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Converting Your Prospects Through Promise vs Process | SWW 139

Tags: converting, coaching, converting leads, High Ticket Courses, Messaging

Sometimes our best ideas come when we’re away from our desk. 

I’ve been thinking about the concept of promise vs. process when it comes to marketing. Being aware of who you are attracting in your message can be the key to your success — if you are a business owner, you are going to want to focus on this.

In this episode I’m taking you along with me during my morning ruck, and recording my ideas on this topic over the phone. Let me know what you think!

You'll Discover

  • How I was able to generate $550k in net income in 2020, making it the best year in my business [2:34]

  • The 3 phases of growth I’ve used in my agency that has resulted in my and my clients’ success [4:00]

  • The difference between promise and process-based marketing, and how it attracts different prospects [8:40]

  • What each group expects from you as a business owner [9:00]

  • The importance of your message when attracting each group [10:20]

… And much more!

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