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How Nick Coleman Shattered Client Acquisition Costs| #127

SWW 127
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“I have no doubt that I’ll be a millionaire in the next 12 months.”

Man, do I love hearing that!

Especially when it comes from someone just like you and me; who isn’t formally trained in marketing, and is just following a very effective system.

There probably isn’t a more competitive marketing space than fitness.

In fact, it’s extremely difficult (and often very expensive) to carve out a niche. 

But not long after taking our Power Offer Workshop, Nick Coleman has totally nailed his Power Offer in his fitness “niche within a niche,” and he’s getting incredible results; literally more booked calls than he can handle. Way more.

Nick’s experience has shown me, once again, the massive potential of a well-crafted Power Offer.

He not only supercharged his bottom line in a very short time frame but also reduced his client acquisition costs to…well…I don’t want to spoil it. You have to listen to find out. But I almost couldn’t believe it at first. That’s why I knew I had to get him on the podcast.

You’ll Discover

  • One promise. Three tiers. How to position your offers. [15:08]

  • Why the vast majority of clients choose a middle-tier offer [20:08]

  • How to cancel booked calls for people who aren’t qualified, without ruining your brand [32:48]

  • The freedom of paid traffic vs. organic [38:10]

  • Why the mini Webinar is an essential component [45:14]

…And much more

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Episode Transcript

Nick Coleman: [00:00:00] Another thing is people need a mini webinar. You need that core, that core content for somebody to consume before the call.

Joel Erway: [00:00:14] Hey, what’s going on? It’s Joel Erway here and welcome to another very special episode of sold with webinars. You are in for a very special power offer episode of sold with webinars today, I have an amazing guest Nick Coleman, who’s on the call with me and Nick has been in my Facebook group, the million-dollar course marketers Facebook group and he took me up on my power offer workshop. 

No pun intended for anybody who follows the power offer and understands the framework. He joined the power off a workshop a while ago, and he was commenting inside of the million-dollar course marketer’s Facebook group a little while ago, just talking about his results.

And I’ll be honest with you, when the first time I read the post where he was sharing his results, I really didn’t believe it. It was kind of one of those unbelievable posts and I’m not going to spoil it for you here because I want Nick to kind of preface it and give you the story, the whole journey, and give you the whole meat and potatoes versus me just giving you the clickbaity results.

But I wanted to have Nick come on and talk about how he’s implementing power offers in the single most competitive market in all of online marketing. So if that’s something that you’re interested in, pay attention. Nick, welcome to the show. 

Nick Coleman: [00:01:32] I’m glad to be here, Joel. It’s amazing. 

Joel Erway: [00:01:36] So we chatted via DM before this podcast. You walk me through like, first of all, that’s how we got connected,  you said dude, hey, anybody who hasn’t gone through the power offer workshop, like here are my results. It’s absolutely unbelievable. It’s a game-changer. And I’m not going to, I want you to talk about the results, but, we started going back and forth to DM, like, dude, that’s amazing.

Congrats on the results. And you shared with me your funnel. And you have a little bit of a different funnel than our standard mini webinar funnel, which is totally fine, but the power offers what really changed the game for you. Right. So let’s set this story up a little bit, tell people a little bit about your business and your background and how you got started originally marketing your offers.

Nick Coleman: [00:02:19] Oh, wow. So, I mean, for me, it started back in 2017. So just about three years ago, it was, I actually quit my job in October 2017. And then I became a personal trainer to become an online coach. So I was probably like, I think I was about seven years into fitness and people just been asking me for years to become a coach, but I never really wanted to do them in-person thing.

So I quit my job. I became a personal trainer. With the goal to become an online coach. So I basically was working part-time as a personal trainer to try and do this online thing. I thought it was gonna be a lot easier. And I did the whole $7 ebook thing. Yeah. I had like $7 eBooks. I had a huge email list.

I would run like Facebook ads and I didn’t even have a pixel. Like I was just running at, I had no idea what I was doing, but I was just trying to model what I saw other people doing without actually going out and basically just finding somebody who likes actually had a proven path.

So I was just trying to as confident entrepreneurs, we think we can figure things out on our own. Basically I was selling these cheapy books. I ended up graduating to like a $500 course eventually, and this was all organic through Instagram. I never actually made a sale with all the ads side.

Like I just dumped all this money in the ads. I actually cashed out my 401k, like to do all this. And, yeah, it was pretty crazy. So I spent like all that money on like ads and courses and things like that. Got no return. And that’s when I was like, alright, I gotta figure out his organic marketing thing.

And I thought I had to grow my Instagram, that’s when most people think they think they need to have this audience of people who are like one day I’m going to buy from them. And that’s what I thought. That’s the path I tried to go on. And it took me until July of 2018 or 2019, I think actually

Joel Erway: [00:04:49] almost 2 years

Nick Coleman: [00:04:51] Yeah, it was about two years until I like actually went and invested in something that was going to help me. Until that point though, I was making sales and it was all just based on taking what I’ve learned in personal training, how to sell that, and just sat on that on Instagram, I didn’t even do calls.

It was just right in the DMS.

Joel Erway: [00:05:13] Just deal with the $7 offers. Right? 

Nick Coleman: [00:05:18] Well, actually, I went to like a $250 a month, but it was like a month to month type of thing. It was just like, not the best business model at all. And then I ended up doing like the $500 course, right before I invested into my first, I guess you could say like a mentor and this, it was just like a hundred and something dollar course, but this course taught me actually how to sell, how to generate way more leads organically.

Without sending like messages or anything like that, because for the first two and a half years, I didn’t realize I could just message people. Cause that’s what a lot of like organic marketers teach, but because I never actually invested, I was like, I have to get people to come to me. And that was my thought process.

And then, so I got really good at that, obviously, cause it was the only way I was actually getting clients and I ended up investing in something that’s taught me how to like user stories and polls and things like that to generate leads. And that was kind of like a power offer in itself because I would do.

In personal training, we learned to sell with like six yeses. So I would do like testimonials. It was like do you want results like this? And it would be like six of them in a row. And the last one is, do you want me to coach you personally? And everybody that said, yes, I would message them. And I would sell them like my $250 offer or a $500 offer.

And it wasn’t until I actually hired a real high ticket coach who taught me how to sell high ticket, that I actually picked up any kind of traction because I would make like $2,000, $3,000 for like the first two years every month. And that was pretty much the extent of like, what I was actually making online.

And then as a personal trainer, I mean, sorry for personal trainers that are listening, but they don’t really make a lot of money either. So I wasn’t bringing in much at all. It was a struggle and that’s what led me to invest in my first high ticket coach. That’s when I got into high ticket coaching.

Joel Erway: [00:07:39] And so, real quick, when you invest in that high ticket coach, what was the methodology that they were teaching? Was it still organic.?

Nick Coleman: [00:07:46] Yeah. I was actually really upset because I was really good at getting people to come to me and at this point, I actually, I made $10,500 in my first week because they thought me how to sell a high tickets.

So I wasn’t upset with that. Like, I wouldn’t be where I’m at if I didn’t invest in that, 

Joel Erway: [00:08:09] but you know how to create a high ticket package. Yep. 

Nick Coleman: [00:08:12] Yeah. Learning like what high ticket even was, was a complete game-changer. And, but the lead gen, they taught me was like cold outreach or like giveaway free challenges. Or that, that just based on like, I guess you could call me like a content marketer at the time.

And I was, I got really good at getting people to come to me because that’s what I was investing in up until that point was like how to become actually like better at being the attractive character, I guess you could say. 

Joel Erway: [00:08:47] Sure. Yep. 

Nick Coleman: [00:08:48] And, but yeah, once I got that coach, he taught how to package high ticket, I sold $10,500 at the first week.

And then from there, it was like they wanted me to do the outreach or the challenges or giveaways, and I just never really liked doing it. It wasn’t the way I wanted to run my business. I didn’t feel like a business, to be honest. Do you know what I mean? 

Joel Erway: [00:09:19] Yep. Yep. 

Nick Coleman: [00:09:21] That was my first coach. 

Joel Erway: [00:09:23] Yep. So now you’re in the organic game or in the outreach game. How long did you do that? So that was, was that July of 2019? 

Nick Coleman: [00:09:31] So I actually hired him the first week of October 2019. So that’s when I started to like doing outreach and I barely did it because at this point I was content marketing for two years or so I had 20,000 followers on Instagram, so I didn’t really need to do the outreach.

But honestly, I kind of felt bad for like the people who were in the program who didn’t have the audience and the knowledge that I had from content marketing, who like, I couldn’t imagine just being reliant on organic of just like going to people because it positions everything differently. 

Joel Erway: [00:10:13] Yup. 

Nick Coleman: [00:10:13] And that’s kind of, what I got from, from that coach, like, definitely learned how to package a high ticket offer and how to sell a high ticket.

The biggest game-changer that I had, you know, anybody can have. 

Joel Erway: [00:10:30] So take me to the next step. So October you worked with them for how long? Was it three months, six months? 

Nick Coleman: [00:10:36] Yeah. I worked with them for three months. And while I was in that, because I was kind of upset about having to do organic, I took that $10,000.

I got another coach during those three months and, he taught me how to run ads. And that’s actually where I got to like the mini webinar framework from was from this guy. You probably know who it is. If you look at the webinar, you probably know if you’re into fitness, but, I really like what I got out of him was I can do ads, but it just wasn’t really the way I wanted to do it.

Cause it essentially created more work than I wanted to do. And then, but he taught me actually how to be better at sales too and improve like show-up rates and things like that. So that helped me. It gave me another stepping stone where I was able to increase my prices and throughout all of this though, I was generating, I would say 90% of my income from one power offer over and over and over again on Instagram.

Cause I wasn’t really doing the outreach and yeah, so that’s what got me to, I was at like a multiple six-figure level at that point, which is good, especially for fitness is very competitive and organic. So, yeah, I mean, that’s kind of how things went for me. 

Joel Erway: [00:12:13] So when did you, when did you first discover like when did you come into our world? Like, so when did you come into my world and discover the power offer framework. And in that position, like when did that happen? 

Nick Coleman: [00:12:28] So when did I like actually realize like the power offer was real or when did I find you? Oh, okay. So I found out the power was real on that week in October when I may tend out that’s what I did.

I  did a power offer. I had I think at the time I actually had 13,000 followers. Yup. And the power offer ever since then, every power off I date organically made me at least 5,000. And you do two of them a month. I will combine it with influencers. So I would have influencers post a viral post of mine, like an infographic.

And it would just be it’s actually, this is kind of like very valuable right here. So it was kind of the nine-word money email and not money email, but the nine-word email from like 

Joel Erway: [00:13:23] The Dean Jackson email. Yep. 

Nick Coleman: [00:13:25] Yeah. All they would post is a viral post of me that says if you still need help losing weight, go follow my friend, @realnickcoleman.

That was my Instagram. And then at the same exact moment, I would post my power offer. And then from there, I’ll get like, 50 calls booked in a week, or at least 17, that was like the minimum. And then yeah, you just have to qualify them and stuff like that. And I was actually using a mini webinar after they book.

So it’s kind of been the same process I ‘m actually doing now where they see the webinar after they book. And that’s kind of been my process the whole time. I’ve actually never sold without a webinar. And then I met, I don’t remember exactly when I met you. I remember the ad with Russell Brunson.

I remember seeing that like, probably like a year ago or so, like what? This guy is selling courses for $5,000. This sounds crazy. But, when I actually first got into your world, I think I saw your mini webinar. I think I actually implemented it. Like I’m an implementer like I see stuff and I’m like, I’m going to try it. See what happens. 

And that’s fine. I closed, I started closing in three tiers and now that was back in December and just closing in three tiers was a game-changer. I mean, it’s like everybody gets closed almost. 

Joel Erway: [00:15:01] Cause you got to write an offer for every situation, right? 

Nick Coleman: [00:15:04] Yeah. Yeah. As long as you have those three tiers and you can actually deliver on the three different tiers that in itself is a game-changer. And I think I really did just, just take that from like watching your webinar. And that’s been my thing the whole time is I have one promise and I have three tiers and the mini webinar tells them what they’re going to get. And then I basically just, I just lay out the options for them.

Like these are my three options and they tell me which one they want. 

Joel Erway: [00:15:36] How do you frame that on the call? Right. Cause that’s big, we do three tiers too. Right? It’s we’ve been doing it for a long time. and I get a lot of people who come into high ticket courses and they get stuck on this concept, like, Oh my God, how do I, sell three tiers.

I would love to hear how you position your three tiers on the call. Right? How do you position it and why do you think it works the way that you position it? 

Nick Coleman: [00:16:01] So. The way that I position it is I actually, I haven’t really told anybody this, but I thought when I was in fitness coaching, I actually had a conversation with Dan Henry and he told me I shouldn’t be selling something that’s not $3,000 or more on a call.

And that’s actually when I had an epiphany where I was okay, my fitness offer is actually broken. If my one-to-one costs like $2,000 or $1,500, it’s not really, it’s just not scalable, especially with paid ads. And then from there, I kind of changed my offer up and now I have a year, so I do a year offer.

And when I pitched the price, I just, so no matter what, they get 12 months of group coaching. Okay. Are you following? And then I dropped the price. Well, first I anchor it with a one on one offer that is super high. It’s really expensive. I anchor that as just like a price anchor and then I drop my three tiers, right away.

And I say, so I actually, my offer is kind of like super irresistible because I have that third tier. So I guarantee results. And basically what I do is I tell them, Okay, these are the three options. The only thing that’s different is how much, one to one support that you want. Yep. So if you want to work with me directly for 12 months, a one on one support, it’s going to be this price.

If you want six months of one-on-one support followed by six months of group coaching, it’s going to be this price. And if you just want the 12 months of group coaching, it’s this price. So it takes about two minutes to drop all three prices. And then I remind them of the guarantee.

This has been my promise from the start, which is kind of why a three-month offer didn’t work for me is I wanted to put together a program that was going to solve their fitness problem forever. And in fitness, if you don’t have like a backend offer and you’re only doing organic, it’s not gonna work well for you.

So my offer teaches them everything they need to know. And then I work with them to make sure that they can keep the results. So that’s kind of why it’s a 12-month program and that’s how I position it. So I say, if you do everything I say, I have a shortlist. If you respond to my emails, if you follow the meal plan, if you ask for help in the group and you do the workouts and you don’t hit your goal, I’ll work with you until you do, free of charge, in my group coaching program.

Because honestly, if somebody comes to me and they do what I tell them to, and they don’t see results, I feel like they deserve it. And especially in fitness, I would gladly actually keep somebody in my group coaching program. I’ve never had anybody have to do it, but I would, you know what I mean?

And it kind of removes the risk, which is good for B2C. And that’s kind of how I positioned the three tiers and I try to get them to do the six months of one-on-one. That’s my favorite one. 

Joel Erway: [00:19:45] That’s your mid-tier, right? It’s not your top tier. 

Nick Coleman: [00:19:47] Yeah. That’s the mid-tier. 

What would you say the percentages are of people taking your top, mid, and bottom tier?

I would say probably about 70% middle tier. It’s the middle tier that is just so irresistible. I think, no matter who you are and what your offer is, the middle tier will always do best because 

Joel Erway: [00:20:11] it’s the widest market 

Nick Coleman: [00:20:13] this is what I’m worth one on one. And then, if you can, before that, for you it’d be like do it yourself course, which is just this. But then they see that middle tier and it’s like, No, I could get so much more help for just a little bit more. In most cases, you know what I mean? It’s not, I think the middle tier is like irresistible because you get more support and that’s what most people need is support.

They don’t really need another course for the most part. Right? So I think the middle tier will do the best, no matter who you are and what your offer is just for the numbers and the thought process behind it as a consumer. It just sounds so nice when it’s anchored in the middle of two prices.

Joel Erway: [00:21:05] Yep. So let’s talk now. Here we are in August, September of 2020, you dropped this post in my group, like oh, power offer works. Thanks, Joel for the power offer workshop, I’m now getting, correct me if I’m wrong and going off of memory here but make sure you set the record straight, but I’m now getting booked calls on my calendar for $2 apiece, I spent $600 and I can’t like, I really need to rethink my strategy. Is that accurate? Or make sure you set the record straight, but that’s close to what you were saying. Right? Well, what were the actual stats? 

Nick Coleman: [00:21:46] Yeah, that’s accurate. So if I pulled the numbers right now, my average call is about $3.60 booked 

Joel Erway: [00:21:52] 3.60, okay, and that’s cold traffic. 

Nick Coleman: [00:21:56] It’s not yet a hundred percent cold. I don’t even do any targeting cause it’s like, $3 appointment. It doesn’t even make sense almost. 

And, I was going to hire an appointment setter to clean up like the ones who didn’t book, but. I mean when you launch something like this and it does those numbers as you said, it didn’t feel real.

And it was just like super overwhelming at first it was like, wow, I can’t believe I turned on like $30 of ads. And I woke up, it was kind of probably the same thing that happened to you, I imagine, like I turned on like $30 ad, didn’t think anything would happen like that. And I woke up and there were eight appointments on my calendar. I was like, no way. 

Joel Erway: [00:22:42] Your funnel is a little bit different than what I normally teach. Right? You actually drive traffic. So your ad is a power offer ad. Right. And, it’s B2C. You’re going after consumers, right? So for anyone listening right now, cause I’m really trying to squash that objection, like, Oh Joel, you only work with people who do make money offers.

Like I’m going to make sure that anybody listening will never have that objection again. So that was another reason I wanted to bring you on Nick, but this is the B2C offer, generating appointments for three bucks, $3, and 60 cents apiece. I’m jealous because in my market we’re paying like $6 cost per click.

But anyway, so your calendar is full, but, so the power offer to your funnel, your funnel is a little bit different, right? It’s not the typical mini webinar funnel that I teach. Talk about what this funnel is. It’s a challenge funnel, right? So they’re opting in for a, what’s the promise. Is it a 30-day challenge or a seven-day challenge? What is it? 

Nick Coleman: [00:23:42] It’s actually not a challenge, but you could definitely look at it as a challenge. 

Joel Erway: [00:23:46] Right. It’s a free course. Right. That’s how it’s positioned, free course. 

Nick Coleman: [00:23:51] Pre-program and, I actually, so I kinda got, I got to like the base of the funnel from an agency actually. They like helping me put it together as you can probably tell by like some of their bribe. That’s very like agency type. Right. 

But I got, so I got the face of the funnel from an agency and then it just didn’t make sense for my offer. So I, cause I had the mini-course, I was actually selling that. I was legitimately selling that through a funnel. I actually, I didn’t tell you this, but I was actually selling that course for, like $397 and I did some sales on cold traffic.

And the first person that bought it refunded, I was like, Nope, I’m not dealing with that. I’d rather give it away. And then, yeah, so it’s kind of like a challenge from the next page is just to book a call for a meal plan. And that’s kind of when I realized most people’s offer is bad. Yeah. For the most part, like most people who, cause I’ve done like cheat sheet funnels were booking a call didn’t make sense. Do you know what I mean? 

Joel Erway: [00:25:11] Yeah. So let me, let me just pause real quick. Cause I want to make sure this is clear for people who are listening. So the promises of free course, right. and what’s the core promise of the free course? Like what is the ultimate promise of the free courses. Is it the same as the coaching it’s like, Hey, learn how to.

Nick Coleman: [00:25:28] The promise of the course is, yeah, I would say it’s the base. It’s more of like, it’s the base of what I would sell them, it’s getting them into my world. So it’s actually about 28 epiphany bridges of me explaining like why they’re stuck or why things in the past haven’t worked, what they need to do, maybe mentally or little things like that.

Joel Erway: [00:26:02] It’s targeting specifically vegans, right? So it’s personal training for vegans or workout routines and nutrition planning for vegans. 

Nick Coleman: [00:26:11] Yeah. And that’s my core offer is they’ll be able to eat whatever they want as a vegan. And because I teach flexible vegan nutrition, which is like really niche.

Right. Which is, I think that’s a big reason it does so well. And I think that’s why I’m getting $3 appointments because gyms are closed and a lot of places, especially in California where there’s a big vegan audience. So, almost everybody I’m talking to is like from California right now, but yeah, so it’s, it’s flexible vegan nutrition and a free program. Does that answer your question or did I get sidetracked? 

Joel Erway: [00:26:49] Yep. Nope. That’s good. Now on your landing page, before they opt-in, do you position the free call? Is that pre-framed or they only get it once they only see that offer the nutrition call when they opt-in? 

Nick Coleman: [00:27:07] I’m glad you brought this up cause I would’ve forgotten. I have so many loops, open loops throughout the funnel. That I feel like it almost forces people to go through it and book the call because the calls and the ad were not on the landing page. So I say in the ad that there’s going to be a call. And I tell them to book it, but on the landing page, it’s just a course.

And it’s a breakdown of what’s inside the course and a stack and things that you would see on like a typical course sales page, probably, but it’s not nearly as fancy because it’s positioned as a $240 course and I’m giving it away for free. So then on the second page, it’s, that’s when the call is so they opt-in and they go to the call and so there’s a voucher on the second page and that’s what I got from the agency. 

They put the voucher on a page and I was like, that’s a really good idea. And it just, but like I said, didn’t really work with what I was doing. So I put the voucher, it’s kind of like commitment and consistency in copywriting.

So they copy that voucher. Almost everybody’s going to copy it. It’s like what we do. And it says to copy, and then they pick a time on the calendar. You didn’t see this because I don’t know if you saw this, but when I sent you the links to my phone on my calendar was booked. 

Joel Erway: [00:28:32] I didn’t see that. Yeah, I couldn’t, I couldn’t move forward in it.

Nick Coleman: [00:28:36] Okay. Yeah. So what happens is they pick a time and then the first slot to basically get them to start filling out the application. Cause once you start, it’s almost like it’s too much work to stop. They’re already so far into the process and it’s the first thing is that voucher code. 

Joel Erway: [00:29:01] If you’re listening right now, cause I don’t think we actually talked about the voucher it’s positioned as like, so the call is like a $300 call. It’s a $300 value or I can’t remember what the value is. And so this coupon code gets the call for free. So when he’s saying voucher, it’s positioned on that page as a, hey, this is a $300 nutrition planning call value for free. Copy of this voucher and schedule your call. So, anyway, keep going.

So the first question on the application is the voucher code, right? 

Nick Coleman: [00:29:31] Yeah. So I want to clear that up. So, the voucher gets them a free meal plan. So I legitimately give the people a free meal plan, whether they buy my stuff or not because I’m going to, I’m going to deliver on the promise just cause I feel like it’s ethical.

I can’t, I don’t want that to happen on my brand. Right. But, but yeah, so that when they put that voucher in, then they get a free meal plan if they get on the call. And actually right above the calendar, it says, pays very close attention. And this is another open-loop says, pay very close attention after booking your call, you’ll be redirected to create your account and watch the 14-minute training about how the program works.

And that’s the mini webinar.

Joel Erway: [00:30:25] So this sounds like it sounds complex, right? 

Nick Coleman: [00:30:28] Sounds like, yeah. 

Joel Erway: [00:30:30] I’m mean it looked complex when I went through it, but I mean, it’s obviously crushing it for you. I’ve never done a free course funnel in the past, but obviously it’s working and you’re getting people to book a call. How qualified are these calls?

So like, I know you have tons of followup to get people to book this call. And this is one of the things that we talked about before. It’s like because your call page is it’s on the thank you page or the in like it’s the first thing that they see after they opt-in for this free course. So the vast, I’m assuming the vast majority of your calls are coming right away from cold traffic.

Like those first initial opt-ins is that right? 

Nick Coleman: [00:31:05] Yeah, I would imagine. And then I did notice, cause I didn’t even pay attention to this until you asked me. I have a lead. So I noticed when people opt-in and I noticed like when a call gets booked because I get a text when a call gets booked. And what I noticed is some of the people I think they get, because as soon as they opt-in, they get a welcome email.

And then an hour later, they actually go into a webinar, email sequence, like a full out a webinar, email sequence. And I noticed, I guess, a lot of calls booked after that webinar, 

Joel Erway: [00:31:42] like a full-blown, like a 60-minute webinar? 

Nick Coleman: [00:31:44] No, the mini webinar. 

Joel Erway: [00:31:47] Okay. Yeah. So it’s just telling them to go watch the mini webinar. Right? 

Nick Coleman: [00:31:50] But the email sequence is based on like a webinar, email sequence. 

Joel Erway: [00:31:55] Yeah. So like an invite sequence, right? 

Nick Coleman: [00:31:59] Actually it’s like they opted in for it.

Joel Erway: [00:32:01] Oh, okay. Got it. 

Nick Coleman: [00:32:03] Because you signed up for the free program. Here’s the bonus training. Then it’s the mini webinar and, actually, the last question on the form is a power offer too. So last question, before they book a call, it says if I could guarantee you results. Cause that’s my offer. If I could guarantee your results or keep working with you until you get them free of charge and it’s in line with your budget, would you be open to investing in your health and getting started today?

And I mean, if they say no, I cancel the call and actually send them to a page that says, sorry, like you’re unqualified. And I actually took material from my course and put it in there to teach them how to deliver, how to put together a meal plan, because I still want to deliver on that whether I have to or not, I just kind of felt like it was the right thing to do.

Joel Erway: [00:32:59] It is the right thing to do, especially it’s one of the hardest things to do, canceling calls, cause it can be very offensive for the person who was expecting the call and you have to learn how to do that delicately without ruining your brand so kudos to you because it is very important. It’s very important. Not a lot of people know what to do there. 

Nick Coleman: [00:33:20] Yeah. So I send them to a page says, sorry, you’re unqualified to have a video. They’re just kind of like explaining why, why I canceled the call. And then, there’s a button to create a, And account for another course in this course, I took material from my program where I teach people how to create a meal plan.

And I put that in there. So, whoever signs up, they are getting a free meal plan. And there it is like me walking them through how to create it, whether they get on the call or the call gets canceled. They’ll like, giving them that promise. And then the link to create their account is on that page too.

So they could still join and they could still like to go through the program and they could still join the group. I notice some people have, and I think in the long run, I think this is going to be a huge asset because my group is very engaged. And people are getting results for free. In fitness that’s huge.

Joel Erway: [00:34:21] Yeah, it is. It really is huge. 

Nick Coleman: [00:34:27] From people like, Oh, I lost three pounds this week and I’m just getting started or I’m on day two. Here’s my water. Like people are going through the program and it’s a cool thing to see. It’s like, I look at it as like the free group is like my gym and the paid group is like my personal training clients.

And I feel like I’m probably giving more value than anybody else in the vegan fitness space for free. And that’s just going to pay off eventually. 

Joel Erway: [00:34:59] Man. So that’s awesome. I mean, it all stems from the power offer. Like you, you talked about your journey of going organic and how difficult that was, and you only made money when you made power offers.

And then you decided to take the power offers to paid traffic and apply it to this free course funnel. It’s an awesome journey, man. I mean, so like of these calls that you’re booking, like, what’s your close rate? Like if you booked 10 calls, how many of them are qualified?

Like how many of them do you actually take? And then how many of those do you actually close? 

Nick Coleman: [00:35:31] Well, it’s kind of hard to tell because my calendar got flooded. And I messed up so many things when that first week, cause I just started this 25, 24 days ago is when I took the ads on. And I mean, since then I had 175 calls booked.

I didn’t take a lot of them because I actually ended up taking a lot of them and not even trying to sell to them because I didn’t have enough time because I messed up my calendar. And those people are just in my group. They gain results, they’re going through the program is cool, but I actually only pitched my high ticket offer five times I close for. 

Joel Erway: [00:36:12] Nice. 

Nick Coleman: [00:36:13] So now, and that’s like this week, cause I had ’em. As I said, I’m somebody who likes implements as soon as they see something that they want to try. I saw an ad from Alex and he was like, yeah, we’re, we’re selling people in this low barrier offer for like one 97. And I was like, Oh, let me try that cause I’m getting so many calls booked. 

I did it. And I just realized it wasn’t really what I wanted to do. It worked, I sold six of them. So I. I believe that at least three of them would have taken me up on a high ticket offer, but there’s no real, real data to tell, but I believe after it’s all said and done, my client acquisition will be less than $30.

Joel Erway: [00:37:06] Oh, God, man. That’s awesome. $30 on the average ticket price of $3,000, right? 

Nick Coleman: [00:37:11] Yeah. And I mean, the average is going to be higher because that’s the minimum. So most people will take me up on the 5k offer actually, so I got to them yesterday from the ads, it’s really freeing to not have to do organic. 

Joel Erway: [00:37:31] That’s what I want people to understand. Cause they’re scared. They’re scared about paid. They’re just scared to spend money and I get it. Like, it’s, it’s a very realistic fear. Like it’s justified because not everybody is going to knock it out of the park with $3 appointments right away. Do you know? 

Nick Coleman: [00:37:56] I spent a thousand dollars on ads before I made anything. 

Joel Erway: [00:37:59] How much? 

Nick Coleman: [00:38:00] 6,000. I have to figure this out because if you’re running on like business, you have to figure it out eventually. Otherwise, I mean, some, there are people who do great with organic, but it’s just not what I wanted.

And I think that’s what most people have to do is figure out what do they actually want? Like, do you want to do organic and rely on organic? Some people can, but it just wasn’t for me, I didn’t feel good doing it. And I mean, you turn an ad on and I get $3 appointments. Like there was just like, so much relief in the house, you know what I mean?

It’s like I told my wife, I’m like, we can’t stop getting calls, but they will not stop coming in. It’s a game-changer. When you have that thought process of like there’s going to be three to eight appointments coming in every day for $30. Just like it’s ridiculous, but it is, it’s a game-changer when, when you do actually figure out ads and I don’t think most people will get there on their own.

Joel Erway: [00:39:19] Yeah. So here’s the real game-changer. Ads are just one piece of it. And you’ve even talked about it throughout your entire journey, right? Crafting a go to offer, a high ticket offer. That’s part of it. Generating demand from ads or from whatever content marketing, that’s another part of it.

Right. And then being able to seal the deal, close them with the right offer. Those are the three pillars. That’s the trifecta that you really need to have. And it’s just a thing of beauty when it all starts working. Right. And it all starts firing on all cylinders. It’s not always going to be $3 per appointment.

Right. Every market is different. It still blows my freaking mind, how you are in the most competitive market, but who knows? Maybe it’s because there’s a higher demand because of COVID right now, but still, what’s crazy is like if you had to pay 10 times that lead cost, you would still be like, so if you were paying $30 per appointment, like you would still be a 100X profitability or maybe it’s 50X. 

I don’t know my numbers are off, but like right now, your it’s your $30 to acquire a customer for $3,000, right? I mean, so that’s a 100X ROS as a minimum. I mean, so if you paid 10 times that you’d have a 10X ROS, which people would kill for. So anyway, it’s wild, man.

Congratulations, super excited for you. And thank you for sharing your story and sharing your funnel. It’s crazy. I mean, I’m glad you have your funnel up and running, your free course funnel. I would never build it. It just seems like a crazy amount of work, but, I mean, listen, I’m never going to knock somebody who’s knocking it out of the park for what they’re doing. But yeah, dude, it’s absolutely incredible. Nice work. 

Nick Coleman: [00:41:21] Thanks. I think the lead cost has to do with or the appointment costs. My lead cost is less than a dollar and I think it’s just because I have this ridiculous creative. I don’t know if you looked at my ad. Did you look at it? 

Joel Erway: [00:41:40] I did. Yeah, last week, but I can’t remember what the creative is. 

Nick Coleman: [00:41:43] I mean, it’s just a picture of me, but I look like really like shredded. I was probably one of the best shapes in my life. Very bright. It stands out. It’s a scroll stopper for fitness and it’s like a serious scroll stopper.

I’ve had people I’ve had marketers on the call who said they couldn’t keep scrolling. And it was just like, okay, that’s when I knew like the ad is everything. I think if your ad isn’t good, nothing else is going to work. And that’s, what’s really good about what you teach and I see your creatives and they’re really good.

Even if they’re just like a picture of you at like your whiteboard, they have like the angle on them and it’s just, they stand out and if you don’t have that, right, everything else can be harder I think. 

Joel Erway: [00:42:30] Hundred percent, a hundred percent. Nick, where can people check you out? Where can they follow you? Like, let’s send some people your way. 

Nick Coleman: [00:42:42] You can check me out at, I think the best place to check me out right now is just www.veganfitnessgroup.com. Just join my Facebook group. And I’ve pretty much owned like every vegan domain, but, that’s pretty much the only place to find me right now.

Cause I don’t really have time to do organic, but otherwise @realnickcoleman on Instagram is another good place to find me, but I probably won’t be on there for a while.

Joel Erway: [00:43:12] Dude. Congratulations again. Thank you for sharing your story. if you’re listening right now, power offers are key, right? Test your power offers until you get one that hits.

It’s always a journey. Nick spent $6,000 on ads before he got them to convert. So people spend more than that. Some people spend less, but hopefully, you can hear in his voice, like how relieving it is, knowing that he could turn the demand, pause it on and off. Right? My mission to really simplify ads for people.

That’s why we’ve got the top marketers in the industry who have joined the power offer workshop because they see what it is. They see the results that people are having. And. I’m trying to dispel. I’m trying to make God simple again. I really am. That’s my goal. If I were Trump running a campaign, make ads simple again.

Right? Make America great again, make ads simple. Maybe not again. Cause I don’t think ads were ever simple, but just make ads simple. And that’s my whole goal with the power offer workshop. 

Nick Coleman: [00:44:19] Yeah, it’s been great. And I think another thing is people need a mini webinar. You need that core content for somebody to consume before the call.

If they don’t, it’s going to be so hard to sell. So when people already get on a call, they’re way more likely to buy if they do watch that, or if they listen to your, like, I’m sure you get a lot of people from the podcast, but just like I’ve been using mini webinars since last October because I realized I try to long-form webinar and not a lot of people watched it.

And wasn’t that great at it? Probably. And that was like a lot of people. Cause I was doing organic where I would send them to the webinar before the call and people would just fall off. But now that it’s 14 minutes, nobody has an excuse if they’re serious and people watch the webinar. I think I know you need that core content.

I know you can close people without it, but if you don’t have that core content, it’s going to make the sales person’s job a million times harder. Especially in B2C.

Joel Erway: [00:45:29] It’s all about pre-selling man. That’s the secret. It’s all about pre-selling. 

Nick Coleman: [00:45:34] Some people watch it and they tell me, like, I already know this isn’t for me. Like, cool. It saves me more time.

Joel Erway: [00:45:41] Yup, yup, exactly. I mean, that’s the other, that’s the other thing that I’m preaching right now is so many people want to believe that they have to have the perfect sales script to close. 

It’s like, no, you don’t. Like if you properly pre-frame them and presale them. You don’t need a sales group. So I went through yesterday, so inside of my high ticket courses program in one of the bonuses now I’ve included seven mini webinars, breakdowns. Okay. Seven mini webinars, breakdowns. We have people who are acquiring high ticket customers.

We’ve multiple people who are requiring high ticket customers for like a 100 bucks, 150 bucks. And these are 3, 5, $10,000 offers. None of these people, I don’t really teach sales, so I don’t teach a sales script. I have some bonuses where I have some guest experts come in and teach their sales script, but it’s not part of my core training.

All of these people, none of them are salespeople. None of them are following, some sales script, but what they’re following is my pre-selling process. So by the time they get on the call, they know, Hey, this is a good fit for me or not. And they’re closing 30% on average, 30% of the calls. And that’s like, like if anybody’s in sales like that’s great.

Like 40% is kind of like the golden, the golden standard, but 30% for people who aren’t salespeople closing high ticket offers. Like if you were listening right now, like please, and I have a lot of sales, professional friends, and I’m not trying to knock them because there’s, there’s a time and place for them.

But for the love of God, if you solve a problem, please, please, please do not put them through a. A sales process that’s meant to like, make them cry, get them to pull out their emotions. Like it doesn’t have to be that way. If you have an irresistible offer, people are going to jump through hoops to get it. I promise you.

So anyway, I went on a little bit of a tangent there, but, it’s my mission to kind of change the industry.

Nick Coleman: [00:47:41] Even organically. When I was doing organic, I had the mini webinar the whole time. I was closing at 70% because I have three tiers. Yup. It’s irresistible. So. I mean without the mini webinar, if people didn’t watch the mini webinar, I will cancel the call because I knew it was going to be something that I didn’t even want to handle because they wouldn’t even watch 14-minute webinar.

Joel Erway: [00:48:08] Exactly. They’re not qualified. Right? You don’t want to have to repeat yourself on the call. There’s no reason for you to explain your process on the call. It’s a waste of your time. It’s a waste of the prospect’s time. It’s like, listen, watch the video on your own time. And when you’re ready, we’ll have the conversation, right.

It’s no big deal, but I’m not going to hop on the phone, just to explain to you my process when I’ve got it outlined in a video that you could watch on your own. It just doesn’t make any sense. 

Nick Coleman: [00:48:32] Especially when it’s 14 or 10 minutes or 20 minutes.

Joel Erway: [00:48:39] Awesome. Nick. Well, we’ll make sure that we drop those links in the, in the show notes. Dude. Congratulations, go crush it. Just make sure you remember us little guys when you rise to the top and you are the king of the vegan fitness world now, and you’re on infomercials and you’ve got your own P90X program that’s being promoted. 

Nick Coleman: [00:48:57] Yeah. I mean, with something like this, I mean $3 calls that’s like I could really scale this fast. I’m going to, I have no doubt that I’ll be a millionaire in the next, at least on the run rate in the next 12 months. And just, I wouldn’t be doing it without this, this system without like the power offer without the ads, without the three tiers.

It’s not possible. I mean, it may, it is obviously people have done it. But this just makes it so much easier. And it just, I had to hire a coach to help me get my new goals and my new life in order, because it was like when you go from where I was to, I’ve had, like I said, I did six figures before organically, but this is just different.

It’s scalable.

Joel Erway: [00:49:50] You’re becoming a new person, man. It’s a new phase. It requires a new set of boundaries and a new set of rules. So, Again, congratulations, man. Super proud of you, super excited to see your journey and just remember as little guys when you take off on that rocket ship. 

Nick Coleman: [00:50:07] I will never forget you. This has been a gift from you. 

Joel Erway: [00:50:12] Great. We’ll wrap up this episode. Thanks again, Nick. And if you’re listening right now, reach out to Nick, let them know you heard him on sold his webinars, and just give them a shout out because listen, I only bring on people who are open and willing to share what they’re doing. And he’s not doing a typical mini webinar funnel.

Right. He’s doing something completely different because using the power offers, but listen, you got to do what works for you. I’m not here to try and put, put you in a square peg round hole, type of situation. So hopefully you enjoyed this episode and if you did, I’d appreciate it. Head over to iTunes or Spotify or wherever you’re listening to this podcast.

Give me a, just honest to goodness rating on whatever you feel this content’s worth and we’ll see you in the next episode. Take care.

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