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Reinvention is Scary…?

Tags: big steps, small steps, identity, reinvention, brand

I listened to copy chief radio, which is my good buddy’s podcast.

He is talking about reinvention, and I thought it was pretty relevant as I am going through some internal reinventions.

Today, let’s talk about non-marketing related.

I want to share with you about reinvention.

You'll Discover:

  • Reinvention is the idea of pivoting and becoming somebody new. [4:59]

  • When you start the process of reinvention, you start something new and become that new identity. [5:49]

  • The number one fear and hesitancy of going through reinvention is moving from their current brand. [8:36]

  • It’s okay to be scared, nervous, and hesitant. Just take a little step at a time. [11:43]

  • Start taking more small steps, which will turn into bigger things. [12:40]

… and much more!

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