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Leading With Your Unique Mechanism

Tags: mechanism, high ticket course, Messaging

I’ll repeat this again (and I’ll keep repeating it): you have to know your audience, and you have to know what they will respond to.

Promising something in the beginning without giving necessary details can lead to distrust. In this episode I speak about keeping your word with your client by leading with your mechanism in your power offer.

You'll Discover

  • When to lead with your mechanism, and when to go blind [3:37]

  • Something crucial I learned from a mastermind on creating long-form direct-selling webinars [3:55]

  • Why leading with your mechanism can speak directly to your customer [5:19]

  • The different levels of sophistication [6:10]

  • The main driver of your power offer [6:35]

…and much more!

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