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Successfully Launching a Webinar to Cold Traffic w/ Shanda Sumpter | #011

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Starting your own webinar is not as rosy as most people think. It just doesn’t come out of the blue and generate the right kind of sales immediately. Most of all, it is not as simple as recording a video and providing a presentation. In actuality, setting up webinars entails having to painstakingly undergo multiple processes and there is no shortcut to it. Shanda Sumpter is all too familiar with this. Before the success of her company, Heartcore Business, Shanda took every step necessary in order to make her vision come to reality.

She talks about her experiences of having to learn all the details of growing a webinar. Pushing through cold traffic where nobody knows you, she persevered and succeeded in launching her own webinar. She lets us in on her struggles as well as the realizations she had along the way to inspire and comfort those who are aspiring to build their own webinars, knowing full well that in the end, the process will be totally worth it.

Successfully Launching a Webinar to Cold Traffic w/ Shanda Sumpter

I’m excited about having our guest on the show, Shanda Sumpter. We talked about a lot of great things. She is a personal customer of mine. We finished launching her webinar. She set the record for the highest performing webinars that we’ve ever launched straight to cold traffic. The one thing that I want you to focus on is the idea of having this core central message that you have to tie your webinar to and understand how long this process takes. Shanda, welcome to the show.

Thank you. I’m excited to be here.

I want to let my audience know that this broke the record for our first webinar launch of the highest performing conversion webinar that we’ve ever done. Shanda, why don’t you give my audience a background about what your business is, who you are and what you’re currently doing.

My business is simple. I think simple works. I focus on helping people build audiences and then create recurring business models. My company is called Heartcore Business. It’s a strange story. When I quit Corporate America, I no longer had a boss and I said, “Who’s my boss?” I was, “God is my boss.” I heard this crazy little stat about, “There’s nothing in our brain or in our body that controls our heart and they don’t understand why our heart beats.” I was, “That’s the connection with God.” I named my company, which is funny because I was embarrassed by the name for so many years. I named my company Heartcore Business because I wanted to run this company in a divine way that was always on point with our audience and our customers versus what I wanted to create selfishly in my life.

That’s like the key elements of a brand. You have a great story behind it and people ask you about it so it’s awesome.

I’m excited that finally we are crushing it now.

It’s been a “long time” in the making because sometimes in this world of online business, people think it’s push button easy. You just launched a website and it magically makes money. What we were talking about was about the direction that I want to take and this was how much effort it takes to put into a webinar and get it right and get the process right. Shanda, take us through the timeline of what we went through so my audience can understand the process that we went through together.

First, I’ll call myself out a little bit and say we teach webinars inside my company, but I’m not an expert at webinars. It’s a piece that everybody needs to be doing in order to sell virtually and leverage your time. I knew that I was good at it, but I wasn’t great at it and I was leaving a ton of money on the table. That’s why I reached out to people in the Genius Network and I was, “Does anybody the best person I can hire to help me with my webinar? I don’t care how much it costs. I want the best person.” Your name came back a couple times and that’s why I called you.

Cold Traffic: Webinars is a piece that everybody needs to be doing in order to sell virtually and leverage your time.

If someone’s throwing together a webinar off their inspiration or their thought process of how they do a presentation or even fumbling through it, the truth is that between you and I working together, I put in over 50 hours of work. That’s not the graphics because I don’t touch the graphics. I had nothing to do with the graphics on the slides. All I did was the thinking process with you, which was extraordinarily detailed and just thinking through it. I rehearsed it a couple times to understand the flow. It’s like working over a week straight, eight hours a day on a webinar. I just don’t think that people are putting in that type of effort because they don’t know what they’re doing.

It takes us about 40 hours when we create a webinar from scratch and people don’t understand how much work goes into it. They think it’s just a slide deck. It’s just a presentation. If you want to treat it like a presentation and you want to treat it like something else, expect the results that you put into it. I am curious when we were going through our calls, when did it hit you when you realize there’s a lot more into it?

There’s a system.

What was that a-ha moment for you if I can put you on the spot?

I had a lot of a-ha moments working with you. I realized how much of a visionary I am and how many steps I miss when I teach. Not only did I create a great webinar that I know we’ll get into, but I got a takeaway of slowing down when I coach and train our clients. The people who stay with me are the people who are visionaries. They don’t need all the details, but when it comes to doing webinars versus me speaking on stages or leading masterminds, I had to get into the detail. I appreciated working with you. I appreciate you having me drill down on some of the details so that I didn’t create another webinar that was high-level surface but actually taught something that made a difference for the people who are watching, whether they purchased from me or didn’t purchase from me.

They’ve got an understanding of what are the details that you need to put together to be able to get a movement inside of your business. I learned a lot about myself because I thought that I was specific because I’m so direct and to the point, but I was missing a lot of steps that for a lot of people they would spin because they’d be, “I don’t get it.” They might even be nervous to ask the details. I’ve even heard that in my staff they’ll ask each other, they’ll ask the management team.


The management team will say, “It’s okay to me,” because they were nervous that they should have gotten it. That’s the power of a good visionary, when we lead a story or we lead our movement, we can move people but often they are, “What am I buying?” which is not a compliment. Even though in our industry a lot of people they laugh about stuff like that and I’m, “That’s not a compliment.” The compliment is they buy, they know what they’re buying and they stay in it.

It will lower your refund rate. It produces better customers. It’s funny because I hear a version of that story come from all of my successful customers and they say, “Joel, the one thing that I learned through this process was that I’m too close to my own product.” As the instructor, you’re too close to your own product because you’ve taught it so many times. When you teach it so many times, it’s a distorted view of what you think your customer wants.

When you work with somebody who is able to separate themselves and say, “Why would I be interested in learning from Shanda on how to build a business?” I know that I need to have a list. Do I know what a list is? Do I know how to get that list? You have to break it down step by step. As we were going through it, I was really excited when we first launch it because this is going to crush. There are not many where you get that feeling, “I can’t wait until she pushes this live because it’s going to blow up.”

Part of being successful is being generous. When you would ask me how does this work? I’m generous enough to share the truth. That’s an important thing to a distinction when people are working with you or creating their own webinars. I always hear this thing, “I don’t want to give them that detail because why would they hire me?” It’s, “No. When they understand the points that you help lay out in a webinar, then they like more than ever want to hire you.”

Out of curiosity, what was the most important part for you in the webinar flow? Knowing what you know now, when we first started working together, where did you think were we going to spend the most time? If that held true, let us know.

I felt we’re going to spend the most time on the flow of the slides. My expectations of what I thought were true, back down to the details. Me teaching what a generator email is or how to get influencers to promote you, I never thought about it like that because I was so in, here’s how you reach influencers that don’t know who you are even if you don’t have a business or you’ve never been successful before. It never dawned on me that people would ever need to know that detail. These are the steps. You do steps one, two, three, and then you get this end result and you’re, “No. Why don’t you teach step one, two, three?” They understand it. Those details, it never dawned on me to do that ever.


It seems so simple looking back on it, but it’s so hard to extract it for your own business. When I build webinars for my own company, I have to hire somebody else to take a step back and say, “Is this resonating? Is this making sense?” Let’s talk about your launch. Let’s talk about how it formed, talk about your funnel, talk about everything that people would be interested in learning about a webinar launch.

I’m still working on it to get it even better. Something that I’ll say is that, I don’t think you’ll ever make it. Somebody said to me, “You’re only ever as good as the personal development and the education you continue to chase after.” My webinar is converting very well. The evergreen version is converting over 14%, which was only below what the live one was doing. The live one was 15.5%.

All I’m trying to figure out is how do I put more traffic through it? When we were working together is that you helped me make this connected to a bigger movement of what I wanted to play in which is this understanding that that people need to be responsible for being financially self-reliant. You and I were talking about that together. You helped me coin that and realize that is what I’m trying to help people do. It’s irresponsible not to have good cashflow. You can’t blame it on a job, a coach, your husband or your kids. I breastfed for a year and a half and still grew our company to $5 million. You can’t blame your situations, but what you can do is get something like a webinar working for you. Build a great audience that you can push through that webinar.

Cold Traffic: Build a great audience that you can push through that webinar.

What’s crazy is that I’ve only done webinars that have converted with my email list, which is a warm market. This webinar is converting with these numbers with completely cold traffic. We only sent one email to my database to just let them know what was going on and then we’ve been only running cold traffic. We ran a five-day challenge into the webinar. It was incredible to the point where it’s like these moments when you give it a try or hire someone like you to help create something that works then all you have to do is find other ways to get more attention on it. I am looking at podcast sponsorships and would never be thinking about spending $20,000 or $15,000 for a podcast person to mention something about. A live event? Sure, because I know that I can convert, but a virtual platform that’s absolutely leverage? That’s a total breakthrough for me.

Your offer is $997. You’re converting at 15.5% live and 14% evergreen on cold traffic that’s selling a $1,000 product. Russell doesn’t mind me sharing these numbers but some of his best conversions that he did was a JV to John Lee Dumas‘ Entrepreneur on Fire audience and it was 18%. He’s not getting cold traffic at this point in. To give you a heads up, he’s done $30 million from that webinar. You’ve got some big potential upside with this. I’m excited for you.

You said being self-reliant, I do want to talk about that. How critical is with establishing your mission for your audience? You were able to tie some great statistics because you knew it right off the top of your head when we first had our first call.

In 2020, there’ll be five million jobs and that’s what we see now. If it’s anything like the real estate market where we thought in ‘08 real estate market was going to crash X amount and it kept crashing. My point is, you can’t predict the future. They’re saying that 5 million jobs are going to be replaced by technology jobs like accountants, jobs like teachers. They now have robots this summer that are coming out that teach your kids and tutor them. You have to think about how many homes that impacts? How many people are teachers in this world? How many people are tutors in this world? How many people are truck drivers in this world that are driving our parcels around. There are self-driving cars now. My son who’s two will never drive a car.

This is the real estate market coming forward without it needing to be a crash and a devastation in your life, but it’s happening and if you don’t plan for it, then it will be a devastation in your life. You can’t blame losing a job or all of a sudden, your referral business goes away. I have one person who literally was hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt because her brick and mortar business was created by a referral market in a small town. I’m happy to say that she made $130,000 and retired her husband.


You’ve got to get responsible with your money. For instance, a financial advisor or an accountant, I have an accountant that we had our launch something called the CEO club where she’s helping entrepreneurs understand their P and L’s and their numbers. Most of us have no idea other than we see X amount of money coming in and those are our conversion rates and here’s what I netted, but they don’t understand how to grow their companies.

What if you took your accounting world and created a $25,000 program, do you think people would pay for that? “Yeah, if you build an audience and you communicate with that audience and you know how to serve them.” People don’t get that. You and I were talking about that when I was creating this webinar. They don’t understand that they’re empowered to do something about it.

Two and a half years is still a long way away. Still a lot can happen in two and a half years, three years, get on it now because my experiences is it takes about three years to tip for most people. Now is the good time to get on this and take care of yourself because your success is as Larry Winget says, “Your own damn fault.” It just is, so you better do something about it. I’m out there pushing that and talking about that because I think it’s important.

The key thing that I want you to take away from that is the sole mission of self-reliance and being able to support a thesis that you present. I was at the Todd Brown marketing event. He’s about to launch one of his programs. He was talking about this whole idea of when you’re creating a sales message. This is pretty much what I do on the webinars and how I craft the sales webinar messages. He goes, “Think of your message as if you were a prosecutor presenting your case to a jury.”

You have to have a sole mission, a sole purpose of, ‘Here is why this person is guilty,’ and then present that thesis to the jury. Your job is to present enough evidence that your thesis, which would be in your case self-reliance as the mission, that thesis is valid and convince the jury which would be the audience that this is true and here’s the next step. He did a much better job of explaining that, but I thought it was a good analogy.

It helps all of us. You’re great because you’re able to articulate in a way that you get through walls. It helps all of us when we’re making our presentations to get that if we do think that we’re standing in front of a jury and we want people to understand, why this is the way, why this is the successful way, the wind in the courtroom, then it has you present your case a lot differently.

Cold Traffic: Be able to articulate in a way that you get through walls.

I’ve always had a hard time explaining that, but when you talked about it as what we explained, “That’s it, I’m latching onto it. Todd, I’ll give you credit but that’s what I need.”

It was a blessing working with you. I really appreciate it. I definitely will continue to refer you customers because you are fantastic in what you do.

I appreciate it. I wanted to tell the story because for those of you who are working on your own webinars, I highly encourage you to understand that this takes time and it’s not meant for beginners. This is an opportunity for you to take your business to add multiple seven figures per year, but you have to be in it for the long haul. It’s at least 40 to 60 hours of hardcore in-depth work to get your message out and explain it. Shanda, thank you so much for telling your story. Where can people find more about your business and promote yourself for a couple of minutes here?

It’s very easy to find me on social media, @HeartCoreBusiness on Facebook. On Instagram, I’m @ShandaSumpter. You can Google our website. We’ve got a lot of great blogs and writing on there and videos to help support, which is HeartCoreBusiness.com.

One last question for you because this popped up as you were talking about that, you did an infomercial back in the day.

I’ve done two.

I have another client who has done an infomercial for eight years on PBS. Does this have the potential to outperform your infomercial?

Yeah. We even took our infomercial. Infomercial is running online. It converts better online than it does on TV, which is crazy. I’m selling a $97 product off of that. It’s not even in comparison. The ROI isn’t even in comparison so, $97, $997. They’re very different. I don’t know of an infomercial that sells $1000 product or more. I’m not saying that they’re not out there, but all of the education that I was getting is I needed something $97 or even less to start the funnel up. That’s a very expensive funnel. If it works, fantastic, that is a very expensive funnel, but when it hits, it hits.


Dean Graziosi and those guys, God bless you because that is awesome. It depends on who it is, but if it’s an average woman or man like me, it’s an expensive game at $200, $250, $75,000, to create something that you’re going to start testing because then you’re spending $12,000 to $20,000 a week to test it and tweak it. Whereas a webinar, you can run some traffic to it and go, “That’s not working. Let’s adjust this. Run some more. That’s working now, but that’s not working.” It’s the same process on an infomercial. You need some deep pockets.

I’ve loved our interview, I loved working with you and I love your story. We’re going to stay connected, I’m sure. I’m hoping to make it out to one of your list power events. Thanks, Shanda. It’s been a blast. Give her some love. Go ahead and check her on social media. Follow her. She’s a blessing to follow and a blessing to talk with. Appreciate your time and everyone else.


About Shanda Sumpter

Shanda Sumpter is the Queen Visionary of HeartCore Business – a training company on the brink of hitting eight figures designed to give entrepreneurs the powerful systems they can use to share their gift and use those gifts to create profitable, sustainable businesses.

Today, Shanda is a dynamic speaker, trainer, and business coach, as well as a bestselling author and owner of a multi-million-dollar business and a wife and mom with plenty of time for family, self-development, hobbies, and rest. She lives in a beautiful house on the ocean, and loves her life!

It’s Shanda’s mission to give entrepreneurs the step-by-step systems they need to launch and grow their businesses – and transform their financial lives and the world.

She’s experienced her own journey from struggle to triumph: there was a time when she had only $500 to her name and was facing the prospect of moving back home to her parents’ house in Canada.

She knew then that it was time to make a change. So she hired a mentor.. and that became the catalyst for a domino effect of miracles that set the stage for HeartCore Business and its evolution into a multi-million-dollar company.

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