gone through it and gave some great feedback.

And at the end of the call, he asked me a question that kind of stumped me a little bit. I was taken back. And so the question was. “Hey Joel, so you know, out of curiosity, like what is the one thing that you’re working on right now? Like, how can I help?” Like, “Oh dude, thank you so much for asking.”

I said, “Well, my main focus right now is scaling high ticket courses 2.0. We just relaunched our webinar. We got new customers that are enrolling. It’s going great. And so that’s my primary focus.” And he goes, “Well, that’s strange. Why aren’t you scaling your own high ticket program?”

And, it’s like the most logical question in the world. And when he asked me that, I just, I kind of got tripped up a little bit. And so I gathered my thoughts and I said, okay, well, you know, that makes total sense. And the reason why it tripped me up is that I thought it was a no brainer. Because I’ve talked about this probably indirectly so many times, but I’ve never applied it directly to my business.

So people are probably wondering what is going on. So here’s how I think about everything. I’m going to talk about the Perfect Expert model, right? If you’ve watched my webinar or you’ve watched my mini webinar, or you’ve watched any of my training where I talk about the Perfect Expert model, think about it like how Tesla launched their business.

They started with the highest-priced car first, which was the Roadster. And then they started scaling down. They did the Descension model. They first launched the Roadster, which was like a $120,000 car. Then they did the Model X, which was close to a hundred thousand dollar car.

And then they kept going down to the lower-priced, more mass marketable versions. And that’s exactly what I follow. But I never really put the whole puzzle together, or maybe I’ve just done a poor job of explaining it. So allow me to explain how I’m scaling my own high ticket offers.

So when you launch, when anybody follows my process and launches their course or their program, the first thing that tells them is to start out by launching the most premium version first with a mini webinar. Mini webinars and power offers, they are lightweight, they’re flexible, and you can launch this within just a couple of days and start generating, you know, five, 10, 15, 20, $30,000 sales from a very, very lightweight funnel.

And so that’s exactly what we did. A couple of years ago, we launched our own mini webinar funnel and we perfected it. So we were driving cold traffic to it, we were generating leads, applications, and appointments. And that’s how we launched the first version of what is now called High Ticket Courses.

Now here’s the thing. Here’s the thing that I probably didn’t make clear. Once we had that built, we had an asset that produces cash for us. And because we have that asset already built, it’s not like I just turned it off. Because people are wondering now, ” You’re running a long-form webinar right now and you’re selling your lower ticket version, your course.”

Our course is $2,000 when you buy it through the funnel. When you buy it through the promotional funnel, it’s $2,000 discounted from $5,000 which we’ve had plenty of people pay for. So people are asking, “You’re running a long-form webinar now. Why are you not running your mini webinar,

which is what you tell everybody to do?” Well, I am running my mini webinar. When I was talking to this marketer, he’s like, “Why are you not scaling your high ticket stuff?” I’m like, “Well, I am scaling my high ticket stuff. I’m just scaling it through the front end now cause I’ve built out my Descension model.

I’ve built up my Ascension model through the Descension process.” Meaning I started high ticket first and then I built out the rest of my value ladder. So I had a complete picture. So the way that my funnel works right now is we drive traffic to different lead generation funnels. Whether it’s a case study funnel or the webinar, we have a couple of different things that we are running right now to generate leads, but they all push firstly to go sign up for our course.

Now, after that sequence ends, once that promotional funnel ends, the very next thing that they get in our promotional sequence is the mini webinar funnel. Okay. Because I know my audience, once they go through the educational sequence of the long-form webinars. They learn our process, they learn our methodology, they get all my promotional emails, they get our content, they start subscribing to the podcast…

I still have that audience that values their time more than they value their money. So they’re not going to buy the course, which is totally fine. So the very next sequence that I put them in is my mini webinar funnel where I promote my higher-end services, my higher end offers.

And so now that’s all free promotions. So I’m just not driving paid traffic to my mini webinar funnel. I’m driving internal traffic to my webinar funnel and all those sales are a hundred percent profit. Meaning, I don’t pay for ads for them. And this is what I want everybody to get to is once you have this one-two punch where you’ve got your mini webinar asset built and you are making sales and you know people want your offer, your offer has been validated…

Now I want you to be building your front end stuff, which is selling your productized version, selling your productized courses. Because once you marry those two together. It’s like lightning in a bottle. That’s when you can really start to scale this stuff because you can literally bolt them onto each other and have them work in tandem because now after somebody goes through my front end marketing system, so maybe they sign up for my webinar and they learn all about my methodology like they’re really warmed up now, and maybe the timing’s not right, but eventually, they’re going to get hit with my higher end offer for my mini webinar.

They’re going to go through that. They’re going to be hyper qualified. And the sales process is going to be super, super easy. And they’re going to be Layup sales for myself and for my team. And that’s all backend. So, that’s the whole big picture of the Perfect Expert model.

We just build it backward. Because most people want to build that long-form webinar and all that lead gen stuff first without having an offer that’s validated. That’s not how it works. That is not how smart marketers do it. So if I were to go back and answer that question again when they asked me that, that’s the big picture.

I am scaling my high ticket, but I’m scaling it through my front end. And I’m scaling the course and then pushing them to the high ticket on the backend. Does that make sense? That’s the whole idea of the Perfect Expert model, and that’s how you get free backend customers and free high ticket customers while you’re selling your courses and your main products on the front end.

So. Anyway. Hope that makes sense. That’s the big picture of how I scale my high ticket stuff on the backend and not on the front end. Because I already validated that I’ve got that asset. It’s a moneymaking asset. We push them all through that funnel on the backend and it works like gravy.

Hope you enjoyed this episode. I’ve got tons more content coming up for you. We are in content production mode. We just brought on five new team members. We are going to be producing tons and tons of stuff for you guys. So make sure you stay subscribed, make sure you stay tuned. We are also going to be relaunching the Experts Unleashed podcast, we took a little bit of a break for a couple of months while we were working on some rebranding stuff.

We’ve got a new website launching. We’ve got tons of stuff. And the High Ticket Courses webinar is up and running. We relaunched that, so it’s got new content in there. If you want to go sign up for that, go to highticketcourses.com/webinar and you’ll check that out.

And, anyway, stay tuned. And if you love this episode, head over to iTunes. Give us your God’s honest feedback on it. This is great content. If it’s not, go to iTunes, wherever you subscribe to your podcasts, give us an honest rating. Help us get this out to the masses. I appreciate you and I’ll see you in the next episode.

Take care.

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