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Everyone wants to: Reduce no show rates, Get better prospects, How to insure sales team effectiveness. New Goal: Eliminate the sales conversations. Today may be a bit controversial and I do not want

Insider information on how to launch offers… If you understand how this works, it has the capability to triple your business.

“…Now you have them thinking in terms of a new process – ‘what is this guy’s secret sauce’? This is how you position yourself as a high ticket program or course for

“Your message attracts and repels people” -Joel A peek inside what we have been working on and how things are working for us…  Behind the Scenes: I am a huge advocate for

“Ascension: so much value if you can lead with the top and then downsell.” In this episode we discuss: Recap of a mastermind I recently spoke at;Launch method that I use for high ticket

“Your end promise may be too saturated…you need to map out what your micro-journey wins are inside of your program and start creating power offers within each of them.” – Joel Today we are

I want you to figure out how you can target the person in your market who needs the least amount of educating possible and usually that is the person who has already

“You don’t want to be selling band-aides… You want people to buy into your journey and methodology… that is what gets people to buy into you long term.” – Joel Happy Holidays

Today we will define the term Super Learner. We are speaking with Jonathan Levi, the foremost expert in learning.  He has spent years researching and understanding how someone learns. But first, a little

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