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Email Marketing and Deliverability with Troy Ericson

Tags: quality, domain, deliverability, email, marketing

Today’s episode is something we’ve never talked about.

It’s all about email deliverability access. 

I had a couple of issues with autoresponders running 24/7, and I connected with our guest – Troy Ericson.

He is the guy who helped me solve the problem, and we ran a test on our list after he worked his magic, and we saw a 20% lift in it. 

He was doing Facebook Ads around 2016 and realized he didn’t want to do something normal. He took the next level with deliverability and just helping people understand something and get higher open rates, which most copywriters can’t do.

You'll Discover:

  • The most important thing is the domain reputation. [7:09]

  • The actual link matters most. Always check and see if somebody gives you a link. [12:36]

  • It’s not about the promotional words and phrases you use, it’s to make sure that you’re balanced out at zero. [16:13]

  • The main point for maintenance and list hygiene is just making sure that you’re not mailing really old context. [21:55]

  • It’s more about the quality, not the quantity. Quality is way more important. [26:37]

… and much more!

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