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The Five-Day Marketing Funnel Challenge | #046

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There is a time and place for marketing and sales. We’re launching The Five-Day Marketing Funnel Challenge. Using the chicken and egg analogy to marketing versus sales, what do you think comes first? The chicken or the egg? Marketing or sales? A lot of people will answer marketing because marketing makes sales easy. That is not totally true. Sales comes before the marketing.

You have to raise people’s awareness level on your offer to get permission to market to them. This is not about rewriting marketing and sales rule books. It’s about trying to make you a thousand times more effective with your marketing. The Marketing Funnel Challenge is all about what is more effective for launching new offers. Having that insight of the marketing funnel will improve the quality of customers and leads coming into the ecosystem.

The Five-Day Marketing Funnel Challenge

I hopped on a solo podcast for you because I want to introduce you to a test that I’m going to be running that I’m quite nervous about. I am going to be launching a test to figure out if what I have been preaching from the mountaintop, which is all about making your marketing as effective as possible holds true. I’m putting a lot of marketing dollars and a lot of investment into running this test because I’ve been seeing some things in the industry that are quite revealing. I also challenge you to go do some research yourself. I don’t want to spoil what I’m talking about in the episode because it’s pretty incredible. Let’s jump right into the episode.

I want to talk about something very interesting, very unique, and sometimes very controversial. We’re going to be running a test inside of our Experts Unleashed group. I want to give you a little bit of background about what this test is all about, what it means to you, what it means to my branding and my opinions on the world of marketing and sales. I ended my last high-ticket webinar workshop. We had eleven people fly in from all over the country to beautiful Lewiston. We talked about high-ticket offers and we talked about how to attract the right types of people into your sales funnel. Whether that’s via webinar or whether that’s via a high-ticket webinar, it doesn’t matter.

I want you to understand my belief on the world of marketing and sales. I posted this message a while ago on my social media profile. I asked my audience, “What do you think comes first, the chicken or the egg?” I compared the chicken and the egg analogy to marketing versus sales. In the world of your business, in the world of attracting new people into your audience, what do you think comes first? Marketing or sales? A guy who used to run my phone sales team, he commented on my post and he said, “Marketing makes sales easy.” His response was marketing comes first before sales. I don’t understand why you said that because that is totally not true.

My opinion is that sales comes before the marketing. I have a firm belief in raising people’s awareness level on your offer to get permission to market to them. One of the biggest takeaways that I share with my clients is this idea that you want to get permission to market to them. How do you get permission to market to them? It’s not by offering anything free. It’s not by offering anyone time on your calendar or your own personal input. There’s a time and place for marketing and sales and I’m not trying to rewrite the rule book on marketing.

However, I know my primary audience is the small business entrepreneur and people who come to work with me. They are likely launching either new products and they want to quickly test if it’s going to be valid or not. The way that we do that is we create messages that let people know, “I’ve got an offer for you. Are you interested? Will you buy it?” What’s fascinating about that is because I don’t want to get a bunch of emails saying, “Joel, you do podcasting. Isn’t that branding? Isn’t that free content?” Yes, it is. That’s why the caveat is here. Right now in my business, I’m at a point where I’m in the nurture phase.

I’ve got people who have come into my world likely seeing an offer that I’ve already made to them and they weren’t ready to buy at that point. They know I’ve got something to buy for and they know that I’ve got offers for them, now, they listen to my content. Maybe the timing wasn’t right. I’m not rewriting marketing and sales rule books. I’m just trying to make you a thousand times more effective with your marketing.

This goes with everything that I teach. This goes along with testing your offers first to get permission to market to them. I want you to understand that so you don’t think that I’m contradicting myself. We are going to be running a little test. I’m about to relaunch a program called The Perfect Expert Package. We are going to be showing experts how to escape the expert’s curse. How to package their knowledge. How to explain what it is that they do in a clear, concise and effective manner that enrolls new clients, enrolls new customers and grows their business very quickly.

It is a culmination of everything that I have learned and taught over the past three or four years in the world of digital entrepreneurship, online marketing and sales. I’m really excited about it because we are also relaunching our Facebook group, Experts Unleashed. That is the community that we’re building of high-ticket experts, service providers, and people who have a mission and have a message to share with the world.

What is this challenge? What is this test that I’m going to be running? I have seen in the digital marketing space something that I’m not going to release yet. This is going to be part of my test. I’m going to be testing webinar funnels, a form of my webinar funnel against a form of a free five-day challenge. It is going to be five days of free content and then leading into the webinar funnel. The test is going to be comparing the two.

The two funnels that I’m going to be running simultaneously, which are ultimately going to be selling my Perfect Expert package, it’s going to be around $2,000. I’m going to have a $5,000 and $8,000 package as well. Those are the ballpark price ranges for this. The two funnels that are going to be testing to be clear are number one, the cold traffic to the webinar and selling straight from the webinar from cold traffic. The second funnel that we’re going to be running is going to be a five-day challenge opt in, which puts them into our Experts Unleashed group. The challenge is called Escape the Experts Curse Challenge.

It’s going to be a five-part challenge and at the end they are going to be invited to that same webinar that I’m running cold traffic straight to. I’m going to be seeing what is more effective. Going from the five-day challenge to the webinar to the sale or leveraging my framework and going straight from cold traffic to the webinar to the sale? That is what we are going to be testing.

Maybe I’m going to eat my words, I’m not entirely sure. What I can say is I’ve got a couple of tests that are already running and this isn’t the direct comparison. I’ve seen a form of webinar funnel that I’ve been running with a couple of my clients that is absolutely crushing it. They’re not necessarily running it at the price point that I am, which is going to be around $2,000 but it is working very well. It will be interesting. I haven’t run any of these funnels before. These challenge funnels.

The reason why I led with this podcast was because as we are building this five-day challenge funnel and I’ve got my team working on that, they’re helping to launch it. It’s going to be running inside of our Facebook group. I think ultimately having that inside of my marketing funnel absolutely will improve the quality of customers and leads that I have coming into my world into my ecosystem.

Marketing Funnel: Most people are shooting for at least $1 earnings per subscriber and that’s probably with the consumer at a mass market list.


It’s just all about what is more effective for launching new offers and that is what I’m not entirely sure about. As we’ve been doing this and as I’ve been doing more research on Facebook groups, I came across some other people who are promoting how to monetize and grow Facebook groups. I saw one of these gurus had said, “How I make $50,000 per month with my Facebook group?” I know him. I don’t know him personally, but I’ve chatted with him a couple times. I liked him and he’s a super smart guy. He’s got a lot of great things going for him and I totally respect what he’s doing. Very smart in his field.

I had jumped into their Facebook group and I saw that the membership size was 70,000 members. Which means that if they really are making $50,000 per month from 70,000 members, they’re making less than a dollar per member per month. If you know anybody in the world of list building and email marketing, you will know that is a terrible earning per subscriber rate. Most people are shooting for at least $1 earnings per subscriber and that’s probably with the consumer at a mass market list.

If I was at $1 per subscriber, I would be out of business. I just thought that was unique. That was the real reason why I hopped on this episode, because I wanted to talk about that. I wanted to share with you this upcoming test that we’re going to be launching. You’ll probably see some promotions for it as we launched that challenge inside of the group. I do expect that our conversion rate numbers to be relatively high when we do the launch because I’m going to be launching it to my internal list first. I’ll be turning cold traffic onto it and running it simultaneously to the webinar funnel versus the five-day challenge that leads to the webinar that leads to the funnel. It’s adding an additional step.

I may come back out here and eat my words and I may have to say, “I’m wrong. Lead with free. You will better off doing that,” and we shall see. I will report back with those results in a future episode. Until then, we’ll talk to you soon. I hope you enjoyed this and if you did, shoot me a comment. If you enjoyed this content, if you enjoyed this episode, do me a favor and shoot me a comment, send me an email over at Joel@TheWebinarAgency.com and let me know what you think about this episode.

If you really liked it and you want to help support this podcast and support my efforts here, it would mean the world to me if you went over to iTunes or wherever you listen to this podcast. Give it a completely honest rating with whatever you feel this podcast should be rated. That would help me get my message out and impact and influence more marketers and more experts with getting their message to the world. Those are my two asks of you and thanks for tuning in. I’ll see you on the next Sold with Webinars episode. Take care.


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