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The Offer Shortcut?

Tags: closest to the hole, education messaging, avatar, high ticket offer, conversion

The biggest mistake I see when someone is first getting their feet wet in the industry, is a message-to-avatar mismatch.

Not everyone is going to respond to the same message. The more education you need to offer your avatar, the longer your conversion process is going to be. 

In this episode I go through the best method to use to get your message in front of the person who is ready to say “yes”.

You'll Discover

  • The “closest to the hole” technique can get your message in front of your ideal clients [3:20]

  • Targeting the wrong avatar can involve too many conversions for them to buy into your offer [5:10]

  • Who you should target first in order to attract prospects that are ready to buy [8:30]

  • Changing your messaging to speak to someone who is ready to say “yes” [9:00]

  • The benefits of leading with your guarantee [10:40]

…and much more!

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