Sold With Webinars

What’s New is Old and Old is New

Tags: New, Old, Marketers, technology, Webinars

I’ve been on a journey in the past couple of years in the marketing world.

I was trying to fill out my value, testing different funnels and mechanisms.

It’s funny when you live in a marketing world; other marketers are naturally going to get pitched plenty of different ways to grow your business.

And you’ll see flashes in the pan.

You'll Discover:

  • People are saying other technologies are dead. [4:14]

  • More marketers come back and say, webinars just work. [7:43]

  • Webinars are the one thing that just remained consistently profitable for us. [9:12]

  • Learn to spot and identify opportunities that grow. [10:01]

  • The stuff that has been tried and tested through years of marketing, they’ve been around for so long. [10:47]

… and much more!

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