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Sam Mollaei’s 32X ROAS In The Legal Niche | #116


Sam Mollaei is an attorney who built his legal practice using funnels. Recently, he got a 2 Comma Club award. That was before he joined High Ticket Courses.

Now, he teaches other lawyers how to grow their practice with funnels and digital marketing at legalfunnel.com. After joining High Ticket Courses, he was able to make $80,000 off $2,500 in ad spend.

I got targeted with one of Sam’s ads, even though I’m not in his audience. And I immediately noticed the power offer and mini webinar. So, I followed up with him to see how he’s doing.

And after hearing about his success, I knew I had to bring him on the podcast to share his insights with you.

You’ll Discover

  • The 3-year “sales cycle” that turned Sam into a customer of mine… and why he chose me [2:42]

  • Sam is already a successful marketer and has a 2 Comma Club award to prove it… so why did he invest in High Ticket Courses? [4:00]

  • Sam’s biggest “A ha!” moment after going through High Ticket Courses [7:30]

  • Sam’s system for phone sales that lets him not take any sales calls [10:30]

  • Sam’s advice to people who are on the fence about joining High Ticket Courses… he says this is something all successful entrepreneurs have in common [13:50]

…And much more!

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Episode Transcript

Joel Erway: [00:00:20]

Hey, what’s going on Joel Erway here. Welcome to another very special episode of Sold With Webinars. Today I’ve got a very special guest who I’m extremely excited to talk to and extremely excited to share the stage with Sam Mollaei, who I connected with, we just had this pre-conversation apparently it was three years ago.

I thought it was like a year ago, but that just explains how fast time flies. I am so excited to have this conversation. Sam had joined our high ticket courses program a couple of months ago. It’s been incredible to see his progress and his success going through this whole progression.

And I reached out to him because I had been targeted with one of his ads, even though I’m not in his niche, but that just so happens to be what it is. I’m like, oh look, you know, there’s his mini webinar funnel I want to reach out and just see how things are going. It turns out he’s doing extremely well.

And so I wanted to have him come on the podcast and share his journey, share his story. So Sam, welcome to Sold With Webinars, my man.

Sam Mollaei: [00:01:28]

Thank you so much, Joel. I appreciate it.

Joel Erway: [00:01:30]

So Sam, why don’t we start, tell us a little bit about your background and tell us a little bit about the niche that you serve.

Sam Mollaei: [00:01:39]

Sure. So I’m a lawyer. Been an attorney for five years, but I pretty much went on my own right away and I had to figure out how to get clients. And at the time I had no idea how to get clients. So I’m like, let me just create a website and let me write some blogs and try to get clients that way. And then I got exposed to the whole world of funnels about four years ago.

It was really life-changing at that time because it really showed me that it is possible first and second, it was a very systematic way to get clients. So I’m not going to be applying these concepts of funnels to my law firm. So I did that for four years. I was basically trying to figure out how can I apply funnels to my law firm to get good clients.

And fast forward four years later, I basically tried out hundreds of different kinds of funnels, and I was able to create a bunch of funnels that I was able to generate clients from either through directly, they’re sending them directly to a sales page or try to get bookings. And then fast forward four years later, I was able to generate at least $2 million of legal services through the use of funnels.

And Joel and I actually had a conversation three years ago. You guys you know there’s a lot of people in this space, a lot of guys that do marketing. And it’s very rare to find somebody, first of all, genuine and real, who really wants the best for you guys. And when I had this conversation with Joel that really stood out is that he didn’t necessarily need anything from me.

He was just really there for me. And that really stood out in my mind. And I knew also that he knew what I was talking about because everything he was teaching and everything, he was preaching was right. Made sense. So when I’ve had that conversation I actually put Joel on top of my list, I was talking to a bunch of experts at the time and trying to see who I could work with, and then I pretty much went back to my own ways and try to go back to funnels and doing more of that.

And then about a couple months ago I received the two comma club award as the first attorney to do so. And at that time, it was kind of like a mental shift. For me, it was kind of like, I proved the concept with funnels. Now let me go try to teach it to other lawyers to do the same. And then luckily, I saw one of Joel’s posts saying, hey if you like to join our high ticket courses now’s the time.

So I right away within a couple of days, I signed up. And as soon as I opened up the course, I realized this is exactly what I needed because I think it was about a year or two that I was struggling with kind of creating webinars and spending so much time creating a full-on webinar.

And I tried different things. It took me a while to write the script and I’ll have to record it. And I realized that creating a mini webinar is so much more powerful. First of all, it’s just easier to get it up and running. Just get, you know, it doesn’t take long to just get the mini webinar and if your offer is good enough, then it doesn’t matter the way I see it is it doesn’t matter if it’s a webinar or mini webinar.

So the course went straight to the point of giving me the funnel, giving me the correct slides, and just getting it up and running. And I did it as soon as pretty much I took the course I applied it and started putting some Facebook ads in front of it.

And the fact that the offer also something else that Joel teaches is your offer has to be kind of a high end, which is the way to go. I realized there was a big realization. That was also one of the secrets that you revealed to me, Joel. That really was also a breakthrough that if I do get a client that’s $5,000 or more, that makes the marketing much easier just to get up to you have so much more to spend and go get more of it.

And now fast forward I’m at the point where I spend about $2,500 in Facebook ads and generated $80,000 in a matter of a couple of weeks. And it’s just the beginning. It’s just like the first stage of doing Facebook ads now there’s no other traffics and other ways that could scale up.

So thanks to you Joel.

Joel Erway: [00:05:30]

Spent $2,500 to make $80,000. It’s freaking, that’s amazing. That’s really cool. Yeah. I want to kind of dive into, uh, so you work with lawyers, teach lawyers how to build funnels. What were you doing? You kind of briefly touched on it, but I want to dive a little bit more into this.

Like, what were you doing before jumping into high ticket courses? Like you were still trying to get clients in this realm, right? Or what were you doing before you joined the program?

Sam Mollaei: [00:06:03]

I first started off with the audience, so at least I was, I think smart enough instead of trying to go create the offer or create the course.

You don’t, you know, as you teach Joel, right? That’s not the way to do it. So I started off creating the audience first and I was doing that in the beginning. So just for six months, I was just nurturing and adding value to the Facebook group so that when I did have something to offer, then I would have a list to sell to.

And that really was a game-changer. Focused on the audience first and then go create your mini webinar funnel and then your thing.

Joel Erway: [00:06:41]

Cool. Yeah. So just to be clear, so I actually don’t do the audience first. Like I just go straight to the offer, but if you do have an audience, I want to just make sure that I’m very clear.

Like I’m not trying to break the rules of marketing. If you have a warm audience and you make an offer to them like it’s going to work much better. But so many people build an audience the wrong way. They build a bunch of freebie seekers the wrong way. So that’s kind of why I go the opposite.

Like I lead to the offer first, before I build an audience. Then I can do the bottom of funnel content first, which is your conversion mechanism. Then you build the warm and the whole nine yards. So if you’ve got an existing audience, it works phenomenally well too. So what would you say is the biggest light bulb moment that occurred for you? Like, what was that one thing?

Sam Mollaei: [00:07:33]

Yeah, I think it’s just being able to simplify the fact that you simplified the entire process of having a very simple funnel and a very simple mini webinar that really wasn’t a breakthrough. Is that not to make it too complex and too complicated to get it up and running and yeah, that’s what it was.

I think I was stuck too much on trying to figure out what do I say. My webinar that really was my, what I was stuck on. So yeah, that’s what it was. Simplifying everything.

Joel Erway: [00:08:02]

Perfect. And explain again what your offer is. It’s a group program, correct?

Sam Mollaei: [00:08:09]

Yeah, it’s live coaching. It’s six weeks, six modules.

I basically get on zoom and very systematically, I teach lawyers how to create their own funnel and also teach them how to automate the entire process as well.

Joel Erway: [00:08:22]

And have you validated this idea before you joined the program?

Sam Mollaei: [00:08:26]

Yeah, I did. I first started off. So when I had this community, a couple of months ago, I basically had a live webinar and I basically did a pitch for them in limited time offer.

And then from that, I basically signed up like about 15 students. So that was a good proof of concept for me. That is that my offer makes sense. Now let me use Joel’s funnel to go scale that out using Facebook ads.

Joel Erway: [00:08:53]

Perfect. Did you have any hesitations, like before you committed, before you joined the program, like, did you have anything that was kind of like in the back of your mind, like itching at you to say, oh is this really going to work?

And you know, what hesitations did you have before you joined?

Sam Mollaei: [00:09:11]

I mean the typical hesitations were, there is a knots, but I think one of the things that really helped me was one of your past students, Steven Mayer of Berlin consultants, that he’s actually one of my good friends and he’s a very good affiliate partner to one of my law firms.

First of all, he is an amazing guy himself and two, he was doing exceptionally well with his own business. And I saw his funnel and I’m like, wow, this looks like very particular. And I was like really intrigued by it. And then lo and behold, then I saw Joel scores. I’m like, wait, a Steven is actually one of Joel’s students.

So that for me was like, okay, this is it. This is exactly what Steven did. And I’m going to apply the same exact thing for myself.

Joel Erway: [00:09:57]

Yeah. Talk about your sales process. Right? So one of the things that trips a lot of people up is they get the idea of like, okay, I want to build a webinar. I don’t want to get on the phone with people. I don’t want to sell them. Like when I talked to course creators, it’s a little bit more difficult for them to kind of grasp the concept of doing phone sales, air quotes. Right.

How is this like, are you trained in phone sales or how has this process been for you in terms of enrollment? Is it more difficult? Like what’s your experience with the sales?

Sam Mollaei: [00:10:35]

Great question. I’m glad you asked this. So I don’t do any of the sales at all. I’m not a salesman. I know this by myself. I’m more like behind the scenes creating systems, doing those things. So I’m very conscious of that and I’m sure a bunch of your listeners about a third of your listeners are the same way.

So if that’s the case, you’ve got to surround yourself a goal, hire salespeople who can take on the calls. So what I did was I had this document that I basically put the entire offer there. I put all the possible objections and any kind of marketing material or anything else that could be supporting information that somebody else can just go and learn.

And then become my salesman. And then I basically hired a sales agency to take on the calls for percentage for commission. And it’s great. I’m so happy. I’ve never been happier, even if there’s like some potential leads or potential clients that know me personally. I’d rather even just hand it off to them and let them talk to my self-esteem than me trying to get on the phone and try to do my thing, to try to save the percentage of the sales or whatever like that.

So completely, if you feel that if you’d like that and that’s holding you back, just delegate that part of your business.

Joel Erway: [00:11:47]

That’s what a real business owner does delegate, delegate, delegate. Right? So what’s next for you? Where are you taking this? I mean, you’ve got your first group of, I don’t know if it’s your first group, but you’ve got a group right now that you’re working with. Like what’s the future look like for this offer?

Sam Mollaei: [00:12:05]

It’s our second group. Second session. So we have live coaching and then we also have the recorded course. And then also do have the done for you. So whenever I find the right partners for that, people that I trust that, you know, if my name is attached to me that she’s building out for other lawyers, yeah, pretty much partner up and then have that high-end offer probably 25K or more.

But at this time I think I’m doing a full focus mostly on building the funnels for myself and teaching other lawyers.

Joel Erway: [00:12:41]

Yep. So are you planning on scaling this out on the do it yourself side? So you’re going to build a course. Are you going to really just kind of focus on scaling your mid-tier offer?

Sam Mollaei: [00:12:51]

Yeah, it’s going to be more scaling out the mid-tier offer, but at the same time experimenting and seeing whether the high-end offer also works well or not, but that one has to be again, a very controlled environment and try to lower the risks as much as possible. But yeah, definitely I think if you’d need to go from seven to eight figures, you need to have that offer.

And when your offer is, if not, it’s going to be hard to get to that seven figures.

Joel Erway: [00:13:16]

What was the price point of your mid-tier offer, your mid ticket offer?

Sam Mollaei: [00:13:19]


Joel Erway: [00:13:21]

5K. Yep. Cool. Are you planning on raising the price of that?

Sam Mollaei: [00:13:25]

Yeah, definitely. Actually, a bit. Every session we were planning on going up about 2,500. So next session, we even tell our people it’s going to be selling for a hundred then 10k and then go above that.

I think it’s definitely worth the value is definitely at least 10, if not more. So. Yeah, definitely.

Joel Erway: [00:13:43]

Awesome. So if you were to talk to somebody who was kind of on the fence about this, what would you tell them?

Like what would your advice be to them who is considering joining the program? What would be your advice to them?

Sam Mollaei: [00:13:56]

Is that the advice is you cannot, you can’t afford not to. I mean, a lot of people would kind of bring up that ideal like, I can’t afford it. With successful entrepreneurs, they understand the value of time.

So there are huge opportunity costs with not taking action. So if I just say the easy way to calculate it is if you were to have this, if you were to take Joel’s course in you were to apply it, be able to apply it. In three months, let’s just say you set a goal for yourself that you should expect to make this much amount of money.

If you do not make that much money. That means you’re technically losing that much money and then that’s what you got to kind of look at it. So what’s the cost for you to not to take action is a bigger thing to really figure out for yourself.

Understand sometimes you have things are holding you back, but if you look at the case studies, hear our stories, that really kind of gives you the push to realize that, hey it is possible. Joel will hand-deliver to you. You just have to go apply it for yourself.

Joel Erway: [00:14:57]

Awesome. Well dude, is there anything else that we kind of left out that you wanted to share with me? You have an incredible story. I mean, we connected three years ago. So our sales cycle is a very long time

Sam Mollaei: [00:15:08]

Yup and that’s not it is, and I even told Joel I think I remember mine for fire conception. I was when I find those individuals that I know are kind of in it for the long-term and they’re not just in it for short term gains, I would say, Hey, listen, I’ll try and make a decision, but if not, now I’m not going anywhere.

And I’m also not going anywhere. So, you know, I’m sure I’ll be in touch with you. I remember saying something like this, basically. Even if not now, you know, later, and that really happens. And so you want to build those relationships in a positive note, a positive way because it’s long-term.

If you’re here for a short time, you’re not going to last for long anyway. So what’s the point. But something I do want to share is that if you are an attorney or if you are in law school and you’re interested in applying marketing and funnels, things like that. Definitely look me up Sam Mollaei, or just search legal funnel of a Facebook group for lawyers where I teach all these concepts, I provide a lot of value upfront.

Then I’m also open to mentoring and teaching. So if you’re interested, just let me know so we can talk.

Joel Erway: [00:16:13]

And what’s the link that we can drop?

Sam Mollaei: [00:16:16]

It would be legalfunnel.com

Joel Erway: [00:16:19]

legalfunnel.com. Nice. I feel like that domain is going to be worth some money someday. So.

Sam Mollaei: [00:16:24]

Yeah, actually I have a fun story about that. So when I got exposed to all these funnels, I like the idea of teaching lawyers came to me actually three years ago. And I looked it up and I saw that the domain was taken with somebody who wasn’t using it.

So I contacted them, but I kind of, I couldn’t be too aggressive. So I was like, Hey national. And I was just like, Hey, are you interested in selling? And it took me three or four months and I ended up buying the domain for $500. And after he handed it off to me, he’s like, so what are you going to do with it?

And I realized by his question that he probably didn’t even know what a funnel was. I’ll see what it probably would have held on to it. So yeah, it was something that I kind of had foresight from three years ago to kind of do this in my future. And it came into fruition. Thanks to Joel.

Joel Erway: [00:17:10]

Awesome. Well, Sam, I’m glad that we got to connect. I’m glad we got to share your story. Super excited about your progress. Super excited for everything that you’ve got going for you. And you obviously, you know, none of this works if you don’t have a good offer and you don’t actually provide value.

I want to make that very clear. I’m not here to sell ice to Eskimos, right? It’s you got to bring to the table something of value to the marketplace and we can help you get that out into the world. But it’s always great to connect with the rock stars and the people who are just crushing it and knocking out of the park.

So, Sam, it’s great to connect. And for those of you who are listening right now, go connect with Sam. If you’re in the legal space, hit up legalfunnels.com to connect with him. Let him know you heard them on sold of webinars and just let him know you appreciate it. Appreciate him sharing his info, being open and honest with everything that he’s got going on.

And we’ll see you all in the next episode. Take care.

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