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Offer Recall

Tags: offer recall, ad recall, High Ticket Courses, Messaging

Can you remember the most significant investments that you’ve made? Chances are, you can recall the ad or offer that pulled you in and made you say “yes”.

In this episode I go on a little rant about making your offer memorable to achieve “offer recall” and to maintain your clients’ trust.

You'll Discover

  • How I could clearly remember the first step I made that got me into a specific funnel [3:25]

  • The power of ad recall [5:30]

  • When you achieve “offer recall” you know you’ve got something that will stick [6:35]

  • While writing your offer, ask yourself, “is this offer memorable?” [7:00]

  • Why it’s important to create a golden offer that maintains client trust [9:45]

…and much more!

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