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A Big Reason Why Aspiring Entrepreneurs Fail | #124

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I got an email the other day from A-list copywriter Justin Goff.

He told a story about someone who wanted to buy a program Justin sells.

But the prospect wanted to make sure he’d get a return on his investment.

And I loved Justin’s response so much (he told us how he handled it)…

It inspired this episode of Sold With Webinars.

Plus I’m going to start using this approach when handling objections in my business too.

You’ll Discover

  • The #1 reason why people fail when starting a business (it’s because they haven’t mastered this skill) [03:20]

  • The one thing common between all the big-name gurus today [04:00]

  • My own advice to people who are starting out (all the programs in the world won’t help you if you don’t understand this) [04:48]

…And much more

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Episode Transcript

If you want to make sure something produces an actual ROI, then learn it. ROI, asset, learn it. ROI skill, because all the programs in the world are not going to produce. Results. If you refuse to learn and master an ROI skill, welcome to sell with webinars, a podcast that aims to uncover how the most successful course creators, coaches, experts, and consultants sell their products and services with just one sales presentation or webinar.A simple sales presentation can completely transform your business. And this podcast will show you exactly how to leverage webinars to grow a six, seven, or eight. Take your business online to learn more about our webinars strategy we use to launch high ticket courses, watch our free training@highticketcourses.com.

If you’d like to work with our agency to help you want your very own webinar or a course, head over to a new way to launch.com. And for more information about me, I’ve logged content and downloads head over to Joel erway.com. Now let’s get started.

Hey, what’s going on. It’s Joel. Erway here. Welcome to another episode sold with webinars. Today. I apologize. It’s going to be a little bit lower audio quality today. I’m in my car about to go get my car washed. We just got back from a Safari trip down in Hidden Valley, which was a ton of fun. We got to see miniature horses.

We saw yaks and camels and Texas Longhorns and awesome. Amazing. Music stuff. And we’re able to bring my kids there. We spent half the day there. It was a beautiful day out. We had a lot of fun and now it’s back and I have to clean up all of the animal feed that we’ve had the animals, I got all over our car, but anyway, I wanted to jump in real quick today.

Because I got an email from somebody that I follow and I respect his name, Justin Goff, and he runs a pretty interesting email list. It’s an invite-only email list, and it’s a bunch of big-name marketers that are part of it. And he had mentioned in one of his recent emails, the reason why certain people fail when launching theirs.

Business. And I guess somebody was interested in buying one of his products and they had emailed, Justin said, Hey, I want to buy, but I want to make sure I actually get a return on investment. And I’ve gotten the exact same almost literally the exact same objections or concerns when people email me or talk to me about investing in high ticket courses or one of my programs.

And I thought that Justin’s response was brilliant. So. To tell it through the story of the prospect that was talking to Justin. This guy had allegedly been, I guess he had invested like 70 or $80,000 in programs over the years. And he tried and tried and tried, and he had some success, but nothing to knock it out of the park.

And now his wife was hesitant to him and investing in another program and he’s self admittedly. He goes, I don’t mind spending money, but my wife is getting a little frustrated right now. And, you know, I just don’t really know what to do. And so what Justin said, I thought was brilliant and applies to a lot of people who are in the early stages of launching their business, launching their offer, launching their program.

And what Justin said was he said, you know, I could have laid it to the sky. And it talked about how lazy he was and how he wasn’t trying hard enough. But he said I gave it to him straight. I said, know, listen, what you need is you’ve tried all of these different things and yes, it’s going to take some time.

Yes. It’s going to take some energy. But you haven’t mastered the one core skill that anyone who’s in the startup phase needs to master. And he goes, you haven’t mastered at least one money making skill. And I see so many people who have fallen into this trap fall into this victim, especially when they’re launching programs.

Because a lot of times what happens is. They fall in love with their program and they haven’t mastered the money-making skill. Now there are a couple of different core money-making skills. And what Justin explained as he goes, you know, if you look at any of the big-name gurus, when they made it big.

They were experts in one money-making skill. He gave a couple of examples, like, you know, media buying. They’re a bunch of people who are experts at media buying. There were a couple of people who were great at creating offers. There were a couple of people who were great at email marketing. There were a couple of people who were great at copywriting.

Like, and those are three or four of the core money-making skills. You don’t have to master all of them, but you got to master one because that’s what brings in the bacon. That’s what brings in the biggest either eyeballs, which is traffic. Or it’s like offers and making sales and making money. It’s a money-making skill, right?

Copywriting, email marketing, like anything that produces revenue and for people who are starting out and, you know, they go through that objection, like, Oh, well I want, I just want to make sure this actually produces an ROI. Well, If you want to make sure something produces an actual ROI, then learn it. ROI, asset, learn it.

ROI skill, because all the programs in the world are not going to produce results. If you refuse to learn and master. An ROI skill, like copywriting, like media buying, whatever. And so I wanted to kind of pass that along and great. I’m going through the car wash right now. So here all the spring, that’s what’s going on, but I wanted to pass that along because if you’re listening right now and you’re struggling and you want to invest in a program, you want to invest in a mentor, but you’re like, Oh, I just, I need to make sure this ROI is like, you’re looking for the magic pill in a haystack that doesn’t.

Exists yet. It will exist when you master a money-making skill. That’s when other opportunities appear, you have to take the reins and you have to master one of the money-making skills and it might make you uncomfortable. But it’s true. That’s why so many people say you got to start with sales, like being able to mass, not even master sales, but know how to have a sales conversation, because if you can’t.

Then nothing else matters. So wanting to share that with you, it kind of got me fired up because a lot of times when I get those questions, I just kind of write them off and I say, listen, if that’s your mindset like this really isn’t a good fit for you. And now that I know Justin’s response like I’m going to model it because it got me to reflect on what I should really tell people who come to me with that objection when they’re looking to invest in high ticket courses.

And so. When did he share that all with you? I wanted to share that with you and hope that was helpful. So I need to go finish getting my car washed and I appreciate all of you don’t crush it and we will, uh, we’ll see you in the next episode. Take care. Thanks so much for listening. We hope you enjoyed today’s episode and we look forward to seeing you in the next one for blogs, content, and information about our webinar services.

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