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Rant on the Coaching Industry

Tags: threats, mentality, mastermind, coaching, marketing

I am quite frankly sick of our industry and how some people run masterminds and coaching groups. 

I am not doing this to my own horn.

Nobody should be threatened to be forced to spend money with their quote-unquote mastermind to help fix something that never ends up getting fixed.

It is time to call out.

Find out here.

You'll Discover:

  • You should never feel threatened. [3:37]

  • The cultish mentality has to stop. [4:05]

  • You should never follow somebody who makes threats about your success. [5:27]

  • Eliminate the stigma of the mastermind coaching and business marketing community. [6:17]

  • There are plenty of good people out there and a few bad apples. [8:54]

… and much more!

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