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The Seasons of Entrepreneurship

Tags: lifestyle marketing, semi-retired lifestyle, entrepreneurship, Lifestyle

Every entrepreneur goes through seasons. We all have high highs, and low lows.

I built my business around my lifestyle. I wanted to make sure my currency allowed me to buy more of my time. But this process didn’t happen overnight. I had to go through grueling “winters” in order to get to the “spring”.

In this episode I touch on the seasons you go through as an entrepreneur to find your stride, and why that makes the winters worth it.

You'll Discover

  • Everyone goes through low seasons — I’ll tell you a little bit about mine [4:00]

  • How I pulled myself out of those lows [4:50]

  • The one thing I wish I could have told myself during my “winter season” [7:53]

  • A lesson I learned from John C. Maxwell - your highs are never as good as you thought they were [8:28]

  • The key characteristic of entrepreneurs that keeps us going strong [10:20]

…and much more!

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