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The No-Friction Funnel

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I’ve been lucky enough to witness the incredible growth and success of multiple members of our Mentorship program. And today I want to spotlight one in particular.

Brad is in the trading space and was looking for a way to diversify his traffic. He learned all he needed to know about YouTube Ads not from paid classes or coaches, but by listening to interviews on these Sold With Webinars podcasts episodes. Don’t sleep on free content — it’s here for a reason!

You'll Discover

  • The “mini-mini webinar” — a condensed version of a webinar that Brad is testing to drive traffic on YouTube [3:50]

  • A rundown of the spectacular results Brad has gotten since starting up on YouTube ads [6:48]

  • “Can I test my offer without a mini webinar?” [8:06]

  • What you should focus on testing if you decide not to use a mini webinar [9:05]

  • The “no-friction funnel” — using this strategy as a new traffic source that works FOR you [10:00]

…and much more!

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