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Why Solving Problems Out Of Sequence Is Killing Your Growth | #132

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One thing you’ll hear me say again and again is that I’m not trying to rewrite the rules of marketing.

And I have to say this because a lot of what I do and teach is contrary to what’s done and taught by other marketers.

All I’m trying to do is put things in the right order for you, as an Expert, to make sure you see success quickly.

I stumbled my way to success, mainly because I stayed in the game and just didn’t give up. 

This is a common trait among all successful entrepreneurs.

And if I could give you one piece of advice, it would be to solve problems in their correct order.

That’s what this episode of Sold With Webinars is about.

You’ll Discover

  • 3 stages in my own problem-solving sequence [02:10]

  • The right time - and revenue - to focus on list/audience building [05:00]

  • When you’ve earned the right to “build your brand” [06:22]

  • What stage I’m in with my own business [07:44]

  • The mistakes I see other entrepreneurs making [08:23]

…And much more

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Episode Transcript

I stumbled my way to success, mainly because I just didn’t give up. I stayed in the game and that is the single most common trait of all successful entrepreneurs.

Hey, it’s Joel Erway. Welcome to another very special episode of sold with webinars. Today I want to talk about something that is extremely important when it comes to the development of your business and the growth of your business. One of the quotes that you’ll hear me say over and over and over again, if you are following me and you’re listening to my high ticket courses webinar, or you’ve been following my podcasts or learning about the perfect expert model and mini webinars and everything that we talk about in power offers, one of the things that I will say over and over and over again is this. I am not trying to rewrite the rule book of marketing. Okay. I’m not trying to falsify the rules of marketing, right? All I’m trying to do is put them in the right order for people to follow.

That makes the most sense for those who are launching new programs, launching new offers. Now, if you’re listening to this right now, it’s very possible that you are inundated with all sorts of different tactics and hacks and, growth techniques for how you can grow your business, how you can grow your offers. And I stumbled my way to success mainly because I just didn’t give up. I stayed in the game and that’s one of the most, that is the single most common trait of all successful entrepreneurs. Everyone who’s successful, stuck with it, right? Cause they’re going to find some way to be successful. If I can give you any piece of advice, it is going to be this, solve problems in order. Solve problems in sequence because of you’re solving them out of sequence that is going to absolutely crush your growth.

When it relates to marketing and sales and getting new customers and getting new clients. The way that I teach people in sequence to grow their business through marketing is rule number one, sales first before marketing. And what that means is you need to get crystal clear on your value proposition on your offer. We use power offers to validate whether or not people are interested in what it is that we are promising. Okay? So we use power offers to quickly get to 10, 20, $30,000 per month, right? Because we want to get that cash in our bank account. So we can then reinvest into our team. So then we can reinvest into other marketing assets. Once we get to that, let’s say $30,000 per month mark And we validated our offer, meaning we validated our positioning, how we are differentiating ourselves from our competitors, how we are positioning ourselves in the marketplace and making sure that our clients are getting results and making sure that our pricing is dialed in.

Then I talk about list building and and growing a tribe because in the world of your market, okay, there are people who are ready to take action right now. And that is what we focus on in the first stage of business, which is launching our offers, right? It’s launching the power offers and validating our offers and getting people to respond to our messages and our offers as quickly as possible. Because there’s like a segment of your market, probably anywhere between 2 to 5% of your market who’s ready to buy now, right now. And that market is almost always big enough to survive on and thrive on. I mean we’ve had people build multimillion dollar businesses by only focusing on that small segment and by launching those offers. And so once you successfully get to that stage, you successfully like validate your offer and you get to 10 to $30,000 per month.

Now you need to go after the next phase of your marketplace, which is probably the 20 to 30% of the people who are interested in buying, but they’re not going to buy right now. They are in consideration stage and they are going to buy probably within the next 30 to 60 days. So we need to have an ecosystem. We need to have a sphere of influence for those people to interact, whether that’s on our email list, whether that’s in a group, right. They just need to see more of you and to learn more about you, learn your methodology learn more about your personal brand, learn more about your beliefs, and then they’ll come back and they’ll buy when the time is right. So with that being said in phase two, we really focus on that nurture stage, right? So we want people to see that offer first and then we can nurture them.

Because the last thing that we want to do is build a list of freebie seekers. The people who have no intent to buy at all and then try and make them an offer. And that’s going to fail 9 times out of 10. But if you get people to see your offer first, and then you nurture them, their guard is going to be dropped when the time is right for them to actually make a yes or no decision on joining your programs. So with that being said, stage two, when we get to, let’s say $30,000 per month to 60, to a hundred thousand dollars per month we’re building that audience, we’re building that list of nurturing those leads who are in the consideration stage. And they can be in the consideration stage for a long time. It’s not just 30 days. It could be two years, right?

There’s no telling how long they are going to be in that stage but this is really where we start to implement the areas of really brand building, right? It’s that meld of direct response marketing and brand building. I use Facebook groups and I use my email list and I use a podcast to keep people in my ecosystem and learning from me in the long term. So once you get past phase two, which is in that growth stage and you’re ready to really dominate the marketplace, and this is not for everybody, by the way, getting past a hundred thousand dollars per month where you dominate and scale. Now you need to really focus on brand building. Okay? And so you can do some lead generation efforts that don’t pay off for 30, 60, 90 days because you have money to invest into building an audience.

This can be advertising, brand advertising, right? We do some brand advertising right now that has absolutely no calls to action because we just want our name out there. We just want people to see us, right. We just want people to be aware of my name and always thinking about me, always thinking about me. So we’re doing marketing right now where you’ll see ads from us that have absolutely no calls to action. And that’s just getting them closer and closer to me, you have this invisible ROI as Scott Oldford says where you’re now inciting word of mouth and you’re inspiring it and kickstarting people to talk about you. And you know, you’ll see people reach out to you and say, Hey, listen, I’ve been hearing a lot about you, or I’ve been seeing your ads everywhere.

This is that omnipresence effect where you are growing that brand. And so really, those are the three stages of growth for any offer, there are plenty of people, I stayed in phase two for a very, very long time because I was comfortable. I didn’t need to make any more money. And my goals at the time were being met. We’re being fulfilled. And we were living basically just off of power offers and word of mouth referrals and and selling our do it yourself program. And so we were operating anywhere between 70 to $110,000 per month on any given month. And and now as we start to really hit that next stage of scale, you’re going to see us do a lot more things. So to tie this all back into hitting the sequence, trying to solve problems out of sequence, I’m seeing a lot of people who are out there trying to build a free Facebook group.

First who are out there trying to build a list first, who are out there trying to do lead magnets first. So they’re trying to do tripwires or low ticket offers and ascend them first. And you have to just stay focused. You have to stay focused. The reason why I tell people to start with your power offer first to a high ticket offer, your high ticket course is because it’s easy to monetize that it’s easy to recoup that you do not need to be an expert marketer to make that work. And you ultimately need to make sure that people are buying your offer. You want that validated absolutely first because no amount of marketing is going to make up for offer that nobody wants. So making sure you get that dialed in first before anything else is going to ensure that you keep your blinders on, you keep your focus on the prize, make offers, make offers, make offers until you get people to say yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Once you hit that milestone of 10 to $30,000 per month consistently, I’d say within two to three months of consistently hitting that milestone, then start to work on nurturing that list because it doesn’t matter if you nurture lists of people who don’t want to buy an offer. Okay. Do you understand why I’m going in this order here? Don’t try and get distracted by doing long form webinars, by doing tripwires, by doing everything else, blogging and podcasting and all this stuff, I didn’t start any of that fit any of those activities until I knew I had an offer that people wanted, and I’ve just set this warm market up to consistently get them to come back to me, get them to come back to me. So with that being said, keep your focus on, or keep your blinders on, maintain focus, and solve your problems in order.

Will you promise me that? All right, I hope you enjoyed this episode. I love talking about this stuff and it would mean the world to me if I get your feedback. So do me a favor. Shoot me an email at joel@thewebinaragency.com. I love to hear from my listeners, and if you enjoyed this episode, drop me a line or drop me a review. Give me an honest review of wherever you listen to this iTunes, Spotify, Google and just let me know what you thought about this episode until next time. Thank you so much for tuning in and I’ll see you on the next episode.

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