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The Path to Great Storytelling with Majeed Mogharreban

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“The magic of telling your story the right way really magnetizes your ideal client to want to work with you, instead of you having to pitch them or sell them anything.”

This week on Experts Unleashed, Joel brings on Majeed Mogharreban to shed light on the path to a successful speaking career through great storytelling. Majeed founded the Expert Speaker Institute on the belief that stories can change the world. Majeed shares how he helps his clients reach their audience without using an aggressive sales pitch.

Many of Majeed’s clients find themselves dazzled by the idea of being the speaker who leaves the stage to find a crowd of eager, adoring people ready to engage and (in most cases) buy what they’re selling. He teaches people how to inspire this kind of efficient magnetism with compelling stories. Specifically, three stories should be told:

  1. Your story – How you went from struggle to success
  2. Client success story – A life transformation that your skills helped bring about
  3. Cautionary tale – The story of someone who has the problem that you solve and who wasn’t able to solve it without you, and thus experienced failure, consequences, and a serious downfall.

These stories help clients see the value of working with you. People who attend presentations are going to make one of four choices, and you structure your stories based on these choices:

  1. Do nothing (Cautionary tale – these people can leave because your story is not for them)
  2. DIY (Cautionary tale)
  3. Pay someone to solve the problem (Cautionary tale)
  4. Solve the problem with you (Your success story)

By the end of the speech number four the obvious option, but whether or not people buy from you, they still receive tremendous value just by listening and the event organizer is pleased. Everyone wins!

“Then you write that speech like it’s a love letter to that person, they feel like ‘Hang on a second, do you have a recording going on in my brain? Because this is literally what’s going on in my brain…I think we should talk.’”

Majeed emphasizes that your focus as a speaker should not be on the speaking fee, but on giving value to the audience. In fact, the sale starts before the presentation, when the people coming to hear you read your bio, see your website, and begin to understand what you’re all about.

“Our minds are designed to pay attention to stories. Our brains actually synchronize their brain waves to the storyteller and the listener. It’s a very, very powerful way to connect emotionally, connect visually”

Finally, Majeed goes into his background as a speech-team champ and an improv actor, and the irreplaceable part that those skills have played in his career as a speaker. He talks about his journey from young serial entrepreneur to corporate event speaker, all the way to his current business as a speaking coach. He also outlines how he gets his people started on their own journey and how to structure talks like a personal love letter to your ideal client (and why it’s important and profitable to have an ideal client rather than a broad, scattered profile).

Majeed’s story is high-impact and unique. If you’re looking for more, check him out and keep an ear out for the next episode of Experts Unleashed.

Some Topics we talk about in this episode

  1. Introduction – 0:00
  2. The Power of Stories (and Telling the Right Ones) – 2:20
  3. The Cautionary Tale – 5:00
  4. The Sales Perspective – 8:50
  5. Where Do I Start? – 12:17
  6. Narrowing Your Client Base – 15:30
  7. Expert Improv – 17:11
  8. Majeed’s Story – 21:25
  9. Speaking Models – 26:15
  10. Wrap-up and Takeaways – 30:00

How to get involved

  1. www.expertsunleashed.com
  2. www.expertspeaker.com

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About our Guest

Majeed Mogharreban believes that stories have the power to change the world. Majeed has spoken at the United Nations twice, Fairtrade International, and has worked with celebrities, a senator, an olympic gold medal winner, CEOs and top entrepreneurs to tell stories that change the world. Majeed is a two-time international best-selling author and the founder of The Expert Speaker Institute.

Learn more about Majeed here.

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