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Nick Fullmer’s 6-Figure “Recession” | #115


What happens when you combine a “Moneymaker Market” with the Perfect Expert model, a Power Offer, and a Mini Webinar? You get a business that grows even during a recession.

Today I’m interviewing Nick Fullmer about his success in High Ticket Courses. Nick is the founder of a real estate consultancy called Overage Syndicate.

When I first met Nick last year, the minute he told me what he does my eyes turned into dollar signs. You’ll find out why in the first few minutes of our chat.

Nick and I talked about his journey from making $40k/year as a Corrections Officer to making $30k in 30 days after launching his high ticket offer. And how this has affected his life and his family’s.

You’ll Discover

  • Nick’s “niche of a niche” real estate product that triggered my Power Offer “Spidey Sense” when I first met him… a perfect example of “markets that make money” [2:00]

  • The “hidden” problem in educating your market… ethical business owners who care about improving their customers’ lives NEED to hear this [6:30]

  • Nick joined High Ticket Courses in Oct 2019… we recorded this interview in May 2020… what are his results so far? (My favorite part of these interviews… hearing this never gets old) [10:16]

  • The biggest questions and hesitations Nick faced before joining High Ticket Courses… this happens with many of my students because they’re used to thinking a certain way about launching and selling a course… and I shatter their beliefs [16:15]

  • And much more

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Episode Transcript

Joel Erway: [00:00:15]

Hey, what’s happening? It’s Joel Erway here. Welcome to another very special episode of Sold With Webinars. And today, I have an incredible guest. You are going to love this story. I’ve got a great friend of mine, Nick Fullmer on the podcast today. We are going to be talking about his journey of where he came from just over the past six months or so since he has been taking action inside of high ticket courses, taking action with revising, revamping his offer, where he was before he started working in the high ticket courses realm where he is now.

You’re going to love his story, so we’re just going to have a nice little fireside chat here. A Corona style. If you’re watching this on video, you get to see my huge head of hair up top. And you know, Nick’s got his own Corona beard growing, which I’m jealous of because I can’t grow facial hair. It just looks horrible.

So Nick, dude, welcome to the podcast. Super happy to have you on.

Nick Fullmer: [00:01:18]

Yeah happy to be here, Joel. I appreciate it. Appreciate the opportunity.

Joel Erway: [00:01:22]

Of course. Of course. Why don’t we get started? Nick, why don’t you talk about the market that you’re in? Let’s talk about your business, what it is that your superpower is, what you teach other people how to do, and we’ll start there.

Nick Fullmer: [00:01:35]


Yeah, absolutely. So I’m in the real estate world, the real estate niche. My expertise is helping homeowners that have gone through foreclosure. I actually helped them get money back after they’ve lost their home, either to a foreclosure or a tax sale. So that’s my skill. That’s what I do and that’s what I teach others to do.

And you [00:02:00] know, just a quick brief example just to kind of illustrate the business. Sometimes when somebody loses a home to foreclosure, it will sell at an auction for more than what’s owed to the lender. So an example would be like, let’s say somebody owes a 100K to the bank, it goes to auction and it sells for 120K.

Well, by law, the bank is only going to take what’s owed to them. So they’re going to take their 100K. Okay. Which leaves $20,000 left over. And so that $20,000 by law should go back to the bank, or excuse me, to the homeowner. The problem is when they send out a notice that this money is available.

They send it to the house that they just sold usually weeks after the sale, and by that time the homeowner’s long gone and they don’t even know this money is sitting there. So that’s where I come in. My purpose is to track these sales, find out where [00:03:00] there’s money available for homeowners, and then contact them and tell them about these funds.

And then I provide a done-for-you service where I pay attorneys, I hire legal help and I go and collect those funds for the homeowner and then take a commission on the backend. Usually on average, about 30%. So, you know, on a $20,000 deal, with 30% commission, I’d take six grand and the homeowner would get the rest.

So that’s my business. That’s what I do. And then now I’m in the industry of teaching people how to utilize this strategy to one, help these homeowners that have gone through foreclosure. And to create an income for themselves.

Joel Erway: [00:03:43]

Okay. So Nick and I met probably back six or seven months ago.

Nick had joined high ticket courses and he had to take me up on my 20-minute consult offer. And when we first started that call, I remember just like I was on the [00:04:00] other end of the line, I’m like, dude. You have so much potential with this thing. Like I was so excited for him because I see hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of offers, and I’ve seen plenty of real estate offers, and this was the first time that I’d seen anybody that had been in this unique of a niche inside of real estate, and the more unique the offer gets, the better potential it has. And I’m just like, dude, you need to get this up and live like now, like one of those calls. And so, I was really excited for him, but my excitement can’t do anything unless the person actually takes action. And so Nick did take action.

He came to one of our live events in Lewiston, and then he upgraded into our launchpad program and he has just done some incredible things. So, Nick, why don’t you tell, let’s start by talking about before you joined high ticket courses, what was going on with your program?

Nick Fullmer: [00:04:55]

Yeah, I think I saw your ad on Facebook [00:05:00] probably in October, and I mean, the messaging was dead on because I was right at the point where I was about to launch my online course. And I can’t remember the exact headline, but it was like, how to sell your online course for 5,000 or more or something like that. And I was just like, how the heck does this guy know I’m about to launch a course, you know, good old Facebook algorithm.

Joel Erway: [00:05:28]


Nick Fullmer: [00:05:29]

So I watched the mini webinar you had, I was like, okay, there’s something here. I need to look into this before I launch this thing. And yeah, I jumped on a phone call with you prior to launching my course and I was just like, yeah, there are some things I’m missing. Like I was just dead set on launching an online course.

Right? But there is, I didn’t understand that there’s so much more that you can offer than [00:06:00] just a course. And thank goodness I saw that ad because had I not seen that ad, I would not be where I am today for sure.

Joel Erway: [00:06:11]

I thought you had already enrolled some people in.

Right when we had talked and you have like a membership program or, I’m going off of memory here, so correct me if I’m wrong.

Nick Fullmer: [00:06:21]

No, you’re absolutely right. Yeah. It was really interesting. This whole thing kind of morphed. You know, at first, I was teaching people for free and I had, I was like, okay, maybe I can bring on some partners this way.

Long story short I quickly learned that people don’t value free, you know, they just don’t take action. Maybe helped a hundred people and maybe one person took action. It was just a complete waste of time. So I created a Facebook group and I just charged a monthly membership fee for people to be a part of that group.

Well, that quickly turned into another problem where [00:07:00] I was seeing people would just join the group for a month. Get as much knowledge out of me as they could and then cancel the next month. And I was like, well, I don’t like that either. So that turned into the course and I was like, okay, I’ll build a course and charge a much higher price for it and hopefully get some more serious customers.

So I was right when I saw your ad, I was in a pre-launch phase. I had maybe 60% of the course done. I was about to launch it and I launched a pre-offer. I was like, you know, I told my clients, I was like, Hey, the course isn’t done, but if you want to buy it now, you can and I’ll give you a discount.

And so that’s where I was at when I saw your ad. It’s in that pre-launch phase.

Joel Erway: [00:07:47]

And so what were you planning to launch it for?

Nick Fullmer: [00:07:51]

So the prelaunch or after it was complete?

Joel Erway: [00:07:56]

Yeah. What was the prelaunch and what was the idea to have it when it was complete?

Nick Fullmer: [00:07:59]

The prelaunch was I think I priced it at like seven 799 and then I was going to bump it up to like 1400 or something.

No, 1299 after it was complete.

Joel Erway: [00:08:11]

All right. So talk about what happened when we had our call, right? So we have this, you ended up joining the program. You bought the course. We had our call. What were some of the big aha moments that you had when we were talking,

Nick Fullmer: [00:08:27]

Well, I would say one, that I was probably underpriced a little bit on my course too. And that there were some other revenue sources that I haven’t even thought about, you know, developing other types of offers, you know, like a done for. You offer a done-with-you offer, you know, the three levels of service. Learning about that was a huge moment for me because I was just stuck on the [00:09:00] DIY, the do-it-yourself, build a course, let them learn, let them do it themselves. I hadn’t even considered the creating done-with-you offers or a done-for-you offer. So I was those were the biggest aha moments where, you know, the potential to create other offers and to create other sources of revenue besides just selling a course online.

Joel Erway: [00:09:30]

Perfect. Yeah, I remember talking to you and I remember seeing like this huge money-making opportunity for you that was far and above what you wanted to charge for your course.

So let’s talk about where you are now, right? So now it is, we’re recording this as of May 7th 2020, what’s happened since, let’s say October when you bought the [00:10:00] course? Let’s give them, I’m going to paint the timeline here for them that, you know, you joined the course, let’s say October, November we had a live event in December, what you came to and from December to now, what’s happened?

Nick Fullmer: [00:10:14]

Yeah. So I went to the live event, had some other crazy aha moments there. You know, you helped me, you and your team helped me build a mini webinar to launch my high ticket offer, which was basically a done for you offer where I am providing leads for people.

It’s meant to be a huge time saver for folks because my process is, you know this business, you have to find your leads, you have to research the leads and you have to contact the people. Then you got to fill out paperwork, submit the claim. It’s a big process. So with this done for you offer, I was like, listen, I’ll do everything. All you have to do is contact the people. You focus on one step.

So I launched that offer. It was a $10,000 offer. And that’s what we use mini webinars for, to launch that. Immediately sold out. I think I sold like eight packages. So, you know, 80 grand within maybe a month or two of attending the live event.

Sold out of that and then shortly after that, I just continued following your system and I launched another power offer, which was more of a done-with-you program. It’s like a 60-day program where I walk people through the process, try to get them to that first deal as quickly as possible.

Joel Erway: [00:11:44]


Nick Fullmer: [00:11:45]

And then we also do some other education, more advanced techniques on how they can do other deals. That offer, I did kind of a beta launch at 3,800 bucks. Sold 20 of those [00:12:00] really fast, you know? And keep in mind too, like none of this was using paid traffic. This was all organic. So I immediately sold out of that.

We’ll finish that up at the beginning of June, and I probably have a waitlist of like 50 people that want in on the next one.

Joel Erway: [00:12:19]


Nick Fullmer: [00:12:19]

But the next one, I’ll probably charge 4,800. So there’s that. And then we’ve continued to market the course. And last month we broke the 50 K a month barrier, and this month I’m averaging, as of today, we’re averaging five core sales a day.

May is projected to look like a 100K month in just core sales.

Joel Erway: [00:12:50]

So you have your three tiers completely built out. Right? You’ve got your top tier, which is, Hey, let us send leads into your [00:13:00] pipeline. Let me give you these deals, right? Let me send you these deals. Mid tiers, group coaching.

I’m going to show you how to do it. Like you got to go implement it, but I’m going to show you the process and give you support along the way, and then your bottom tier is, Hey, just do it yourself, right?

Nick Fullmer: [00:13:15]


Joel Erway: [00:13:16]

And most of that is all organic. Right. You haven’t really done a whole lot of paid traffic. Right?

Nick Fullmer: [00:13:21]

Yeah. You know, the majority has been organic. I’ve just barely gotten serious with paid traffic within the last month or two. I hired another coach to help me with that. And but yeah, the paid traffic is just, we just introduced that within the last two months.

Joel Erway: [00:13:43]

What are you doing with the paid traffic? So like, where’s that sending them to you at?

Nick Fullmer: [00:13:47]

Uh, so the paid traffic is mostly just for the DIY, the course. So it’s all on Facebook right now. Just Facebook ads, I think I have [00:14:00] maybe, but it’s very simple. I have one creative to cold traffic, and then we do lookalikes and retargeting or

Joel Erway: [00:14:09]

Is it a webinar funnel or what is it?

Nick Fullmer: [00:14:11]

It’s not a webinar. It’s kind of like a product launch. Like it’s a series of videos that they go through.

Joel Erway: [00:14:22]


Product launch sequence. Awesome. Nice. Dude, that’s amazing. That’s absolutely incredible. So you did a lot of this organically, so you had, what was it, a Facebook group that you had been kind of curating or what was the primary audience that you were going after?

Nick Fullmer: [00:14:41]

Yeah, great question. I do have a Facebook group. I would say the majority of my organic traffic comes from YouTube. I have a YouTube channel where I just post simple videos.

Like people ask me questions about the business, so I’ll answer their [00:15:00] questions in a video format. And post it to YouTube. And that’s pretty much it. I mean I’m by no means I consider myself a huge influencer or expert, my list is less than 10,000 people. You know, probably when I found you, I probably had a list of fewer than 5,000 people.

Um, so you don’t need a huge audience really to see a lot of results and to generate a lot of revenue, but yeah, YouTube is my main source of traffic. Then I have a free Facebook group, and I do have a podcast, very simple podcasts, but the majority are from YouTube organic.

Joel Erway: [00:15:48]

Cool. So that’s where your heads are most of your audience is coming from. It’s where most of your traffic is coming from. Right.

Nick Fullmer: [00:15:56]


Joel Erway: [00:15:56]

What would you say are some of, like when you were going through my [00:16:00] webinar back in October and you’re at the live event, like what would you say were like the biggest questions that were going through your mind as you started to rework this strategy?

Like what were the biggest questions and biggest hesitations that were going through your mind?

Nick Fullmer: [00:16:16]

Oh, that’s a great question. My biggest questions were how much do I charge, but not necessarily how much do I charge, but the question was, are people really going to buy this? You know, are they really going to buy into my offer?

Cause like to go from a course selling for 1299 to then a $10,000 offer. That’s like a big jump. And I had some mindset issues for sure. Like I was a lot of doubt. I was like, there’s no way people are going to take me up on this, but you know what Jill says, they will, so [00:17:00] let’s try it and see what happens.

And they did. So I think that’s the biggest thing. Would people really take me up on my offer? but they do if it’s a good offer. That’s the biggest question I had.

Joel Erway: [00:17:20]

Did you have any sales training background? Like any formal training, like how to get these people to actually enroll once they’ve raised their hand?

Nick Fullmer: [00:17:28]

No, man. So just so you know, prior to getting into real estate, I was a corrections officer, which is probably the complete opposite of any sort of salesperson, folks in the law. I mean, you do have to have some decent people skills, but not really, cause you’re working in a prison.

Right? So, no, I don’t consider myself [00:18:00] a sales guy. I try to be a straight shooter and just tell how it is. And if you like it, great. If not, that’s cool too. So yeah, I was a corrections officer and then I was a probation officer for a time and that was my career before getting into real estate and the online space.

Joel Erway: [00:18:22]

Yeah. You know, it’s funny because I get a lot of people who are nervous like they’re in the course creation space and people follow me because they know me as the webinar guy like I want to have an automated webinar that sells my product on autopilot left and right. I don’t want to get on the phone and all this other stuff, and like, right, I get it.

The auto webinar, it’s the Holy freaking grail of internet marketing. Everybody wishes that they could get this thing up, never talk to anybody, and just print money on demand. Right. It’s also the most difficult thing to get converting. And so my whole mission is when I developed this like I needed to figure out a way to [00:19:00] develop something that you also didn’t need to get trained into doing sales because there are so many people who aren’t great at sales. I’m not great at sales.

Brian Kurtz, he’s the world’s greatest anti salesman. So like if he ever gets on the phone with somebody guaranteed, he’s going to anti sell you, like, you know, and he’s one of the legends in the direct response marketing space.

And so I’m the same way. So I needed to just figure out like, okay, how do I 80 20 this where most of the sales or the salesmanship and sales conversation has done before I get on the phone and if I can answer if I can take a phone call and just make it a Q and A call, like questions and answers, that would be ideal.

And so, um, that’s the whole reason why I developed, kind of this whole system that I felt cause many people were like, I’m not good at sales or whatever and make no mistake about it. I mean, like you still have to ask for the sale, but yeah, I mean it’s great to hear [00:20:00] corrections officers, accountants. I mean, I was an engineer. I was not a trained salesperson either.

Is your mini webinar funnel your high ticket funnel? Like where do you drive traffic to it? Do you still drive traffic to it all or is it coming on the back end of your stuff? Like where does that come into play now?

Nick Fullmer: [00:20:17]

The mini webinar, at this point in time, I need to change it.

I need to switch it up a little bit. So it’s more for my done with you offer. And cause right now my done for you is completely full. I don’t think I could take more people on and fulfill in a good way. So that’s one thing I need to work on right now, is tweaking that, but there hasn’t been a huge need because now I have a waitlist of people waiting for the next opening.

So I’ve kind of put it on the back burner. But that’s where it is right now. I haven’t needed to send a lot of traffic to the mini webinar, but when I need [00:21:00] to, I’ll just tweak it. And to what you just said, you know about creating a system where the sales have done for you, you really have accomplished that.

At least that’s been my experience. Because that’s why most of my calls, like were q and a calls, they weren’t really like folks that had a lot of objections or were skeptical. They just needed a little clarity and a couple of questions answered and then they were either in or they’re out.

So the system you have created, it really does work in that way where you don’t really have to sell. You just need to provide clarity, answer questions where needed, and just say, is this for you? Or is it not? Just let me know. Either way is fine. And they say, yes, I want to do this. Or they say, no, it’s not a good time, but maybe later. And that’s like, cool, awesome. I’ll put you on the [00:22:00] waiting list.

Joel Erway: [00:22:03]

Yeah. You know, it doesn’t have to be more complicated than that. But it’s great to see other people implementing it and having success. And so you know, it’s amazing to watch your trajectory because from somebody who has seen so many offers on the front end, like I saw this exploding, like if you were able to actually do it, and this is nothing against you, but there are plenty of people that I talk to or give them advice and they do nothing with it.

I just remembered being on the phone and I’m like, if he takes action on this, he is going to explode. And you know, I try not to oversell it when I’m on the phone, but like, I was so excited. I was so excited for it. Like, dude this is awesome.

Nick Fullmer: [00:22:47]

Well, yeah, I mean, it’s so true, man. And we haven’t even talked about what the backend looks like right now.

I mean, going back to my original business of doing actual real estate deals, what does that look like now? [00:23:00] It’s ridiculous. My problem right now is I’m needing to hire a paralegal or an assistant because we have so many contracts that we need to send out to potential homeowners. It’s just crazy.

I have my offers, right? But I have a whole nother back end of real estate deals going on that would not have happened had I not launched these offers to people.

Joel Erway: [00:23:35]

Yeah. That’s amazing.

Let’s go back to October, right? Let’s go back to October, and we were sitting in conversation again, and if I were to ask you back in October, hey you know, Nick, fast forward six months from now.

Right. What would [00:24:00] success look like in your eyes in order for you to be happy? Like if you were to take action on this and you were to implement, like what would you feel would be a big win and you’re in your book six months from now? Like if I had asked this question to you back in October, what would you have said?

Or what do you think you would have said?

Nick Fullmer: [00:24:18]

I probably would have said something like, man, if I can get 10K 20K a month in sales, that’d be awesome.

Joel Erway: [00:24:26]

When did you break tender 20K a month in sales? Like how fast did that happen?

Nick Fullmer: [00:24:32]

I passed that mark in December. In December I did over 40 K. Same in like, we took a dive in sales in January, but at the same time, that’s when I launched my top tier offer. So I think January with the top tier offer was an 80K month, even though we only did 20K in core sales, but [00:25:00] yeah, it didn’t take long at all to surpass 10 to 20.

Like if we’re just talking, if we put the two offers on the side and just focus on the course. I’ve averaged 30 to 40 K a month over this entire year. So the amount of, how do I put this, the speed that the results came, it has been the most mind-blowing to me at this point in time. It’s how quickly stuff can happen when you launch a really good power offer.

It’s just crazy.

Joel Erway: [00:25:51]

Flood Gates open up, man. It’s totally possible. It’s totally possible. What would you say to other people who are kind of on the fence that are [00:26:00] considering it, right? Like what would be your advice? What would you say, Hey, you know, I was in your shoes. What advice would you give them?

Nick Fullmer: [00:26:09]

I would say don’t hesitate, jump in and learn all you can, but most importantly, take action.

But you will feel, I mean, it’s inevitable. Whenever you put money on the line and invest in something that you’re not sure is going to work even, I mean, you can hear all of that. You can hear my testimonial, you can hear all of Joel’s other testimonials, whatever it is, there’s always going to be a sliver of doubt.

I think that’s just natural human nature, right? But what you need to understand is when you have that feeling, that, that moment of uncertainty, right? The results that you’re looking for are on the other side of that. So you have to move into that feeling of uncertainty and just kind of leap. Like there’s a great book by Steve Harvey called [00:27:00] “Junk”, great book. You just gotta jump and you have to take the plunge and invest, gain new knowledge, and then take action on what you learn. And that’s how results come for everyone. And so you just have to be okay with being uncomfortable, have a little faith, and most importantly, couple that faith with a ton of action.

Joel Erway: [00:27:27]

It’s funny, I was on a call with somebody earlier today. Thursdays are my 20 minute consult days, right? So I had four back to back today. And on one of the calls, this is a guy that was focused only on organic, and he had bought the course jumping into paid traffic. And he’s like, man, you know, I’m making like 5K a month right now, organically.

And I’m just like, I feel like I’ve got this glass ceiling over my head. Like, you know, I see all these [00:28:00] results that are happening in the group and this person over here is making 20 grand a month, this person over here is making 200 grand a month. This person over here is going from zero to 75 grand a month in no time.

And you know, and I just can’t see it. I’m like, well, that’s because you are stuck.

And I was asking somebody, so how do you get leads right now? And he said, well, I get leads organically through LinkedIn. I’m like, well, how many leads per month are you talking? It’s like, Oh, four or five and I closed about 20% so one out of five and like, okay, so you feel like you’re stuck.

You can’t make more than $5,000 a month cause you’re stuck in this mindset. I’m like, what you’re really stuck in is like you need more leads to talk to. Like you’re only talking to four or five people a month. Like you’re never going to crack that barrier that you really want to hit. And so I said, I want you to focus on not the revenue mark.

I want you to focus on increasing your lead volume per month. Of the people who say, yes, I’m interested in talking about your offer. And if you could increase that, like the money will [00:29:00] flow and you do not have to be good at sales. So if you’re stuck right now and you’re listening to this podcast, like, oh, I can’t see myself making 10 grand a month, 20 grand a month, 50 grand a month, a hundred grand a month, okay, we’ll work backward.

Like how many leads are you talking to every month, every week, every day? If it’s five a month, if you close all five, you’re only going to be limited to whatever that ratio is, but like you need to work at increasing that lead volume. Forget about the sales increase on working that lead volume, work on increasing that lead volume and the rest will come.

He’s like, Oh, I totally get it now. I’m like, yeah, like you’re normally talking to five people, dude, what do you expect? I said it in a loving way. I had this glass ceiling and I’m like you need more people to talk to. It’s that simple. People won’t see it. You know? It’s not making fun of them because I was in that same boat back in the day.

But it’s all about shifting your mindset and shifting your [00:30:00] perspective.

Nick Fullmer: [00:30:01]

Yeah. Well, just to add to that real quick, you know, you don’t know what you don’t know at the end of the day. And that’s why it’s so important to invest in knowledge and mentors and coaches because they know more than you do.

At least they should. And if you can just get that extra piece, that one aha moment, that could be the turning point in your business, such as just as the example you just gave, like he didn’t get it, but now he does. And it’s going to be a game-changer for him, I’m sure.

Joel Erway: [00:30:34]

Yup. I hope so. You know, it’s all if they take action, right?

And when you were talking about that book jump, I haven’t read it, but I’ve heard great things about it that have immediately triggered my mind. You don’t know what your potential is. Like other people can tell you like, I can stand on the other side. Like, dude, you need to get this launch because your offer so freaking great, right?

I can shout from the mountaintops cause I can see success like staring people in the face, but it’s up to [00:31:00] them to take the step. I can’t push him. I can’t kick them off. You know, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force them to drink. But anyway, dude, it’s always great connecting with you.

You have such an amazing story because you’re just such a humble guy. And I’m so proud of you. I’m so proud of all the success you’ve got and the people that are following you. If I ever want to get into real estate, like I’m doing whatever it is that you’re teaching like that’s what my offer radar goes off.

I bought so many of my clients and my student’s programs. It’s ridiculous. It’s one of the downsides of being an offer guide. It’s like, you know what sounds good. You’re like, okay, cool. I just want to do it right. Then I just shut my shiny object syndrome office.

Nick Fullmer: [00:31:43]

Yup. I’m the same way, man.

I’ve bought many, many, many courses, both fund real estate and other things. I would say this definitely be aware [00:32:00] of that. If you are a person that suffers some shiny objects syndrome, try not to jump from business to business. Okay. Another big takeaway I’ve learned is businesses, not necessarily, I mean, the success does not come from.

The path whether you know the niche, the success is not in the niche. I don’t think the success is in the principles behind, you know, learning to drive traffic, learning to communicate your offer, learning to, you know, to market and to develop, create leads, focus on the principles, the skills which you do a great job at doing, Joel.

You know, the copy, the offer creation, developing leads. Those principles are what are going to help you see success in whatever niche it is you’re in. So sorry that that may have been a tangent, but when you were a shiny object syndrome, [00:33:00] focus on business principles, find leads, close leads. It’s all you gotta do when you buy it.

Joel Erway: [00:33:08]

So Nick, where can people follow you? Right? Where’s your YouTube channel? Where is other stuff? Like, drop some links.

Nick Fullmer: [00:33:16]

Yeah, for sure. So my YouTube channel is called Overage Syndicate. That’s where you can go to learn more about what I do. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve got case studies of everything.

If you want to check out my website, you can go to overagesyndicate.com to learn more about my course and stuff like that. And those are probably the two main places to go.

Joel Erway: [00:33:41]

Awesome. Yep. So we’ll drop those links in the show notes as well. Uh, Nick, it’s always a pleasure to reconnect and man, and I love your story.

I can’t wait to see you blow up. You’re gonna be the guru of the gurus if that’s what you want. You don’t have to, many of the times, my clients just want to be kind of [00:34:00] passive behind the scenes, but yeah, you’re going to dominate, man. I’m excited to see you. Just don’t forget about us little guys.


When you become King of the mountain.

Nick Fullmer: [00:34:11]

Well, I’m a little guy myself, but we’ll see. We’ll see where the road takes us.

Joel Erway: [00:34:19]

Awesome. So please go check out Nick’s content over at overage syndicate. Give him a shout out. Let him know that you heard him on Sold With Webinars, give him some love, and if you enjoyed this episode, I would appreciate it if you could head over to iTunes or wherever you’re listening to right now and just give us a positive review, not even positive. Don’t like this content. Let me know, right?

Just give us an honest to goodness feedback on the iTunes rating. Hopefully, it’s five stars, but if not, give us a rating so we can make this content better. Alright, until next time we’ll talk to you later. Thanks.

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