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Throwing the Box Away with Mitch Axelrod

Tags: intellectual property, business and life alignment, entrepreneur, digital marketing

For decades we have been hearing: get outside the box!  But when we are just outside the box, we are still tethered to the box.  We already come with pre-ordained boxes and borders that we put around ourselves, it’s called bias.  And although bias isn’t a bad thing, we don’t know our biases because we are in a “fishbowl.” – Mitch

Mitch just celebrated his 40th year in business.  He has never had a “job” since the day he walked out of college.  He serves as a consultant and has spoken to over a million people.  Over the years, Mitch says he has learned way more than he has taught.

In this Episode

  • No “box thinking”

  • Mitch’s transitions through business, from cold calling to “taking a millionaire out to lunch”

  • Three phrases that launched Mitch: What I do, Why I do it, Who am I looking for?

  • Mitch’s journey through entrepreneurship;

  • Pivot points and ah-ha moments

  • “Unconsciously competent”

  • “Have it your way” model & Intellectual Property

  • Business and life; role in alignment with soul

Connect with Mitch:

Mitch live video, audio, blog and more

YouTube Channel

The Soul-Role-Goal of Leadership video series

Samples from The NEW Game of Selling here

About our Guest

Mitchell Axelrod is founder of Axelrod & Associates, a business consulting firm and publisher of business and life skills books, training, workshops and professional learning materials. Mitch has presented more than 3,500 seminars, workshops, keynotes, webinars, teleconferences, executive briefings and clinics to more than a million people on entrepreurship, business, sales, marketing, values and life skills.

Mitch is the author of The NEW Game of Business, The NEW Game of IP (Intellectual Property) and the #1 bestseller, The NEW Game of Selling. He has reached millions of people through radio, television, audio and video. His articles, special reports, newsletters, white papers and training programs are used in 40 countries. An intellectual property specialist, Mitch pioneered the “rent your content” strategy to monetize IP for himself and others.

Mitch’s strategies have generated billions of dollars of additional revenue for thousands of companies from Fortune 500’s IBM, AT&T, MetLife, Citibank, Pfizer, and Prudential to small, medium and home based businesses, professionals, practitioners and solo-preneurs.

Featured on WABC 77, C-Suite Best Seller TV, Sales Talk Radio, and dozens of other media, Mitch is a sought after guest for both short segments and long form appearances. He is featured in articles with former Presidential Advisor Karen Hughes and Governor Jane Swift, and has appeared in national publications American Express Your CompanyNational UnderwriterSelling AdvantageExecutive Sales BriefingSelling Power and Professional Speaker.

Mitch has lectured and taught classes at NYU, USC and Notre Dame and presented his newest work, “Values: The Soul-Role-Goal of Leadership” at Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Mitch has shared the stage with the world’s leading speakers authors including Jack Canfield, Denis Waitley, Barbara Corcoran, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, John Assaraf, Mari Smith, Jay Abraham, Michael Gerber, Les Brown, Dan Millman, T. Harv Eker, Dan Kennedy and dozens more.

in 1996 Mitch was presented the Golden Mike Award for speaking excellence and industry contribution. He is co-founder and Past Chairman of the Speaker’s Mentor-Mentee program, which has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of speaking professionals.

Known as the CEO – Chief Encouragement Officer – Mitch plays for the love of the game and inspires us to elevate our game. His counsel and collaboration transform people, culture and profitability.

Mitch’s proudest accomplishment are the 10 years he invested as a stay at home Dad.

Mitch is available to speak, train, consult and deliver a unique customer appreciation experience.

Mitch live video, audio, blog and more

YouTube Channel

The Soul-Role-Goal of Leadership video series

Samples from The NEW Game of Selling here

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