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The Big Three with Tyler Narducci

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We have another huge case study and success story today.

He came into one of my programs back in 2019 and is getting to launch a new offer.

He is the owner of a digital marketing agency, raised his prices, and got his first sale after he raised his prices.

Tyler Narducci is doing incredible things.

Find out here.

You'll Discover:

  • People who have unique offers get scared of success. [4:31]

  • Look for a profitable online business that you can enjoy and a lot of people find that in the digital agency space. [5:36]

  • Be your own market before you start marketing to others.

  • The big three.

  • The moment that the prospect gets confused is the moment that they decide it’s not for them. [11:14]

… and much more!

Episode Transcript


Tyler Narducci:

One of the biggest game changers for me was hiring a program manager and it was somebody to come in and take, you know, all of the, the management of her coaches and all of the overseeing of our processes. Even the softwares that we use. Internally and really letting them own that position and run with it.

Joel Erway:

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Joel Erway:

Hey, what’s going on, Joel. Erway here and welcome to another very special episode of sold with webinars. We’re going back to back here. Back-to-back episodes of clients who are doing some just absolutely incredible things. I really wanted to change the tune of some of the recent podcasts and bring some inspiration on and our special guests here today.

Tyler is doing. Absolutely incredible things. Uh, in the previous podcast we had Boyd and we talked about his journey of going from zero to $3 million of this power offered his mini webinars, and we have another mega case study, another mega success story here today, Tyler, uh, with Sobe viral, who’s running a done for you, uh, agencies, social media marketing agency.

And Tyler came into one of my programs. Um, Honestly, it was like 2018. Is that right? Tyler? I think it’s my 19 20 19. Yep. So Tyler came into one of our programs back in 2019 and was just getting ready to launch this, this new offer. I remember chatting with him a couple of times over, over messenger as he was crafting the message and then getting the first leads coming in and then, you know, needing to close some of those sales.

I remember him raising his prices and then closing that first sale after he raised his prices. And then. I introduced him to a, uh, to Mike mark. Who’s been on the podcast. Who’s, you know, sales, recruitment manager, and Tyler has gone on at his peak month in, correct me if I’m wrong, Tyler, I’m going off of memory here.

Your peak month in 2021 was somewhere around $700,000. Was that correct? Yeah, it was unbelievable then. Unbelievable. So I’m excited to chat with you here today, Tyler. Uh, first of all, welcome to the show. It’s great to have.

Tyler Narducci:

Thanks so much for having me. It’s been, uh, quite a wild ride already.

Joel Erway:

So why don’t we kick it off?

Why don’t you give our listeners just a quick, you know, 30, 62nd background about who are you? You know, what’s your entrepreneurial journey and what are you doing?

Tyler Narducci:

Yeah, so, but thanks for having me guys. My name is Tyler interview cheat. Um, I own, so we viral a digital marketing agency, uh, that I started back in 2015 out of just desperation because I hated my job and he did, uh, you know, that unfulfillment that I think a lot of people can relate to.

Uh, busts out of there started to be viral, got some clients and was able to eventually scale up my business to a six-figure marketing agency from there. I then transitioned into helping other people do what I did and get from, you know, breaking out of the nine to five into, you know, a six figure marketing agency, but I’m helping other people do it a heck of a lot faster.

I ended up, uh, starting a program called the done for your agency program that basically. Takes all the learnings that I learned in your like, you know, trial and error and trying to get off the ground on my own and condenses it down into what we know works for leads for building your team for sales.

And that’s how we help, uh, our clients today rapidly go from zero to six figures.

Joel Erway:

that’s awesome. Yeah, you have a really unique offer and it’s, what’s something that I really talk about. So, so much is like, um, when you see someone. Take off like a rocket ship, right. It takes a couple of very unique skill sets to that.

Number one is commitment and dedication because a lot of times people will land. Like I’ve worked with hundreds of people who have very unique offers, but don’t, they get scared or like they actually get scared of success. Like leads come flooding in and they don’t know what to do with them. Like, they’ll sell a couple of people and like, oh, I gotta pump the brakes.

And then they. Wither away and which is fine, you know, it’s like, so you gotta have that, that dedication. You gotta have that personality to be able to handle the success. You gotta be able to take that and run with it. And you really gotta have, you know, a unique offer and your offer is, is very unique.

You know, it’s a done for you done for you social media marketing agency that helps them launch, right?

Tyler Narducci:

There’s a, there’s a lot of demand in the digital agency space and people wanting to. Create their own business online and generate revenue and even more so when COVID happened, like we just saw a rush of people that really like you, you know, we’re going through the great resignation right now, where people are just fed up with like what I talked about earlier.

They’re, you know, under. Underpaid overworked and just not enjoying that lifestyle. And so they’re really looking for, you know, a profitable online business they can enjoy. And a lot of people find that in the digital agency space. Um, I know I did it. Didn’t take COVID for me to get there, but I know that I did.

And you know, my offer is it’s cool because it wasn’t my offer. Wasn’t like cooked up with like Mia at home going like, what do I think people want to buy? Right. Like my offer. Okay. Here’s what I did. I want to make a program that could have helped me do what I did, but way faster and with all of those mistakes that I made, uh, out of the equation, not having to think about it.

Right. So I literally built my offer for myself, a previous version of myself. Right. And said, like, if I just had this program, I would have been so much more successful, so much faster. Right. And so that’s why I think it, it worked and it resonated because I was my. Market before I started marketing to them.

Whereas a lot of people, I think they have an idea and they started marketing, but they’ve never been in the other person’s shoes. If they’re trying to market to, to know if that is actually a good offer.

Joel Erway:

Well, so explain what is included in your done for you offer? Because when we talked, you know, over the past few months, or few years as you’ve been growing, one of the things that stuck out with me was like, you do everything for them, right?

Like you’re giving them a sales person. Is that.

Tyler Narducci:

Yeah. So I call them the big three a is a big three things that every agency typically bottlenecks that, um, first is getting leads. The second is building a team around you that can do the fulfillment and the work for you. So you don’t get stuck doing it all yourself.

And as a one man band, then the third is sales and closing. Um, and if we can just. Tightened down those three buckets essentially, and get those working for you. Uh, then the rest becomes you learning how to be the CEO and you learning how to meet a manager, uh, which generally comes fourth in line. But through our program, we’re able to, um, provide a lot of coaching so that you can go from, you know, just starting out to allow learning how to be a manager because your three major systems are now working for you.

So it just takes a lot of that, those three mountains out of the way.

Joel Erway:

So, how do you do lead generation for all these people? Like how are you producing leads for every single. Every single agency, like that’s like, that’s gotta be like the number one question that probably anybody has before they joined the program.

Like, how are you going to send me leads? Like,

Tyler Narducci:

yeah. So we don’t send them leads, but we, we have teams that do their lead gen for them. So for example, first and foremost, we get them all custom funnels. We help them pick a niche. Let’s say that we first obviously help them pick any issue you want to target like doctors or lawyers.

E-com stores. Right? Uh, then we build them a funnel, a series of landing pages. That’s a booked call funnel for leads to book into. And then we create Facebook ads and run those Facebook ads typically for them and build it in their own ad accounts so that they own everything. Uh, but we just have a team that’s been doing this now.

Um, you know, and it specializes in agency, uh, Legion. Uh, so we build those funnels, run those ads for them to get them leads that way. In addition to that, the program also, uh, sets up their LinkedIn outreach cause there’s a goldmine in LinkedIn for agencies and, and lead gen there as well. So we set up their automated.

Uh, in LinkedIn, we set up their drip email campaign. So when beads come in from LinkedIn and from Facebook there they’re nurtured along the way. And then we’re giving them a ton of sales training as well. So in the early days when they’re just getting those first strips of leads coming in and they’re taking those calls, they know how to speak to them, and they’re learning how to convert those into sales.

And then once we have at least a, uh, you know, we have a threshold for hiring the closer because you can’t hire a closed. One mistake is hiring closer, where you have enough weeds. They’re going to leave really quickly if they’re paid on commission. So we have a minimum threshold. And once we reached that threshold of leads, we bring in the closer to then take their calls.

Uh, the closers, happy to work on commission only because they see a verified channel leads for them, uh, high ticket leads, uh, and then they’re able to now have leads coming in. They have a team of contractors. I forgot to mention that we also partner on with expert level contractor. That specialize in just about every single niche and work with them directly on building custom strategies for the leads that.

And then the closer comes in and starts taking the calls for them. Uh, and the whole system is up and running,

Joel Erway:

dude. That is such a killer offer. Like,

Tyler Narducci:

but yeah, I think, uh, one of the other things that also helped along the way was being able to easily break down your offer. You notice how I said the big three, because I can always, whenever anyone gets confused, because we do offer lots of bells and whistles and you get into the weeds of it, it can sound a little technical and like, well, it’s a little confusing.

And I always, like, I talked to my closers about this and something we learned along the way while closing for this program. And it’s like, always break it down to the big three. We get you leads, we bring in your team, uh, for fulfillment. So you don’t get stuck doing all the work and we help them close your deals for you on commission only.
But, and then once you’re in the permit, it’s like, okay, here’s how we do all of those things. And it’s like, you can get more into the weeds, you know, but in the sales process, it’s just. You know, this is what we do. And if you can’t, I feel like if you can’t articulate in like one to five sentences, exactly what you do, uh, then it can be a little bit more difficult.

So that’s what helped their offer was just really keeping it simple, even though it’s actually a really complex all.

Joel Erway:

Yeah, it is, it is a complex offer. Right. And it’s like, that is what a power offer is meant to do. It’s meant to help, like when you explain your offer, like it’s very, very complex, but like, Where you are in the sales process.

Like you gotta dumb it down. Like you gotta simplify it because the moment that the prospect gets confused is the moment that they decide it’s not for them. Like, oh, it’s too much work. Like, oh my God, you said LinkedIn and Facebook and I got to run ads like, ah, Nope, I’m out. Right?

Tyler Narducci:

No. It’s like, instead of being like LinkedIn Facebook, an ad, it’s just.

All right. And then if we want to expand upon that, we can walk through all the ways we also like beyond just LinkedIn and ads, we also teach them how to, how to host local events and get a ton of leads that way. And there’s, there’s several other hold email. We teach them how to do that. Like, there’s a lot of different ways to get leads and we always recommend at least three different lead gen channels running at all times because you and me both know, Facebook can turn off like a light switch and they, something can happen there.

So you just want, you know, contingencies upon that. What I really like about the program, as well as just, not only are we doing a lot of these heavy, like the heavy lifting for them, but we’re also providing a ton of coaching of an elite member of my program has access to 13 group calls per week and a weekly one-on-one that they can book in with my team.

So. There can be a lot of questions, but we’re, we’re there the whole time. And so a lot of what we do beyond just the general use services is, and we talk about this in our intro meetings all the time is like we’re making, CEO’s like, or therapists, psychologists, and like we’re helping people that are given a system that works manage it.

Cause like you said earlier already, a lot of people are scared of success and you’re right. And so when you plugged them into a system that, you know, works like it’s helping. Coach them on how to be successful, how to take this system that works and become that manager and become that CEO because a lot of them were like me and were doing everything themselves and have to now learn how to let go of some things, oversee other people and stand at that higher level in the business.

And we call it working on the business that had been in business.

Joel Erway:

Well, let’s walk me through, like when we first, when you first started, right. When we designed the offer and you started getting leads and started making your, making your first handful of sales, it was very, um, if I’m going off of memory here, I remember, um, when you first came to the program, it didn’t take long for me to convince you to like really raise your price.

Like how much. Initially I was at five grand for the offer.

Tyler Narducci:

So, no, I think, uh, I think I started at like, cause I it’s always been a three-tiered offer and there was starter coached and elite. Um, and I think my elite, I wanted to price it at, at 10,000, my, uh, coach level. I was pressing, I think at three a and my starter, I think I was at like a thousand for it and, you know, We’ve since, you know, increase that quite a bit, um, to, to where it’s at now.

But, but yeah, I, I followed the shop to almost all entrepreneurs do, and we start off as you’re just scared, uh, when you get started and you don’t want to scare people away with this big price tag, but when you have a good offer that works, like you need to be able to price it. So, yeah, that was good. Yeah.

Joel Erway:

So I remember, um, we were chatting over messenger early on and you’re like, all right, well, I’m gonna, I’m going to pitch it. Like, I think I’m gonna raise like 12 grand or 15 grand. I can’t remember what. Raising it to, and then I think it was the first call you closed them. If it wasn’t the first call, it was like one of the first calls after we raised her prices.

Like holy crap, like I closed them. And, uh, uh, or maybe it was the first call that you went after you brought on Mike sales team. I can’t remember exactly how it worked, but I mean, it was, it all happened very, very quickly.

Tyler Narducci:

Yeah. They closed like within their first day, uh, on my offer, Mike salesy. I closed a starter when I raised my prices.

I’m trying to remember as well, because so much has happened since then, but it was dead. The price freeze was definitely needed and it took off. You know, quite a bit, once we had, you know, a safe stable sales system.

Joel Erway:

So what is your lead flow look like now? Like you mentioned, you like to have multiple channels, right?

I, I see your stuff on Facebook still, you know, have you gotten onto YouTube? I mean, are you on Instagram or are you doing any other promotions besides.

Tyler Narducci:

We’re primarily on Facebook and Instagram still. We have ventured where are running on Google right now? Um, right now we’re, we’re trying to scale on Google, which is our big, are we here hitting this big wall where we’re not able to scale?

Like we have, we were getting good cost per book call there, but it’s just like, it’s hard to get past a certain point. Like we can. Pretty dramatically on Facebook, but, uh, are at that scene that I’m working with, they’re really confident that we can, but it’s just kind of take a little bit longer, uh, you know, Google learnings.

We really started very recently. Um, I did try search or is

Joel Erway:

this YouTube?

Tyler Narducci:

This is search. And then the YouTube, I tried. I would say a year ago, uh, and it did not go good. Um, I tried it myself did not go good. Then I hired somebody. Uh, it did not go good for them. So, uh, I will dip back in for a third round on shore this year, but I want to get searched locked down first, um, and get that working before we step into that.

Because every time we add a new page channel, it takes some budget away from. What we know works, which is still, almost unfortunately biggest, like an Instagram, like there they’re the, like the bane of my existence. Like they give it and take it away. I, I love so much that to be able to spread our paid channels more than we are, but yeah.

Joel Erway: Yeah, it’s wild, man. Um, search is fun. Like we’ve done a little bit of search or you’re running it to the same landing pages. It’s still going to the mini webinar funnel from search, or do you have a bridge

Tyler Narducci: it’s still on there? Yes, we’ve reiterated our funnel and made it a lot better. In the last six months or so, um, and optimize it quite a bit.

Uh, but the framework of it is still, yeah, the mini webinar and my, my mini webinars that I created originally is still kicking on there. And it

Joel Erway:

as the, uh, so your search though, like all of your paid traffic is going to this. Same spot. Right? So search is going funnel, correct?

Tyler Narducci:

Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Some people do, uh, like a bridge page when they do search, um, or, you know, Google ads.
So I was curious if you, um, we’re using, um, we’re using hieros to, to, you know, figure out our tracking and which one’s going from where and so far that’s been working pretty well for us. But we added that, like, it would say two months ago, and it’s really helped a lot identify cause basics, the Facebook analytics were getting really bad after the iOS rollout.

So that’s helped a lot.

Joel Erway:

Yeah. When you start spending a lot of money, you need a good tracking solution. We use Improvely we tried hieros but it didn’t work with our follow-up because we use Kartra. Anyway, it was, it was fine. Um, but anyway, we, we used Improvely, which is a very inexpensive solution with UTM tracking and it’s freaking fantastic.

Like when you get good tracking in place, it’s just

Tyler Narducci:

like, oh, wow. Oh, it’s, it’s huge. It’s huge. The discrepancies, when we first plugged in high rose and looked at discrepancies, my head spine, I was like, oh my God, I had no idea it was this off.

Joel Erway:

Well, I want to get into kind of like the operational stuff now, like growing to the size that you have.
Right. So, you know, we can, we can sit here. We can talk sales and marketing all day, but I also want to reveal, like, I want people to understand, like what it takes really have success, like a lot of success, like, well, past a hundred thousand dollars a month, right? Your peak to 700 or seven 50. I can’t remember what it was, but you know, over 700 grand in a single year.

Were there certain, there obviously were certain stages that you had to hit in order to get past the next hurdle, the next hurdle, the next hurdle. Do you remember what that journey looked like and what some of those obstacles were?

Tyler Narducci:

Yeah. Um, thinking back there were, there were some major learnings that we have.

One of the very first big learnings and big shifts that we made. I say big because it had such a massive impact, but it was actually a very small, uh, thing that we had to change. Um, for anyone that’s running a three-pronged offer or anything similar to me, like. Essentially my offer that starter is a course.

The coach does a course plus group coaching. And then the done for you, a lead is, you know, we’re doing a lot of services for you. Plus you also get the course, plus you also get all the coaching as well. Right? So in the very beginning, I called it a done by you done with you and done for you. And I literally, they called it that, um, What we came to to realize is no one wants it done by you.

And no one wants it done with you. Like those words are like literal repel. It doesn’t want sales calls. Um, and everyone wants done for you. And so what we experienced with. Anyone that would have been a good fit for our starter or coach. The whole program was repelled by those words and would not buy.

And the second we changed it to it’s the done for you agency starter, coach and elite, and we just dropped stunned bio done with you, phrasing on calls, sales immediately jumps. Um, it’s just that it was a tiny psychological thing that was happening on calls and it made a huge, huge difference. So I thought that was really, really.

Joel Erway:

So it’s all still in the done for you on Brella. It’s just, okay, cool. What level of done for you

Tyler Narducci:

is that if you think about it, even the starter level of the course itself, or is a ton of done for you, things we built the funnel score, you just have to one-click install it. We wrote the sales script for you.

You just have to download it on your computer, right? So there’s still a ton of done for you elements there, but by saying that it’s done by you or by saying. It just takes all the steam out of those offers and it makes them just really unattractive. And I had no idea going in and I learned that in real time.

Um, another one was, uh, just, you know, this is kind of cliche, but it was really getting the right people in the right places. Um, to help me. So obviously I could never have hit those numbers. I was on the phones myself, right. So Mike Mark’s offer with sales closers and bringing those guys in were just completely changed the game for me.

Um, and it allowed me to scale, uh, quite a bit on, on the, on the sales side. But what, you know, I do want your listeners to understand is that even when the right things are in place, right? Like the offers is hitting, the ads are hitting, the closers are selling, like when all those things a lot. Uh, my fulfillment bro.

Like I was built for 50 K a month. Right. Like my team could handle that much. Right. But I didn’t want to say no to people that were buying the program. So we had to really build as we’re going and like hire and train and like really fast. Uh, because the, because the front end of the ship was working so well.

And so we were building the backend in real time, uh, and building our processes and refining our processes in real time. And so one of the biggest, you know, game changers for me was hiring a program manager. Um, and it was somebody to come in and do. You know, all of the, the management of our coaches and all of the overseeing of our processes, even the softwares that we use, um, internally, and really letting them own that position and, and run with it.

Um, and that was my. Uh, she’s like my all-star and my program she’s been with me since the very beginning. Really. I recruited her through Mike mark as well and in his team, and it was just been a fantastic partnership ever since. So that was huge. Um, getting the right, the right people in place as well.

Joel Erway:

Yeah. That’s um, something that people don’t talk about, right? Yeah. You know, you said I was built for 50 K a month. Right. You know what that means is that like, You can still juggle most of the things. Yeah. You have a couple of team members here and there, you, you got somebody doing sales, but guess what?

These people that you’re enrolling, they need help. They need support, they need calls. They need, they have questions and that’s when it starts to become bigger than you. And, uh, how long did it take you to. Jane, like get her up to speed. So, and what, what did that next level look like once you brought her up?

Like, where is your next plateau before you had to kind of find the next major ops?

Tyler Narducci:

Yeah. So Jean came in and what was so amazing about Jane was she was just so highly skilled already at, at so many things. Um, that I came in and I showed her, I said, this is what we’re doing. Um, this is how we’re doing it now, but we really need to make it better so that we can, you know, have a higher level outfit.

Like if you look at how many leads we onboarded just last month, uh, like we’re starting to pull our hair out with the current. You know, flows of our work, right. And what I did and what I really truly believe. You know, now as a CEO, that’s hired many people like is giving, you know, the people that you bring in autonomy, especially in a managerial role to.

To really say what they think is going to make this process better and then giving them the autonomy to do it and implement it, um, goes so far and it did with me, right. So I didn’t bring Jane in. And I mean, I did say, you know, these are the things that need to get done, right? These are the results that outputs that we need, but how we get there and how we, how we get those results.

It doesn’t have to necessarily go to the exact structure that we’re doing it right now. So I remember, you know, you know, we went from, you know, using like Google sheets to using like a software that does it all together. And like all these things were her implementing these. We went, yeah. Drowning in client emails to everyone gets a slack channel.

Uh, that’s dedicated. And there’s like, she’s built a ton of automations in the business from onboarding all the way through to graduation of the students. Right. And so I basically worked with her on what needs to be the output, but gave her the autonomy to show us a better way than we’re doing it now to get to that result.

Um, and it’s worked out really well.

Joel Erway:

That’s awesome. Yeah. Um, did you ever imagined it would get this big, like when you first started, like, what were your goals?

Tyler Narducci:

You know, it’s funny. I could say like, no I didn’t, but the reality is like, and I don’t know like how we will, I can get on your show, but, uh, I I’m like a big believer in law of attraction.

And prior to starting this whole thing, like I had already like really decided like when I was, when I back, when I first started, so we borrow, like, I really decided that I wanted to have a bigger business and I. Uh, to scale and I wanted to get, you know, more than a million dollar business. And that was really where my eyes, where my sights were now.

Did I know that it was going to be the done for you agency iteration? That would’ve got me there? Absolutely not. No. Um, I didn’t know if you know, what, what stage of my business and what offer, uh, my business and what, what was actually going to get us up there. But I did have that as my sites for a very long time.

Um, I had no idea how fast though now. And it’s funny that you mentioned rocket ship earlier in the call because I actually messaged Mike mark. And I think he said, I think he mentioned that before, but I messaged him at, like, I feel like I’m on a rocket ship as the closers were just taking off with the offer and, and, and really doing it.

And that was like, it was a surreal feeling.

Joel Erway:

Yeah. Do you offer financing options for your, for your clients?

Tyler Narducci:

Yeah. You know, it’s so funny. That’s, uh, that’s another interesting part of my journey too, because we tried that. Uh, a year and a half ago, I would say. And if we, the closers were just not, they were, at that time, they were just not able to get the financing to work.

Like anybody who wanted financing didn’t have the credit for it. Or we would get a few people that would get it. And then they would run away with the money and like, what did come back and like pay for the offer? Like what, so we, like, we just got rid of biasing and we just kind of split it off. It doesn’t work.

Right. But we kept hearing all these other offers that were killing it with financing. And so I. Brought it back like two months ago and this time it works. Uh, and so now we are, uh, effectively using financing. Um, I wouldn’t call it like, uh, a game changer or anything. It pads, you know, the month, a little bit by some offers that couldn’t have happened otherwise, but it’s nothing that like, maybe like five to 10% of each fund would be from financing.

Joel Erway:

That’s wild. I was kind of the same boat. Like we just started offering financing, um, for some of our offers and I’ve worked with a lot of clients that sometimes they have 80% of their clients are financed and yeah. And I’m like, you know, it’s, it’s a unique, like, you really need to know how to sell it.

Like it takes its own. Sales skills to present. Finally, you wouldn’t think it would, but like, you know, we’ve had, we’ve had pros and cons with it as well. And it’s, it’s just one of these things. Like some people really blow up with it. Like

Tyler Narducci:

that’s why I brought it back. Cause I kept hearing about these people that are, like you said, 80% of their deals are on finance and I’m like, that’s crazy.

I think it, it depends. Your audience and who’s speaking with you, right? Because who your target you’re targeting this sector or that sector, like they’re going to have different financial. Right. Uh, different credit scores. Uh, and they’re also just like, if they have the money, like if you actually have it in a savings account or, you know, uh, uh, a friend or family member can loan it to you with no interest rate and you have that option, seeing financing come in at a 25% interest rate, doesn’t make sense.

Yeah. So it just depends on the situation of the person. And, and I guess as a, as a, you know, it’s, it’s gonna depend offer my offer based on the audience and what their resources.

Joel Erway:

Yeah, that’s wild. Okay. So you brought on Jane, Jane helped you get past that 50 K per month mark. Right? What was the next key?

Where did that kind of take you? What level did that take you before you realize? Okay. We’ve got another plateau, another breaking point. And was that a key hire that helped you overcome that? Or was it, you know, a system that you built? Like, what was that next plateau?

Tyler Narducci:

I would say our fulfillment broke.

And it was just because I think they, that we didn’t have. Team members, um, to handle it all, um, because it was just the quantity of it. Not the amount of people coming in was, was too high. Um, and so when I say broke, I don’t mean like we weren’t able to fulfill, like we were, we, we were broken mentally, physically.

Right. Um, so what the magical cure for that one was, was something that I’m just so proud of this business. And like, it really can’t be replicated in a lot of businesses because minus unique in this way. But where we’re at today, besides Jane, all of my coaches, the people who do the one-on-ones with our elite members, the people who host the group coaching calls, um, and the people who manage the sales closer process.

All of that is done by successful agency owners that came from my program. They started as students did the program, killed it, crushed it, and now love the community so much. They wanted to give back by working with me and working with other students to help them climb up as well. And that dynamic there’s nothing like it.

Like it is just amazing watching these heroes. Uh, in the program that stand up as true inspirations, like when they’re talking with somebody and maybe the client is, you know, they’re doubting themselves and their own capabilities, talking to a coach, that’s literally gone through the same program. And as.

Helps so much in more so than even talking to me. Right. Because like I started the whole thing, like, you know, I roll my eyes when I hear, oh, well, it’s easy for you to say, I’m like, what do you mean? Like, I was there too one time, but these guys are just closer to the fire almost. Uh, because they just had that same, uh, relationship.

So they’re just so effective at their jobs because not only were they on the other side, but now they’re inside. I also encourage them and give them a ton of autonomy to make the program better and make our systems better by seeing what they could do on their end, uh, that can make everything more efficient and they consistently do, which is so awesome.

So that was really the solution to our. Our next bottleneck was, you know, getting the right people in. And another shout out for Jane Jane was the one who figured out that we need to start hiring these, these all-stars. And she’s the one who started bringing them in and it’s been so fantastic.

Joel Erway:

I will echo that.

Right. And I’ll challenge you because not challenging I’ll challenge the listeners. Cause you said this isn’t replicatable it absolutely is. It happened in our business as well. It’s the importance. It’s, it’s the realization that whether you are doing it intentionally or not, you’re building a tribe of very loyal followers.

Um, I did it unintentionally. Like I will be the first woman. I am not a community builder. Like that’s not my skillset. Um, and you know, I’ve tried, I’ve tried to run Facebook groups and whatnot, and like, we have ones that are live, but like, there are people who are, who have way more active communities and that’s just not my school.

But as you run something for long enough and you get results for people and you change their life, whether you like it or not, they’re going to be a fan of you for life. And they are going to be a champion of you and they are going to shout your name from the rooftops. And they, they, they just want to be closer to you because of how much of an impact you made, how much of a positive impact that you made on their life.

And, um, They want to give back and they want to help and they want to keep doing things to help grow your mission. And that’s how I found my agency partner, Matt. He was actually a consulting client of mine for like a year and he was growing his own agency. And he’s like, Hey man, I want to, I want to build these mini webinars.

And I had built up my own internal team and I’m also an, you know, a lack, the managerial skill sets. And I was really struggling with managing the agency team. He’s like, I love doing that. So I ended up just partnering with him. He manages the entire team. Like I feed the work to him and it has grown. The agency’s so much bigger, so much better and less headache on my part because I brought in somebody from internal.

And I can’t tell you how many times that’s happened. Almost my entire team right now has come from internal. Like they’ve been a customer of mine and they’re copywriters who love mini webinars. They are copywriters who love power offers. Like they’re just people who have bought my training. Got great results and just wanted to be part of the team.

Tyler Narducci:

These are magical, and the training is so much less like it’s so much easier when you have someone who already knows exactly what you do. All I need to learn is, is how the backend operates and, and take it away. And you know, it, it’s just, it’s a really good hiring model, honestly, even, even as down to the person who does like our tech.

Connecting the automations to there, to the clients, emails and LinkedIn and Facebook has come from our program. Like all of it. It’s fantastic.

Joel Erway:

Yeah. So I would just say it definitely can be duplicatable. It’s not one of those things, you know, I’m sure that probably somebody can develop a process. You know, bring more of those people in.

But like for me, it happened organically and I didn’t even know it was happening.

Tyler Narducci:

We always have like a sniper list. Like we have a list ready to go for when, whenever we need the next one, we already know who we’re going to go after, uh, and a few on the list. So we’ve been, we’ve been good to go. Yeah.

Joel Erway:

I didn’t even know what was happening with Matt until I just started feeding him all of our mini webinar projects.

I’m like, oh my God. Like, we like you, you handle all of our fulfillment now. And the clients are getting better results and they’re being taken care of better. And like, everything’s great. So like, awesome. Let’s just keep going.

Tyler Narducci:

Yeah, I do definitely need to share with you, uh, before this episode is over our last massive.

Hurdle bottling. This one was so bad that like, I, for, you know, for a little bit, I thought that were ruined, like it’s over the, the gravy train has ended. Um, but so in October of last year, um, and this is like a warning for everyone because it is so prevalent. And I have to constantly warn my clients that this is out there as they try again all the time, but we were having.

My Facebook business manager. Okay. Which is connected to all my clients accounts. That’s how agency runs all of the ads for the agencies. Right. Uh, in October, one of the other admins on my business manager, their profiles hacked, and the aim of that was to gain access to whatever, basically out of counseling yet they had this occurred at about 4:00 AM.

And I just so happen to wake up like a little bit after that, I looked at my phone and saw an SOS for my team and I dove on there and it only happened for a very little period of time. But by the time I went to remove that person from the business, that manager, they had already moved me to employee a and so I couldn’t change anything.

And from that moment, I watched like this massive hacking attack go down, uh, at my business. And it was just a nightmare. And so I, the only person I could, or the only thing I can rely on at that point, it was Facebook. And so I reported to Facebook was working with them for a month, a month. Trying to agree, gain access to my own business manager.

It took that long. Uh, and we had to move all of our clients over to a different, a different business manager. And it just was, I mean, we had, but you know, oh, well over a hundred active ad account clients at that, at that point. And so. He was a nightmare, absolute nightmare. Um, we saw like fake ads getting put on my, on my, uh, stuff.

The, the, the hacker spent like 10 grand is my, my personal ad account was super warmed up. Cause I’m spending a ton of money on, on a prison program so they could drop 10, Hey, one day. And they did all they did on like some scammy. T-shirts just collecting other people’s credit card information. And it was this massive operation.

Um, and so it was a total nightmare. Like I was like, I can’t handle this. Um, but we did get through it. Uh, surprisingly you know, the customers like our clients, they were all so cool. And like, what I thought was going to be like, oh my God, like they’re going to kill me. Uh, they were actually really, really cool and, and understanding that, you know, this was out of our, out of our control.

We got, you know, everyone switched over and did end up recovering from that. But. That was one nightmare. I will tell you. So, uh, two factor authentication, uh, in many cases today is not good enough, like you think, oh, if I just have, you know, two factor on I’m fine, the person that was hacked had to factor on, and we don’t know how they got around it.

Facebook ended up telling me. Way later through, you know, different, uh, account managers that say different things that they’re not supposed to, that there was a massive hacking attack that happened at the exact same time, across many different ad accounts. And they think it was a lapse in their actual two factor protection.

Um, so, uh, what we do now is all admins on our, on our business manager, we have physical. So you can’t log into their Facebook profile unless you literally are in person touching any physical key in your computer. Um, because that’s just a level of protection that we have to have now. Uh, we also now. When we get new, when we get new clients, we give, we get, they give us immediately access to two business managers.

Now we have our main and our backup just in case. So we’re, if we were exact again, we’re pretty, uh, pretty well set to defend. Uh, but to this day I get emails, fake emails that look like it’s from that. That asks you to log in with login to secure your page or whatever. And it ha like we I’ve seen several members of my community get taken out by it.

It was really unfortunate. Um, but constant attacks. So be aware of your business owner of any, any level like this can Ave, you know, I was thinking notes will be viral. We’ll never be hacked. Like we’re not big enough. Like they’re going out there target no, going out to everybody. So

Joel Erway:

that’s wild. Yeah. So did they refund all that ad?

Spend that.

Tyler Narducci:

Yeah. Any of our clients that, that got it on their ad accounts from us, they D they were funded them immediately, which was really, really great mine because, uh, because I was like closer to the fire, I guess, as, as an admin on that business manager, they took a month. So I had to just like, uh, go through my credit card company to get that back.

But all I wanted for basically at that point was just three another back access to my own ad account, because think about. My closers are starving. These closers, a lot of them have been with me for two years, like super loyal. Like they, they make their living with me. And so when the, at a lot of the leads just stop at that moment, like that was my real panic.

I’m like that, that was, that was something I hadn’t experienced yet. Or I kind of had to grow up a little bit as, as the owner, like telling my closers, I got this, like, we’ll get you leads again. Um, part of the.

Joel Erway:

Wow. Yeah, that’s terrifying. I think we have not gone through that yet. I’ve had, I’ve heard a lot of people got hacked and you know, I’m just kinda like sitting here, like not really, no.

It’s going to happen to us. You know, we’ve got agency clients and

Tyler Narducci:

whatnot, and it’s just, you know, make sure you have, uh, you know, a few admins on the business manager and make sure each one of those admins is super locked down and like really understands that they cannot click emails like they, and even if you.

You know, just the, have those backup things. I recommend like they offer these physical keys and now we’re all on them. And you know, you can’t fake that. Like you can’t hack your way around a physical case. So we feel pretty good on that.

Joel Erway:

Right now. I’m going to go in and check to see who is actually an admin on my account.

Tyler Narducci:

it’s a it’s honestly, I like, I, like, I remember at the time going, if I survive this, like I have to warn people like this is, this can like destroy you and not, you know what it was, we could have bounced back so fast, but Facebook made it so hard. If they could have gave me access right away, they didn’t, they took a month because they wanted to investigate it.

And I’m like, oh my God, that’s what really killed us.

Joel Erway:

Awesome. We’ll do it. It’s been so great catching up with you and just seeing how things have grown for you. It’s it’s fantastic. You dropped some really, really golden nuggets. Like I hope people understand what you talked about with the offer structure and how to position an offer on the phone done with you done for you.

Um, do it yourself. It is completely repelling. And I will say it’s repelling probably because they’re all coming in, framed around done for you. So when they hear do it yourself or done with you, like they’re not going to do that, but if you frame it around different levels of done for you now, it reopens that conversation and you know, those subtle psychological triggers, like they matter.

Tyler Narducci:

They can make a whole world of difference this year though. I’ll have to check back in at some point, because this year we’re gonna, we’re gonna hit a million dollar month. Trust me. That is the goal this year. Oh,

Joel Erway:

so what’s the percentage of like people that take the different levels of the three offers, right?

Like, is it split evenly? Is it skewed more towards um,

Tyler Narducci:

no. Uh, our highest offer by far is elites. Um, like most everybody wants to talk to. Our starter level and coach level. Um, those are really. That’s us really being able to help clients that, that may come to us with a lower budget, get to elite so we can help them even more.

Right. So those are, you know, we like to say, like, they’re all passed to elite. Now. That’s not to say we haven’t had some, all stars and starter and coach went back to one of my biggest, highest performing students came in. Uh, and within a year, what got to $4 million agency was our middle tier. And now he’s like the biggest, uh, you know, testimonial and biggest, you know, fan of our program and everything is just so awesome.

But he was a middle tier, which is, we always love to remind people of that when they’re like contemplating the different packages. Like you don’t have to go elite to, to, to, you know, make it in this, in this program. It’s really just a matter of, you know, where you wanna come in.

Joel Erway:

So, do you have a backend program I meant to ask you, or is it all just, you know, the three front ends,

Tyler Narducci:

we do have a backend program where we will help we’ll continue on managing their

Joel Erway:

it’s mainly ongoing support, right?

Tyler Narducci:

yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Joel Erway:

Primarily that’s one of the things that I want to bring up is that so many people think that like they have to have a backend program. I think that’s where all the money is going to be made. It’s like, Maybe, but people also don’t understand, like that’s an entirely separate business and it’s not necessary.

Like if you just keep giving them support, like if you offer ongoing support, it will simplify so many things because people are gonna want to pay for ongoing support. Like they, you know, there’s always going to be people who will pay extra, who will keep paying for it. And there’s going to be people that don’t, but like, you don’t have to, like in the coaching world, like you don’t have to have a backup, a separate backup.

Program like you can just keep giving them ongoing support, offer ongoing support as your backend. And it can simplify things so much because.

Tyler Narducci: I love that you said that. Cause I pull is pulling my hair out for a good while. When I started this going, I have to figure out this backend thick. I have to get it.

I have to get it back at. If I don’t have a backend, then it’s not going to work and we’ve worked just fine on a heavy front end. Uh, so. Yeah. Yeah.

Joel Erway:

It’s uh, there are many ways to skin the cat. You don’t have to have a back-end like, absolutely not. Um, like there are simpler ways to get ongoing recurring revenue and ongoing support is like the easiest one to offer.

If you don’t want to develop an entirely separate program, which requires an entirely separate team and all different operations, like it’s, it’s a big deal. Like there’s a lot of, it’s a lot of extra work, but. Awesome. Tyler, where can people connect with you? Where can they follow you? Drop

Tyler Narducci:

some. Yeah. So, uh, the easiest place is so url.com, sob V I R L.

Um, that will show you, I will link you to our, our social pages that will link you to our program page if you’re interested in applying, uh, and I’ll just give you a whole big background on us. We are about to launch a brand new site, so I’m very, very excited. So if you check the website, uh, after you hear this, you might want to check back again in a few weeks because it’ll look even nicer, uh, sorry.

Joel Erway:

Awesome dude. Well, congratulations. Um, you did it. I mean, like you set the vision out early, you knew you wanted to be a million dollar business. It’s very quickly going to be a million dollar per month business, but congratulations, man, really happy for you. It’s great to see your success. Great to see your trajectory and, uh, thanks for jumping on and sharing.
Tyler Narducci:

Thanks so much for having me.

Joel Erway:

All right. So if you’re listening right now, go check out. Tyler, go to Sobi viral.com. Let them know you heard them on the soul with webinars, podcasts, give him some love, and we’ll see you on the next episode. Take care.

Thanks so much for listening. We hope you enjoyed today’s episode and we look forward to seeing you in the next one. For blogs, content, and information about our webinars services, visit thewebinaragency.com. For more resources and content, please be sure to check out my personal website at joelerway.com. And if you enjoyed this podcast, be sure to leave us a positive review at iTunes, Spotify, Google play, or wherever you listen to this podcast.

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