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The Power of Mindset with Erin Pheil

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“Let’s find out what is causing the pain and get rid of it… if there are specific problems that are holding you back and costing you in terms of time, money, sanity. Let’s go in and pull them out so you can be this person without these… heavy weights.” – Erin

This week on Experts Unleashed, we’re discussing all things mindset with Erin Pheil, founder of MindFix. MindFix helps entrepreneurs and high performers identify and eliminate the roadblocks that are holding them back from being able to achieve what they want to achieve and make the money that they want to make. How many books have you read, or affirmations have you stated, only to continue being stuck in the same behavior patterns you are trying to break? The problem is, you have all of the logical knowledge you need to find success. Your downfall is in the underlying mindsets that are limiting your ability to move forward.

“So often we look at a pain and think about how to treat that problem. But, a lot of times there are lots of other solutions that are connected below the surface or connected through some other channel that can really help you solve the root cause.” – Joel

MindFix was birthed from Erin’s own experience with overcoming limiting mindsets. The ignored and suppressed lack of purpose in her career manifested in years of chronic pain that drained her of her desire to live. This path led her towards her current work as a mindset coach. Sometimes the most painful events in our lives can actually be a stepping stone on our path towards fulfillment. She discovered the power of identifying the root causes of pain, patterns that limited her achievement, and getting out of her own way to find success and fulfillment.

“If you’re stuck, and if you’re running into something, even if you’ve been dealing with it for years or decades, a harsh inner critic or self-doubt or anxiety or fear, the one thing I want to share is that it is possible to truly eliminate those things in a short period of time.”

If you find yourself trapped in patterns of behaviors that stand in the way of success in your business, it might be time to investigate the beliefs that may be standing in your way. Connect with MindFix and Erin at mindfixgroup.com and LinkedIn.

Some Topics we talk about in this episode

  1. Introduction – 1:12
  2. What Does Erin Do – 3:02
  3. Biggest Roadblock for High Performers – 4:08
  4. The Pull of “Never Enough” – 9:38
  5. How to Identify the Need for Mindset Work in Your Life – 15:42
  6. When an Issue is Actually a Symptom of Bigger Issues – 22:23
  7. Pivot Points That Led Erin to Working in Mindset – 26:29
  8. Erin’s First Client – 45:02
  9. Wrap-up and Takeaways – 50:48

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About Our Guest

After running an award-winning digital agency for the past 16 years, Erin Pheil found her true purpose in life and founded The MindFix Group in early 2018. She now delivers rapid, permanent mindset transformation to high achievers and entrepreneurs around the world—eliminating mental barriers for her clients that decades of therapy, mindset coaches, books, and trainings could never fix.

Learn more here: mindfixgroup.com.

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