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Who Are You?: Learn How To Harness Your Power And Use It For Good with Katie Richardson | #024

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Have you ever experienced where you can attract people to you? You feel unbeatable and on top of the world. Even though everything’s not perfect in your life, you can handle it and deal with it when you know how to approach and overcome whatever it is that’s in front of you. Katie Richardson has experienced this in her life, in her business, and at home. Katie is a speaker, author, and life coach, but she is also a mother of four and happily married. She discovered she has a gift, ability, and a power when people repeatedly ask her, “Who are you?” People seem to sense something about her and want to know about her. She says when you know and understand who you are and what you’re capable of, you can get over any hurdle and make a bigger impact in the world. Katie shares how she built a super successful eight-figure per year business and talks about her mission and what she does for her clients and her business.

Who Are You?: Learn How To Harness Your Power And Use It For Good with Katie Richardson

I got off the horn with the ultra-special, ultra-talented, ultra-successful Katie Richardson. Katie holds a very near and dear place in my heart. Katie is a former client of mine who has built an eight-figure business, and who has been featured on very popular shows like the Ellen DeGeneres Show and other popular mainstream TV shows. If you ever get a chance to talk to Katie, you will see nothing but radiance that exudes from her face, voice and emotion. She’s on a mission to help entrepreneurs move forward. Her mission is to help them make a bigger impact in the world by setting their priorities straight and moving ten times faster and a hundred times further no matter what obstacles are in front of you. I am excited to have Katie as a guest, as she shares her mission and what she does for her clients and her business. I want you to go seek her out and follow her as she is out to change the world.

I have a very unique interview that I am doing with my good friend and client, Katie Richardson. We’re going to be changing things up a little bit on this episode. She hired me to work with her on a one-on-one basis, developing her story, working on getting her message out to the masses, and to impact more entrepreneurs. I want to give a quick background about what she’s done because this extremely powerful and inspiring for any entrepreneur or expert out there looking at starting or growing their own business. Here’s a bit of what Katie has done with her previous business, which is the Puj Tub.

Katie launched a business from scratch doing over $1 million in sales the first year, went onto amass over one million customers, and taking that into an eight-figure per year business. Puj Tub is a product that she invented from scratch with her husband and it has been on over 2,000 stores in the United States. She’s been featured on Ellen DeGeneres, Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart. Jenna Fischer from The Office and Penélope Cruz have also used it. She’s received handwritten letters from celebrities like Matthew McConaughey. She’s been all over the place with her business. She was on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine and she sold her company to work specifically with entrepreneurs in getting over that six-figure hump. She’s working with entrepreneurs who already have a little bit of momentum, who want to make a bigger impact on their business with their customers to help them get over these hurdles to become more powerful in their business.

It’s so great to be here with you.

I’m super excited about this interview because we’re going to talk about the strategic impact which is far more powerful than tactical impact. When we decided to help you spread your message through this show, Experts Unleashed, we talked about being open and transparent about what your story is and what your skill set is. It’s all about how to get into power. You’ve built a super successful eight-figure per year business selling the Puj Tub. You’ve invented your very own product and that’s not easy to do. You’ve got all these TV shows and massive publicity, and celebrities are raving about you. Now, your mission is to work with other entrepreneurs to help them get over the hurdle. Give me your definition of power. What does it mean to get into power?

Have you ever experienced where you can be somewhere and almost attracted people to you? You feel unbeatable and on top of the world. Even though everything’s not perfect in your life, you can handle it and deal with it and you know how to approach and overcome whatever it is that’s in front of you. If you’ve ever experienced anything like that, that is power. Power is the ability to know and understand how to overcome what’s in front of you. I have experienced this in my life, in my business, at home. I’m a mother of four and I’m happily married. Power is about knowing and understanding who you are and what you’re capable of.

Who Are You?: Power is knowing that there’s more for you and you’re willing to do what’s required to go after it.


When you hear that story of Katie Richardson and all her accolades, she sounds like this amazing, wonderful person who is a go-getter and has always been driven and ambitious. I was not that way for a long time. I lived a life where I was content with not being anybody important or doing anything significant in my life. I wanted to be a mom and that was my main goal and ambition. It was interesting because as I got there, I was happy, and it was great, but I felt like, there’s got to be more for me. This is great, but I’ve got a lot of skills and abilities that I’m not using as a mom. I was at a boutique and a woman attacked me and said, “You’ve got a talent and you need to be doing something with it.” She saw everything that I had made. At that moment, she saw my potential and what I was capable of. Power is knowing and understanding that there’s more for you. That what you’re currently living in like your circumstances, situation, financial state, relationships or physicality, it’s knowing and understanding that there’s more for you and be willing to do what’s required to go after it.

Knowing who you are, what you’re capable of and being able to overcome anything in front of you is power. Tell me a little bit more about that woman who saw the potential in you, what did that look like and what did she do? Was she like, “You need to keep going?”

This is a good example of me not seeing and understanding my power. I was in the boutique. I’ve got my kids on me and they were wearing hats, shoes, a blanket and a carrier, all that I designed and made. She came up to me and said, “Where did you get all this stuff?” I said, “You like it? I made it.” At that time, I had done a little bit of freelance work but not really. I’ve done well in school and that was it. In my mind, that was all I wanted to do well in school and then go be a mom. She was a pushy, mean, older woman. Her name is Merrill and her store’s not there anymore, but she is the reason why I’m here now. She came and asked me about the products that I had made and I didn’t see myself as anybody important or significant at all. I didn’t think anything that I did was fancier or worth anybody else’s attention, so I was uncomfortable that she was pushing me and saying, “Where did you get this stuff?” I finally told her I made it and she said, “I go to all the trade shows and this is hot. I want you to make it for my store.” I was like, “I’m a mom, I don’t think I have time to make this for you.” I was honestly a little bit frustrated with her that she was being so pushy.

Later that day, I told my husband this story and I’m like, “You wouldn’t believe it. This woman was attacking me because she wanted to buy all my stuff.” My husband who lives and breathes on entrepreneurship, especially at that time when he was still working for the man and he was dying to quit his job. He was like, “Katie, you’ve got to make stuff for this woman.” I was like, “I don’t have time,” and he’s like, “You don’t have to make it. You need to get a purchase order from her.” I was like, “What is that?” This is my story of coming to know and understand my power. I didn’t see my potential and what I was capable of. I saw so many limits in my life. I saw, “I can’t do that because I’ve got two young kids at home.” “I can’t do that because I want to be a mom.” I was putting all these limits on myself and at that time, I didn’t realize that to me that was a reality.

Power is knowing and understanding that you can create something that does not exist. It’s interesting because I was able to do that in physical products. I could visualize something in my mind and I could make it manifest in my hands. I knew that process so well. I knew how to do it and I was a master at it, but I had not learned how to do that in other areas of my life and here I was putting all these limits. People could have told me that, “You can’t make an infant bathtub that folds flat, stores easily, and is comfortable for the baby.” It’s a process of learning that anything is possible. What this journey has taught me is if you truly understand power then you know how to create whatever you want in your life.

Power is being able to create something that does not exist. How long ago was that story with Merrill?

It was ten years ago.

It was ten years ago when this whole journey started. I don’t want to necessarily dwell on how you started your eight-figure business but take me through the part of when you’re working with Puj, when you created Puj, and when you realized that you had something here. As you mentioned before, power is being able to overcome anything in front of you. Tell me the biggest lesson learned about being able to apply this concept of power inside of this biggest hurdle that you had to overcome.

We had been working on the product for almost two years. When I say working on the product, my husband and I were working freelance jobs and we were taking whatever money was left and put it towards the patent of this product that we’re creating. In the meantime, we had two young kids. We were literally living on food storage, so rice and beans and I was grinding a giant can of wheat making four loaves of bread a week. We were scraping to get by, digging my hand into the couch just to find some change. We were doing this because we knew in our minds that there was a greater life that we wanted to create for our family. We had a very long-term vision and goal for this.

I shared that with you because you need to know what went into all of this before I share this story. I had worked for two months before I became a mom. My husband and I are believing in this idea that we’ve created and everything’s riding on this working. I took it to a trade show in New York and I was with a reputable sales rep. She’s had big buyers coming from Target, Pottery Barn, Babies R Us. I was super excited because I was finally going to show the world this product. We had it in secret and we knew that it was going to change the world. I took it to this trade show and I got asked all kinds of questions like, “Do you carry insurance for this? Where is it manufactured? What are your lead times on the manufacturing? What is the retail price? What does the retail package look like?” Just on and on and I was way out of my league. I was pregnant with our third child at that time. This was a prototype that I had made on the kitchen table with a router I bought for $4 at a garage sale.

It was everything I could do to get to this trade show. I came home from that trade show and had to look at my husband in the eyes and tell him the truth that we’ve got zero orders. We were good like $20,000 into this where we paid for attorneys and we’ve been prototyping products. Let alone I said, “No,” to cool job opportunities because we were going to do our thing, make our own company and live the dream. I came home with zero orders and it was a gigantic blow to my self-confidence. For so long I had built up this story in my mind like, “We’re going to do this. It’s going to happen and take off. It’s going to be amazing and our lives are going to change instantly,” and I go to that trade show that was going to change my life instantly and nothing happened, it was dead in the water. I came home so defeated, I was ready to throw in the towel. I wanted my husband to go get a job at Nike and we were going to get sweet benefits, then I was going to be a stay-at-home mom and that was going to be the end of my story.

He looked me square in the eyes and said, “Katie, they didn’t say no. They just asked you a bunch of questions. All we have to do is answer those questions and they’ll all buy it,” and I was dumbfounded. I was like, “As much as I hate that he’s right, he’s right.” That’s what we did. We answered all those questions. Almost a year later, we took it to a different trade show, this time we had manufacturing setup, I had insurance, I had resourced my manufacturing, so I could drop my price almost 60% and that show changed the game. It went from being dead in the water to be the hottest product in the baby industry, not just in the US, but globally, it exploded. Within a week we went from being nobody to being in over 25 different countries.

What do you think that missing piece was?

It was the trade show for one. That was an opportunity for us to at least have a conversation with all these people. It was a couple of things like we dialed in the design and more than anything I knew and understood the purpose of why I was creating what I was creating. It wasn’t about making money for me, it was about clearing away the clutter so that you could spend this quality time with your baby. I was pregnant with my third baby at that time and there were so many things about motherhood that were so beautiful and yet there were so many distractions. I wanted to eliminate the distractions, so you could focus on what mattered most, which was your pudge, baby, infant. Once I got clear on all of that, it allowed me to push through the pain. It allowed me to show up powerfully at this trade show and not try and pretend I was nothing that I wasn’t but show up as Katie, a woman who wants this mom and dad to have an opportunity to connect with their infants.

It’s being able to show up as who you really are. What does it mean to show up?

Leading up to the trade show, I was intimidated and nervous. People practically were hiring teams of builders to come in and practically build a house. It was my husband, me, and my girlfriend who I had convinced to come unpaid and help us build this booth. As we were building the booth, I was looking around at all the money that people were pouring into this. We didn’t have any money. We were literally taking bookshelves and tables from our home and covering them in a 4×8, $10 glossy sheet of MDF from home depot with double sided sticky tape. We built our booth for hundreds of dollars versus hundreds of thousands of dollars. While this was all happening, I had so much doubt and fear going in my head, “Everyone’s going to know that you’re just a mom who doesn’t know what she’s doing, you’ve never done a business before, and you’re just shipping all this stuff out of your garage.” I had these nonpowerful stories going through my mind and focusing on my weaknesses. I was seeing them as weaknesses.

Who Are You?: You’ve got to push yourself physically in order to have the mental and emotional strength that you need for the day.


As the show opened, our booth was packed. We did a good job seeding all the bags with the little piece of paper that said, “Come see the latest innovation and baby thing.” As soon as the door is open, our booth was packed. I was terrified because of all the stories that were going through my head, “They’re going to know that I don’t actually know what I’m doing. They’re going to know that I’m just some stay-at-home mom who’s trying to fake it.” It wasn’t long before my husband came, grabbed me, pulled me aside and said, “What’s going on? Where are you?” I was like, “What do you mean? I’m here.” He’s like, “No, you are not here. Where are you?” I was fighting back the tears. I told him that I was afraid everyone was going to figure out that I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t want to get found out now because everybody loves us and I don’t want to blow our cover. He said something so powerful to me, “You don’t have to pretend to be anything you’re not. Just be Katie, everybody loves Katie.”

At that moment I was like, “I can be Katie. I know Katie well. You want Katie?” and I showed up as Katie. I wasn’t trying to be anything I wasn’t. Did I just come and tell everybody all my weaknesses and my nonpowerful stories? No, I didn’t but I stood there as Katie. I know who I am, and I can stand very firmly in that I know what I’m good at. That’s what I did at that point, I showed up as Katie. I showed up with nothing to hide and no embarrassment. At that point, I was unstoppable. It took that recognizing and realizing that I have something of value, something that I can contribute, and something to share and I’m here to share that with you.

The sentence that Ben asked, “Where are you?” How can we apply that? Here I am running my business, doing everything that I do as an entrepreneur and all the time, we’re at dinner, my wife won’t say, “Where are you?” She’s like, “You need to shut the phone off and make sure that you’re present.” I feel like if she asked that question to me, “Where are you?” I would probably come close to breaking down because it’s acknowledging that your body’s here but you are not and it might as well not be here.

The sad thing is so many people are doing it in their life right now. They’ll be at dinner with their family or at work or I even have moments where I’m not present with my kids and it’s something that you have to be extremely conscious of. The people that I’m working with, I show them how to be present in your life and to be obsessive about it. It’s beautiful how it makes a massive shift in their business and relationships with their husband and their kids. There’s tremendous power in being very present.

Go deeper in that because, for me right now, I don’t see it. Here I am running a business and focusing on growing the business. I’m going to do everything in my power to grow the business because I want to provide the best life for my family. Sometimes I have a hard time seeing how it’s all connected, so explain that to me.

There is a certain way that I live. It allows me to show up very powerful and present in my life. It’s about being very intentional in your day and setting yourself up for success. We’re human beings and we all want to be comfortable and do what’s easy. It’s about setting up your day and your life so that it’s almost automatic how you get to be in power. I’ll give you an example. I get up at 5:30 AM every day. I drop to my knees and say my prayers. It’s interesting because, for the longest time, I would say a prayer, it would pop up and then I would throw my gym clothes on and head out the door. I started to realize that I was not creating a space in my life to listen. Whether or not you are somebody who believes in God or the universe, everyone can understand that there’s a greater power out there and I truly believe that power is trying to communicate to us. I recognized that I was living a very busy life and my day was packed. I was saying my prayers but I asked myself one day, “Am I listening?” I felt like I wasn’t getting anything back. Tony Robbins talks about this so much, talking about how you’ve got to push yourself physically in order to have the mental and emotional strength that you need for the day.

I experienced it again, this is power creation making a spiritual connection. It’s pushing yourself physically, coming home and fueling my body with water and healthy foods, and then it’s making a connection relationally with my spouse and kids. One portion of creating power in your life is, “What are you doing in the day?” We’ve got so much media out there, we have news and social media. We get bombarded by so many things, your cellphone’s dinging all day long. Are you creating space in your life? Are you allowing yourself to even think? This is a big part of the power.

It makes total sense but for me, I’m still missing something. I’m creating space and am I listening? Can you give me an example? Take me back to how you’re applying this whole concept of balance in all areas of your life. How does this apply to now? Puj took off, you’ve got momentum running a six-figure, seven-figure, then eight-figure. I can only imagine that as you started to grow, things didn’t get easier, I’m sure it probably had the opportunity to get more hectic.

It continues to get chaotic and you take into consideration that I had two more kids. I had four kids and I wanted it to be present with not just physically but mentally and emotionally. I wanted to be there for my kids. You talk about compartmentalizing and power, it’s all connected. One of the things that I understand as a product designer, a brand builder and as a leader in my industry is I know and understand that everyone I’m talking to whether or not it’s a potential investor or manufacturing partner or customer, I know that they are human beings. I know that if I can touch you on a very human level then we’re connected. That way we can have a real conversation about what manufacturing with you is going to look like.

We can have a real conversation about what it’s going to look like if you’re going to be a consultant with me or when you’re selling my product. It’s important as an entrepreneur if you know and understand how to connect with people on a very human level you can get whatever you want practically. Knowing and understanding how to connect with people in a way that they remember you, they like you, want to do business with you, and trust you, these are all parts of power. I’m able to do that because I have nothing to hide in my life. I’m not saying that I’m perfect, but if there’s anything that is not in alignment in my life, I confront it, deal it and create a powerful story around it.

This is what I show my clients to do. I have a client who came to me for her business and our first five conversations were about people in her life. We’re having these conversations about relationships in her life and yet she is doubling her income, she is doing an extra $17,000 that week. She’s able to handle things in a totally different way because she’s human and the people that she’s dealing with are human. Often, we’ll show up to a conversation with fears, doubts and things that we’re hiding and don’t want people to know about us. Without realizing it, we’re expending energy to protect ourselves. I show people how to put full energy in what it is you want, not having to hide something but putting your energy into creation, not hiding the past.

You’re not running Puj anymore. You sold it in 2017. Now you’re working with entrepreneurs who are ready to make a bigger impact in their lives and you want to help them show up. Everything that you’re talking about here, I’m assuming you didn’t just get it one day and you didn’t even know that you wanted to help other entrepreneurs. Tell me the first time that you got this fire started in your mind. It must have been while you were working at Puj. When did you get this desire to help people?

In my industry, I’m around a lot of other entrepreneurs and I would have people approach me who would say like, “I’m blown away by your story. You fascinate me and I wish that I could do what you did,” and they would tell me their nonpowerful story, “I’m just a mom or I don’t know anything about business.” When they would share that story with me, I could see myself. It was almost like a mirror in front of me and I’m like, “No, you don’t understand that.”

When you were talking to Merrill?

Merrill’s a great example. She did that for me. She could see that I was holding myself back and she pushed me out of my comfort zone big time. I started to do this with girls that would come to me in my industry, women who wanted to start something and felt like they had a good idea but didn’t know anything about business and they had young kids at home. They didn’t know how to juggle it all and so I would share some advice.

There’s one story that I want to share. I was at the park with a girlfriend, our kids were playing and she was mentioning to me that her kids were in school full-time now and she wanted to get a full-time job. She was complaining to me like, “Katie, I have not been working for the last eight years,” and there was this specific job that she wanted. It was in an industry that she had been in before, in the geriatric industry, and she wanted this job. It was in a great location, it had great benefits, and it was going to work with her schedule with their kids. She wanted this job and she told me all the reasons why they should not hire her. They were interviewing people internally for this position who, from her point of view, had more experience than her. She had not been working for the last eight years and she had been out of the industry for such a long time that she was behind.

I listened to her and I let her talk. Then I said, “Shannon, that’s not true. All that you shared with me, it’s not true. In fact, you’re the best candidate for the job and here’s why. Don’t tell me that you haven’t been working for the last eight years, you’ve been running a house. That is not easy, that’s the hardest job in the world. You’ve managed your home, your kids, and your spouse. Meals, cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, all of it, you’ve been managing this home. That’s exactly what you’d been doing for this potential employer.” I helped her see that she wasn’t a bad candidate, but she was the very best candidate. I helped her see all the reasons why they would be so stupid to not hire her. At that moment, I helped her take on a very powerful story out there and I destroyed her nonpowerful stories.

I told her why that was all crap and why she was the best candidate. Two weeks later, I saw Shannon at the gym and she’s like, “I got the job,” and she couldn’t even believe it. I knew that she would get the job and it was cool because here was somebody who wanted something so bad but didn’t feel like they could get it. I helped her create a powerful story that when she went into this interview, she showed up powerful. She knew who she was, why they needed to hire her and why she was the best candidate and she was able to get the outcome that she wanted so badly. It was all about power. It’s about showing up powerfully and having nothing to hide. Before we had spoken, she probably would have tried to hide the fact that she was a stay-at-home mom for the last eight years, but she showed up with that story as a powerful reason why they should hire her.

This was the first experience that you had helping somebody see themselves for who they truly were and show up in their life.

Shannon was one of several examples where I had a conversation with somebody and I helped them see something they weren’t seeing in their life. From that experience, they were able to get real results. It was a satisfying experience of seeing who she was and the value that she has to give and helping her see that, take that on and get the job. I love product design and I love what I do in Puj, but the thing that I got the most out of was the letters I would get from people who would say, “I used to be afraid of baby bath time. I used to be afraid of bathing my infant. Yet, you took that fear away and you’ve helped me have this beautiful moment with my child.” That’s what I loved, impacting people on a very deep level.

Who Are You?: I want to show people how to harness their power and use it for good.


I saw in my products company to a certain extent and I wanted more of that. I wanted to see somebody who could experience a new perspective that I shared with them and from that point on, their life takes a different path. I wanted more of that and I kept seeing it over and over again with girlfriends, friends in the industry, and moms at the park. I even had a conversation with my sister. She wanted this job and told me all the reasons why they shouldn’t hire her. I turned it right back around and showed her all the reasons why she was the perfect candidate and she got the job.

It’s very clear from what you’re describing that the common thread between what you do and what other people have done is seeing you for who you are and seeing that opportunity. You have a story that we haven’t shared yet that I want you to tell which involves Stevie Wonder. This was the big light bulb moment for you.

Every time I get asked this question, I take a mental note because it gets repeated to me over and over again and that the question is, “Who are you?” People want to know about me, they can sense something about me. What they see, and experience has a very familiar feeling to them, so they asked me, “Who are you?” I was at a trade show in Las Vegas, the Consumer Electronic Show and if anybody’s been to the show, it’s packed. It’s one of the biggest trade shows in the world. I just had my lunch and I was coming back into the convention center. I saw about 30 or 35 people all packed in a tight circle and there was a person in the middle. I thought, “That looks like Stevie Wonder.” Everyone’s trying to get close to this figure who’s in the middle and they’re moving through the convention center. I started to notice this head popping up over the crowd from inside this pack. He was trying to look at me and I could see what’s going on.

He finally pushed people aside and he was very dramatic in how he pushed everyone aside. He ran up to me and got his face right in front of my face almost in awe. He said, “Who are you?” I said, “I’m Katie Richardson. Who are you?” and he said, “I’m Lamar.” I said, “It’s great to meet you, Lamar. Who are you with?” He said, “I’m with Stevie.” I said, “Stevie who?” He said, “Stevie Wonder.” I was like, “That is Stevie Wonder.” I didn’t know who Lamar was, he was a bodyguard or something for him. I later Googled Stevie Wonder and Lamar was in a lot of the photos. This was a guy who has lived the celebrity life around Stevie Wonder and all the people that Stevie Wonder attracts. Yet something pulled him out of that crowd right up to me where he just said, “Who are you?”

I’ve had experiences with Ubers, airports, grocery stores like everywhere I would go, people would come to me, “Who are you?” I thought there’s something here, there’s some way that I’m able to pull people into me. There’s something magnetic here and I didn’t know what it was. I wanted to harness it and use it for good. That Stevie Wonder experience, I shared that with you because this is a guy who’s been around some of the most beautiful people in the world on a very regular basis and yet he pushed his way through a crowd to come to me? Katie Richardson. Why? What was that? From that experience, I went on the hunt and I was like, “There’s something here. There are some gift, ability and power that I have that I want to harness. I want to help people with this power.” I went on a hunt and learned how to harness this power that I had, to show other people how to use their power, how to discover their power, how to harness it, and then use their power for good. It’s something I’m super passionate about and I continue to still get people coming up to me asking me, “Who are you?”

You have some incredible success stories of people that you’ve helped. Now, you focus specifically on entrepreneurs and business, but you’ve helped people get pregnant who, correct me if any of this is wrong, were told they were going to have a hard time or they couldn’t get pregnant. You helped people get off medication who had been told that they were going to be on medication their entire lives. You’ve helped business owners who had a side hustle and they weren’t even proud of that side hustle, take that and completely explode based on circumstances that they believed in.

These are some of the examples, Joel. As you share those, it’s almost unbelievable. I’ll tell you like the woman who got pregnant. She’d been on fertility drugs for almost two years and had been trying to get pregnant. She and I went through my training and six weeks post-training she called me up and she’s like, “You’re never going to believe this, but I’m pregnant.” This is a good example of not compartmentalizing life and power reaches every area of your life. She was an entrepreneur and we were talking about all kinds of things and the fact that she was able to be in a place where she was no longer blocking pregnancy and she was able to get pregnant. It’s beautiful.

I had another woman who was also an entrepreneur, she was an artist. She wanted to have another baby and we worked together. She was on medication and the medication was spawned from her last pregnancy. The doctors had told her that for her to get pregnant again, she would be putting her life at risk. She went through my holistic training, went off the medication, and then six months later she got pregnant. She had a healthy baby and delivery. She is still not on that medication and it was all unbelievable. She said, “Katie, this changed my pregnancy. It changed my relationship with my husband, my kids and it changed my business.”

It’s this holistic approach, Joel. You can’t compartmentalize power and when you understand it and how to apply it to your life, there’s no question that it changes your business, that’s a given. The people that I work with, rather than trying to beg people to come work with them, people start coming to them. I’ve got a client who after one conversation was able to close at $30,000 deal from a training that I gave her, and she’d never done more than $7,000 deal. This is the power of knowing and understanding how to serve people on the highest level and this is what I teach people.

You said that this is a holistic training and you can’t compartmentalize. I need you to elaborate because in my mind I’m still not completely clear. How many compartments do I have in my life? Let’s say I’m a client, what’s the first thing that you’re going to do to get an inside look? Are you going to help me decompartmentalize?

The first thing I ask the people who come to me is, “I want to know everything about your business.” First and foremost, if your business is not serving you then it’s hard for you to get to the next level. I want your business to be functioning and serving you. I need to know and understand your business, business model, how you’re monetizing your customers, how you’re bringing in new clients, and customers.

One of the big advantages I have is that I have experience in sales, marketing and negotiations. I’ve been in big conversations with Target, Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, Walmart. I’ve been in their headquarters and at the table with them and I know how to have those kinds of conversations. I’m also a mother who’s committed to my role. I want to raise my kids and that’s important to me. Personally, I went on this hunt of how I can be successful in my business, have those negotiations with Target, Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby and be successful in my home where my kids are happy and thriving and we have a solid relationship. It was something that I hadn’t seen modeled very much. I felt frustrated because I would read stories about amazing entrepreneurs who I still love and adore but felt like there were pieces missing that for me I was not willing to compromise on.

It was a personal journey where I was like, “I am committed to figuring this out and I’m going to create this woman that I’m looking for and can’t find.” I’m going to do that by being her. What does this woman look like? What does her day look like? How does she act with her kids and husband? How does she even act in a conversation when she’s negotiating a big deal with a potential investor? The fact that I can even know and understand all of those things first, it’s important to anyone who’s considering working with me. You need to know that I understand business. I understand running a multimillion-dollar international business. I understand the importance of marketing and how you do it effectively. At the same time, I understand that you have a life that there’s probably a spouse or kids in your life, you want to feel healthy and thriving, and you don’t want your health compromised because those were the things that I wasn’t willing to compromise.

When I talk about not compartmentalizing, when a client comes on, we have a conversation first about business, where it’s at and where you want it to go. It’s important that I’m not trying to create something for you, this is your creation, and nobody can tell you what your business needs to be. That needs to come from you and I help them extract that. What do you want your business to be? I don’t just want to know the numbers of your business. Do you want to be commuting to your work? Do you want to be working with a remote team? What people do you want to be working with? What customers do you want to attract? All those things come into play when it comes to power because if you’re having to deal with crappy clients and customers all day long, that’s going to be taking away from your power and it’s going to have you show up unhappy at home with your kids, spouse and your team.

How many compartments are there in my life?

There’s your business and your body, physicality and health, that’s two. The third is your relationships, that would include your marriage, relationships with your family, including your mom, dad and your kids, any people who are of importance in your life. There’s your spirituality, even if you don’t believe in God, we all know and understand there’s some force out there. That’s what I speak to, knowing how to understand and tap into that whether that’s through meditation or scripture, study and prayer. I’m all about feeling centered and balanced in your life and there’s a spiritual component to that body. Body, business, relationships, spirituality.

I’m an entrepreneur and somebody who might be reading this is like, “This is all sounding well and good, Katie.” Let’s say that they’re making $100,000 a year in their business and coming to you, they’re probably scared or nervous because you’re going to dive deep into their life. Where do you see the most common imbalances that you work with that make the biggest impact right away?

The thing that everybody who comes to me once is more revenue. They want a bigger paycheck primarily because they want to be able to take care of their family and travel with their family. They want freedom of time and they want to have an impact. Many of the people that I work with, it’s not just about the money, even though the money is a tool for creating the life that they want. A lot of the pain that the people who come to me is because their income is not at the level that they know they’re capable of and they want it to be at, they’re frustrated. With that said, there’s usually something deeper causing that. When you’re living powerfully it shows up in every area of your life. The low finances and frustration with your income are usually manifestations of something else in your life whether that’s a relationship that you have not resolved or not having alignment with your spouse or not taking care of your health. You’re working yourself into the ground and that’s compromising your output and the way you show up in your business because you’re tired and you’re struggling.

These are the conversations that I have with people who come to me, “Can I increase your income? Absolutely, there’s no question.” It’s about diving deeper and finding what it is that’s holding you back, what’s causing you to get in your way and what’s causing you to have a nonpowerful story about your business or some experiences in your life. I help them uncover that and a lot of times, it’s not very obvious. It would be easy to think that that stuff doesn’t matter and, “I should be able to show up and create a bunch of income in my business.”

There are people that have been able to do that, but at some point, that game is up, and you built an empire on a very weak foundation. It will show, and your weaknesses are going to pop up and they will destroy you. It’s about approaching those things first and building a solid foundation so that when you create your empire and wealth for yourself, you’re standing on solid ground and nothing can shake you. When something bad happens in your business or family or whatever, there are always obstacles in life because nobody has a perfect life, you’re able to deal with it powerfully and move on. It doesn’t destroy you or shake you.

Who Are You?: Your experiences are what’s going to fuel and drive you to create those million dollars.


Somebody may be skeptical of this and they’re like, “I get it. I want to show up powerfully, own my life and have control. I just don’t see how changing one of these three compartments is going to work for me.” Can you give me an example of somebody that you’ve worked with, helped them uncover this, and transformed their life and business?

I have a client who came to me and she had just done six-figures, but she wanted to do $1 million. For her, it was frustrating that she had done six figures. She came to me, a young mom with two kids, feeling like it’s going to take her eight more years before she could be a millionaire. She and I had a conversation and she approached me and asked me to speak at her event. I asked her about her event and was clear on where I go and what I give my time to. It’s a great event, but it was not going to allow me to create the impact that I like to create. I shared that with her and she was in awe. She was like, “You’re turning me down right now, but I’m taking notes because I’m impressed with your clarity and conviction,” and she was blown away. She’d never experienced anything like that before. I said, “This is power and if you want to have a conversation about how you can show up powerfully in your business and your life, then let’s set up a call.” We set up a call and I talked to her about her business, life, dreams, and ambitions. I was like, “Why do you have to wait until you’re 40 to go travel with your kids around the world? You could do that this year.”

She and I had a conversation and she came on as a client and it wasn’t easy for her. It was a big financial investment for her that hurt. A lot of times when you want something so bad, you have to be willing to pay the price. She was at a point where she finally got to experience what it’s like to create the life that you want and not have to wait for it, she wanted it so bad. She came on as a client and made that leap. Within a couple of weeks, primarily we’ve had conversations about what’s her relationship with her mom, dad, husband, and it was so unexpected for her. We were talking business in between these phone calls, but on these deep dive phone calls, it was about the conversations that she’s having with her mom and her frustrations with that. I was able to see and extract that she was blaming herself for her mom’s unhappiness and her parent’s divorce.

She didn’t realize all these things, but through these conversations, she was able to create an additional $17,000 in her business. That sounds totally unrelated. Most people would think, “How is that even unrelated, Katie?” It’s those nonpowerful stories that she had from her past experiences with her mom and dad and all the stories and shame that she had created for herself. She had been to all kinds of therapists, counselors, professionals and experts in the field for over thirteen years. She said she had been trying to overcome all these things and she couldn’t. It was extremely frustrating.

It’s interesting because she didn’t come to me for that. She came to me to increase and grow her business. What she didn’t see was that she was getting in her own way and that we had to confront these things. We had to create a powerful story around it. I had to show her that those experiences were a good thing in her life. Those are what’s going to fuel and drive her to create those million dollars. I took her through my training and I showed her. It’s beautiful because she’s creating additional wealth that she hadn’t been able to create before, that had been frustrating her. Now, she’s described to me, “I feel like I’m coming out of a cocoon,” and it’s an experience that unless you’ve been through, you don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s like you’re being lifted out of the fog. I don’t know if you’ve ever been trying to go after something so hard and you wanted it so bad yet the harder you go after it the further it feels from your grasp. She’s able to now hold it to her and she’s not having to force it her way, it’s just coming to her. This is not hippy dippy spiritual stuff.

Is it true to say then that the biggest gap that she was having was nothing in business, but it was something with her relationship with her parents?

Yes. There are a ton of business tactics that I am sharing with her, but they would be completely ineffective If she did not approach it powerfully. You need both, it’s the art and the science and that’s the beautiful thing about what I do, I understand the science of entrepreneurship. I understand the science of selling, raising money, creating clients. Unless you know the art of attracting those clients without even realizing it, you’re going to be repelling them and it’s so frustrating because you’re doing everything that you’ve been told to do. You’ve been through the training, you have the certifications, you have the experts, and you’ve gone through all their training yet you’re not getting the results. I’ve talked to so many potential clients and customers who say this over and over, “I went through the training. I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do and yet it’s not working.” It’s not the training that’s not working, it’s you. I’ll show you how to do that.

Deep down some people know that they need some help, but they can’t identify it themselves. If everyone could self-identify and self-assess what was going on and what issues they were having, this would be a perfect utopian world.

How did I get to where I am, Joel? It was by hiring mentors and coaches. It was about getting an outside perspective and that’s a mistake that a lot of people make, they try and figure it all out on their own. There’s so much that you can’t see, we’re blind to it because it’s our own life and experiences. It takes an outside perspective to help you see what’s getting in the way. What’s so frustrating is that people are saying, “I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do and it’s not working.” It’s because there’s something in your way. Let me show you what that is and how to get it out of your way and you’re going to get the results you’re working your tail off for.

This all comes full circle. When you first started hustling your butt off and the whole story of Merrill. Merrill saw something in you. There is some element with being able to see the potential in other people and that takes a very specific skill. That actual occurrence of Merrill comes full circle and then the Stevie Wonder story seeing the potential in you and being attracted to you. You knew there was a calling for yourself to then see that in other people and help bring it out of them. The super important in the whole thing that you talked about are the four compartments that need to be in complete alignment. If you want to act and live powerfully, we have relationships, health, business, and spirituality, if we were to work together, what are the next steps?

The people that I work with are up to big things. They’ve got either a six-figure business or close to that and they’re not just here for the money. They want to create an impact whether that’s in their family or in a charity that they want to extend outside of themselves, yet there’s this frustration of, “I don’t know how to play big. I feel like I’m playing small, but I want to play big I just don’t know how.” The people who come to me will go through an application process in order to see if you’re a potential fit for me. Everybody should try because I’m open to seeing who’s out there and who needs the help because more than your money, I need your commitment. I want somebody who’s fully committed and says, “I cannot live like this anymore. This is not working for me. I know that I have greater potential and I know that there’s more for me out there. I want that so bad, I could taste it. I’ve taken all these courses and training and I feel like I’m doing everything that I was supposed to and it’s not working.” Those are the people that I know I can impact because they have some experience and a business track record.

When you come to me in that place, I can show you the art of creating the life that you want. I can show you how to get into power and how to create that life. It’s beautiful how quickly you can get results when you’re ready and committed. This looks like having powerful conversations just like the one you and I are having right now. You come to the conversation radically open and present and I coach you on how to do that. You come to the conversation open and share everything in your life. Those four pillars that we talked about, tell me about your physicality, spirituality, relationships and business. What is it you’re wanting to create with your business? We go through all that.

What do you want your life to look like? What do you want your family to look like? What do you want your physicality to be like? How do you want to feel? What do you want your relationship with God or the universe look like? What do you want your business to look like? Do you want employees? Do you want to run it remotely? Do you want to have a physical office? All those things come into play. When you come, I extract that out of you and we begin to create this reality. It’s cool because so much of it is similar to what I’m doing with a physical product. When I create a physical product, I create it spiritually in my mind first. When a client comes to me, we’re creating it spiritually first. What does your dream life even look like? Tell me about your revenue, what does that look like? Tell me about your clients and the people that you’re working with, who are they? Then we begin to manifest it physically through a very similar process.

You start spiritually and that’s the base that glue it all together.

It’s not me telling you what your life needs to look like. It’s about you being honest with yourself and saying, “This is what my life looks like but this is what I want it to look like from here on out.”

We’ve got the four pillars and we know how they all work together to compartmentalize. You want them all to work as one to get into power and to take your clients to the next level. I want to let everyone know how to get ahold of you. How do we get in contact with you? How do I learn more about you, Katie?

On Facebook, it’s Katie Richardson and you can also go to my website, www.KatieRichardson.com. I’ve got a blog there. I’ve got a free training that you can go through and I want people to go through this training before they even reach out to me because I want them to see what it’s like to work with me. I can’t expect someone to work with me hoping and praying that everything I’m saying is what I am, I want them to experience it. I’ve got a free training on my website and you could go enter your name, email address, and I’ll send you the training. It’s called The Transformation Code and it’s amazing how that one training changes the course of people’s lives. Through this training, I want people to know that I don’t have some company complicated system.

Who Are You?: There was always somebody there who believed in me a little bit more than I did at that moment.


One of the things that my product company, Tagline, was known for simplifying parenthood. My approach is about simplifying entrepreneurship and life. My system is not complicated and it’s quite simple, it strips down to the most important elements. It’s something that the people who work with me appreciate. I had a client who was so surprised at how simple and easy it was. That’s something that I’m proud because in my product design, one of the questions I ask myself is, “Rather than what else can it do or what else can it have? What else can I take away?”

A big part of power is peeling away these layers of a nonpowerful version of yourself so that we get down to your core, essence, and most powerful self. I know that you have a busy life, Joel, that I have a busy life, that the people who are reading this have a busy life. I know sometimes that when you hear about a course or training, there might be a question of, “I don’t know if I have time to even do this,” but the thing that a lot of my clients discover is that not doing this was extremely expensive in their life and thinking they could do it on their own was costing them hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. The thing I want people to understand is this is the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to work with a powerful coach like me.

Create yourself powerfully so that when you show up in your business, marriage, physicality and spirituality, you can show up powerfully. You can create the life that you want, you don’t have to live the default life that your teacher in high school told you. You don’t have to live the default life of, “That’s the only option I have. I guess I have to take this job.” I want people to know and understand that you can create your life. We live in the most amazing time in the history of the world, Joel, where you can create whatever you want. You and I have access to tools that the presidents of the United States didn’t have twenty years ago, and we have it in our pocket and fingertips. I show people how to powerfully use those tools and other tools I shared, how to create the life that you want and how to live your purpose.

It’s clear that you have a passion for helping entrepreneurs, coaches, leaders and people who want to make an impact in the world. You help them create power and make more of an impact on their life. I appreciate everything that you’ve shared in our interview. I encourage anyone who is at that stage where you’re feeling disconnected in your life, you are ready to take that next step in your business, you’re looking for that balance, and you realize that you need power. Maybe you’re being run by your clients and customers or by your business, have somebody take a look at it and help you. Somebody who has already achieved that has built that eight-figure business and maintained that balance while doing so and having control of their life. I encourage you to reach out to Katie. Follow her. She’s an incredible inspiration. I watch her Facebook Lives and what she puts out. Let her know that you’ve heard her on Experts Unleashed.

There’s a message that I need to share, it’s the person who feels like, “I don’t know if I can do it and if I’m capable of it. I don’t know if I believe in myself anymore. I don’t know if I can create the life that I want to. I’ve given it a good effort and I’ve tried my hardest. I put in even tens of thousands of dollars into this and it’s not working for me. Maybe I’m not cut out for it.” I want to speak to that person because that was me for a long time, I was so full of doubt and fear and didn’t believe in myself for a long time. In those moments where I was feeling like I was ready to give up, there was always somebody there who believed in me a little bit more than I did at that moment.

I had to learn to lean on those people who believed in me in those moments of doubt, struggle. and darkness. I learned to lean on other people who believed in me. I want people to know that you can do it and I believe in you. When you’re in those moments of doubt, darkness, pain, fear and frustration, you lean on me, go watch me on my Facebook, go read some of my posts because I’ve been there, I know what that’s like. I also know what it’s like to be on the other side of that, I know what it’s like to create a beautiful life where you’re like, “I’m living my purpose. I’m in my power and I’m finally feeling fulfilled.” I know what it’s like to be on both sides of that fence and I want you to know that you can do it and I believe in you.

It’s very clear that you have an innate passion to see the true potential in other people. If you don’t get emotional from what you just read, it’s extremely powerful. Anything else, Katie?

No, there was maybe one other thing that I can’t remember. Did I share enough of results, Joel?

You’ve shared a ton of results.

That was awesome. I love that.

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