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One Year of Webinar Wins and Fails: What Worked and What Flopped w/ Jason Wardrop | #017

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Roller coasters are usually fun — but not so much in an entrepreneurial theme park. Many business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with overcoming the obstacles that fluctuations and inconsistences produce. And they prove to be exceptionally disheartening when it comes to their webinar strategies. Jason Wardrop – founder of Arsenal MKG, a social lead generation platform tailored for real estate agents – has been Joel’s client for over a year. Explore this behind-the-scenes look at a year of Jason’s webinar marketing angles and funnels — the successes, the flops, the good, bad, and ugly. But most importantly, how Jason transformed his webinar’s roller coaster of success into the ultimate ride of dependability!

One Year of Webinar Wins and Fails: What Worked and What Flopped w/ Jason Wardrop

If you have been struggling with the entrepreneurial rollercoaster and you want to know how to get off it, then this episode is specifically for you. I have my good friend, Jason Wardrop, who’s been a client of mine for over a year. We went through some ups and downs. My mission with this podcast was to show you the true behind-the-scenes focus of what happens with the good, the bad and the ugly.

In this interview, we go through over a year’s worth of marketing angles and marketing funnels with webinars. Jason explains how he overcame a lot of different obstacles. He went through a lot of different highs and a lot of different loads and so we dove deep into this episode. This shows you what happens with our business.

Welcome to the show.

Thanks so much for having me. I’m glad to be here.

Let’s start out with who is Jason Wardrop, the man, the myth, the legend. Give my audience a rundown.

I’ve been in the entrepreneurship space, online marketing for probably six, seven years or so. I started in the SEO days and evolved the whole business since then. I have a software called Arsenal MKG. It is a social regeneration platform. It’s like a Hootsuite, Lead Pages, MailChimp all combined in one. We work with small business owners, specifically real estate and real estate agents helping them generate leads for their business.

When we started working together, your offer was the same. Tell my audience where we started from back a year ago if you remember?

To take you back even a little bit more than that, probably about a year and a half ago, we had the software and initially, I want to do enterprise sales, go sell at one company and get thousands of users on. The tough thing about that is I realized the sale cycle could be six to eight months and at that point, you don’t even know if you’re getting a sale or not. It was very difficult knowing how to pay the bills and all that stuff. That’s when I explored and found the whole webinar concepts where you can have this weekly repeatable sales cycle where people are either going to buy that weekend or they’re not. It’s more of that repetitive nature.

At that time, we were marketing to multilevel marketing, so network marketers. We had the software, which works great for them. It just wasn’t probably the best market to hit up. After a lot of struggle, I ran webinars for weeks with no results, no real success. I was like, “Maybe let’s try out the real estate market.” It was the same exact webinar. All I did was one week, and I was like, “I’m going to run some ads.” I have maybe 100 people register. I did the same exact webinar. I just tweaked some of the examples to be more real estate specific instead of network marketing. I remember that first week, I had two sales and it was a total game changer from there. I was like, “Real estate is the market I’m going to go tackle and make this happen.”

When you first came to me and we were working, I saw your network marketing presentation. How much was your offer at that point?

Originally, my offer was $300 for the year for my webinar. Then I bumped it up to $497. The $300 was something I created and then I realized once I studied the webinars a little bit more, I was like, “Everyone’s into the $497, $997,” so I was like, “They’re a little bit on the cheaper side, so I’ll just stick with $497 with my webinar offer.”

Webinar Marketing: I was attracting unemployed engineers and that was the first major shift I had — I can’t sell to broke people. So I can take the exact same offer and sell it to a different audience and charge more money for it.


With the network marketing industry, you’re having a heck of a time converting $497. One of the interesting things that I love hearing about these stories is finding out where the money is. We’ve all heard the term, “Don’t sell to broke people.” I sold the broke people my first webinar. I was selling a career development course and it was painful because you’re so passionate about it. I knew that market like the back of my hand and I knew I could help these people, but I was attracting unemployed engineers.

That was the first major shift that I had and I was like, “I can’t sell to broke people,” so I can take the exact same offer and sell it to a different audience and charge more money for it. It’s almost like that’s exactly what we did here. Network marketing, the multilevel marketing people, first time entrepreneurs or stay-at-home moms, it’s a different breed.

It’s not much of a commitment level to get into it. It’s like you pay the startup fee. Whereas like real estate, you’ve got to pass the exams. It’s a little bit more of a commitment once you’re an actual agent. Getting to that whole point is we bumped the offer from $497 up to $997 that first week. I was like, “Let’s just give it a try. Nothing’s working with network marketing. I’ve got nothing to lose.” We made two sales after doubling the price point and I was making money now.

You find the right market, you find the money and the rest starts to flow. You have that first webinar, you switched to real estate, you doubled the price, you started making sales, what does it feel like? Give us some background.

That first week making sales, I had maybe made one or two sprinkled throughout like the six months or so that I was doing network marketing. Especially when you invest money in ads, it’s like nothing. You’re still in the hole big time. I got to a point where I knew my numbers to a tee. I was like, “I’ve got 200 people on and I’m going to get a 29% show up rate. I’m going to have 8% or 9% close rate.”

Before the webinar even started, I could guess to a tee how many sales I was going to make, and it was super exciting because just having that consistency in my business. I was building my email list. It got to a point where I was hitting four sales every single week, which from where I came from, that was awesome. I was like, “I’m sick and tired of just getting four sales and just doing the same thing over and over again.” I feel like this whole process of the webinars and spending more money on advertising and all that stuff, it’s a lot of minor mental shifts and tweaks of your way of thinking.

I remember I was talking to a coach, a friend of both of ours, Mandy, and she was like, “Are you not selling more because you don’t feel like you can fulfill more than four people?” I was like, “That’s probably it.” It was just me at the time and so I didn’t have anyone to help. I was like, “I don’t know if I could do more than that.” Once I put those fears aside, I was able to scale it up to six, seven, eight and I even hit ten or eleven sales in one week, which was awesome. That was more than I’d ever done as part of my business.

We’re going from a couple of sales with the network marketing industry at $497 or $300, whatever it is. Now, you’re doing ten or eleven sales every time you run the webinar. It’s like $10,000 every time that you run the webinar. You’re having these successful weeks and I remember the turning point hit towards the beginning of this year. We’re in August of 2017 and I remember working with you at the end of 2016. You probably had your biggest day ever. Part of it was people are also trying to spend money to write off their business but take it where he can get it. Then the New Year hit and this is now the journey of the rollercoaster. What happened after the start of the New Year?

That last webinar of 2016, I mailed my list. It was the biggest webinar ever. I was like, “This is killing it. Everyone in January is going to be all ready to buy because they’re setting new goals, just ready to be pumped up.” In January, that first webinar, it was like total crickets and I’m like, “You’ve got to be kidding me. What’s going on?” September, October, November, December, I was almost doubling revenue every single month and then January hit and I went backwards and I’m like, “What the heck is going on?” I had a decent size list at this time because I’ve been doing it for months now.

What’s a decent size? Can you give an estimate?

At that time, it was probably around 8,000 or 9,000 probably. It was growing. Then I stumbled upon somebody like, “Why don’t you offer some low-ticket thing?” I started offering a $37 product, a one-time offer. In February, it shot me up like $12,000 increase from my biggest month ever to then jumping up big time in February. Then in March, I jumped up maybe even $20,000 more than that because I was going through building a bigger community.

For some reason in March, it was a great sales month for me but very quickly right after March, it was the first couple of weeks of March, the last two or three weeks of March and going into April, it was just one week where I have my consistent sales of six or eight or whatever it was. Then one week, I’d have like one or two. It’s the same exact ads, same webinar, same everything but the fluctuation was just ridiculous. It got to a point where at the end of April, it’s like, “I’ve got to rethink some of this stuff because it’s not the consistent sales like I was getting before.” It’s where I hit a point where it’s like, “What’s going on?”

The beginning part of 2017, you introduced this $37 mini course. You’re coming off some of your best months ever at the end of 2016 and we started planning, “How could we make this even better?” I remember looking at your numbers and we kept thinking, “We have a lot of non-buyers, how can we increase the show up rate and how can we get more qualified people to show up to the webinar?” What you did was you created a $37 mini course. They would register for the webinar and then immediately be offered this $37 course.

We can hopefully help liquidate ad spend the increase your profitability. It was twofold while we’re increasing the quality people to show up. That worked for a while and the sales grew. Then all of a sudden, come end of March, it just fell off. Our assumption was to help qualify more people and it did for a while. Then end of March, it started to tank. April tanked and then even in May. You went through some pretty rough months.

In May completely was like, “I am not doing any webinars. I’m not spending any money. I need to revamp my whole offering. I need to figure something else out.” May is when I turned everything off. In May, I turn everything off. I wanted to rewrite the webinar and then June, I launched my webinar because I was thinking that it was going to kill it and then I realized my messaging was totally off and I had to rewrite. I rewrote it probably three times before I got it back working again. It’s not that easy to write a full webinar.

It takes time and effort for sure. At this point now, in May, you took a break. I don’t blame you because you can only get kicked in the groin so many times. You’re spending money on ads, so money’s coming out of pocket. It’s the same webinar and you’re pulling your hair out. How were your $37 mini courses going?

It was weird because when I first launched it in February and March, even to cold traffic, when somebody who had registered for the webinar, they’d see that on the links page. If I spend $1,000 a day, I was making almost $700 on recuperating that ad cost and then for some reason, not only the webinar but even the one-time offer totally started tanking and I’d see maybe one or two sales a day on that, which is nice to get a little bit of money coming in but it was nowhere near what I was seeing before in the earlier months when I first started introducing it.

I remember talking to you about what could possibly be going on, what’s happening. We tried a bunch of different things. We tried some minor tweaks to the webinar. I know you were trying some things with Facebook as well, but eventually we were both scratching our heads. The webinar we knew worked because you were making sales for six months or so.

Eventually you took May off, which was cool. We hopped back on maybe end of June. I can’t remember when we had our call. I’m like, “Let’s take our call and let’s focus on rewriting your offer.” Was it your offer that we rewrote or did we also rewrite other parts of your webinar? What was the thing that we changed?

You and I worked on that offer. There are two things that were the biggest game changers that make this happen and make this work. One is even the first webinar that worked for a long time, I was speaking and selling to real estate agents. I was speaking to tech savvy real estate agent and I was speaking to someone who already understands that concept of landing pages, email mark and all that stuff. I had a friend tell me, “You need to talk to the little old lady real estate agent,” like the person that has no idea what’s going on because that is 95% to 99% of the market of real estate agents. I was like, “That totally makes sense.”

It’s funny because I told my wife, “I dumbed it down.” She’s like, “It’s not dumbing it down. I wouldn’t have understood anything that you were talking about either because I’m not dumb.” It’s like simplifying it in terms that anyone can understand it. Back in the day, it was like third grade proof, make it so easy that a third grader can understand. Now, it’s like 60 or 70 proof. It’s like the 60 or 70-year-old can understand it. Someone that didn’t grow up with social media, didn’t grow up with the internet and all that stuff, they can be like, “I can grasp that idea.” That was one big thing.

It goes along the lines of the simplicity, was recreating the offer in a sense because a lot of agents, they’re not technically savvy. One of their biggest hindering beliefs that we have to overcome is like,6 “You can do this. We’re here to help you do this.” Originally, back with my webinar we had said, “As a bonus for the first twenty, we’ll help you get your first lead generation campaign set up,” which I thought was sexy, I thought that was cool. Then you and I were talking and I was like, “That’s not sexy.”

What does a one lead generation campaign mean? It’s like when Apple came out with the iPod and there are a thousand songs in your pocket instead of eight gigabytes of music. Nobody knows what that means. It’s was the same offering, but instead of saying, “We’ll insert one lead generation campaign to we’ll get you to 30 leads per month consistently.” That resonated. That spoke perfectly to a brand-new agent, a savvy agent or whoever it was.

Those things, the simplicity and then changing things. We even did that with the software where I was saying, “With the software, you’ll be able to create 40 landing pages and have 20,000 contacts through emails,” which is more speaking to an email marketer or an internet marketer. I changed it that instead of saying, “Fifteen lead buyer campaigns, you can generate unlimited buyer leads.” Something that’s going to speak directly to them that they’re going to know and is going to be that no-brainer offer that they’re going to want to take up.


One of the things that you said, which is so critical is simplification. This is the curse of the expert. It’s like Jason’s an expert. You’ve got a course or training or software but you’re an expert in your space. As you’re trying to sell your own products and services or courses, we have this curse of the expert that I see all the time with the webinar campaign. This baffled me for a while because your webinar was crushing it.

I remember telling you back in October, November, “You’re going to be at $100,000 a month quickly because your close rate was so good.” We’ll talk about your funnel because there are also some funny things about your funnel that didn’t work, but you were still crushing it. The curse of the expert is all about our instinct is to talk at a high level because we’re so ingrained with it.

I remember your headline, it was something about real estate newbie. It was like, “Who am I talking to? I’m talking to real estate agent newbies. What do I want for them? I want them to become six-figure agents.” It’s almost like, “Who am I talking to and what I want you to become?” The desire is clear. The interest is there and you’re getting those real estate agents who are probably newer to marketing and you’re dumbing it down.

When we finished up on that call, I saw it and like, “This is going to freaking crush. He’s going to crush it with this new message.” We finished reworking your new webinar at the end of June or whatever it was. Talk about what happened the first time that you ran it. You didn’t run paid traffic, you sent it to your list.

This was probably the third time rewriting and sending to my list and I was like, “Am I going to be hounding my list too much?” I was like, “If it’s a brand-new training.” I was like, “Hopefully it’s more of a value add than anything.” Once again, I did the email brand-new training and launched it out. Even in the emails from the beginning, this was completely different from time before. Everything was speaking to that brand-new real estate agent and I remember writing every single one of the three secrets on the very top of my page. As you’re scrolling, you keep it up the top where it’s like, “Little lady real estate agent,” and then I would list out all of her obstacles or what we needed to overcome.

We did that with the emails and I saw the highest amount of people register from my email list. I hadn’t run too many more ads, so it’s about the same size of the email list. There was almost 300 people. It’s 291 registrants. It went through, we ran that first webinar, and at the end of it, this is something funny with me, but every single time I write a webinar, I’m like, “This is like the best thing I’ve ever written. This is going to kill it.” When it doesn’t kill it, I’m like, “What’s going on? This was amazing. I thought this was so good, so awesome.”

Basically, 300 registrants. Right after the call, I had six sales, which this is something you were alluding to. My whole first six, eight months with the webinar that was killing it, all of my sales only ever came from the live webinar. I never had any follow-up sales ever. I don’t know why. I just cannot get the follow-up ever to work. I saw those six sales and I was like, “Really?” Of the 300 people, I almost had a 50% show up rate. I had 140, 150 people show up. It’s only a 5% close rate that I was like, “That’s not that great.” I can’t complain because it’s six sales when I was struggling, big time.

The other two webinars I had done that totally flopped, they were one or two sales a piece. This one, I had six. It was funny, I know we were boxing back and forth a little bit and I was like, “Another two came in. Another one came in and another one came in.” Within the next 24 hours, I had another five come in. I ended up that first week for my 291 registrants, I had eleven sales, which I had never seen follow-up sales let alone double the amount of sales. I was so pumped about that and what was going on.

You launched a brand-new webinar, the new message crushes it. You’re speaking to a much bigger audience now. Whenever you look at the market size, the beginners of any market are always going to be biggest pool and it’s usually your most attractive pool too. What you were doing before, speaking more of the tech savvy, you probably burned through that audience. You’re doing it for six to eight months and you’re spending quite a bit in ads.

Our assumption is, now looking back on all the data, was that we burned through all those seasoned pros. Now, you speak to the beginners, the bigger market. You say, “Here’s the potential. This is how we build six-figure real estate agents.” You’re speaking to their desires, you dumb everything down. You’re explaining to them what a landing page is and how to market for cheap and how to get X number of leads per month. You could tell it’s something that they’re resonating with.

We were also stumped on your follow-up sequence because even though you’re making $20,000, $30,000 a month when you were crushing it in your heyday, you weren’t getting anything on your follow-up sales. I remember we went through a couple iterations with your emails and testing some different scarcity tactics. This was a huge shift for your business.

As you start to scale up, you’re now doubling your conversion rates from the follow-up. Talk about what your old follow-up sequence was that didn’t work. I can’t figure out why it didn’t work. I’ve never seen this happen in any other markets. We uncovered a couple of interesting obstacles on this. Talk about that old one and how the new one is crushing it for you.

I was doing it for six, eight months. I tried five plus different follow-up sequences and each one of them for four to six weeks or so just to see like, “Was it just this week? Should I change it up a little bit?” I was doing the typical internet marketer style where it’s like Thursday, you have the webinar and then Friday, Saturday, Sunday, you’re sprinkling emails and doing a hard close on Sunday. Then some agent reached out to me after a couple months and I tried probably two or three sequences like that and he’s like, “A lot of real estate agents, they’re doing open houses and showing homes on Saturday and Sunday. That’s some of their biggest time, so you should probably close it down on a Monday.” I was like, “That’s a good thought.”

I went and tried that. Once again, crickets. Nothing happened. Then you and I know talked about, “Maybe I’ll try to do another live webinar in the evening,” or something like because I do mine in the morning, so maybe hit a different market. I tried that. It’s so many different things and this was not working. Basically, now what I’m doing that’s working really well is I go through and Thursday mornings is when I have my webinar. That’s the best time I’ve found that works for agents. Anyone who attended but did not buy, I send them an email first thing Thursday afternoon and saying, “You can check out the replay but it’s closing down tonight.” Instead of closing down on Sunday, it’s like, “Closing down tonight.”

I’ve seen in the last two weeks I’ve been doing this, I’ve seen like a 45%, 46% open rate on that email and then I’ll have another one that’s maybe four hours before it closes down at midnight and saying, “Replay’s closing down. Make sure you jump in and check it out.” Those are the only two emails going out to the attendees. The open rates on both of them, the click through rates, all that stuff is just through the roof because they want to see it instead of dragging it out over the whole weekend because we all know people only take action when something’s closing down. Instead of dragging out until Sunday and just annoyed with them emails every single day, do it once and you got it.

Everyone who did not attend, I would say, “I saw you didn’t make it but we’re doing an encore training and it’s starting soon.” In the email, I’d be sending them to an auto webinar that starts at the top of every single hour. Anytime they clicked on it, it was starting soon. What I was doing is just sending one that afternoon to all the people that missed. Then the next afternoon anyone who didn’t open, I would blast out again.

Change the subject line to maybe try to get some more people open it up and clicking in. That’s all I did. Just two emails to the attendees, two emails to the non-attendees, other than that, just putting them back into my big email lists to hopefully give them some value that maybe six weeks, eight weeks, four months down the road, maybe they’ll buy something from me. That’s the idea.

This is something completely different than I’ve seen with any other webinar, but now that we see that it works, it’s almost like there’s a lot of things that I can understand why it works so well. Your old sequence was a live webinar on Thursday and then you’d do a follow-up sequence afterwards to try and get to watch the replay and ultimately buy. If you’re new to webinars, it’s a very standard follow-up sequence for live webinars. It did not work for the real estate market for whatever reason. I still don’t know why it doesn’t work but it didn’t work for a year.

Jason finally changes it up in. I’m going to give him 100% credit to this. This was not on my recommendation. I wasn’t against it but I didn’t come up with this. This was Jason’s idea. He’s like, “It’s going to be a 24-hour webinar essentially.” You’re raising your hand, you’re saying you want a free training, show up live. If you don’t show up live, I’m going to give you the replay that same day and I’ll close it down later that day and then you’re done. From a psychology standpoint, it makes a lot of sense because this is all cold traffic. This is all people who have never heard of you before. The only thing they know is that you’re hosting a training for real estate agents for marketing.

Why pester them when they don’t know who you are for four days afterwards on some replay? If they’re not going to attend, they’re not going to attend. There are a lot of interesting things that happened with this and it’s brilliant. It tipped the tables for you 100% because now, you’re not pestering them after that day. They’re expecting your emails that day because they raised their hands that, “I want to attend a webinar to this day.” Life gets in the way and they don’t attend to whatever.

I know it’s what every internet marketer says but they’re like, “You do the one email Thursdays, then send the replay.” Two emails Friday, three emails Saturday and then four emails on Sunday. I’m like, “That’s overkill.” People are like, “The more you email, the more money you make,” which is true.

I’ve seen that with other offers and I totally agree on that but at the same time, they’ve never heard your name and all of a sudden, this random Jason Wardrop guy emailed me four times one day like, “Take me off your list.” I’m never opening your email again. I’m just deleting all that crap as soon as it comes in. It was a little bit of brainstorming to with my wife. I would put her on the list sometimes too and she’s like, “I just got another email from you.” I’m like, “That’s what all the pros, all the experts, that’s what they tell me to do.” She’s like, “That’s seems quite a bit.”

I give you a ton of credit because you went through some rough months but you kept doing it. You kept doing a weekly live webinar. We tried other funnels, too, to help warm them up like new magnet funnels, which I still want you to do. You’ve got a lead magnet that you can get for dirt cheap. We’ll work on that down the road, but you tried some other lead gen, five-day funnels that didn’t seem to work.

Now, it’s all about automation and so we’re testing some different automated webinars with the same sequence that you came up with for the live webinar. I do think that’s going to crush, especially now with your follow-up sequence because it’s the same exact thing. I’m excited about that.

As a creative writer, as I’m writing all these different webinars, I try not to pigeon hole myself into a specific formula. We created a webinar for a client with our new launch day calls are launch nuclear calls where we’re writing a webinar in a day, which is a pretty insurmountable task, but we’ve gotten pretty good at it with the team.

We go through it and my team’s like, “What’s the template?” I’m like, “I don’t want you to follow a template.” It’s this constant battle back and forth. The same thing goes with your funnels. What is working for one market doesn’t necessarily work for the other market. I still don’t know why nobody bought on your follow-up sequences over a year. That’s crazy to me. What’s next for you? You’ve got your message dialed in now to the mass market. Where are we going next?

What I’m trying to put in place, this is working well for real estate and our software originally, where I was trying to pitch it to all small business owners. That was another reason why I was failing way back in the past is because my message is way too generic. Whereas when I homed in on real estate, it meshed well. I don’t even think I’ve told you this but I probably had over twenty insurance agents because in my ad, I don’t even pay attention but I put agency brokers. I didn’t even think about it but then I probably had over twenty insurance agents reach out to me and be like, “Do you have something for insurance, too? Or is this just real estate?” I’m like, “Now I have that webinar template.”

The messaging would work for any industry. I’m thinking of launching the software into the insurance market and then another market that I’ve always been very interested in his fitness. I’m piecing these things together and really simplifying the messaging and all that stuff’s working for real estate. The same thing can work for insurance, for fitness, for lenders, for a number of these different industries. That’s where I’m trying to strategize and brainstorm of how I can go through, get the right team in place to take it to multiple markets and help more than just the real estate agents’ industry right now.

That’s so key. We had this conversation when you said you launched this insurance agent of webinar and that one crushes it. You stumble upon us because of an ad that’s both sides. In your new webinar, you’re attracting multiple markets and your close rate went right back up to basically where when we were crushing it before. You know that your message can be dialed in more because you’re getting mixed leads. You’re not even getting just real estate leads.

We talked about the warm market webinar and emailing out to my list, but then the next week, I did to cold audience, 100% paid traffic. Nobody knew who I was and still we saw great conversion rates, even some more sales in the week before. It was a similar type of thing where the follow-up process, it still worked. I still got about half of the sales live and then the other half came in and trickled in throughout the, the next 24, 48 hours. It’s cool to see that. Just got to hustle and sprint while it’s all still working.

What’s your ROI on your ad spend with this new cold traffic webinar?

It was 3X.

You haven’t even put any upsells in place yet?

I haven’t put upsells in place. That’s week one.

Are you still doing the $37 one-time offer?

No. I’m inviting them to join a Facebook group. In the last week, I probably add another 600, 700 people in there and coming on 2,000 real estate agents in that Facebook group. I’m going that model because I just want to build a little bit more of a community before hitting them with that. I’ve probably got four or five different $37 to $47 products that once a month or so I’ll sprinkle in there to the lists and make a nice little spike in revenue that is not related to ads, which is great.

This was an awesome interview and hopefully it was inspirational for the experts out there who are launching their own course or if they’re doing webinars right now. This stuff happens. The one thing that I want you all to take away is analyzing what market you’re speaking to. If you’re speaking to the moderately educated tier of your market, that’s going to burn out much quicker than going to the mass market or the beginner market.

That beginner market, there’s always leads coming in. That’s always going to be filled. If you think about it just like a funnel, the most educated, moderately educated and the uneducated. If you can speak to the uneducated, you are going to talk to all of them. That’s where most people get tripped off. They think that they have to talk to the most educated but even though it’s the smallest market and they think that they’re going to exclude all the rest but that’s just not what happens. Jason, where can people check you out? Where can they find your website and where can they connect with you?

Our website is ArsenalMKG.com. If you want to check out my webinar funnel, it’s YourSocialSystem.com and then the automated one is YourSocialSystem.com/system. If you want to go check that out, hack it and see what’s going on there, you could check that out. That’s where you can connect or also on Facebook. If you reach out, happy to help answer any questions or help out in any way.

I appreciate your time. I’m excited about the progress that this journey, this entrepreneurial rollercoaster, this webinar rollercoaster that you’ve been on and I give you so much credit because a lot of people would have jumped off and they would have been like, “Screw it. It doesn’t work.” You’ve got to taste early, which is good and you had to pivot and you pivoted multiple times. I’m excited for you. I’m excited to see where you’re going next. Jason, thanks again. We’ll be talking to all of you soon. Take care.

Thanks so much for being here. We hope you enjoyed our episode and we look forward to giving you the next one. You can also follow and watch the behind scenes look at how I’m personally launching a brand new six and seven-figure product from scratch at SoldWithWebinars.com/TV. If you’d like to come hang out with other fellow experts, join our Facebook group at SoldWithWebinars.com/Experts. Join us next time and I’ll see you there.

About Jason Wardrop

I am an entrepreneur and marketing consultant.

I started in the online marketing world about 7 years ago where I launched a dental marketing website to help connect prospective patients with the best nearby dentists.

After playing around in the SEO/dental marketing world I became intrigued with marketing automation, online lead generation, and sales funnels.

This led me to start http://www.arsenalmkg.com

A software platform to help small business owners and entrepreneurs build their personal brand and their business through the power of marketing automation. In minutes, entrepreneurs and business owners can have their websites, landing pages, email marketing, text marketing, and social automation all in place to help automate many of the repetitive sales and marketing tasks for their business.

I still occasionally consult businesses and help them create their online sales funnels, lead generation campaigns, and help them establish a solid online presence.

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