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SPECIAL – The 3 P’s to Dramatically Boost Your Webinar Sales | #035

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Something extremely common that we see with almost every single webinar is the expert’s curse. The expert’s curse is when you get way too deep into the details and basically trying to teach your entire six-month long course or a five-module course in a span of a 60-minute presentation. You have to distill it and focus on the core points that would help inspire the audience and not necessarily teach them to death because a confused mind doesn’t buy. Boost your webinar sales and conversions by incorporating the 3 Ps – promise, pain, and proclamation – into your webinar presentation and the rest will fall into place.

The 3 P’s to Dramatically Boost Your Webinar Sale

I love talking about marketing. I wanted to create a solo podcast because I just got done spending about five hours reviewing one of my client’s webinars. He purchased a webinar breakdown call and he’s in the trading niche. After I was going through it, I realized that there was something that was extremely common that I see with almost every single webinar that I review. The webinars that convert versus the webinars that don’t lead up to their full potential. They all seem to make these common mistakes. Our lesson that I want to share with you is going to be based around the three P’s for dramatically increasing your sales and conversions on your webinars.

We’re also going to try something interesting and we’re going to try a little bit of an experiment. A while ago I pulled my audience and I asked them, “What did you like better? Do you like these solo podcasts better or do you like the interview style podcast better?” I’ve got a lot of people who said they wanted to hear more of these solo podcasts. You asked and I deliver. At the end of this podcast, this episode, we’re going to try something a little bit different too. We’re talking about the three Ps to increase your sales and conversions on your webinars.

Let’s go back to my client’s webinar that I was reviewing. He gave me this webinar and I sat down and watched it two, three or four times and he’s in the day trading space. He teaches day trading education. He teaches people how to trade stocks, futures, Forex, you name it, all of the different things with his strategy and his methodology. I kept watching and I kept watching and I kept watching it and he was falling victim to the expert’s curse. If you don’t know what the experts curse is, I talked about it with within my community and the experts curse is what most people do when they start teaching on their webinar.

As the expert, when you’re developing your own sales presentation, you are so close to your own product and you are so smart that you’re way too smart for your audience. A lot of my clients, they sell courses, they sell coaching or consulting and they’re teaching a part of what the end-product is in their webinar. They don’t know how to distill that content so it isn’t so confusing. This is exactly what my client did with his day trading webinar. He was teaching a ton of really valuable content, but I had to watch it four times to truly understand what he was talking about. He had a $2,500 offer at the end. The experts curse is getting way too deep into the details and basically trying to teach your entire six-month long course or a five-module course in a span of a 60-minute presentation.

Boost Your Webinar Sales: Your lead is your difference maker in your sales presentation.

After I’ve watched it and pulled up the chunks and pulled out the details and I was able to help him distill it and focus on the core points that would help inspire his audience and not necessarily teach them to death. Confused mind doesn’t buy. I have that etched in my mind, a confused mind doesn’t buy. I also started to think about his lead. Leads are something that are so critical. The lead is a way to hook your audience but also let them know, “How is this different?” Your lead is your difference maker in your sales presentation. If you’re not a copywriter and you’re not a marketer, you might not know what a lead is. That’s what we’re going to be talking about now.

There are three core types of leads that I see work very well in the webinar space, in the digital marketing space. Let me give you an example. Many people who are in the business space, they will lead with one of the P’s, which is a promise. This happens right in the very first part of your webinar. A promise lead would be something like, “By the end of this presentation, I’m going to promise to show you how I made $500,000 in the past six months using this unique strategy.”

You’re promising an end result. You’re promising a system, you’re promising some methodology that you’re going to be able to learn. It usually works very well. However, most people will do that and they stop there. Meaning like, “I’m going to promise to show you this system.” It works and it can be effective. We’ve had a lot of webinars that do that do very well talking about the promise lead. There’s a benefit if you can show them how to do X, Y, and Z, sure you’re going to get enough interest. With my client, when I was reviewing it, he had a promise, but his core promise was pretty weak.

His content was amazing and he did have conversions. It was working, but his promise was something along the lines of like, “How to turn you from a struggling amateur to a consistent winning trader.” This is how you go pro. It was weak. There was no real incentive and it wasn’t focusing hard on the core issue at hand. It was basically calling out, “You’re probably a struggling trader and if you want to get better, you should pay attention.” There was no meat. It was a weak promise. He did have conversion. How can we make this better? There are two other leads that we can incorporate. The great webinars, the great presentations will incorporate a promise, but they’ll also incorporate one or two additional leads inside of this.

When I was going through here, there’s another lead that you can use, which is the pain lead. There’s promise and there’s pain. Those are two of the three P’s. The pain lead, which talks about your struggling amateur, but you’ve got to get specific on what their pains are. I spent a long time researching and helping to map out what these pains could be. At this point, I know in the trading space, even though I’m not a trader, I’ve looked at tons of these webinars before. In order to get a pain lead, you have to talk about what they’re doing now. In the trading space it can get competitive and saturated. I knew after watching this client’s webinar that his system was revolutionary. He used the system to predict the crypto boom and the crypto crash.

I’m not talking about, “It’s going to go up and then it’s going to go down.” He predicted it with extreme accuracy. We rewrote and helped him reframe his promise and his pain to now talk about the things that his competition was doing. That they had experienced in the past high frequency trading, algorithm-based trading. All of that stuff which is really confusing and we know that they’ve been testing those things out. We’re throwing stones and throwing rocks at our enemies. The enemies being those alternative forms to trading, because the promise that this client had for them was that his system worked as long as there was a chart. There’s a chart with almost every market as far as I can see.

We were incorporating the promise of this new unique way of trading that helps you predict when to buy, when to sell on a regular basis using any market that has a chart. That was the promise and we’re throwing rocks at our enemy by saying all of these other techniques out there, they incorporate algorithm-based trading, high frequency-based trading, and here’s all the problems and the pains associated with that. We’re calling up two of those three leads. Here’s where things get interesting.

When you incorporate this third P into your introduction, into your lead, this one just gets really powerful. It’s called the proclamation. Pains and promises, if you have any background in marketing, that’s probably not a huge win for you. When you incorporate a proclamation and you can back it up with proof, that’s when people pay attention. to what’s going on in your webinar. They stick around and they learn and they learn the basic. They learn from you and then they believed that you are the solution.

Here’s what a proclamation is. A proclamation is a prediction. It is usually a prediction that you can substantiate. This where this client missed the boat completely. What he was relying on was like, “Trading is hard. I’m going to show you how to make it easy.” It’s a weak statement. “You’ll go from struggling amateur to successful trader. After I watched this webinar and I saw that what he was doing with his clients was he predicted major market turns in all different markets, Forex, futures, all these different markets out there and cryptocurrency.

What we did for him was we had to make his presentation much more relevant and we need to make it more relevant in the beginning. We did this with the proclamation. I know in the trading space, becoming relevant is going to make your conversions skyrocket. By being relevant and making a proclamation, now you’ve hooked them in and you’ve gotten them to believe, “Now’s the time that I need to pay attention and here’s why.”

We’ve built this proclamation around the fact of cryptocurrency and showing that this strategy predicted the cryptocurrency boom and the cryptocurrency crash. The proclamation was, “We predicted that this was going to happen. We’re in an opportunity space right now. Here’s what is going to continue in the future. I have proof. I have all these trades and proof that what I predicted back then was true. Here’s what’s happening now and here’s why you should pay attention and how you can seize this opportunity in the future.”

That’s what the proclamation is. It’s becoming relevant as to why now is the time that they need to pay attention. What’s the pain that they’re experiencing right now? What’s the promise for how you can maintain this momentum moving forward as the solution? The three P’s to recap, of turning an okay presentation into a seriously high-converting presentation, pain, promising proclamation. What’s happening in the future. How can you predict what is going to happen? You want to say it’s a claim but prove that you predicted stuff in the past and it came true and show that this is how you can also become the major authority.

Boost Your Webinar Sales: A proclamation is a prediction.

We built these three Ps into this client’s presentation and I guarantee you, when he implements this, it’s going to crush. I wanted to do this podcast and explain to you how you can incorporate a proclamation into your introduction. That’s how you become relevant. Why should your audience be paying attention? Why should they seize this opportunity right now that you’re here to show them? What is your proclamation? What is your promise? What is the pain that they’re currently experiencing? Mike Dillard did this with his Elevation Group Webinar and he only did $25 million for that webinar.

The pain that his audience was experiencing was we’re in the middle of a depression and the proclamation that Mike was sharing with his audience was he was showing people how to take advantage of the downturn in the market so they never had to suffer again. He nailed it right on the head. He absolutely hit it out of the park with that webinar because it was relevant, the timing was accurate and he talked about the pain, promise and proclamation. Incorporate those three P’s into your webinar presentation, and I promise you the rest will fall into place.

What is this little experiment that we’re going to be doing? I want to hear from you. I want you to do some homework and I want to hear what your homework is. What I want you to do is if you’re working on your webinar right now, email me over at Joel@TheWebinarAgency.com your three Ps: your pain, promise and proclamation for your webinar. Maybe you’ve already built in or maybe you’ve got an idea for improving your webinar.

Email me your three P’s and on the next solo podcast, I’m going to review them and I’m going to talk about them. I’m going to talk about some of the submissions that I got and we’ll review them. Do me a favor, email me your three Ps: pain, promise and proclamation for your webinar and your ideas and I’m going to critique one of them on the next podcast. That’s what I’ve got for you now. I’m super excited. This is a big revelation for a lot of you hopefully. I know it’s what I go through when I review all my clients’ webinars. That’s what I’ve got for you. Enjoy whatever you’re doing.

Thanks so much for being here. We hope you enjoyed our episode and we look forward to giving you the next one. You can also follow and watch the behind scenes, look at how I’m personal launching a brand-new six and seven-figure product from scratch at SoldWithWebinars.com/TV. If you’d like to come hang out with other fellow experts, join our Facebook group at SoldWithWebinars.com/Experts. Join us next time and I’ll see you there.

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