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Quantum Physics, Health And Everlasting Learning with Dr. Stacy Berman | #015


Health is much more than just physical exercise. There are so many other components to being healthy. Dr. Stacy Berman wanted to explore those things, which is what led her to go back to school for her doctorate in Natural Medicine. Her quest for everlasting learning led her to the realization that you can’t out train your diet. While you may be running marathons or working out three times a week, if you aren’t eating right, you won’t get to where you want to be physically and mentally.

What you put in your body is important to not only your physical health but your emotional, psychological, and spiritual health, because the things that you put in your body are the fundamental building blocks of every function of the body. Dr. Berman found out as well it’s not just exercise and nutrition, but there’s a psychological and emotional component to health. If these things aren’t in line, then they have absolute real and measurable effects on everything else. Dr. Berman loves learning and finding out new things, and says her trajectory has always been towards this optimal health state and helping people reach that.

Quantum Physics, Health And Everlasting Learning with Dr. Stacy Berman

You are going to hear a fantastic interview that I had with Dr. Stacy Berman from The System by Stacy. We’re going into some pretty interesting conversations during this interview, including Quantum Physics, getting your doctorate before getting your masters, and how this all ties together and why I feel Dr. Stacy may have been the inventor of CrossFit. It’s fascinating to hear these stories of opportunity as they present themselves. I want you to pay attention to this interview because you’re going to learn a lot of interesting things and a lot of hurdles that she had to overcome throughout her career. If you’re in a state right now where you are considering doing something different or considering growing or starting something new, this is going to be very, very relevant as we go deep into how Stacy has launched her supplement line after she had a very successful sixteen-year boot camp.

Stacy, welcome to the show.

Thank you, Joel. I’m so happy to be here and to share my experience with you.

We’re going to have a lot of fun. This is going to be a great episode. I’ve already been going through your stuff and I’m really pumped. Introduce yourself, explain to our audience what you currently do now. What is your business and give them an idea for where you are today.

I’m a doctor of natural medicine. I work with people to relieve their physical pains and self-perception and create an allover higher level of health than they have previously had. That’s one part of it. The other part of it is I founded The System by Stacy, which is a luxury line of organically protein powders designed to help you love yourself from the inside out.

You sell these products. You’ve got magic shakes. Explain what’s in one magic shake.

In essence, the magic shakes are organic whey protein powder from grass-fed cows, cold processed, non-GMO, non-soy and non-gluten, high protein, healthy stuff. All the good stuff.

As my listeners know, the whole purpose of what I do on this podcast and what they want to know is it’s all about how you got to where you are today through spotting and seizing different opportunities shifts. First of all, you’ve got a PhD. You’re a doctor of natural medicine, but yet you’re running your own business now. When did you get your PhD?

I got my PhD in 2017 but I’ve been on this path my whole life. What I mean by that is ever since I was young, I was always very interested in health, but at the time my young brain thought about health as exercise. I used to do martial arts with my dad. I grew up in that community. I was always fascinated by the body and its movements. When I was going to school for the first time, I don’t know what I should major in. One of my friends, knowing that I’ve always been into fitness said, “Why don’t you become a trainer?” At that time, I had no idea that that was even a possibility. I went ahead and I got multiple certifications. I went to school for psychology and health education and then wound up working for different gyms throughout New York City becoming a master trainer. From there I was like, “Why am I doing this for someone else?”

When was this? You wanted to become a trainer, you’ve got all your certifications and you’re working your way up. Are you still going to school or have you graduated? Are you out of school? Where are we in your life?

I was about finishing school. I had gotten all the certifications that qualified me to become a trainer. I graduated first degree, bachelor’s degree in 2000, but I started Stacy’s Bootcamp in 1999, which seems so far away now.



While you’re going to school, you were a trainer on the side?


This is probably a dumb question because I’ve never hired a personal trainer. Are there different types of personal trainers or is it like, “I’m just going help you get in shape?”

No, there are definitely different types of trainers. There are some that focus on bodybuilding. There are some that focus on yoga or Pilates. There are some like me who focus on body weight and more functional exercises. There are trainers that do spinning. You have to have a general knowledge of how the body works and moves, but then you’ll typically specialize in one or a few different categories.

What did you specialize in?

Body weight movements and functional exercises. Coming from the background that I did, martial arts, we didn’t use any equipment. Our body was the machine and the gym or the dojang was the environment. That was the gym itself. I’ve always been fascinated with the ability of the physical body to do so much more than we think it can.

What do you mean by that?

We believe we are limited physically and we do have physical limitations, but in my own experience growing up doing martial arts as well as in my experience working with people, our potential is so much greater than what we typically see and experience. We can do so much more than walk, sit, and stand. It’s amazing. I’ve worked with people who sometimes are in their 70s and 80s who have had hip replacement surgeries and survivors from breast cancer and next thing we know, they’re doing pushups.

You wouldn’t imagine that an 80-year-old woman can do pushups and here she is doing full on push up. I like to get people to that point of realizing that they could do a lot more than they think they can. It extends beyond just the physical. If they didn’t think they could do pushups and then they do ten pushups, it brings the question into their mind for, “What else can I do that I didn’t think I could do?”

I love that question, “What else?” That’s such a powerful question. It’s like, “I pushed the limit here. I’ve achieved a plateau,” or something’s happened. That “what else” always spurns more thought process. You graduated in 2000. You’re working as a personal trainer mostly to do body weight movements and functional exercises. You worked your way through the ranks and seen the potential. I know that in 1999 you started Stacy’s Bootcamp. Talk about the genesis of that, how it came about.

That came about because the first question in my head was, “Why am I making so much money for other people when I could make it for myself?” Also, working in a gym you get two types of people in general. We know there are lots of different types of people, but for this discussion, we’ll pick two basic types of people. The ones that come consistently, you see them almost every day there, but their bodies don’t necessarily change that much. They do the same machines, the same intensity, the same thing day in and day out.

Then you get the ones who come in January for New Year’s resolutions and they are like May, June for bikini season, summer weather, and they come for a month or two and then they fall off. Being in that environment and seeing that pattern, coming from the martial arts background and knowing that the body can do so much more, I thought there’s a better way to do this fitness thing and I’m going to try it.

Bootcamp started as me taking some of my one-on-one clients out into the park and from there it built. People saw me in the park and they were like, “What are you doing? What is this burpee thing you’re doing and what is this bear crawl?” I was like, “Let me make some business cards,” then I handed out business cards and from there it grew from three or four of my private clients.

The first time when I first started official Stacy’s Bootcamp, it was Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:30 AM, which is a very early time. People saw that and they were like, “We want to come but there’s no way we’re coming at 5:30.” I was like, “Let me try 7:00 AM.” I did 5:30 and 7:00 AM then I offered evening classes. There were people who didn’t live close to Central Park, so I started one in Battery Park in Brooklyn and The Bronx. It expanded based off of demand.

I think what you’re telling me is you invented CrossFit.

In essence, I did.

Were you doing this full-time?


That was 1999. How many years did you that?

I did that up until probably about fifteen or sixteen years.

That takes us roughly to 2015. I said long time because as entrepreneurs, most of us has shiny object syndrome. We last for six months.

It was interesting because I built this thing up. It was my baby. I built relationships with all the people that I train. I built relationships in the park. The people who would always come and walk their dogs and I knew all their dogs and I knew them. I saw them have children so it became not just my company, it became a network and a community of people. That was one of the things that was hard for me to leave because I felt I was partly letting people down, but also missing that comradery of people that I would see every day.

How did it evolve over fifteen years? If you look at the first year and how it was operating versus the last year and how it was operating, what were some big shifts in terms of Stacy’s Bootcamp as a whole? Was it functioning, in theory, the same way? Are you still doing the exercises or did you see ways to improve it over the years? I’m assuming something had to have changed over fifteen years.

One of the major shifts that happened was I started getting a lot of press coverage because it was something new. There was nothing like this out there. This was one of the first boutique fitness classes in the country. I was it, in essence, for a little while and then there were a lot of copycats, other spin classes and yoga classes and all these other boutique fitness crazes popped up.

It was very interesting because my class started growing very organically. I didn’t do any advertising. It was referral, word of mouth, PR stuff, and media coverage. At the point where I decided to leave, it was at a level where it was self-sufficient. I had hired other trainers to work with classes and everything. I hate to say this, but I was over it. Fifteen years, I was done speaking about the shining pieces. I have lost interest in it and that’s not to say I lost interest in the people or the class itself or the technique itself. I was not growing anymore as an entrepreneur. I wasn’t growing professionally. I was stagnant and I felt it was in some ways killing my soul.

What wound up happening was by the time it got to that level, by the time I was ready to leave, I was so over it that I didn’t want to invest in any more time, money or energy in differentiating it from all of the other classes that were out there. That’s one of the major things that I learned from having that first company and having that first business was that brand story is so important. When I first started, it was just me. There was no other story. By the time I was over it, there were so many other stories and I had never invested in brand differentiation because I was the only one.

I was looking to see if there are any pivots inside as you were growing, but it sounds like you did your thing. It grew. You had the core things that you taught. You did the classes but deep down something was pulling at you at the end. When did those seeds start manifesting? “I got to be looking for something else.” When did that desire start to percolate?

I would say it probably started to percolate in three years before I stopped. If I’m being completely honest, it was probably closer to five years before that, but I coasted for a little while. Three years before I officially stopped, I was like, “I got to do something else.” Part of that was the interaction with my clients and with me. What I was starting to realize is that health is much more than just physical exercise. There are so many other components to being healthy. I wanted to explore those things, which is what led me to go back to school for my doctorate in natural medicine.

When did you start to pursue that? Was that three years prior to leaving?

That was in 2014.

That’s when you started to see that, in 2014, but in your mind it’s time to start to explore. You went and you pursued and got your doctor of natural medicine. The idea started to percolate. You know that you’re going to be making a shift sooner or later. You start going back to school. Did you have any thoughts of where you wanted to pursue? You’ve got The System by Stacy which is awesome, but did you know right away that you wanted to get into nutrition?

All of this stuff happened very organically for me. Bootcamp, I was like, “Let me take my clients out,” and then it built up from there. The system came out of part professional observation and part personal needs. What I mean by that is professionally I’ve worked with thousands of people in New York City who are super busy either running businesses, partners, law firms, full-time moms, traveling all the time and on and on.

What I found was, one, they can’t outtrain their diet. While they may have been running marathons or triathlons or coming to see me three times a week, if they weren’t eating right, they weren’t getting to where they want it to be physically and mentally. Simultaneously, a lot of them knew what they should be eating, but didn’t have time to go shopping, prepare food, cook food, eat food, clean up. They didn’t have time. I had that observation.

Personally, at about 36, 37, I started gaining weight and I was already doing everything “right” in terms of exercise and eating clean and drinking water. I didn’t even drink any alcohol at the time. I couldn’t figure out how to lose the weight, so I went to see a nutritionist. He and I started working together and we developed the base of what is now The System, which is an organic whey protein powder. I started using it myself. Within about two or three months, I lost sixteen pounds. I’ve kept it off. I didn’t feel hungry throughout the day which is important because someone who’s very active, if you start feeling hungry very quickly, you get grumpy and low energy and feel like you can’t do anything. I had so much success.

Personally, I had a lot of success with The System, using it and I thought to myself, “If this works for me, someone who does everything ‘right’, it’s going to work for all of my clients.” I had the idea, “Let me see what happens with my clients. I would give them little samples.” I’m like a drug dealer. “Here, try this,” and they loved it. They started asking if I could sell it to them. At that point, I was like, “Sure.” I was mixing it in my kitchen and giving it to them. Their body started changing and all the feedback I got was really positive. After doing, in retrospect, what I call market research at the time it was just, “Here, try this.” I thought, “There’s a market for this and this is a viable product. It’s something that people will want, use and love.” That’s how I got through The System.

You found the need personally and within your clients being New York, the busiest city in the world. You see these people who are running around and they know they need to eat healthy, but they can’t do it because they’re way too busy. Starting a nutrition company, a supplement company, that’s got to be a huge undertaking. There’s a gap of three years before you left Stacy’s Bootcamp.

I would completely say it was scary as fuck if you don’t mind me saying that. It’s funny because we had someone five years earlier who said, “You’re going to start a nutrition line.” I would have been like, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I do pushups.” It was scary. I had done Bootcamp for fifteen years. I was in Central Park at 5:00 AM, rain or shine, sleet or snow, most of the time it was dark out when I was in the car. It had come to define not only me professionally, but me personally. I am Bootcamp. I am this hardcore, badass woman, and hear me roar thing. When I left, for six months I was a bit shell shocked because I didn’t know how to define myself anymore. I had to redefine myself.

You left before anything was even established?

Yes. At that point, it was still in the very beginning stages. I didn’t have packaging, I didn’t have a website, I didn’t have much of anything. I just had this idea. I had positive feedback from my clients that I was selling it to. I had a belief in myself and a passion for the product. That’s what I rode on for a while.

To me, I have a handful of friends that are in the supplement space and manufacture their own supplements and the whole nine yards. My other business is in information marketing and digital marketing, so I sell thin air, nothing tangible. When you get something tangible like this coffee mug, I’m like, “I got to go talk to a manufacturer.” That’s terrifying to me. What was the first big leap for you to get your first sample out? Tell me about that process. How did you find your manufacturer, ingredient? There’s so much there, right?

I was very lucky I’m with that. I met this woman who I still work with. She had experience within the beverage company, but within the beverage industry, she came out with a brand that was a non-alcoholic adult drink. I started working with her as a business advisor and she had all the connections that I needed. What I was doing before it got to where it is now, where The System is now, I was doing in my very small commercial kitchen, literally mixing the protein, all the ingredients and packaging it and then I had to find larger suppliers. She had previously worked with Natural Development and they do food formulation and beverage formulation.



I’ve worked with them to reformulate what was already existing and they were able to connect me with larger suppliers so we can decrease our cost of goods. We were talking about opportunity, for me, all my opportunities have come from long-term strategy of the network that I had. I wouldn’t even call it strategy. I knew someone who I had met in Bootcamp who ran a fitness blog and then when she knew about The System, I gave her some samples. She was like, “You should speak to Sarah.” I spoke to Sarah who is now my business advisor and she’s the one who introduced me to the Natural Development, the food formulation company. It was a long-term strategy if you want to even call it that, but it was very organic. I found the right people at the right time and they introduced me to the right people at the right time.

It’s so interesting to see how this stuff develops and how it all articulates. Would this be called a supplement line or no?

It’s a meal replacement.

When was the commitment to saying, “Here’s the need. I want to go create a meal replacement. I want to go work in nutrition developing that?” Did going back to school have any correlation with your ultimate decision?

I was on that path before I went back to school. The only thing I could say is it happened organically with The System. I had not planned to create a supplement line. That was not in my realm of thinking at any point until the point where it works for me and then it worked for my clients. I was like, “This is something.” Once I saw that it works, I was committed to it. If I wasn’t committed to it, I’d probably would have jumped out of the window a long time ago because as an entrepreneur there are lots of ups and downs. I’m fully committed to it because this absolutely works. In the ups and downs, there has never been a moment where I wasn’t committed. It’s more anxiety than anything.

When I went back to school, it’s called Quantum University and it teaches these traditional forms of healing and health, but it teaches it through the principles of Quantum Physics, what appears on the outside to be looloo-ish practices but through a scientific lens. As I started getting deeper into natural medicine and understanding what’s going on at the subatomic level, at the cellular level and all that stuff, I realized that what you put in your body is so important to not only your physical health but your emotional, psychological health. If you believe in this, your spiritual health, because the things that you put in your body are the fundamental building blocks of every function of the body. Going back to school reinforced the idea that I’m on the right path with The System.

Were you going back to school the idea to help develop that professionally? Meaning, develop yourself professionally, hoping that would lead to something. Did you want to use this education to bolster your credibility for the system? Can you tell me a little bit about that?

It was a little bit of everything. I think that part of it was going back to school and getting a PhD. I am writing a book now based off of my research. It all goes into the credibility of me as the brand. When you have more credibility, people trust you and then they’re more willing to buy your product or your service and listen to you. The other thing I do besides The System is I do work one-on-one with people in order to help them heal mind, body, spirit, emotionally, psychologically, and physically.

What I was saying, at the time when I was younger and I started Bootcamp, I thought to be healthy it meant to exercise. As I got older I realized it’s not just exercise, it’s nutrition too. Then I got older and I realized it’s not just exercise and nutrition, there’s a psychological and emotional component to health. If these things aren’t in line or trying to be in line, then they have absolute real and measurable effects on everything else. Although it maybe seems a little piecemeal, the trajectory has always been towards this optimal health state and helping people reach that.

From a natural standpoint, I think there are a lot of similarities from where you started. The very first thing that you’ve told me is when you were growing up, you said it was your father who was in taekwondo, and I’m assuming there were no weights with that. It’s all-natural body. That’s like the genesis of all this tying together to natural health expertise. Kudos to you going to school to learn about Quantum Physics and starting a business.

It was at a certain point. I was like, “What am I doing?”

That’s why I was wondering, what the similarity was, because why you were going to get your doctorate and starting a business. Was it the chicken and the egg or are they all one? I think your body needed that. Your mental state clearly needed that but you’re also in a deep understanding of what you were doing, which helps supplement everything and help supplement your supplement business.

One of the experiences for me at a personal level, I used to have a really bad back pain. I did PT on myself. I saw a chiropractor, massage, and acupuncturist. I did X-rays and everything and my spine was in alignment. There was no issue. I remember going out to Arizona and doing this week-long meditation retreat. In meditation one day, I had this conversation with the universe, if you want to call it. In that moment, I felt some electric impulse pass through my body and my back completely released and never hurt again. That experience personally made me wonder, “What the F is going on? How did something that I’m experiencing in my physical body completely release from a psychological experience?”

That was also another thing that led me to want to go back to school. I have all of these experiences around the physical body that could not be explained in any logical way at the time anyway. I had those experiences and I felt them. I knew they were real because they happened to me. On the other hand, I’m from New York and I’m like, “What the fuck is going on here? What’s going on?” That’s what led me to going back to school because I wanted to understand how something psychological could have affected my physical body, and how do I get that to work for other people?

What’s the solution? Quantum Physics clearly. Let’s pivot a little bit and let’s talk about you starting your supplement line. You started The System by Stacy, you mentioned that there are tons of ups and downs, and if you weren’t committed you would’ve jumped out of the window. Tell me what some of those hurdles were. What were some of those obstacles that you had to overcome?

One of the major obstacles are the most recent obstacles. We outgrew the facility that we were using and we moved to another facility. We’re still a relatively small company. We’re not anything like the much larger supplement lines on the market that you could find in GNC and stuff like that. We couldn’t necessarily afford the co-packing facilities that maybe they could afford. Some of them were requesting like, “We need to have 100,000 units a month.” It has to be X amount per unit that we’re charging. We couldn’t make that promise. We found another co-packing location which was much smaller and very interested in growing their facility with us. It all sounded wonderful. They gave us a price that we felt very comfortable with, that we can afford, signed a contract, moved of our supplies there and there was something in the contract that the co-packer I guess didn’t read, although we were upfront with them all the time and it was in the contract. Once he realized that, he had a bit of a mental breakdown and said, “Forget it, I’m not co-packing for you anymore. This is the last time.”

We’re in contract so I knew on one hand you can’t just break the contract like that. On the other hand, you don’t want someone on your team that is not happy to be working with you. You want to smooth things over and work together to make sure everybody’s happy. That was one of the more recent setback which wound up not even being a setback. We had a conversation and he didn’t understand that part of the contract. Because I was dedicated to the partnership, I went ahead and paid him upfront for that first co-packing run that we did, so that he knew I was committed to the relationship and all that. You don’t want anyone on the team exploding at any point. That was one of the big hurdles.

Another one was initially when I started The System, I hired a relative. Don’t ever do that. It’s always a bad idea. I kept her on for probably two years longer than I should have because she was a relative and didn’t know how to navigate that. We’re going to have to see each other and talk to each other. Eventually in December, we parted ways professionally. In retrospect, that was probably the best thing we could have done for our relationship because we’re back to being friends, relatives, and all that stuff. Those were the two very big hurdles that I had to overcome.

Now we’re doing a series of fundraising. For me, all of my businesses grew very organically, so this whole financial models and all of that stuff and speaking the lingo is challenging for me because it’s not anything. I’m in health, I’m a doctor of natural medicine, I’m a fitness expert. I have a line. I could talk to you about the ingredients in the line, but now that I have to learn the language of investment, that’s another hurdle that we’re working through right now.

Are you developing anything? How are you leveraging currently your expertise, your background in health, in natural medicine? How are you leveraging that knowledge to develop further things specifically related to what you love to do, health and wellness? Are you developing new products? Getting away from the business aspect, how are you continuing to leverage all of your background in school and in your professional experience?

What I’m doing outside of The System and working with clients, I’m also writing a book and the title of the book is Love Yourself Naked: The Science Of Self-Perception, Spirituality And Weight Loss. That idea came out of my dissertation research, which is based off of the idea that self-perception affects your nervous system, biochemistry, and how that affects your immunity and metabolism and therefore weight loss. It’s piecemeal but not really. Writing the book feeds back into the brand, into the system as a brand, and into me as a doctor. It’s this very interconnected web of health and also avenues for people to know my brand, know the product, know the service, and read about the information.

What’s the goal with it? What’s the goal with the book? Is it to fuel more brand awareness for the system or growing your personal brand? What do you hope?

On a personal level, I think the book gets my personal brand but also the system out there. The more touch points you have, the more likely people are going to buy your product or service. Also, I think on a personal level/purpose level, the book is geared towards women. Out of all of the women that I’ve worked with since 1999, no matter what they look like on the outside, on the inside, they always had this negative dialogue going on in their head regarding what they look like. That stuff takes up so much mental bandwidth. If we could cancel, clear, and delete the nonsense, self-perception issues, then you could free up so much more space to get shit done, to do what you should be focusing on, not you’re five pounds if you’re overweight or 100 pounds if you’re overweight.

You’re your health is important and you want to feel good and you want to look good, but that’s not the most important. The most important is doing what you’re meant to be doing. The underlying goal outside of brand awareness and the touch points for people knowing me and my brand is to get women to recognize that they are pretty awesome people and to go forward in life as badass goddesses that they are.

You’re running a supplement company. You are writing a book. You recently finished getting your doctor of natural medicine. Did you say you’re also going to school for a bachelor’s?

I’m also in a program in Columbia Business School. I got accepted to this program that is for local vendors in Harlem, New York City. I’m a local vendor in Harlem. As part of the program, you get to go to Columbia Business School and talking about my more recent obstacles or hurdles that I’m overcoming, the whole financial language and all that stuff I’m not so familiar with. This program in Columbia Business School will give me the language and teach me the methods and all that stuff. I’m also doing that.

One of the key characteristics and traits of entrepreneurs and experts is we never stop learning. While I don’t think I will ever pursue a Quantum Physics degree or learning about Quantum Physics like you do, I stopped at mechanical engineering so that’s a little over my head. How many more times are you going to keep going to school? Will it ever stop?

Every time I think I’m done with school, something else comes up. I love learning, I love reading, I love finding out new things. A lot of times I go to programs and a lot of it is reinforcing the things that I know, but there are also golden nuggets that you could integrate and expand yourself, your company, your product, whatever it is. I don’t think I’ll ever not be learning, but I think once I finish the Columbia thing, I may pause for a little while.

Stacy, I’ve had a blast with our conversation. Based on your entire journey and even starting with your dad and it was martial arts and taekwondo, that’s obviously what has sprung you into this world of natural medicine. Knowing that your body can do more, your body has greater potential that has set you on this unbelievable journey of now launching Stacy’s Bootcamp for fifteen years, working with people to help them achieve physical strength, the diet aspect and fueling your body and then getting in touch. It all leads into one another. It’s such a fascinating journey and fascinating story of how to turn your expertise into income and seizing those opportunities. Where can people connect with you? Where can people find your stuff and go buy your supplements?

They can find me at TheSystemByStacy.com. That’s where my product is mostly online, although we are doing some distribution in the US and a lot in the Middle East. If you’re in the Middle East listening to this, you can find me on the shelves there. If you want to speak to me about doing health consulting for you, email me at Stacy@TheSystemByStacy.com.

Stacy, did we leave anything else out that you wanted to make sure that we included in this interview that is important for my listeners to learn about you?

The first thing that I would say not necessarily about me is if you are an entrepreneur or you’re thinking and you have an idea, I would say go for it. Even if it doesn’t succeed, you will learn so much and hopefully whatever you learn, you can go forward with and maybe start something else with. My number one piece of advice is just go for it. If you waited until everything is in line, you’ll probably never make it, so just go for it.

Even if it doesn’t work out, it usually opens up other opportunities and that’s the whole name of the game. If you also want to connect with Stacy, just go to any library, go to any university, I’m sure she’ll be your future classmate. Stacy, I had a blast. It was such a pleasure talking to you. I’m checking out your stuff and I will be checking out later because I’m in the health kick. I’m trying to not be cranky when I get hungry.

If you need The System by Stacy, it will help. Thank you so much, Joel. It’s been a pleasure.

Go reach out to Stacy. Let her know that you heard her story and you learned all about her on Experts Unleashed. Give her a shout-out. Connect with her and go follow what she’s doing. She’s doing some amazing stuff. She’s way smarter than I am, so I know that you’ll learn a whole lot more by following her website and her blog. Thanks Stacy. For everyone else, see you on the next episode.

About Dr. Stacy Berman

Many people got to know Stacy Berman by getting their asses handed to them at one of her Stacy’s Bootcamp sessions in Central Park. Not only did they get some of the most intense workouts of their lives, but they also got to hear Stacy’s thoughts on health, wellness, and balance. But it was probably her infectious laugh (and usually at least one remark about how everyone is going to be able to get naked in a moment’s notice) that kept the crowds coming back for more.

Soon after her creating the first boot camp in NYC, Stacy realized that exercise is not the only component for creating a sound mind in a sound body, or getting you to look amazing with your clothes off. Stacy realized that putting anything less than the best in your body is a waste and The System by Stacy has developed from that philosophy. Stacy created The System to help herself, her clients, and the world at large achieve a higher level of health and fitness.

During her childhood in the Bronx, Stacy’s father got her interested in martial arts like Tae Kwon Do, Capoeira, and kickboxing. She took the knowledge she gained about kicking ass and decided to turn around and kick everyone else’s ass, but for their benefit. Stacy majored in Health Education and Psychology and became a certified personal trainer after graduation. In 2000 Stacy was named one of the top 10 trainers of the year, became a certified nutrition specialist, and started studying consciousness and meditation with Dr. Baskaran Pillai, a world-renowned guru whose education is geared towards enhancing human intelligence and positively transforming every aspect of life. Stacy completed an eight year apprenticeship with a Native American Shaman of the Hopi tradition and in 2017 received a Ph.D Natural Medicine. With over 20 years of hands on experience and scientific research under her belt, Stacy is an expert in reshaping people’s bodies, minds and lives.

Stacy is a Dr. of Natural Medicine, is completing a business degree at Columbia University has also appeared on The Bobby Flay Show,  The Doctors, Forbes,  The Wall Street Journal, Healthline, ABC, NBC, and CBS. As quick with a joke as she is with a nugget of psychological insight or nutritional science, Stacy is focusing her considerable energy on using protein to unlock the healthy potential inside of every body and working with people to unlock the potential inside every mind. And don’t worry, she’s just as concerned with how everyone looks naked as she ever was.

To book an appointment please email stacy@thesystembystacy.com

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