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Scammed? Zan’s Mini Webinar Story | #110


This is a behind-the-scenes look at one of our 1-on-1 clients, Zan Sheikh.

Zan bought High Ticket Courses from us and as he was going through the material, watched our long-form webinar for our DFY service.

Zan’s someone who values his time and was willing to invest to get accelerated results.

In this 50-minute interview, he talks about his experience working with The Webinar Agency, and the effect we’ve had on his business.

“As an entrepreneur, you’re going up and down all the time. There’s these like ups and downs and highs and lows, but what I’ve noticed is when you stay in the game long enough, all that happens is your highs and lows don’t go away. You will have highs and you will have lows, right? But the thing is is that the lows get higher and the highs get higher too. So it’s like you’re experiencing an overall better experience, you know, through time.” – Zan Sheikh

You’ll discover

  • What an entrepreneur’s approach SHOULD BE when they invest in courses, programs, or services that don’t work out OR they get scammed

  • Why Zan wanted to master paid traffic even though his business did 7-figures in 6 months organic

  • The emotions entrepreneurs go through when they make big investments – and how successful entrepreneurs manage these emotions

  • What I said to Zan when he asked me for a discount on our DFY service – his team uses my response on their own sales calls and you should too

  • How we helped Zan optimize his funnel – from spending $1k and getting zero sales the first week… to doing a little over $300k in 3 months (from January to date,) spending ~$10k-$13k/month on ads

…And much more!

About Zan Sheikh

Zan Shaikh got his eCommerce start selling skateboards at the age of 12.

He grew up in Massachusetts and has a degree in Entrepreneurship, Computer Systems, and Neurobiology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

He’s built massive eCommerce brands himself and now, as the CEO of BrightVision Digital, he helps Amazon Sellers rank on page 1 of Amazon in 7 days or less.

Check out this photo of Zan delivering a speech at Sellers World Conference in Bangkok, Dec 2019.

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