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The High Ticket Tripwire

Tags: course, gameplan, tripwire, high ticket, marketing

When we are thinking about a high-ticket course, we get narrow-focused, one-minded, and one-directional because we carefully plan the course.

We keep on developing new different ways to get people to enroll in our high-ticket course.

If you’re not getting the results that you want with your program, you need to create a high-ticket tripwire.

Find out what a high-ticket tripwire can do for your business.

You'll Discover:

  • Go figure offers – the lifeblood of my expertise. [2:20]

  • Create a high-ticket tripwire, which is a paid kind of like a mini offer. [6:01]

  • Gameplan as an option as a high-ticket tripwire. [8:51]

  • Map out your customer's journey. [12:06]

  • If you are in a competitive market, create a different promise that all leads into your backend. [13:05]

… and much more!

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