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Why Do Power Offers Work So Well?

Tags: buyer commitment, power offer workshop, sales script, power offer, investment, High Ticket Courses

There’s no question that Power Offers are extremely powerful — no pun intended. In our Power Offer Workshop, some of our clients have made up to $20k in one day.

But what is it specifically that charges them up to get you consistent buyers? In this episode, I dig into how to develop a Power Offer that will attract your best customers, and the psychology of developing your script. If you’re interested in making one of your own, head over to powerofferworkshop.com to make one of the best (and low-cost) investments for your business.

You'll Discover

  • The art of reciprocity — what goes through the client’s mind when they’re paying for services? [2:30]

  • Validating your Power Offer in the final chunk of your statement [4:08]

  • Difference between a lead commitment vs. buyer commitment [5:30]

  • Running your offer as an ad - how will the customer respond? [6:50]

  • The heart of why the Power Offer works so well [7:15]

…and much more!

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