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The importance of being lightweight with your ideas | #107


“I tried the power offer and it doesn’t work!”

You’re missing the point here. You did the power and yes, it doesn’t work, but that’s a GOOD thing.

Because what you didn’t do is:

  • You didn’t spend 6 weeks trying to build out your webinar funnel.
  • And you didn’t spend all this time trying to figure out the perfect email drip sequence.
  • And you didn’t spend all this time running ads to a funnel.

What you learned is that there’s something wrong with your offer. Because if you don’t have an offer, you don’t have any way to monetize your message.

Now more than ever, speed is essential. It always was, but now it’s 100x more so. We HAVE to find the minimum viable versions of things, whether that’s a power offer or ad angles or sales presentations.

Because we’re going to have to test fast and test a lot to find what’s working now and what will work going forward. That’s what I cover in episode 107 of Sold With Webinars.

In it, I reveal

  • A common feature across all top-performers, no matter what their field [02:35]

  • Don’t build the Titanic before you know it’s gonna float [03:36]

  • The one thing NOBODY tells you about webinar funnels [04:05]

  • If I could 80/20 the 80/20 of the 80/20, this is what I’d tell you to do, to move the needle in your business [04:42]

  • The counterintuitive yet game-changing benefit of the Power Offer…when I realized this, I knew I’d never want for leads or sales again [07:10]

  • How Cody, one of my students, is using the “lightweight” idea to find the most optimal – but not necessarily maximal (shoutout to Nic Peterson) – offer for his business [08:45]

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