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The Affiliate Marketing Thrive: EU 90 with Robby Blanchard

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We have an amazing guest today and he is a good friend of mine.

He is big in affiliate marketing. The greatest of all time on the ClickBank platform. He is the number one affiliate that has over 1300 students and makes a collective earnings of $87 million. 

He won the ClickBank diamond award for doing over $5 million in a single year, which is the largest platform for affiliate marketing products. 

This episode is going to be a straight up consulting call.

His name is Robby Blanchard.

You'll Discover:

  • There is value on all sides of the coin and value in all sorts of different things. [13:03]

  • If you know how to run traffic, you will never go broke. [13:40]

  • Most people have a really good offer. They didn’t know how to run traffic. [15:47]

  • Once you can do it a hundred times, you can do it a thousand times. [19:47]

  • Learn the skill of advertising and the skill of running traffic. [54:41]

… and much more!

Episode Transcript

EU 90 audio

[00:00:00] Robby Blanchard:

You know, simple is always better. Right. I think that you know, most people try to over-complicate success online. And I was guilty of that too, when I first started, but it wasn’t until I’m like, wow, like, okay, someone else’s product. So nigh balls to it and have a simple quiz or a simple money page.

That’s it. Right. And it’s changed my life forever. I mean, it changed my life in ways I never even thought possible and change the lives of lots of people around the world.

[00:00:23] INTRO:

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[00:01:06] Joel Erway:

Hey, what’s going on, everybody. Joel Erway here and welcome to another very special episode of experts unleashed and you are in for, I am so excited. You’re already in for an amazing treat today. And so I have a very special guest on the show here today. A good friend of mine, a somebody who I’ve been working with for years and have seen him just really blow up in his space.

A good buddy, Robby Blanchard is joining us on the call here today. Now I reached out to Robby a few weeks ago because in full transparency, we’re Facebook friends and he shared a post on his Facebook profile of it was an award or a letter I’ll have him talk about in just a second, his award or a letter that basically said, Hey, rod, You’re the greatest to ever do this in the entire game.

He should, here are the results that you’ve done. And I remember I commented on the post I’m loving Robby. This needs to be an ad immediately. And so anyway, it was really, really funny because Robby is big in affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing has been something that I participate in. I have not done it full-time, it’s kind of, you know, some extra income that I do on the side, but I have always been very, very interested in affiliate marketing.

And so Robby is the goat. He’s literally the greatest of all time on the ClickBank platform. He’s the number one affiliate he has had over 1300 students of his make collective earnings of $87 million which equates to about $66,000 per student.

That’s just absolutely incredible. So, I have a really special guest here today. I’m obviously Robby’s here and I’m pumped to chat about his, you know, what he’s doing, where he’s taking this training, where he’s taking his system and you’re going to love it. So, Robby, welcome to the show, my man.

[00:02:59] Robby Blanchard:

Joel, what’s going on? How are ya?

[00:03:01] Joel Erway:

I’m really excited if you can’t tell.

[00:03:05] Robby Blanchard:

Nice! Me too. Happy to be here.

[00:03:07] Joel Erway:

Yeah, dude. It’s always an honor to have good people on the show and I’m just going to be honest, man. I’m going to treat this like a straight-up consulting call, right? I may, I am going to be a prospective buyer of your forest system because I’m an entrepreneur.

I like shiny objects. And when you’ve got as much proof as you’ve got in your system at, in your methodology, you know, it’s hard to ignore it. And so, do me a favor just for my audience that is relatively new to this space. Maybe they don’t know who you are. Maybe they don’t know what your background is.

Give us a quick 32nd introduction as to who you are, and we’ll start there.

[00:03:45] Robby Blanchard:

Yeah, sure. Well Robby Blanchard, as Joel said, and just a couple of years ago, probably about seven years ago, I was a gym owner, right? So, I went to school for exercise and sports science Keon personal trainer ended up owning a CrossFit gym for many, many years.

But I was struggling right. There were times where I ran out of money before I ran out of the month, which is never a good thing. And I said, what am I going to do to fix this? And so, through my research, I found that most people that I knew that were being successful financially, I had an online business.

And so that kind of got me down this rabbit hole of trying a lot of different things and failing at a lot of different things. You know, I tried having an agency, I tried e-commerce I tried all these different things. Right. And if I wasn’t so stubborn, Joel, I probably would’ve given up and quit.

Right. But I’m very stubborn. I’m a tourist. Right. So, I’m just stubborn. So, I said, you know what, let me just figure this thing out. So, I ended up stumbling across, you know basically affiliate marketing, right? Where you basically take somebody else’s product that you don’t own, and you promote it and you get paid a commission on every single one.

And to me, that was like, you know, when I found out about this, it was like a thousand light bulbs going off in my head being like, wow, this, this is amazing because I don’t have to have my own product. I don’t have to have inventory customer service. I can just run ads to a product and make commission and make money, which is, I think the purest form of having online business.

Right. Which is the reason why we all started online businesses to make money. Right. And so for me, that kind of got me on that rabbit hole and I took it to the next level. Basically, I went from you know, making a couple sales a day to then making a thousand dollars a day and then making $50,000 a day.

And then eventually what happened was I got so good at it that I actually became officially number one on ClickBank, which is one of the largest actually the largest platform for affiliate marketing products. I’ve won the ClickBank diamond award for doing over $5 million in a single year. I’ve got two years.

But the thing I’m most proud of is what you just mentioned. Joel is the fact that the students that I’ve taught this to have had a lot of success too. And this is actually the letter, this is the letter from ClickBank themselves. And basically, they analyze over 1300 of my students.

And in the past couple of years of those students have done 87 million, $831,489 in gross sales. And the crazy thing, Joel is as 1300 students, I have over 11,000 students. So, I don’t even know what that number would be, but much higher than 87 million. And that’s the thing that gets me so excited because at the end of the day, I’m a big believer.

If you want to get what you want in life, you need to help as many people as possible, get what they want in life. And so, this just kind of confirms that we’re doing that. And I’m very blessed to be in that position. Yeah.

[00:06:17] Joel Erway:

That’s amazing, man. So actually, want to go back in your story a little bit. Like that’s awesome, like big picture overview, but like, you know, I’m an engineer, I like getting into the details.

Right. And so, when was it that you started dabbling in affiliate marketing, and what year?
[00:06:29] Robby Blanchard:

It was right around 2015.

[00:06:31] Joel Erway:

Okay. So 2015, we were still working in the gym business, right?

[00:06:34] Robby Blanchard: Yep. Full-time yes.

[00:06:35] Joel Erway:

Cool. And so is this when you discovered ClickBank or were you dabbling in other affiliate networks? Like how did you get introduced to the affiliate market? How did you discover it?

[00:06:44] Robby Blanchard:

Yeah. Good question. So, so pretty much what happened was as a gym owner I would always follow a couple of guys that taught you how to grow your gym business. Right? And so, there was one guy, his name was Pedro schooling, and he was a mentor of mine.

And he actually had him, him and this guy, Craig Valentine, another mentor of mine started a mastermind. It was called a hundred, a hundred K info product mastermind. Right. So basically, it was like how you can create your own product and put it on to a ClickBank, for example, and then do affiliate marketing and make money.

Right. So, I actually joined that mastermind at the time I think it was, it was a lot of money for me at the time. I don’t, I don’t think I even had the money for it, but I just did it anyway. Because I knew that, Hey, again, the coach mentor is the fastest way to success. So, I did it, put it on the card and that’s where I found out about ClickBank.

And basically, the way I found out about it was they said, Hey, Robby, like, you need to come up with your own product. That’s the way to success. And so, I came up with a product, it was a CrossFit-focused product, and I’ll never forget this. Joel. I remember joining the mastermind, creating the product, and working so hard on it.

I remember going to the mastermind, it was in Miami, and seeing all these people and at the time email marketing was the big thing to do with affiliate marketing. So, I went to every single person in that mastermind. I said, Hey, would you be willing to promote my product? That’s where he told me.

Every single person Joel said no. Yeah. And the reason why is because all these, all these people had big email lists that were weight-loss focused, right. Kind of, kind of oriented where my product was not a weight loss product, so there’s a disconnect. And so, at the time I’m like, oh my gosh, like here I am, I spend all this money to be part of the mastermind and nobody wants to buy my product.

What am I going to do, you know? So literally what I did Joel, is that that night I’ll never forget that night. I said you know what, I’m going to try, just run some Facebook ads because in the past, that’s what turned my gym around was running Facebook ads for like a challenge for my gym. And it took that gym from being down and out and then just exploding at the seams.

And so, I said, well, maybe if it works, my gym, maybe it’ll work for this product. So, didn’t know what I was doing really. So, I said, okay, let’s just go ahead and set up a couple of ads. It was maybe $20. I was spending something like that day. I set my ads up and go to the ed the next morning. I’m in Miami, wake at up my hotel.

Check my ClickBank account, expecting to see all zeros. And I saw I had three sales and I said, oh my gosh, like three sales are crazy. And that, and it wasn’t, it was like maybe $30, $40 in the sales. Right. But for me, it might’ve as well have been 40 million because I was like, this is insane.

Right. I remember calling my parents and saying, Hey, did you guys buy my products? And they’re like, what products? And I’m like, all right, it wasn’t my parents. So, I knew somebody in the world, I didn’t know, never met. It was on Facebook, saw my ad clicked on it, bought the program, and got paid. Right.

And so, for me, that was just like, that was like a light bulb moment. Right.

[00:09:32] Joel Erway:

And this is a product owner. This is not like; this is not even on the affiliate side. This is you’re selling your own product, but you’ve got introduced. I mean, so for those of you who aren’t aware, ClickBank runs both sides. Like you can host your product there, or you can be an affiliate.

So, it’s kind of that all-in-one solution in case people are getting confused anyway. So, keep going, made your first three sales, parents didn’t buy it. You’re in the, you’re in the black.

[00:09:54] Robby Blanchard:

I’m doing all right. So, so I said, okay man, I’m onto something here. Right? So, then I started to spend a little bit more money. I went from like $20 to like $23.

And then I was really going crazy, you know? And I just kept going up. And so, I ended up having some success and I ended up doing about a thousand dollars a week with my own products on Facebook ads. Right. And then I remember being in the mastermind. I remember finally there was people starting to come up to me and saying, Robby, like, how are you getting these sales without an email list?

I’m like, well, I’m just running Facebook ads. They’re like, well, could you try to try my product on, on Facebook and see how it goes? Okay, cool. So, I started running other people’s products, right. And then I started to see even more success because these guys are way better at creating products. And I was, I was just a newbie.

Right. You know, so they were way better and more dialed in with. And so, I started to scale up some of their products and it got to the point where there were some products that I promoted where they would do like these monthly contests at the time, you know, people with big email lists when those contests, but then, you know, here comes me with no email list and I’m starting to when these, when these contests which are my Facebook ads, right?

And then it got to the point where really my big breakthrough was in 2017. So, this is like a couple of years of, of, of just grinding it out. In 2017, there was an affiliate contest for a product called fat diminisher a weight loss product. And basically, the prize for that, it was for the month of May the person that does the most front-end sales on the minimum of 5,000 front end sales would get their 90% commission plus $5,000 in cash, plus a Rolex watch.

Right. And I said, okay, well, let me go ahead and see if I can do this with my ads. Month of May finished out. I didn’t have 5,000 front end sales. I had 6,000 front end sales. I ended up winning the contest and then I won the $5,000 in cash, plus my commission plus the Rolex watch. And that was crazy Joel cause like, I mean, never in a million years that I ever think I’d own a Rolex watch, let alone a win-win.

Right. And so that really kinda got me on this thing, like, wow, like, like this is, this is crazy. Like there is no ceiling with what we do here. So, that’s, that was in 2017 and then 2019 was when I really, really, you know, kind of just became number one on ClickBank. And so crazy story with that is that basically it was in I wasn’t really running too much in December, December.

I was kind of taking it easy. I said, you know, I’m gonna start my ads up again and see if I can get things going. And I remember it was like the first week in January 2019. And I remember someone messaged me on Skype and they said, Hey, Robby, like, congrats. You’re in third place. And I was like, cool for what?

And they’re like, oh, like ClickBank’s doing a contest right now for like the top affiliate, blah, blah, blah. So, I said, wow. Okay, cool. Like I’m in third place. I wasn’t, I didn’t know. There’s a contest. Maybe I should try a little bit and let’s see if I can win this thing. So, that month of January I pushed and pushed and pushed I ended up doing $981,000 in sales in that month, January one, the ClickBank contest, beat all the, you know, the big names in the contest and became number one.

And the rest they say is history.

[00:12:55] Joel Erway:

You know, it’s so fascinating because coming from a product owner side, which is what I am, I have, you know, I’m, I have my own products, right? There’s value on all sides of the coin, me like there’s value in knowing how to run traffic there’s value in having a great product.

There is value in all sorts of different things, but it’s like, if you look at them. Of making a sale, you’ve got the offer and then you’ve got, how are you going to send people to it? And what I love about your story that entire Genesis story is like, when you went from selling your own product to then selling other, like helping run traffic for other people’s products and having even bigger success.

What that really accentuates for me is a couple of things. Number one, if you know how to run traffic, you will never go broke. Like if you know how to run profitable traffic, you will never go broke. And number two, like it’s so important to find great offers and, you know, great offers that convert. And there’s no shortage of them.

Meaning like there will always be people who will need promotion for a great offer. And I will tell you. And this isn’t diminishing anything that we’re talking about here, creating a great offer and a great product, really, really freaking hard. Like it is still hard because just like what you did, Robin, this is, what’s so many people because this is what I coach.

This is what I do is I work with people, helping them create products. Like if your product or your offer, just if the market doesn’t want it, there’s nothing you can do. You’re going to send traffic to it. And it’s just going to be like beating a dead horse. And so that’s why I’ve always been so attracted to affiliate marketing is because number one, I don’t have to fulfill on anything.

Like I would love to just collect the cash and, you know, send traffic to someone who’s already done. The legwork created a great offer, you know, get paid a commission. I get paid to sit home and I just turned the dial. Right. Turn the dial on ad spend, like, is it converting sweet? Let’s spend a little bit more.

See how it goes. Is it still converting? Sweet. Let’s spend a little bit more and I’m done, right. I would much rather. I don’t want to like to cannibalize my business, but like, I would much rather just sit and monitor that dial and say, okay, cool. Now how many more offers can I, can I bolt on, like, it’s just such a cool business model.

Like if you learn traffic, as you’ll never be broke. You’ll never be broke because there’s no shortage of offers. There will never be a shortage of converting offers. And anyway, that’s, that was an awesome, awesome story. Like, I didn’t know that about you. I actually did not know that you were in that mastermind with Vitro and Craig, like I knew your background was in, was in fitness and whatnot, but that’s cool. You started just running trapper for other people and go like, Hey, I can sell anything.

[00:15:44] Robby Blanchard:

Yeah, pretty much. And that was the thing I found out was that most people have that had a really good offer. They didn’t know how to run traffic. Right. So, there’s, it’s hard. You never really find people that run have an offer and run traffic and really good at it.

Right. So that was where, you know, I kind of had that advantage, and then the, honestly the best thing they ever happened to me was when all those affiliates told me no. Right. Because it forced me to figure it out. And, and as I said, it all came full circle because the people that said no, you know, later on, were approaching me to promote their offer on Facebook.

Right. Because their email wasn’t as good as it used to be. And so that, so that was pretty cool. So yeah, it’s been, it’s been a crazy journey. And so basically what happened was, you know, when I won the ClickBank contest I kinda made a deal with myself. I said, you know, what, if I win this ClickBank contest then I’ll think about, you know, putting together a program or something to help other people be successful.

Right? Yeah. I’ll even tell you, like, I don’t tell too many people this, but a year prior, but now probably about 2018 or so I actually had a kind of an outline of a program done on like, how do people help people out? But I never released it. And the reason why I was, I was like, ah, man, I don’t know if I’m good enough.

Like, I don’t know if I can teach people of this, look at results, blah, blah. But then I said, you know what? If I, if I win the ClickBank contest and I’m like documented number one, I’m going to do it. And so, and so I did. And then, so we started on that journey. That was just about three years ago now. And like I said, since that time we’ve helped over 11,000 people generate over $87 million and much, much more.

And the best thing I love about it is it’s just, that it’s not like people that had a tech background or were online, mark. No, like they’re just regular people, ordinary people from all over the world. They’re just following the system and having success. And so that, to me, that’s, that’s awesome.
Like my success is great and everything, but, you know, nothing gets me more excited than getting out of bedfast in the morning. When I, when I’m thinking about my student success, you know, so that’s, that’s really what drives me.

[00:17:34] Joel Erway:

Love it, dude.

I mean, it’s amazing just to, you know, we, you know, I’ve been in this game for a while and you know, one of the biggest limiting beliefs is like, Hey, you know, how fast can I have success? And it’s like, that’s why I love this podcast because that’s really, what I try to do is I try to unpack the journey of. Going from zero to hero or like, you know, how you got that success. And it’s like from 2015, when you were struggling in your gym, and then you joined a mastermind, put that on a credit card.

And even though he didn’t get that direct ROI, like, you know, you launched your product, but like that led to the next door, which led to the next door was opened the next door. And that’s what people really have to understand. It’s like, you have to be willing to open that first door except that invitation to the first door and then keep exploring, because you never know where that’s going to lead.

So, from 2015 to 2017 was when you, I think if I’m, if I took these notes properly and that’s when he won your first affiliate contest was in 2017 for fat diminisher weight loss program. Is that correct? Yep. That’s correct. Yep. Yep. That’s awesome, man. So, 2018, you launched commission hero. The big promise of the program is getting to your first thousand-dollar day, right?

Isn’t like the big, the big kind of goal?

[00:18:47] Robby Blanchard:

Yeah. That’s the big goal. Yeah. And for me, that’s something that I always cause I remember when I got, I got my first thousand dollar day online, it was like, you know, I remember checking my ClickBank count and I had to like, you know, I had to like refresh it a couple of times.

I had to like to stare at it. Like I was looking, you know, I’m like, is this real? Did I really make a thousand dollars in a single day? You know? And the answer was yes, I did. And so, for me, that was always like, kind of a special moment. So, I said, you know what, like, that’s, that’s kind of the goal for students, right?

Like I want you to come in and want you to get that, you know, work towards that thousand dollars a day and then go from there because, you know, a thousand dollars seems so far and out of reach for a lot of people, but then when you. You’re like, oh, what’s next like 5,000 or 10,000. There are more rights.

And I think that’s you know, there’s something special about that, right? Because it shows as possible, but even just, you know, that’s the big goal, but even the simple goal of getting your first sale online is, is, is huge because you always remember your first sale. And I tell my students, Hey, listen, like the first sale is awesome because if you can do it once you can do it a hundred times, you do it a thousand times.

Right. That’s, it’s just a rinse and repeat and it gets easier and easier as you go along. You know?

[00:19:53] Joel Erway:

Do you remember what your first thousand-dollar day was? What product it was like, what product got you to that first thousand dollars day?

[00:19:59] Robby Blanchard:

Yeah, it was it was a product called unlock your hip flexors.

[00:20:03] Joel Erway:

Random, like, that’s what I love about these offers.

Like, man, they’re so like there’s so you think that has to be like this big-name program or like offer a supplement or whatever, but no, it doesn’t like, there’s just massive volume buyers and products. It’s just, it just unlocks your hip flexors, like a thousand dollars in commissions from unlock your hip flexors.

[00:20:28] Robby Blanchard:

Just a, just a stretching program. It’s got 10 stretches in it. I think it was like maybe it’s $15 product and then had some upsells on the back end and stuff. But yeah. And it’s, and the reason why it works so well, honestly, Joel is like the, you know, we really focus on large categories and niches. And that’s one of the reasons why, you know, our students have so much success because like for example, we focus on a weight loss offer, for example, pretty much everybody wants to lose weight, you know, at some point in their life.

Right. So, it’s very easy to target that, right. Or like unlock your hip. Flexor was like a pain relief type of thing. People have low back pain. Like a lot of people have that millions of people. So, we don’t focus on like these really tiny legs, you know, basket weaving or anything like that. We really focus on large categories because it makes it easier to have success.

Your targeting and your advertising are more effective. And when you find a winning creative and ad, like, you can, you can scale, which is what we want to do. Yeah.

[00:21:23] Joel Erway:

Oh, let’s, let’s go there next. Right. So, like, if I’m new to this space, which I’ve never advertised or sold anything on ClickBank in the past, like where is it that I want to start?

Is it like, you know, obviously we want to get set up and ClickBank first? Right? We don’t, we don’t really want to talk about that. Irrelevant to those, you know, people can figure that out or, you know, it’s in your, in your program, but like, you know, once you get set up on that, on that platform, like where do I go?

Am I looking for offers first? Am I like, what’s my planning stage?

[00:21:54] Robby Blanchard:

Yeah. Great question. So, this is something where I it’s, it’s so simple that you might feel like there should be more to it. But what most people do is they try to find like the most obscure offer or an offer that a lot of people aren’t promoting or cause they’re worried about, you know, there’s a little bit scarcity there.

Like, well, I don’t want too many people over on this offer at the same time. I learned very quickly, you got to do the opposite, right? So, what I do is in ClickBank, there’s no marketplace and you go into the marketplace, and literally, you hit the search bar and you just look at the overall top offers.

Right? So. You know, overall, regardless of category. And just so you know, the overall always going to be weight loss at the top. But I look at the first two pages of clickbait, that’s it in terms of the marketplace. And if it’s on the first two pages of ClickBank that I know without a doubt, it converts people are buying it and it’s going to work.

Right. So that’s great, that’s a big relief because, you know, in the past I would have to, you know, if it was an obscure offer, I’d have to test it first and see, oh man, well, this even sell. Right. And then sometimes I spend time, energy effort, and money on a product that didn’t sell. And so, I said, well, this is no good.

And like, I want, why don’t I just get rid of that roadblock and just promote products that I know work and they do sell. So that’s oh my gosh, what a great relief because now I have to worry about that. Now I can focus on the other aspects, which is just getting eyeballs onto that offer. And so, so that’s what we do.

We just focused on the high converting offers. The great thing about targeting those large categories is it doesn’t matter how many people are promoting that same product there there’s room for everybody, right? It’s just, you know, if you have a hundred people if we’re on the same product for your advertising to an audience of 200 million people, there’s plenty of room, you know?

So, so that’s, that’s the reason why we focused it on it, and we keep it so simple as these top offers high-converting category. And there’s one other thing we focus on is the payout, right? How much does it pay us per sale? And so nowadays it’s so great because when I first started, I would be over the moon, excited if I got paid about 35, $40 a sale with commission, right.

Nowadays on ClickBank, they have supplement offers, right? And an average payout is like a hundred to $120 per sale. Right? So, so now you’re getting paid three times as much as I used to get paid during the same thing. So, so, and this is why that thousand-dollar day mark becomes so much more attainable.

If you’re getting paid $120 for every sale, how many sales do you need to get to $10,000 a day? Well, less than 10, right? So, you’re like, wow. I could probably get less than 10 sales a day. Like that’s very attainable and very doable. And then it just goes on from there. So that’s why those are like the three things I look for on ClickBank.

[00:24:33] Joel Erway:

Cool. So, I only got two of them versus the first two pages. Look for the top. Converting offers. First two pages of clickbank. What’s the payout? Maybe I missed the third one.

[00:24:41] Robby Blanchard:

Yes. Oh, and then a large category right. Has to be, has to be a large category. Yup. Yep. Got it.

[00:24:45] Joel Erway:

Okay. So large category. Awesome. So, all right.

So, we hop in and we filter the products and I know click think like, it literally shows us like, Hey, here’s here you go. Like, it’s, it’s not hard to find that. Right. Because they want as many affiliates as possible. Right? Yep. Yep. So, you know, so what happens after that? Like, okay, cool. Like I’ve, you know, see these offers, these ones are converting payouts right there.

What’s next?

[00:25:10] Robby Blanchard:

Yeah. So, so the next step for me is typically what I’ll do is I’ll actually watch the or get the product information. So, I’ll usually they have what they call a VSL, which is a video sales letter. So, I will actually as boring as it is, I’ll watch the VSL. And during that time, I’ll take out a notepad and I’ll write down all the things that I think this VSL is speaking to you.

Right. It’s based on, I’m trying to build out my avatar, right. The ideal customer for this product. Okay. And so, you know, is it, are they targeting women or targeting men? Like how old is the people they’re targeting? Where are they from? Are they married? Are they single? Are they overweight? Like all this stuff, I build out the avatar.

Right. And then once I build that avatar out, then I start to build my kind of advertising campaign that I’m going to run on, on Facebook. Right. So, the first step is I have to create what I call a money page. Now a money page as a very simple, like one page I guess you call it a website, but it’s just a one-page landing page.

And basically, what it does is it basically, it’s usually a quiz is what we do, right. So, I always work in reverse. So, you know, the end user will see an ad on Facebook. They’ll then click to the money page, then they’ll click to the offer. So, I build my campaign the opposite, right? Because that way I know when I build my campaign, it’s going to be congruent the entire way through.

Right. Because if you do the opposite where you try to build your ads first, then build your landing page. Now, now the offer is a second secondary thought and there can be disconnect. Right. So, so I always build my offer opposite. Right? So, it’s kind of a golden nugget there. And then so basically the, the money pages are basically a quiz.

It’s like a three or four question quiz, and it just asks questions, curiosity-based questions for the person that’s viewing that quiz. So, for. You know, the first question I always ask is like, you know, an example would be when you wake up in the morning, do you get up on the right side of the bed or the left side of the bed?

Right. And so, it’s a question where people will say, well, why, why are they asking me this? This is about like weight loss, like, oh, like, oh, well maybe, maybe we’re getting up on the left side is better for my weight loss. Right. Or, or maybe it’s, oh wait, maybe it’s worse. Like which one? You know? So, then it’s like, so all these thoughts started to happen in there, in their head, during the quiz.

And then we go on to the next question, which would be, for example, like you know, something along the lines of like in the past, what have you done and failed out when it came to losing weight? Right? So then now we’re getting these kinds of emotional-based questions coming in. And then, then finally, the last question is like, if you could learn about a simple solution, a two-minute solution that could, blah, blah, blah, would you wanna learn about it?

Well, yes. Okay. Then it clicks and takes them over to the actual offers. So, so essentially that’s why we have a money page. The second reason we have a money page is that Facebook does not allow you to directly send people to an offer directly, which is fine. And because with the money page and the quiz, we actually get more sales by having more resistance to get to the offer, believe it or not.

[00:27:55] Joel Erway:

So, I actually didn’t even know that, like, I, you know, even being an experienced marketer and running traffic to my own offers I just thought you were kind of sending them straight to the VSL. I didn’t know it was against their terms or whatever. Are you collecting an email at the end of the quiz?

[00:28:10] Robby Blanchard:


[00:28:11] Joel Erway:

No? So, it’s just, it’s just building intent. Right?

[00:28:13] Robby Blanchard:

Yep, yep, yep, exactly. Yeah. We tested collecting emails and our day one, like return on investment, like tanked big time. And so, because you gotta remember, like, these products are, you know, anywhere in the 40 to a hundred-dollar range, they’re, they’re emotional based purchases.

Right? So, so when someone is goes to the quiz and the reason why we have the quizzes, obviously Facebook wants us to have a page in between. And it also changes people’s mindset because when people are on Facebook, it’s just kind of a social mindset. They’re just kinda just aimlessly scrolling.

And we want people to go to the page and then they have more of a buyer’s mindset, and we want to prime them for the offer. But yeah, that’s the reason behind it. And so, you know, that’s, that makes a big, big difference in terms of conversions. And so, yeah, so we go straight for the actual sale on day one, where we’re trying to be profitable on day one and almost all the time we are once we get dialed in.

[00:29:04] Joel Erway:

I love it, man. That’s something that I wanted to test for so long as quizzes and it, you know, but I don’t have a mass market offer. So anyway, I digress. Right. So, we had a quiz. So, for those of you who aren’t internet marketing savvy, right? So, it, your money page is a quiz page.

They’re asking them that three or four questions building up intent, kind of like building that buying pressure. And then ultimately that directs them to whatever the affiliate product that you’re promoting at that point. And so all right, cool. And so, you got the money page and then what happens after that?

[00:29:38] Robby Blanchard:

Yeah. So then after we, after we get the money page built up, now we go, obviously, remember, we’re working in reverse here. So now we’re going to work on the actual ads that people are going to see on Facebook when like, so for example, when you scroll in your news feed on your phone, you’ll see like ads pop up and that’s where we’re going to have our ads.

And so, one of the things we do, or one of the things we don’t do on our ads, we don’t sell on the ad. Right. We don’t mention buy this. We don’t, we don’t do any of that stuff. Right. Because remember Facebook’s a social platform, right. Nobody goes on to Facebook in the morning, say, I want to buy a weight loss program.

No, nobody does that. Right. People go on to Facebook to see what their friends are doing. Look at, you know, memes. That’s what they do. Right. And so, we have to grab their attention. So, the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to do like a curiosity-based image, right? It could be it could be an illustration type of image.

It could be it can be a video in some cases, too. And then basically what we want to do is want to get people to stop scrolling, right? We want them to just stop dead in their tracks and be like, whoa, what is going on here? Right. And the reason why we do this is basically what we’re doing is we’re creating open loops.

And so if you’re not familiar with what an open loop is, basically if in a real-world example, if I were to say to Joel Hey, to hear what happened today, and I didn’t say anything else, well, guess what? I created an open loop. And now in Joel’s mind, he has to close the open loop because he just has to, like, it just it’ll drive him crazy. We didn’t know what happened today. Right.

And so, we do that on Facebook, but we do that with the actual image. Right. So, the image will be maybe it’s a little bit, a little bit strange or it’s like, you know, it’s, they’re, they’re cooking something in a, in a pan. You’re not sure exactly what it is, or it has apple cider vinegar.

And it’s like, pointing was like, what is going on here? So, it makes you want to go and click over to the actual page and find out what it is because you have to close that open loop. And then basically what we do is we support the image and the, and the, or video with some advertising copies. Now the advertising copy is not technical.

It’s not like not to be a good copywriter. You want to basically talk in the first person and basically tell a story, right? So, here’s an example. If I were to write a copy for a weight loss product, I would say the other day I was at the grocery store and I bumped into a person and I said, oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.

I didn’t mean to bump into you and come to find out. It was my friend, Susan. I didn’t even recognize her. And I said, Susan, what have you been doing? And Susan went on to tell me about this amazing ten second, blah, blah, blah. That changed her life. And I said, I was a little skeptical at first, but I said, you know what, I’m going to give it a try.

And now I feel amazing. So, if you wanna learn more about this, tap the image. So that’s, she has very social. It makes sense on Facebook because people talk like that. And also, it’s very compliant because nowhere in the copy do I mention losing weight you know, a fat loss, which are words that Facebook doesn’t necessarily like, but if I tell a story and allude to it and you basically know what I’m saying without saying it, it makes, it makes a powerful impact.

Right? And it ties in the example of the image, which then leads into the actual money page. So that’s what we do. And that, that works very, very well.

[00:32:33] Joel Erway:

So, like, as we start to run track do you have any key indicators that we look for? Like how we know what, you know, aside from, Hey, it’s making money or not like, what are some leading indicators that tell us like, hey, we’re on the right path.

[00:32:45] Robby Blanchard:

Yeah. Good question. So, so for me I really follow two metrics, right? The first metric is the click-through rate on the ad. So basically, click through rate means how many people are seeing the ad and then clicking on it, going to the next page. So, for click-through rate, a good indicator is around seven to 12%.

So. If out of a hundred people, seven to 12 people click on the ad, that’s a good indicator. You got their attention, and they want to know what’s going on. Right. When they get to the actual money page, the quiz the click through rate from the quiz to the actual offer on, on a quiz, we want to see at least 30%, right?

If you do a good job around 30%, anything lower than that, you can do adjust your quiz. Anything higher than that is fine as well. But those are the two indicators that I’ve found. If you really, if you get it dialed in, you’re at seven, 12% on your ads, you’re at 30% on your, on your quiz. Your chances are you’re going to make some good money.

[00:33:37] Joel Erway:

All right. So, we’ve got you really to find your winning product. Number one, to get set up and click bang. Number two. Fun stuff. That’s already selling. Number three, get that product information study on the video sales letter, right? Number four create a money page, which is your quiz, right. Create that buying intent.

We’re not collecting emails, right? So just focus on the quiz, create that buying intent. Then number five, work on creating your

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