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Zan Shaikh, Founder, RankOne and Bright Vision Digital

“Take a chance on yourself because you’re not taking a chance on Joel. The system’s proven. You’re taking a chance on yourself and it’s worth it.”

Alfred Karlsen, Founder, LovableAlpha

“When I first bought High Ticket Courses, the most appealing thing about it was there’s no fluff. There’s absolutely no fluff. The videos were short and concise. Do, this, this, and this, and move on.”

Dr. Emily Stopper

“I had spent at least 2 years trying to get clients… Within one week of implementing Joel’s program, I had at least 20 highly qualified leads that had actually applied to speak with me on the phone.”

Nick Fullmer, Founder, Overage Syndicate

“My wife tells me all the time, ‘I’m so grateful you’ve done what you’ve done because you’re able to be here for our son'”


More important than the dollar amount is consistency. I have a high degree of confidence that I’ll keep experiencing these levels of success, and higher levels, because I now have something that works… One huge thing is I’ve been able to retire my wife.

Brad Wachter, Founder, Grey Haired Trader

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