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The 1 Hour Offer Challenge

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Let’s talk about offers.

I had a call today with a game plan client who needed dialing their messaging and offers.

One of my favorite brain exercises is to help you come up with a compelling offer. It is a simple way to get you to think in terms of value to your potential clients.

The challenge for you here is if you were given a short window of time to provide great results for somebody, and they only had an hour with you, 

What is it that you could do for them?

Find out here.

You'll Discover:

  • Shorten the window and force ourselves to get a result for somebody as fast as possible. [3:06]

  • Imagine what would it be your clients experienced the very first time they enter your world. [4:20]

  • Know how to capture a lot of perceived and real value. [5:00]

  • A game plan is a strategic development. [6:12]

  • Think about new ways to develop your messaging and offers. Create new ways to bring value to the market. [7:41]

… and much more!

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