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Scaling a Facebook Ads Course Into a Multimillion Dollar Webinar w/ Dan Henry | #019

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Joel’s looked at well over 100 webinars and talked to more than 200 course creators trying to launch their webinars. But his client, Dan Henry, showed him things he’s never seen anybody in the industry do. Dan’s tiny tweaks scaled his automated webinar to $2.2 million in 11 short months. Dive deeper into the behind-the-scenes webinar optimization techniques Dan used to transform and scale his Facebook Ads course into a multi-million-dollar money making machine. Dan’s numbers are proof that even the smallest adjustments to your webinar can make the biggest impacts! Learn how to tell if your webinar has scalability, how to boost results from cold traffic with the ‘Quick Win’ technique, and the strategy that gets a 90%-win ratio on chargebacks.

Scaling a Facebook Ads Course Into a Multimillion Dollar Webinar w/ Dan Henry

If you want to learn how to scale your webinar to $2.2 million in just eleven short months, you’re going to want to stay tuned to this episode. I have here the wonderful Dan Henry who is a client of mine who was able to take his automated webinar to $2.2 million in just eleven short months. When I started out on this interview, I didn’t want this to be just an interview of, “Tell me what your offer is and tell me how you were able to grow it this quickly.”

My intention with this webinar was to dive deep into what were the optimization techniques that he used to completely transform and scale his webinar. Once you get a webinar that converts, you are going to start wanting to throw as much traffic at it as possible and when you do that, the tiniest tweaks can make the biggest impact in your webinar. I knew that Dan was at this level of scale, so I wanted to learn exactly what those techniques were that were behind the scenes that made the biggest impact in his webinar.

Let me tell you, you’re not going to want to miss this because he’s doing some things that nobody else in the industry are doing. These are next level techniques. We had a blast on this. Dan’s doing some awesome things and I got him to reveal some nitty-gritty numbers and some awesome techniques that you can use.

Dan, welcome to the show.

How are you doing, Joel?

Dan, we worked together on your webinar in the past and you’ve had tremendous success. You had tremendous success before you even came and approached me. You’re about to launch a new webinar with stuff that we worked on together. Give us a background on when you jumped into the information education niche and how quickly you were able to go from zero to where you are now. Let’s get these people excited to see what the potential is.

When I started with webinars, I thought in the beginning it was just you get on there, you teach them stuff and then you say, “Buy my other stuff.” That was it. I did that. That did not work at all, no sales whatsoever. People will still say they love it and they’ll think about it, but it doesn’t mean they’re pulling out their credit card. I realized that I really had to really start looking at the people who were doing well with webinars. Try to model them and learn from them. I looked at some guys that were doing well. I looked at Amy Porterfield stuff, Derek Halpern stuff and I looked at David Siteman Garland, anybody that was doing well at all.

From that, I developed a model. It worked a little bit but then I got Russell’s Perfect Webinar Script. The first day I did that, I did $48,000 in a day and that was amazing. I’m like, “If I just got this script and it helped that much, I’m going to do whatever I can to keep going and reach out to all the top webinar experts.” Even if it’s one little tweak, learn it because it’s going to bring me way more revenue. I started learning more tweaks. I got with you and you gave me some amazing info.

You really helped me understand a lot of the psychological aspects to internal and external things. I was also talking very technical and you actually helped me see the bigger picture in general people and whatnot. You’ve been a great help and Russel’s been a great help. I’ve developed some really cool tricks of my own that I’d love to share. It’s been fantastic and since that day, I’ve made over $2 million solely with one webinar.

$2 million since when? When was the first day roughly when you pushed live?

There was a video I posted to my Facebook and I’ll just look at it. There’s a bar right next to my office. I made $40,000, $45,000 or $48,000. It was $45,000 and then by the time I got from the bar, it was $48,000. I was so excited because I never made that much money at one time that I freaked out. I took my phone and I went and I started drinking. I was celebrating and I took a video of me celebrating and I posted it. I can tell you the exact day that I launched and did that. It’s September 9, 2016.

It’s been $2 million in eleven months as you pushed play on your webinar.

It’s $2.2 million or something like that.

The webinar offer that you pitched is $997. What is it that you teach people?

A lot of people try to start these digital agencies, they try to start SEO agencies, they try to start ad word agencies, they try to start graphics agencies and social media agencies. I believe that the easiest agency you can start is a paid traffic agency or a Facebook ad agency, which includes Facebook ads and Instagram ads.

If you go after easy clients, gyms, dentists, lawyers, doctors, chiropractors, martial arts places, it’s extremely easy to get those businesses more clients through Facebook ads, if you run very simple offers and you follow a very simple formula. You don’t have to be a Facebook marketing guru to get them results. I teach a course on how to get paid to start your own Facebook ad agency and get results for these local businesses.

The course has all the information you would need to run ads for your own business, whether you’re a coach, course creator, any of that. I found that 80 out of 100 or eight out of ten people that purchase my course, do it for the agency. I’ve tailored the marketing to the agencies. It almost makes it a little bit of a biz op in a way, but a lot of people do buy my course for their own companies.

It’s just that’s not where I tailor my marketing and I still have to create a webinar for that. The course is $997. I have a $497 upsell. I don’t like to boast about how much money I’ve made, but since I’ve launched my course, I’ve created dozens of six-figure earners. We have this thing called the $10K Club. I like to call it the badge of honor. If you have a course or something and you create a badge of honor, it really helps people achieve that goal. Once you hit $10,000 a month in revenue from your ads or your clients, that’s your money, not gross product sales. You get a $10K Club t-shirt. We get two new people a week into that.

You have launched this course to teach other people how to start an agency to bring in at least $10,000 a month or whatever it is. A lot of these people who are just getting started, even $1,000 a month is a lot for them.

It’s such a wide range. We have people who will bring in $1,000 or $2,000 or $4,000 and $5,000, quit their job. We have people that bring in $10,000, we have some people that are doing $40,000, $50,000. One guy is working on scaling his agency to seven figures. He’s doing really well. It’s not just the course, it’s how hard you work.

I’ve looked at over 100 webinars and I’ve talked to probably 200 course creators, who have tried to launch a webinar. There has been this telltale sign that will show you if you’re webinar has massive scalability. How quickly can you get your audience results? A lot of people will come to me and say, “I don’t have a make money online offer.” That’s not what is going to tell you if it will have scalability. It’s how quickly you can get results for your clients.

Dan, you’ve done something that I haven’t seen anyone else do before in your webinar. I led you into this and say how quickly can you get your audience results will directly tell you how many people will take you up on your offer? Fill in the blanks here. What do you do during your webinar that has crushed it for you?

When you join my webinar, I teach you this script. I teach you how to get a client interested in hiring you. I teach it pretty early on in the Webinar. What happens is, if you attempt this, anywhere from 50% to 70% of the people that are on the webinar usually get a potential client or three or four or five messaging them interested in their potential service. The people that don’t, usually they get that within a day or two.

What happens is, you’re on the webinar, you’re going through the content, you’re listening to me speak. I say, “Go do this thing.” You go do it. As you’re on the webinar, clients are messaging you. Bye the time I get to the close, you’re like, “Dan just told me to do something. It got me potential clients. The clients are coming in. What am I going do? Say no to money? I have to know how to fulfill for these clients and now I’ve got to buy your course.” That’s what I do.

I’m going to do something similar in the new webinar for a new product called Sold Out Courses. I’m going to do something similar in that and show people that people are interested in a potential course they could sell. When they see, “I have potential buyers, how do I create it?” That’s a cool tweak that I do. I try to do that in a lot of my marketing. If I want to sell you something, I’d figured out a way to get you a result that is taken away if you don’t buy my stuff. It’s been working really great.

We call it the quick win syndrome. Where you try and get the audience to experience a quick win. You’ve done it very well. The quick win syndrome is not easy. If you can figure this out, somehow get your audience to have a quick win on the webinar so they can comprehend the future and the potential of what you want for them. It’s cold traffic and that cold audience will follow you if you give them that result quickly.

It’s not the end result, it’s just like, “Here’s a little tidbit. Let me give you more. Follow me, buy my course, buy my coaching program or whatever it is.” From the first time I watched your webinar, I’m like, “This kid is crushing it,” and I didn’t even know what you were doing. This is the best example of a quick win that I’ve ever seen.

There are a few more hacks I do that I’d be happy to share if you’re interested. I like to suck as many sales out of it. Squeeze the turnip and get every dropout.

I want to go towards the next step. You have this free Facebook group that you invite everyone to join?

Yes. Once your group gets huge, it’s a pain to manage. It has 30,000 members.

I joined this Facebook group a while ago. I kept getting all these notifications. I was intrigued. I’m like, “What the hell are they talking about?” Fill us in now. How did you come up with this idea? What’s actually going on?

There are several reasons why you want to do this. When you do a live webinar, it’s even better. When I sell my stuff on my webinar, I say, “You’re going to get access to the course, but in order to get access to the course you need to join our private group.” When you join our private group in the pinned post, there’ll be a link for you to create your account and set your password and just use the same email you used to purchase. Otherwise your course area will be blank because that’s how it works in ClickFunnels. What I do is I say, “Tag me or tag one of my assistants and say, ‘Dan, I bought the course,’ and we’ll add you to the group.”

What happens is a couple of things. Number one, it shows social proof. Do you know what a shrill is? A shrill is where you hold a live seminar, where you’re selling something and you hire people to come in. When you pitch, raise their hand. It’s illegal, because it’s so powerful. I’m thinking, how can I do this ethically and online? That was my solution. When people buy and they say, “I bought the course, let me in.” Everybody is like, “I want in too.” The frenzy just goes like crazy.

There are a couple of other aspects to it. We have a refund policy where, we’ll give you a refund, but you have to do the work. Sometimes people get busy or they get lazy and they don’t even want to log in and they just want a refund or they decided they wanted to go on vacation. They’re trying to get their money back. What we do, and this gives us a 90% win ratio on charge backs, is when we get a charge back, which we don’t get very many but when we do, we show the merchant company not only a screenshot of them saying, “We bought,” but we show them a screenshot of them in the private group and we win 90% to 95% of the time.”

You send a screenshot of when they say, “Let me into the group?”

Right and also them being in the group. What happens is when people request a charge back, they try to say that, they never bought it or they never received the product. We always help everybody that has an issue, but some people are just nefarious and that’s their gig. They say, “I never got the product.”

In order to get the product, you have to join the group. We have all this proof and it just works in unison. Not only does it create a feeding frenzy for buying, but it also allows us to protect ourselves and show that this person did receive the product that they asked for. At the end of the webinar and in the Thank You emails, I always give them instructions to do that. That’s actually one thing I teach in Sold Out Courses. That’s a little free tidbit for you.

I saw this and I’ve never seen it done before. It’s the ClickFunnels feature, which is Digital Table Rush. You’ve got to trademark that as the Social Table Rush.

I have a name for it in Sold Out Courses. It’s actually lesson. I think it’s the Welcome Post Hack or something.


Facebook Ads Course: Even the smallest adjustments to your webinar can make the biggest impacts!


Everyone who comes on Sold With Webinars has a very successful webinar. You hit success really quickly. I know just from talking to you that you have gone and tested different optimization tweaks. When you get to this level of scale and you’re getting lots of people coming in and you know what your numbers are. You know X percent will buy, X percent will take the upsell.

These tiny tweaks now will make a huge impact. Tell us what you did for the majority of the time to get to $1 million or $2 million? What were some of the tweaks that you have been testing? What worked? What didn’t work? What are the biggest things that you’ve found held true to really grow and optimize your webinar?

A lot of the stuff to optimize actually happens outside of the webinar. Like them posting to let them into the group, the social table rush as you put it. The follow-up sequence, things like that. Here are some tweaks. Number one, a lot of people when they put testimonials, they put a picture of a person and then text. What I do is I make sure I find or get people to post their testimonials online on Facebook and I screenshot the actual Facebook posts. It just looks so much more realistic.

All your testimonials can be real, but if they don’t look real. People don’t think they’re real. They’re all in my community. They are all real people that you can talk to. Some of them have gotten bombarded with messages. There are a lot of little things that I’ve tried over time. For instance, when I send people to buy from the webinar, I send them to an order page. On the order page I make sure I take my top four testimonials and I put them in a four-column row above where you enter your credit card. If they have any last-minute reservations, they see four amazing testimonials right before they check out.

When did you test this? Is this something that you’ve always done?

I tested this and it almost doubled my purchase rate on that order page.

The testimonials double your close rate.

What I do is I make a two-step order form. If they abandon, I send them a voicemail through Slybroadcast where I invite them to call one of my sales reps. I also send them a text where I invite them to call the number back as well or text the number back. We get a ton of extra sales. Sometimes people just need a human being to tell them it’s okay to buy and just to say hello. I also use a trick I learned from Russell where there’s a voicemail line at the end of the webinar.

It goes, “If you’re still not comfortable, leave your name, email and credit card number, and then your question.” The reason we asked you to leave a credit card number is we want to make sure you’re trying to not get free coaching, that you’re actually serious. We’ll call you back. We’ll give you the answer. If you’re not happy with it, we’ll delete the message. No problem. If you are happy with it, we’ll charge your card and get you in the program.

How many people take you up on that? I’ve heard of that before but I was always skeptical. It’s like who’s going to leave their credit card over voicemail?

We make about ten sales a week that way.

That’s an extra $10,000 a week.

When we’re rocking, we do $10,000 a day. Sometimes I’ll have $30,000, $40,000, $50,000 days on autopilot. I use Deadline Funnel and when it runs out, I take you to a waiting list sequence where I give you more value and more free videos. When you’re on the waiting list and you’ve gone through the extra, you’re ready to buy. I get people messaging me like, “When is it going to open?” I did a flash sale for eight hours. I was like, “If you’re on the waiting list and you’re not in, click here to get into the course.” We did $32,000. Do you want to know my number one overall tip?

Like if you said, “Dan, what is the one tip I could give you?” Do not create your product until you’ve created your webinar. Create your webinar to where you’re like, “This is awesome. Everybody’s got to buy this,” and then create your product to fulfill that promise you made. Sometimes you’d be in line, “I made a lot of promise that this is a great webinar.” That’s okay. Just figure it out.

If you create an amazing webinar with an amazing offer, then you create your product, your course, your coaching, whatever it is. Whatever it is you’re selling, you 100% definitely should do that. If you have a product and then you’re like, “Let me create a webinar to sell this.” A lot of times that doesn’t align. My number one tip is to create a webinar and then create your product to live up to that webinar.

Optimization techniques that you’ve done over the course of the past eleven months and doing $2.2 million in sales from your webinar. Two-step order form on the checkout page which anyone who abandons the cart you send them to a number of different follow-ups whether it’s text or voicemail to capture that sale. On the order, you’re also throwing four testimonial videos which doubled your conversion rate. That’s huge.

I tested it with four different testimonials. The first four were me interviewing the person about their success. The second one was four videos where they just submitted a testimonial like a selfie thing and you can use Boast.io. What happens is you send them a link and they can actually upload their testimonial or shoot it with their webcam right there. It will automatically display on your sales page. What I noticed was, I added two points conversion value. If it was converting at 10%, it converted at 12% by having testimonials where it was just the person giving their testimonial rather than me talking to them like in an interview style.

It’s because it looks unsolicited. That’s really important for people to understand what type of testimonial videos do you want to have up there?

I get super deep on testimonials. You have four or five different types of buyers. You have the skeptic. You have the guy that thinks he can’t do it. You have the guy that thinks he won’t have time. You have the guy or girl that wants to do it but they procrastinate. It’s good if you can grab a testimonial from those five buyer profiles and drip them out in your email sequences so that no matter what buyer profile that person is, they’re seeing a testimonial from that type of person like them to help them overcome their objection.

Let’s talk about tech. For the most part, this has been auto webinar. You’ve probably did a couple of live but this is mostly auto?

I think I did two. I think I did one live, let it run for six months. I did another live just to update testimonials which is funny because I feel like my first one converted better. I’m doing another live coming up because I want to expand my webinar to more people that are greener. That’s what you helped me work on. You gave me some awesome tips and advice. Just to expand my reach to people who maybe aren’t in the ads and marketing and stuff.

Let’s break it down and go through the tech. What were you using to run your automated webinar?

It’s so simple. I have tried every webinar platform out there and I’ll just let you know that they’re all a pain. The thing that has worked the best for me is I do a YouTube live and host it on a ClickFunnels page and then I take the recording and I pop it into ClickFunnels. I use some custom code. What happens is you register and it’s every fifteen minutes the webinar runs. When you go to the thank you page, I upsell you on a tripwire or I like to call it a breakeven offer called Pixel Hero. Though I may have to stop doing that because I think Facebook’s getting a little pissy with me on that. They’re cracking down.


For my cold traffic, I may have to take that off. Facebook has been shutting down a lot of accounts, they’re making a lot of rule changes and there are a lot of things you can’t do that you used to be able to do. What Facebook does now is they will mark your ads as misleading if users think they’re misleading. It doesn’t matter if it’s misleading or not. You signed up to my webinar, it’s free. On the video, I’m like, “Thank you for registering for the webinar. If you want to enhance what you’re going to learn on this free webinar, you might want to consider this offer.”

Clearly, I’m saying you still get the webinar for free. You’ve got people who are just stupid and they don’t listen and they don’t pay attention. They mark it as misleading. The fact that you can’t argue, it’s just the way it is. You’ve got to adapt. What I’ll probably do, moving forward is run cold ads without that offer and I will retarget on the offer and also sending an email. That offered crushes it with every other type of traffic.

You go to the webinar and I use a special code I made. It auto plays a YouTube video and it doesn’t let you click on the video. It makes it like a streaming webinar with a YouTube video. When you go to click stop or hit space bar, it doesn’t stop it. It took me a while to actually figure out that custom code where you couldn’t stop it. If you refresh the page, it starts over. I could see that it would make a lot of people mad. When I started doing that, sales definitely increased because it forces people to watch the webinar and not come back to it later.

What I’m going to be trying soon is Demio. If you are not a tech person, you literally want to type in the name of a webinar when it is and that’s it. Demio is great because they send out your emails automatically. I think there are limited options to edit them but they send out, “Your webinar is coming up for you.” Since it’s coming from Demio, the deliverability rate is super high. You don’t have to remember to send them at the right time or any of that.

When you come on the webinar, it’s very easy to use their own video thing. The only issue I had was because I use complicated tech equipment, some of it wasn’t compatible. I had to switch that around, but most people are just going to use their computers. They’re not going to have that problem. When you’re done with the webinar, all the comments appear, everything. You can click a button that switches it to what’s called a Live Like Replay. When you send them to a replay, all the comments and everything as it happened, appear. When you send them to the replay, it literally is like it’s live because the comments and everything appear as they appeared when you did it live. I’m going to give that a shot for my next live webinar.

The bulk of your sales all came from a ClickFunnels auto webinar?

That’s it. No fancy webinar software. Pop a YouTube video into ClickFunnels and a custom code and you’re off to the races.

You would hide the button until your offer appeared.

I didn’t even do that for a long time. I just put a URL in there.

You mean the video saying, “Go to this URL?”

I wish I didn’t do that because now if I want to track different things, probably now I’ll say, “Click the offer that’s included with this video.” That way the button appears or whatever.

When you’re on mobile and you’re viewing a webinar from your phone, the video goes full screen. A button won’t appear because the video is taking up all your screen.

If people want your stuff, they’ll figure it out.

That’s always a big objection that people have when they come to me. I tell them the exact same thing. I’m like, “If you’ve done your job, they’ll hunt you down, they’ll message you or whatever.”

I have people move to Tampa to be closer to me. It’s a very tough and demanding business when you get to this level. When you make $200,000, $300,000 a year, you’re fine. You start making $3 million a year, it becomes a lot more stressful and you definitely need a good husband or wife to support you because it can be very demanding. My wife is amazing.

It changes the game when it gets to that level. I’m reading a book now called, Breeding Gazelles, which is talking about scaling businesses and you get to certain levels. Once you get to low seven figures, you can keep that as a lifestyle business and you won’t have to worry about a whole lot.

You can be very successful with a lifestyle business. Going from low seven figures to mid to high seven/eight figures, the whole game changes and people either go broke or you have to figure out how to push that from eight to nine. It was a really fascinating read because it makes a whole lot of sense. You use Actionetics to tie into your ClickFunnels’ auto webinar?

I do. I’m experimenting with ActiveCampaign at the moment because I want to do some more fancy stuff. If they didn’t open this email, then they get this other email. I’m always optimizing, always trying to get more out. Actionetics is great especially if you don’t want to have to learn email software. It’s just easy.

When you get to seven figures and you want to pull more out, you start experimenting with different things. I literally have a subscription to every service there is just so if I ever decided, “There’s this thing I want to try.” I could go and try and then, “It doesn’t work.” I’ve tried things and ended up not using them. I guess I’m more of a thinker.

The basic functions are very simple. Many times people will get stuck on, “I need to have this fancy automation.” If they watched until this point, I need to send them a different email.

I don’t do that. I send you a seven-day email sequence after my webinar and that’s it. I do have a missed webinar email, one. That’s it. No fancy stuff. The stuff I’m doing in ActiveCampaign isn’t even that. I’m trying to build out like a six-month sequence like the Brendon Burchard guys. That’s why I’m going to be using that. I’m trying to get super fancy.

We talked about a ton and we talked about your $2.2 million webinar in eleven months launching that pretty much straight to auto. That’s where you got the bulk of your sales, autowebinar. You found out that it was going to sell. You did it live once, you’re like, “People want this crap.” You turn it to automated. You kept it very simple. Every fifteen minutes launching the webinar.

It’s a direct selling webinar, you’re selling a $997 offer right at the end. You did some cool optimization techniques. I love the voicemail hack, social table rush. That’s what caught my attention. I’m like, “I’ve got to pay attention to this guy.” I knew it was an automated webinar and I’m like, “Who is selling this much all the time?” That easily made you a half a mil.

I don’t think many people are doing this. You were the first person that I saw it. This could be one thing where if it goes mainstream then it might get a little less effective. Social proof, that will never die. You talked about your two-step order forms and your four testimonials you put on the order form page using Deadline Funnel to help optimize that follow-up sequence. It’s pretty incredible stuff. You also talked about Boast.io for your testimonial recording. Is there anything else you want to share?

I emptied a good amount of my brain for you.

Let me know how it goes with your new webinar. Keep me posted about Sold Out Courses. Where can people check you out? What are your links? Let’s get some promo going on here.

If you are interested in more stuff from me, go to DanHenry.org. I’m sure I’ll have some opt-in on there for you. I’ve got a Facebook ads cheat sheet. If you’re interested in selling courses, you go to SoldOutCourses.com. There is a waiting list there for when I launch some free content for that.

Dan, you dropped some knowledge bombs. It was very helpful, especially for my audience. I like having people like you who get people motivated. I’m like, “$2.2 million in eleven months, it’s freaking possible.”

It is possible if you get off your ass. People have this misconception that you have to take action. That’s not true. Action isn’t good enough. It’s action that inspires belief. When you take an action, it’s got to be an action that gets you even a small win so you keep going. You do a webinar, you make one sale. You do it again, you make three sales. You do it again, maybe you make ten, but you keep going. You don’t just do a webinar, make zero sales and give up. You’ve got to keep going because it can happen for you, but it doesn’t come easy. It takes work and that’s the bottom line. If you’re willing to work, you can definitely do it.

Dan, thanks again for hopping on. Go check out Dan’s stuff. Just pay attention to what he’s doing. The Social Table Rush was extremely powerful. That’s what got him on the map and on the radar for me. Thanks for tuning in. Tune in to the next episode to learn more about how you could scale to $1 million plus with your webinars. Take care. We’ll be talking to you soon.

Thanks so much for being here. We hope you enjoyed our episode and we look forward to giving you the next one. You can also follow and watch the behind scenes look at how I’m personally launching a brand new six and seven-figure product from scratch at SoldWithWebinars.com/TV. If you’d like to come hang out with other fellow experts, join our Facebook group at SoldWithWebinars.com/Experts. Join us next time and I’ll see you there.

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