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Podcast Webinars??

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Podcast Webinars, podcasts VSLs, or interview style webinars. Whatever you call it, they have a purpose.

I want to share with you about podcast webinars.

Podcast webinars are a jumping off point. It is going to lead us into a larger field and network.

There is so much potential with podcast webinars.

Find out here.

You'll Discover:

  • The interview style webinar. [4:46]

  • The secret is in the host, not with the expert. [5:54]

  • It is a combination of content and offer. [9:16]

  • A well done podcast webinar can be repurposed into a million
    different things. [10:38]

  • A podcast webinar can be repurposed as a book. [12:03]

… and much more!

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