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Tags: transformation, identity, client, power offer, marketing

I wanted to give you a little insight into what works really well in the coaching space.

I was teaching something called identity power offers, which talks about the whole concept of understanding your customers, clients, and the people that you are marketing to, they only want one thing.

They want transformation. 

How do they see the transformation?

Find out here.

You'll Discover:

  • They are looking to you as a leader, as somebody who they believe they can get great results. [3:13]

  • They see you as having some result that they want and they are looking for transformation through you. [3:30]

  • Identity change is really what drives everyone in our space. [3:42]

  • Anytime somebody connects with an identity of power offer message, those are your best leads. [8:08]

  • Talk about your identity more in your messaging and watch the lead flow come pouring in. [9:12]

… and much more!

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