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Sell Your Course Before It’s Finished | #093

Tags: high ticket programs, mini-webinars, webinar, courses, Coaches, education, consulting, High Ticket Courses

“I want to make sure that if I’m launching a brand new program… a brand new offer… I want to make sure that people are actually going to buy it. And I say this from experience, where I’m built programs in the past and nobody buys it. And, if it’s going to take you months to create this program that is literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in opportunity costs that you are losing out on if you’re creating something that nobody wants to buy… – Joel

Today, you are in for an informative solo-episode. Joel talks about why selling your course before it’s even finished is actually a good idea, and the single-greatest question he gets about launching webinars (and the answer!).

In This Episode

  • The single most-asked question Joel gets about webinars

  • How The Webinar Agency’s done for you mini-webinar can shape the future of your business

  • Why you need to start selling your course before it’s finished

  • Will your webinar sell?

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