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The Laws of Winning Automated Webinars with Andrew Walton | #074

Tags: The Webinar Vault, webinar creation, direct selling, automated webinars, live webinars, Webinars

“If you are a copywriter, writing webinars for your clients or for yourself, going through your story… ‘how can I say the same thing about me in a way that someone else with will actually care about.’  Absolutely phenomenal exercise.” – Andrew

Today we are going to be diving deep into automated webinars through the eyes of a webinar expert!

In This Episode

  • Andrew’s introduction to webinars

  • Top three critical things when creating or reviewing a webinar

  • Where does a webinar fit in in a business model

  • Difference between live and automated webinars

  • The first 30 seconds: the introduction

  • The follow up sequence

  • Webinar creation and content

  • Importance of the offer

  • Eyeballs on your offer and reaching your attendees on an individual level

  • Analytics and subtle shifts

  • Webinar testing

  • Much more…

About our Guest: Andrew Walton

Some folks like football. Others prefer basketball. But Andrew Walton’s favorite sport is making clients money by writing wallet-opening words on the Internet.
It’s not for everyone, but can you really blame someone who has written for the likes of Neil Patel – and regularly helps 8-figure businesses improve their marketing – shoot to break his personal best of $1.28 million sales in 24 hours… or offering his clients to only pay for performance?

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