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A New Type of Power Offer? How Dr. Emily Closed $100k in December

Tags: identity ads, closing high-ticket leads, power offer, High Ticket Courses

Did you know there is more than 1 type of Power Offer? This is the time to listen up — the success stories on this topic will blow your mind.

When people are looking to invest in themselves, one of the most powerful things that they can believe in is their belief in their own personal transformation.

You are the ultimate transformation of the people you attract. In this episode, I spotlight some of my clients that have had incredible success using their identity to create their Power Offer.

You'll Discover

  • The booming success of one of my clients who turned his “about me” writeup into an ad [4:00]

  • What your clients really want out of your offer [7:30]

  • The power of identity-style ads - people want to follow those in which who they want to become [8:20]

  • Creating the messaging to pull people in using only your identity [8:50]

  • How Dr. Emily made $100k in one month using this new type of Power Offer [11:00]

…and much more!

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